More Rebel More Music [E2]

A lot of various topics came up tonight, all the way from my bar napkins, to my head, to my mouth to your ears. HOLES, WHOLES, BEARS, BARES and ASSASSINS.

Personally speaking, it was a fun show to do, and even the topic of relationships was explored and probed. Additionally, it was the first featuring the expanded and [subjectively] improved show format. Give it a listen:


I know a few of you have requested that more music somehow be incorporated, so do provide feedback. I also know some will not care for it, but if I tried to cater the show to please everybody, then it would be so vanilla, it would, well, suck ass.

The interaction between myself and the chat room can be beneficial and was, in particular, this week, as it led me to realize that the entire reason governments are created, is so that members of pederast cults can protect themselves from us, aka the people. Hence, I’ll just keep banning the demented and adding moderators.

“Our task must be to free ourselves . . . by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”

— Albert Einstein, physicist, mathematician, and “jew”

The term that escaped me during the show for any curious was Einstein-Rosen Bridge. But, what use is that when you haven’t the slightest clue about the microcosm that is, that which lies within. Although, judging by the above quote, Einstein may have had a clue. The accreditation date of said theory might suggest more, depending, of course, on one’s interpretation of the significance of 33.

macro stargate

Though I’ve discussed the mind-bending concepts of cubes and their relation to the x-box and our reality on several occasions, I believe the nexus of that exploration began with the referenced Octopi, Phalli, Cubes of Life set. But, keep in mind:

“Let teachers and priests and philosophers brood over questions of reality and illusion. I know this: if life is an illusion, then I am no less an illusion, and being thus, the illusion is real to me. I live, I burn with life, I love, I slay, and I am content.”
Queen of the Black Coast, Robert E. Howard, Weird Tales, May 1934.

The poster below brings us back into the realms of the more literal or guttural, of which both words, seem to fit quite nicely, depending on rotation and decryption.

streetcarmontel pro

Be it Tennessee’s vulgar depiction or our programmed perception, the agenda marches forward, the eye-con Rosie, the Riveting Whore of Death carrying the flag [prior mention]. Come to think of it, referenced show on dating ties directly into the part of today’s show which dealt with how the redefinition of gender roles was part of the program to destroy healthy male-female relationships [the people].

Said set of shows/articles dealing with the death of romance, also connects to the latter part of the show dealing with the reprogramming of expectations [e.g., Sex Rape in the up your City Shithole], which flies so patently against the face of what would be natural pairings, that only the most oblivious of idiots would fall for the programming. The most oblivious refers to us, and hence, program implanted.

giant cockmonster cock

The cock I mentioned during the latter part of the show wasn’t quite that big [above left], but it was damn impressive. I guess there’s nothing better than to try and wrap up a show with a big-cock story. Give “the people” what they want? For those curious on the nonmetaphorical aspects of the term, I’d recommend my HBO series (where said pictures are from). Oh, and I’m referring to the Rooster Story, and not the Apartment Story, in case any were confused. 😆 Not the platform!

shake weight

Oh yeah, and speaking of, as if the above ad doesn’t drop enough [not so] subtle hints that it is not about exercise. It’s just a step in the homoerotic programming of the male viewer. Every single part of the promo was designed to queue mental association dealing with cocks and handjobs, and more importantly, such taking place exclusively between [buff gay] men. It’s that incremental step towards hardcore gay pornography playing openly on the television. You don’t need to be a mystic interpreter of numeric codes to figure it out, but it helps.

All that said, it is past time for us to have our MINDS (ments) kept APART by design, and that’s gonna take some work. I’ll start scheduling guests sooner or later, but have some fire & ire I need to unleash in the week to come …

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Note: I have begun getting to e-mails and comments, so those of you expecting an answer, one may soon be forthcoming, and by soon I mean in the next week or twelve.

~ by celticrebel on December 13, 2010.

30 Responses to “More Rebel More Music [E2]”

  1. How Willow Smith has been whipping up the charts…


  2. greatings celtic 🙂 I leave you here the book i talked about last night :

    “The Entity” by Eric Frattini

    and the classic horror movie by the same name,
    the one who tells the story of a raped women
    by an invisible entity

    continue to spiritual work 🙂 With a healthy dose of humor of course 😛

    “in every espionage operation there is an above the line and a below the line. Above the line is what you do by the book. Below the line is how you do the job” – John le Carré

  3. In the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the model they came up with, the Milton Model (based on Milton H. Erickson’s work with Hypnotherapy) has a category known as “Phonological Ambiguities”. This includes all the words that sound a like or have the same sound when said (Bear – Bare), as well as words they may not be the same at all but when you hear them you mistake them for other words. (ASS-ASS-IN for example, or Suck-sASS-success.)

    Below (Blow) I’ve posted a few links to some articles on the subject. Further re-search (or just search) will give you a great advantage to understanding (or even better, overstanding) the structure of how stealth persuasion (or subversion) works. It’s neat stuff, kinda like keys to the King-Dumb, or something like that..

