Use Darker Sheets this Christmas [E3]

Another smashing [IMO] show tonight, dealing with a good wide array of subject matter. The title will make little sense, until the last half hour of the show.

satan killssatan's claws

Just in time for the Holy Days, this Rebel took it upon himself to release a long overdue rant on our ignorance [unavailable], that which assures our participation in these self-debasing and soul-entrapping rituals of the season:


Neglected mention [during the show] is a particularly cruel ritual that we idiots put our children through: the annual photo sessions on Satan’s lap. One thing almost guaranteed, is the cries and screams of protest by younger children, those who’ve not yet had their instincts beaten/dulled out of them. If only we would listen!

satan's lapsatan's lapsatan's lap

The only thing completely guaranteed, is that their parental units, will, over the child’s objections, pressure the children to undergo the ritual regardless, all for appearance’s sake. After all, it’s “tradition.” As I keep saying, Lords of Order need not pay for-hire slaves to push their indoctrination programs. Why waste their money when legions of unpaid moron volunteers will do it for free?

Undoubtedly, and as predicted, many will be made angry by the revelations that came out during the show. Just please try and remember, I am not the one who programmed you to overlook the obvious. The truth? Don’t harm the messenger.

demons of stupiditystupid fortune

The joke, by and large, is played on those who would call themselves Christians. Not only will it become blatantly obvious after even a minimal amount of research into their faith that the Holy Day was never in any way “Christian,” but according to The Good Book, following the Satan/Pedo ritual, is also expressly verboten:

“But this you have, that you hate the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate..” (Revelation 2:6, NKJV)

In all honestly, I think the wretched cross joke came before the satan/santa twist. But, as hit on during the show, it’s too late to save anyone who is already “saved:”

cross saverlucy saves

Kind of interesting pattern there [above]. Some of you may recognize the lovely lady in the center. Yes, it’s Lucy Fur. Anyway, there’s probably something to these patters of crosses, which as my prior work [one early sample] has shown, are simple variants of this multi-tiered PRIZON cube, the one we are required to merit our stay, and return to, through a combination of indifference, hypocrisy, and ignorance. Hence, the reason for the importance of our participation in the rituals.

satan's gridrabbit grid

Don’t forget your Christmas Ham this year, HUMAN! No please ignore the similarity of your fate to that of your predecessors. It’s only coincidence. Really! As is this new iPhone application [thank you MBHolloran for the submission, which I must admit, floored me]. Yes, please disregard everything the Celtic Rebel’s said about a spirit grid around ZION/HELL. He really has no idea what he was talking about.

analinguschurch fudge

It’s all coincidence, as it was that John Wayne’s costar looked remarkably like a little boy in the original True Grit [which, interestingly enough, came out in 1969, a significant year in launching many concurrent human degeneration programs]. What would a one-eyed man want with a little boy anyway? 🙄

Thanks to Ryan’s call, I was reminded the women with little boy haircuts theme has been going on right under our noses for years and years [see below]. Yes, everybody has an asshole [for the curious, pontificated upon previously]. But, per these fuckers [the Priest of Holes and Wood], some assholes are better than others.

john likes boysclint's new boytoy

After the show, me and the chatters figured out that not only was Repo Man (1984) doing a bit of intentional revelation when they told us John Wayne was gay, but like many who for “some unknown reason” always hide their ethnicity, well, a side profile can’t hide the fact the Wayne is likely also Jewish may now be evident well. A gay boy-loving Jew in Hollywood? No way! Say it isn’t so Joe John!

The above right image is Eastwood’s partner in The Enforcer. Yes, fresh meat from the academy and filmed in San Francisco, of all places. Oh, and I just learned that, in said movie, the prior partner of the bearishly named “Dirty Hairy” had died from “a knife wound to the back.” It’s just coincidence, dammit!

So, was Clint, new Wood that came form the East, or was his wood pointing East to all new-comers? One observant chatter pointed out how John may know the “way in,” as surely as does one boy-loving Bruce, who likes to masquearade as a Cock Man, aka “a top” … in some circles, sometimes also referred to as a “Bat” Man.

heavenly hole

In case any stupid people truthers listening still haven’t figured out how to properly clean their own bum yet, well, the answers my friend, aren’t “blowing in the wind, they’re readily available. Speaking of wallowing in our own muck/mire, or in other words, shit/feces, are there that many of you still so confident that we the NU HAM, are somehow any smarter or deserve a better fate than the one mammal closest to our physiology than any other?

If you haven’t read my treatise on this yet, and are wondering what the future holds, doing so might give you some idea. Pigs, for the record, are by their nature, very clean animals. However, forced unnatural confinement, combined with the insanity that follows have, led them to accept living in their own filth. Thus, why do you think our idiot children are now being programmed to wallow in their own shit?

buy darker shits

And voilà, it comes down to that. So simple. The solution to any problem is to cover it up, mask it … basically, do anything but acknowledge it. Just like this “truth movement” was designed to get us to look outwards so far away from ourselves (where the truth lies), so that we can’t smell our own shit when we’re so busy running around pointing out the mess others are making.

Interestingly enough, the “ee” sound in sheets, as I’ve pointed out before, is not native to speakers of some other languages, hence such persons will inevitably say “shits” while trying to pronounce the former word. Not sure if it means anything, but it’s an interesting little factoid nonetheless; one to take under consideration.

nambla da vinci

I am forced to recall the young lady, who out of the blue randomly said “the vagina is life, the anus is death.” And you have to laugh at how many of us are so quick to point out how “the zombies” are those among us who believe is outdated ideas different from our own; and it’s very easy to do if we refuse to step inside [here’s a link to the article which depicts the sign that was once above my door]. Hm, that was written a couple of x-box-masses ago. Perhaps, the key opens the door to hell?

heaven is a boy

For the record, the above is South Park taking a piss on the idiots that watch the show. How many viewing know the reason, or the ambiguous “truth” behind that statement? It’s called pissing on the peons, who should be pissed off, but are too ignorant to know they just got pissed on. Hence they will continue to do what they want, opening doors, and laugh while they openly admit to the shit. After all, only the truely insane might even have a slight clue as to what’s going on.

“We are the dead.” Hm, perhaps the reason the media is spending so much time trying to eroticise our feces, is so that when we’re wallowing in it, we don’t even notice that we are in fact, the new ham. It’s amazing what a proper shade of dark sheets can cover up…

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Note A: Keep an eye on the bloglist to the right, I am getting about adding some pics and thought to prior shows, i.e., getting caught up. So, look for the magic word “updated” next to the article list (notably the first two of these four-shows above).

Note B: One observant James recently informed yours truly that in Halo, the ever-popular X-box™ game aimed at today’s young men, you advance ranks as you complete missions. When you complete the ASSASSINATION mission, you are awarded the rank of REAR ADMIRAL. Natürlich!

Note C: As to any Christians reading this, please do not consider this an attack on your faith. I have great respect for the teachings of the wise one. If you care to know my interpretation of the events surrounding his life, this may be worth a view/listen.

Note D: Oh yes, and since the show aired, I have received confirmation from a couple of people in the hospitality industry, that yes in fact, hotel managers [who, presumably, are not listeners to this show] are at a loss to explain the rising recurrence of feces on the linens.. Feel free to inform them of this show’s time and channel.

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  1. Greetings Rebel, Sorry if this post isnt on topic with the latest offering, but i was listening to an older show in which the Jewish Torah was discussed, so i came over to listen to the latest ‘offer up’ and decided to plonk it [my comment] here: ok, after looking into Jewish/Judaic/Kabbalah synchromystic “esoteric” teachings, particularly the [Illuminating] TORAH (in which they preach ZION is the spiritual point from which emerges ‘reality’).. i found this Wordsmithery very apt regarding interpretation of Torah:

    Peshat (lit. “simple”): the direct interpretations of meaning.
    Remez (lit. “hint[s]”): the allegoric meanings (through allusion).
    Derash (from Heb. darash: “inquire” or “seek”): midrashic (Rabbinic) meanings, often with imaginative comparisons with similar words or verses.
    Sod (lit. “secret” or “mystery”): the inner, esoteric (metaphysical) meanings, expressed in kabbalah.

    So it could be said if you think along the lines of ‘remez[allegory]’ that if you ‘SOD[omise]’ the hole-y ‘peSHAT’ you may aquire deRASH. Hmmm.


    Your shows keep gettin better and better.