    I’m not claiming that NLP is the “way out” of this prison matrix-grid system (or whatever it is), but it’s definitely a good weapon to have in your arse-in-all, so to speak 😉 Gotta love those ambiguities eh? (B, C, D, etc) Just like the English Gamatria stuff, it’s a way of decoding what these sick a-holes have been encoding and presenting to us for ages.

    Below is a clip of British TV Mentalist, Psych-guy, Hypnotist, NLPer, Derren Brown showcasing some basic NLP techniques and skills. Good stuff, I’ve saved the best for last! 🙂

    Another awesome show Rebel, keep it up!

  4. Hey Alex. I’m sorry I missed the live broadcast. The beauty in listening to the podcast instead- the ability to jump ahead of the ads- doesn’t make up for being in the chatroom while it’s all live, though. You have some really great points to make (as well as great followers) and I’m always looking forward to the Sunday nights when everyone gathers.

    And… Yeah. I started this comment with the intent of sharing quite a bit more, but I’m happiest with what’s already here.

    Kumbaya. 🙂

  5. Steven UK, what’s even more disgusting is the article is written as a joke; one on the dumb mAsses who would believe anything as preposterous as the Smith song actually even selling. I gather many such might read the daily mail and beLIEVE it.

    paulo samoes, enjoyed having you call in man. Nice follow-up note. Yea, I remember that movie as a child and it being, for lack of better words, “disturbing.”

    Wil Tilson, very revealing bit about the method. Based on recent summation, I think many of us are ill equipped to possess such knowledge till we advance morally/spiritually … odds are most of us would give in to the temptation to use our new skills to get more pussy (or whatever else we’ve been programmed to desire).

    RUMPLESHITHEAD, thanks for taking the time to share that. The further my voice reaches, the more the trained replicants lash out … thus, this is a very welcome reMinder.

  6. great show as always. when you decide youve had enough, we will be here to carry on your work.

    heres a SHOCKING and APPALLING news story…i never could have seen this coming, not ever

  7. Since you’re playing more music on the show, I thought it would be nice to send you a clip of one of the best unknown bands every to hit the stage and record a ton of albums: NO MEANS NO. One of the reasons they’re not famous (other than they have enormous talent) is they’re not into bending over (they were on Jello Biafra’s, singer and songwriter from the Dead Kennedy’s, Alternative Tentacles label for years)

    They just get better with age, check it out:

    Cheers 🙂

    PS: Plus, the name of the song is “The Fall” from their 0+2=1 album from 1991.. Good stuff.

  8. Great show as always.
    Good thing you presented some nuggets of truth about what women need (not want).
    Question: Many of the songs you play are from the genderbending artists of the 80’s. How do you see these seeminingly contradicting interests.

  9. wow Florida must really suck for women. down here in oz, women are zombiefried (mainly anglos tho – and they burn to leather by 25). After dating too many of these (too easy women), my current partner is consequently beautiful Sri-Lankan woman. She made a funny remark (while we listened to RP) about a new children’s toy: The TAMAGOATSE™©2010 (don’t steal that – this means you Matt & Trey) – we lawled about how much money we could make off converting unsold tamagotchi and wondered if the animatronic version would pass the “higher-ups” muster (prolly):)

    – now that’s getting something back in a relationship.

    P.S. people who think Alex is paranoid about Southpark ripping him off just look at the V-A-SIGIL episode. came out right after a related show and that was just one of many. Lenon H. has had his fair share too.

  10. Jon, thanks and good to know. And, what’s even more surprising to me, but not considering, is that the we, the duMbASSES, not only failed to see it during Saturday night fever, but even after the priest class threw Volt-ah’s sexuality in our face with that aerobics movie.

    Will Tilson, The Fall, I’m quite familiar with. As for this band, I, and I think many here, would pay good money to watch them beat the Jonas Brothers to [near]death with their guitars.

    Moebius, fair observation, but you can’t deny that the difference between yesterday’s gender-banding bands and today’s gender-bent bands, is the former had talent.

    dystopeon, Floridian women suck, in every sense of the word, beyond the imagination to those who’ve not experienced it. And by the time their 25, they look like life has pretty much run them over, and then backed up just to make sure of it. PS: Good for you man, and I could see why, I’ve spoken of the Sheilas before too, whom may have been beta recipients of the whorification agenda.

  11. Little boys, grown men; whichever will suffice!–acrobats-perform-for-pope-form-human-tower

  12. Did I somehow miss hearing you talk about it, or did you actually not hear about the film coming out that seems to have been made specifically for you?

    “Rabbit Hole” starring Nicole Kidman

    My first thought at seeing the newspaper ad: Wow, Alex seriously needs to start demanding royalties.

  13. some time and many posts later… making complete sense

  14. Proffessor Griff doesn’t like Lenon Honor.

    Lenon may need our support. Is he coming back on the show?

  15. ohiomjt, he does seem happy. This video, recently posted to the chat room by our Portuguese caller, Paul, reveals even more.

    the living tiki, yea, that actually came up during one of the podcasts with Jeremy, when Nicole’s rear was a frequent topic of conversation/fascination (can’t remember which one), and yes, I was dumbfounded.

    dddanieljjjamesss, glad it’s coming together for you man.