  3. Good show, the real gem comes right at the end. (excuse the ‘pun’) I want to be serious and say that, in actual fact, I am quite disturbed by the ‘younger generation’s’ obsession with anal sex – or rather – their highly successful brainwashing by unseen powers.

    I took a cue from you and looked up an online Men’s sex and dating advice site…out of curiosity of course (!)

    How to Land Amazing Women…
    1. Act Bored
    2. Pick out something wrong with her
    3. Pretend she’s the one interested in you
    4. Never ever compliment her

    Obviously, whoever wrote this does not like women much. Perhaps we have fallen down some kind of worm ‘hole’ and ended up in a parallel universe where black is white and down is up etc…I fear for the future (as they say).

    Thanks for an interesting year of revelations. Will miss next weeks show as I will probably be sleeping on the floor of an airport terminal somewhere in Europe, while participating in the annual ritual, just like thousands of other idiots.

    In keeping with tradition, I’ll leave you a link which has a nice little take on English and the sounds of words and their real meanings, from one of my favourite comedians… Have a great blow out!


  4. Thanks for doing your show Alex. The fastest four hours in whatever kind of radio it is! It’s LIVE, that’s for sure. Thanks again, from me and my family to you.

    “Always be comic in a tragedy. What the deuce else can you do?”

    G.K. Chesterton.

  5. An opinion. Everyone’s got one, but what is it? Often it is simply a regurgitation of the appropriate pre-absorbed soundbite, a slogan rather than a ‘point of view’. I would call that a conditioned response, it does not warrant the personal possessive pronoun. Tired of banging my head against this brick wall of meaninglessness in internet fora and elsewhere, I have come up with a definition of ‘my opinion’ which you might find useful:

    “My opinion on a topic is the limit of my understanding of that topic.”

    So obviously as my understanding changes my opinion changes, it is fluid and dynamic, and the link with ego is severed. If you find yourself being drawn into an exchange with someone who has just responded with that days’ headline declaring that it’s ‘my opinion’, rather than getting infuriated I would suggest the following response, delivered with a disarming smile:

    “Oh really? And how did you arrive at that opinion?”

    You never know, you might find yourself unlocking a door.

    On the subject of the English language, I’d like to point out that in English English the word is, and always has been ‘arse’, so you can’t blame Bacon for your ass-ignatory ass-ertions in that regard. You would need to find out how the word for donkey replaced that fine old multi-purpose word (‘you silly arse’, ‘to arse about’ etc.) in the American idiom to as-cribe cul-pability there. Incidentally it’s the same with ‘butt’, which has never meant arse over here either.

    I do think you are on to something with the notion of the language as a control mechanism though, both in the physical and etheric realm. There is one homonym which explicitly tells us this, namely ‘spell’. As a noun it is a magical incantation or process; as a noun again it is a period of time, and as a verb it’s the order in which we arrange letters to create a word. In plain sight and all that!

    Happy Winter Solstice!

  6. DigitalSickness, definitely interesting. Possibly, poignant.

    Dion Duffield, thank you!

    Marty aka Marie, great comment. The “tips” highlight the agenda of programmed dysnfunctionality, from starting off on a hostile stance, to eventually, “doing it wrong” [not the hole nature designed for intercourse].

    Entertaining a Solution, thank you. It is always to be reminded that I am reaching people and making a difference.

    Ross, practical wisdom offered there on opinions. As for Bacon, I never said he was a “creator” of the language, but definitely a manipulator thereof, and a powerful magician. Whether BE A CON or BACON helped craft the future degeneration of the NU HAM is open to debate.

  7. Trying hard to wake up my family. How to explain things to 7 yr old?? 2 grandsons bounce back n forth between mom and dad. I explained that I didn’t know anyone in that position until I was in the 7th grade and had to attend school in a neighboring town. The tv shows, movies and advertising are destroying families. Older grandson could grasp that. Now easing into “santa’s claws…”

    Thanks Alex

  8. Great reaction to my previous post. I’m a big fan of songs from the early 80’s (like new wave, goth and punk). So yes i agree great lyrics and music. (please no elvis next show, unless it’s suspicious minds). I leave you with some comedy and an excellent song by Gary Numan from one of my favorite comedians Steve Coogan.


  9. this show is like wine, keeps getting better and better 🙂 I liked the concept of colony ( both linked to the concept of land ownership and body,soul ), and the copyright topic reminded me, of those wooden cubes with letters for children… especially if you mix the order and start reading something else daddy will be mad 😛

  10. Japan, the template for what’s coming in the future..

    Japanese Game Show Attaches A Live Snapping Beetle To A Chicks Nose

    The dehumanization process going on over in Japan is EXTREME and SICK. They’re very advanced in some areas, but the social engineering going on over there is intense.. The video above just proves how much respect these jerks have for women in general.

    Good show, went by very fast. Keep it up! 🙂

    PS: Israel is Hip Fun and Sexy! Israeli Govt. Funds Program to feature ex-female soldiers as pin up whores in Maxim magazine:

    Israel shows off it’s soldier babes in the latest Maxim

  11. ugh hate to post links to these degenerate sites, but you guys have to see this

    this is on mainstream television, prime time

    note that this shit is a CARTOON, which means it is aimed at children and many many children are definitely watching

    just sickening

  12. Wendy, I can sympathize with the challenge. You can show them patterns and let them know they’re being manipulated, and speak to them like adults … children can surprise you. They may even take up the challenge and find things we’ve missed.

    Moebius, hm, are you speaking of Big Fat Gay Elvis, or the later Elvis, who coincidentally, didn’t get fat until he paired up, with Paul McCartney?

    paulo samoes, thank you and good analogy.

    Will Tilson, Japan is proof of concept how the rapid acceptance of technology only accelerates dehumanization. Perhaps the Gods of old had known that too? As for Israel, quite disgusting what they’ve done to the concept of the sacred feminine … “These vaginas are purely for ogling or shooting children without so much as a second thought. Fuck life!” And of this feat, they are quite proud.

    Jon, ha! That might have to make it into V3. But who’d have expected Seth Macfarland to promote anal violation? 🙄

  13. Very interesting observations about the sexual practices of Floridians.
    [around the 3h 30m mark]

  14. Hello,
    Heard you were talking about keys.
    So I thought this sinchromystic info may be of interest.

    “Chiavare”, Italian swear word.
    Literally;”putting a key in a lock”.
    More well known as;”to fuck”.

    Please note symbol of the Vatican, the two keys crossed – Jesus handed St Peter the keys to the Church.

    Also “Scoppare”, Italian swear word.
    More well known as;”to fuck” (yes, again)

    Also linked “Cinderella” Monarch programming – Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips: TRANCE Formation of America (c) 1995 and Access Denied For Reasons of National Security (c) 2004


  15. Another inspiring, revealing (& entertaining) show.

    Its so rare these days to find grounded talk & grounding is so badly needed – helping us to journey back or forth (or even sidewards) into that which is real, versus that which is ‘reel’.

    Keep up the sacred clown work of taking down the zombie clowns

  16. Are the connections between the Amanita Muscaria Shamanism and “origins” of X-mas relevant here (the red FLESH and white DOTS)? should i even state that? as for the rest of these reviews on hollywoods tv shows and movies and the likes, i don’t watch tv or have it, nor movies (none of it makes any sense at all, it’s ALIEN from my perspective). couldn’t care less about the actors/actresses, and even the symbolism. no point in wasting time deciphering any of it, and i got no point to prove about subliminals/programming to anyone who watches the junk… because i don’t hang out with people who watch/believe TV/movies. it’s all junk, why even wallow in it?

    as for this whole gay agenda thing, it in no way represents some homos/bi, that’s for sure. some homos/bi even hate PRIDE weeks and all of that junk propoganda (including marrige).

    also in regards to gemantria, i don’t buy into it as it appears to be deducements of a BASE 10 addition system, therefore it is the symbols being cancelled AND NOT THE ACTUAL AMOUNTS. for example: the number 25. 2+5=7, yawn. and yet: 25 IS 5 SETS OF 5. so 25 is actually only 5. if gemantria was, say a base 9 system, then the additions would be “out of phase 1 notch”. a base 3 system. a base 2 system. any system. once again, it’s adding symbols and not the actual amounts those symbols represent. GEMANTRIA IS BUNK.