    Steven UK, I hadn’t been in touch with Lenon in a while. May be time to drop in and invite him back. Yea, the man’s got a big heart, so probly a good time to reinforce him with some Rebel fire.

  16. Just watched a Greek film called “Dogtooth”.

    It blew my mind. I am not sure if I understood everything in it but I understood enough. It’s about programming and social engineering done in a way that it just like you talk about every week! The ending was perfect. Just wow but so sad.

    Music on the show rocks. More MetroBob please:)

  17. your show, especially the last segment on ‘sex in the shitty’, sjp/mr.big, and relationships, finally sold a friend of mine on social engineering, whorification, etc. like the fight scene in “they live”, she has been stubbornly resistant to any evidence or rationale supporting my points. oh well, it looks like it took the rebel to “illuminate” her 😉

  18. This short clip totally debunks the Rebel’s research!

    I hope more people call in to talk with Alex. He’s not outspoken but he likes to speak and he loves to be spoke to. I was talking to him after the show about Steve Martin, so, just for fun I did a brief image search for “Steve Martin.”

    Just for fun–>

  19. wooo the rebel is back!

  20. Look at this Vid: The History of Ra from that Illuminating piece of Hollywood crap “Stargate”- and keep in mind Reebls advice “Dont go into the light” and ‘The Stargate’. Interesting to note: Ra takes a young Boy to aid his quest in “Life extension”. Yes, you couldnt make this stuff up, truth really is stranger than fiction.


  21. For a big cock, check out Rex Goliath, the 47 pound rooster:

  22. Great shows all as usual. Thought this Taoist tale/tail would fit in nicely here. It’s one of my favorites…


    — Chuang Tzu

    Cheers all!

  23. Hey Celt … F*ck You

    Amazing isn’t it? Each day the dots wink their final picture, ho ho ho a giant shit pile of freedom. Like flies we eat it up. LOL 🙂

  24. thanks for this second edition. i loved it… again!

    a bbc article highlighting westerners being “programmed” to eat shite & binge drink. of course, they blame this self-destructive “programming” to certain genes being activated.

    i hope you’re enjoying your little ‘sabbatical’. you definitely deserve it 🙂

  25. Hi from gr. thanks for all the job you doing..and for the very good analysis … please have a look to this if you want.. thanks again …. for your ARTICLES;;;;!

  26. I hope my husband doesn’t read this garbage.

  27. @…said:

    I hope for both of you that he does.

  28. Revelation of the Method on MTV’s new show “Awkward”:

    1. Female lead character and male friend are driving in car when female starts laughing and says “do you hear these lyrics?” They turn up the radio and the chorus is ~ “Don’t come knocking at my back door” — they laugh together and drive off.

    2. Female lead character and female friend are talking about hurting a boy toy’s feelings. Friend says, “Guys are sensitive, especially if they’re circumsized.” This gave me a flashback to a statement by NYC public access TV personality Joe Friendly (who used to appear with Nico Haupt on Paula Gloria’s “Rabbit Hole Central TV” where they go “farther down the rabbit hole” about 9/11) that circumcision exposes the baby’s glans to external stimuli, thereby integrating sexual experience into the mind/body at infancy instead of at puberty. (Not an exact quote). Perhaps the circumsized MTV “sensitive” guy (gay) was altered at birth to attach excessive sexual connections to all incoming data, so as to be more easily controlled with “downloaded” programs attached to sexual vectors throughout life. The “insensitive” (read: manly) un-circumsized brute savage non-MTV male would be comparatively more difficult to lead around by the penis and might take serious offense at an attempt to access his sensitive area for compliance, either by direct (homosexual) initiation or more circuitous NLP “bad touch” mind-rape. That’s a long way of saying maybe circumcision makes you a touchy sensitive little bitch boy.

    3. Abstinent virgin “promise keeper” girl and her boyfriend have 3-month anniversary. Chubby jappy friend tells her “if you don’t do him by 3 months, you lose him”. Promise keeper wants to stay a virgin; Jappy friend tells her that she can have it both ways because “God has a blind spot”. A few scenes later, Promise keeper is splayed out on the bed, assuming the position on all fours and telling boyfriend he can’t have everything, but “you can have my be-hymen!” Word of this gets back to Female lead character, who laughs and calls it “genius!” She then delivers the perfunctory cop-out line, saying in a voice-over “Not that I want to take it up the Kardashian, but…”

    They’re on a rampage!

  29. @…
    There’s no need to be afraid of ideas if you’ve built a solid foundation together. I actually disagree with the Celtic Rebel regarding his stance on relationships, sex, marriage and religion… and I think it’s definitely possible that he will change his mind, indeed he already has in some respects. You see, being exposed to different ideas is an enterprise that I don’t want to miss out on! My husband used to be afraid of ideas too… until we talked it over and mutually decided how silly that is. Perhaps without being exposed to The Celtic Rebel content, we would not have ever realised that conflict provides, or makes clear, the opportunity for improvement.

  30. @Carl: re the cock story (of Chuang Tzu)



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