    16=7? nope, wrongo! 16 is 4!!! (4 4’s)
    making any cents/scents/sense yet?

    yeah man have a X-tian with a bible around these parts too and it’s enuff to make me tear my hair out. oh well, to each their own i suppose. let em be, they won’t listen. PISO don’t cut it either.

    i liked you guys talkin about the synchronicities… this is occurring alot and more frequently. what do you think of THE KNOWING? as in the inner KNOWING? you JUST KNOW.

    ps- gonna put you videos back up online anywhere? cuzz i can’t find them anymore. may be essential to do so if you need something to back up your pederast ravings on your show, just to put it into perspective for your new listeners. otherwise you’d have to continually explain why your using the terms you do all the time. get those vids back up.

    blah blah blah
    talk talk talk
    blah blah blah

  17. mike, it is a mystery isn’t it. Once you toss out all the indoctrination we received as children about the dangerous sun … you gotta wonder.

    The Mongoose, thanks for that info. It would make way too much sense. After all, Italian does lead us back to where all other roads to: Rome.

    alex robinson, thanks hon. This sacred clown needs to learn that dissapearing trick before the next zombie attack occurs. 😀

    Bardo? moksha!, you put some forth some ideas there that show thinking, and even though I don’t necessarily agree with them (particularly re: gematria), they are welcome. I’ve talked about how homosexuals have been programmed into anus worship, long before heteros were … but I feel that “bi” in all honesty, is just another word for “confused by the programming.”

  18. As I was signing in to upload a a few images to my account, I noticed that Scared of Santa was listed as one of the top categories on the frontpage of Photobucket. Don’t you just love “coincidences”?

    PS: This comment is brought to you by Megan Fox. See her words of encouragement. Trust her. She would know a thing or two about shit. And darker sheets.

    Keep shaking those haters off. 🙂

  19. An Irish Man Tells it Like It is: 🙂

    12 Totally Demented Christmas Songs:

    Thought this was a timely piece 🙂

    PS: Karl Ratzinger (The Pope) claims Pederasty isn’t all that evil.. No kidding!! Read for yourself. Can we lynch this guy like RIGHT NOW?!?!?!?

  20. What do you think of this DADT fiasco? Are they trying to make a more subservient masculine worshiping army? This has happened throughout history and Rome and the Nazis were rife with it. It’s played out too much to not be social engineering. They do this with women too.. they get the man-hating bull dykes in positions of power.. they know they don’t give a shit about what happens because it takes down the “male ran society” or whatever…

    Also, this: Gardasil approved for anal cancer

  21. It just doesn’t end (punny). From Assangel to this:

    “I can confirm that we will be operating under the name ‘OpenLeaks’,” former Icelandic WikiLeaks member Herbert Snorrason told AFP.

    That’s right, HerBert Snorrason or “Her Bernt Sorr Ass On” must lead to Openleaks.

    hope someone is writing this chit down. [source]

  22. RUMPLESHITHEAD, now I remember this comment came before my write-up with the images of kids “scared shitless” on satan’s lap. Interesting to hear/see Megan Fox, star of the shit-filled j’s body share such wisdom. Hm, she does look rather masculine there, no?

    Will Tilson, Ryan makes a good point below. Not that I’m saying the Pope isn’t surrounded by pederasts, after all, lots of “keys” in the Vatican, but this conspiracy movement is rife with people/sites running with stories which one source grabs a line or two from and runs wild with it, and then they propagate like mad.

    Lugh, it’s a bunch of nonsense, although since the gay agenda is accelerating and more and more young men are programmed towards each other, it would stand to reason that in the next twenty years, considering the military recruits youths, a policy like DADT would be moot, no? Just planning ahead, no? See “The Future War.”

    Oh, and read as is, that headline is likely just meant to be an honest admission: The Gardasil Vaccine has been Approved to Give People Anal Cancer. Voilà!

    zwoof, I honestly believe that such theatrics stories are written by clever initiates solely for the purpose of making each other crack up when they read/hear the news. Whether the serve the agendas worked on by lower level minions for the stupid mAsses is irrelevant.

    But, at least some of us get it now and can laugh along with them, no? 😈 It’s kind of funny: ass-angel/cherub rape leads to a sore-ass/rose compounded by an open and leaky sphincter.

  23. You’re the Best!

    I’d offer to pour gravy on you, but that would just be weird. (:

    Happy Holidays, Alex!

  24. Hey,

    Came across something I think you and everyone here will find interesting. A while ago Ben from over at pseudo occult media talked about the darker side of nursery rhymes. I recently heard “Ring Around the Rosie” in a children’s show and whew… what a stinker:

    “Ring around the rosey,
    A pocketful of posies.
    Ashes, ashes.
    We all fall down.”

    Ring around the rosey, eh?

    This clip is from Get Him to the Greek, where the medes let us know what the rhyme is actually about:

    Note the 666 hand gesture when the singer covers here eye and sings “my pocket’s so damn cozy.” Confirmation that the now common hand/eye gesture in music videos is nothing more than a symbol for anal violation. Having the little children dancing in front of a giant anus complete with spewing fountain was a nice touch… Still not sure what to make of the whole freemasonry thing, but checkerboard floors and arches sure do seem to be reoccurring features in a lot of this crap. It’s be interesting to know who the portraits are of.

    And here’s some stuff on posies.

    Not hard to see what’s going on there as well.

  25. Alex’s vegetarian/vegan beliefs are to the “truther” crowd as my religious beliefs are to the “alternative- truther” crowd. I hope not, but maybe. That’s fine by me. I prefer to talk about spiritual and religious matters face to face, but I have to make an exception here because of Will’s comment. Will, we are on the same side brother, but when you say “read for yourself,” it would be better to have a link to the actual transcript instead of the Vigilant Citizen. Just like the recent condom issue, everyone, mainstream, alternative, and alternative- alternative is perpetuating a source other than the original. First Lee Rogers, and now Vigilant Citizen? Has anyone read what was actually said. Nope. And good luck finding it on the internet or yahoo news. The news sources in Rome feed the corporate media garbage, and people who would ordinarily question ANYTHING coming from the mainstream forgo the critical thinking if it is about the Catholic Church.

    I first saw an article from Lee Rogers. He quotes the pope as saying pedophilia is “something fully in conformity with man and even with children.” He passed on the mainstream headline, but never bothered to read what the context was, which actually says the opposite:

    “In the 1970s, pedophilia was theorized as something fully in conformity with man and even with children. This, however, was part of a fundamental perversion of the concept of ethos.”

    “It was maintained — even within the realm of Catholic theology — that there is no such thing as evil in itself or good in itself,” he noted.

    Benedict XVI warned against this theory that “anything can be good or also bad, depending upon purposes and circumstances,” in which “morality is replaced by a calculus of consequences, and in the process it ceases to exist.”

    “The effects of such theories are evident today,” he stated.

    He says that the effect of such theories, (that pederasty can be seen as ‘not so evil’) is evident today and he’s condemning that idea. (Sounds like something the Rebel would say, no?) So who are these people pushing the idea that it’s OK? Sinead O’Connor wants to know. Well, you want names? Kinsey is one; here are some of them.There are others too, priest and bishop wolves whom my uncle identified years ago, before he was forced to resign from a leading Catholic college.

    This same thing happened with the condom issue. The only people I have ever known who condemn all condom use are Alex, my family, and Catholic teaching. For different reasons perhaps, but perhaps not. People read Manly P. Hall or “Handbook for a new Paradigm” and eventually are persuaded by it, but when it comes to Catholicism, it’s just easier, cooler, more popular, and much more fashionable to just adopt the common thinking on it. And by common thinking, I mean mainstream AND alternative. But hey, do as thou wilt. Differing ‘opinions’ are welcome here, I think, and mine is not quite the same as the majority’s on this particular issue, and for good reason, I believe.

    Relatives of mine were investigating the pederasty in the Church years before every moron on the street could regurgitate, “pedophilia” when they heard the word, “Catholic.” I wonder where that opinion came from? When you first heard about priests and pedophiles in the late 90’s, WHO told you about that? Alex learned of it on his own. My family learned of it because they are not mindless, and it was obvious that something started to change in the late 70’s or so.

    In the footnotes Alex says, ” please do not consider this an attack on your faith.” I like that Alex realizes there are differences between faith, religion, and spirituality. The Vatican is a place. The Pope is a person. Regular Catholics who question and explore their faith, as they are supposed to, know for certain that there are popes in hell, and that the enemy is inside. (Which, incidentally, is a spiritual solution for the “New World Order” that I personally have only heard from Alex, Fr. Angelo Geiger, and my close family.) Sad to say that most Catholics today are as ignorant of their faith than anybody.

    Say what you will about Catholics, but some of my favorite researchers grew up Catholic and I think that for many, including myself, growing up this way encourages the natural rebel to question concepts that others would never. even. consider. Kyle Hunt and Jeremy from Stygian Port are just two examples of great minds that have had at least some exposure to Catholic teaching, (however skewed in the last few decades,) and there are many more. But hey, I just want to make a world where the material/ brick and mortar dimension is not against the INDIVIDUAL, so we can have the luxury of discussing spiritual matters openly and freely. I’m not trying to “push my brainwashing” on anyone, just being that voice of dissent. We have to keep ourselves in check, and sometimes that might mean re-examining things the “truth” community take for granted. (Like the red-shield thing, as well as the “prison-sex” meme.) After all,

    “While we assert for ourselves a freedom to embrace, to profess, and to observe the Religion which we believe to be of divine origin, [whether gematria, sacred geometry, new age, or whatever,] we cannot deny an equal freedom to those whose minds have not yet yielded to the evidence which has convinced us.”

    In other words, like Alex says, ” Say it with me..I am dumb.” There, now we can begin some grounded conversation! Even we in the rebel path crowd are not immune to a good case of dumb.

    This shit may have been going on as long as Alex thinks, but I know for sure that since the 70’s or so, there was a change starting, obvious to the few remaining THINKING Catholics. We are doing what we can to expose and counter this SHIT on this side, too.

    I take exception with some of the things Alex says, but then there are other things he says that tie in exactly with what we (my family) have found. The Santa Claus shit has nothing to do with any Church teaching, it is purely societal. Towards the end of the show I was having semi-mystical experiences, epiphanies, and ‘synchronicities’ to the extent that I thought about taking a break from listening, and I mean that in a GOOD way. I thought that I might be at the pinnacle of what I can take from the show, in terms of growth & opportunity. But, and I’m completely serious, AS I WRITE this comment I received a call from Jeff and Anna, two other listeners. Talk about synchronicity, Anna was writing a comment here about the same time as I. There is something special about the crowd here. We don’t have to agree on spiritual matters to come to a consensus that the world right now is against the individual, and we have way more in common than we think.

    I hope I didn’t come across too defensive or preachy; I’m not big on totally fitting in with *any* crowd, so sorry to show my “opinion” that way. I know some will think it stinks, but I’ll have you know that since childhood I’ve always used excessive amounts of t.p. and H2O until completely clean. So does that make me smart? Maybe. Or maybe just DUMB in a different way.

    Thanks for the inspiration and growth Alex and Rebel Path listeners. I love you guys and I mean that. Whatever you believe, try to enjoy your family this weekend and consider dropping a fiver in the Celtic Rebel collection plate. He should at least be compensated for his time, if not his perspective. Do it. I’m going to, with the hopes that he buys a bottle of Jameson’s. Ciao!

  26. This show keeps getting better and better!

    I saw this just now and thought of you.


  27. GruviChic, thanks, but yea, that would be weird, and not my thing. 😯

    David, ah it was you! Look what you’ve started mate! Hope you enjoyed that broadcast. And now, a whole another show is around the corner devoted to the topic of um, “roses.” I’ll be sure to drop you a proper credit for getting this vile/live ball rolling.

    Ryan McAlister, I normally try to discourage comments that are near as long as the article, but what you say that was critical, eloquent and above all, needed to be seen/heard. You raise several key essential points and one is the condom issue. I recall once the pope said that “condoms facilitate the spreading of sexual diseases far more than they prevent it” which is THE TRUTH. This of course led to the clever-idiot Jon Stewat mocking the pope’s statement (old article) as something only an old fool might say, and the average educated liberal viewer felt superior and laughed along [ironically, at themselves].

    Part of the problem with this “movement” is the rashness with which we rush to paint everything as black or white, and you address this well. Oh, yes, and thank you so much for contributing to the Celtic Rebel Jameson fund and I wish more would do likewise.

    Christy O, thanks hon! But, I’m at a loss as to how that vid connects to me. 😕

  28. So, why all the emphasis on one eye with the stars of below? Let us partake in this particular story of Odin and his travels, from the Icelandic Ynglinga Saga from Wiki;

    “…described as venturing to Mímir’s Well, near Jötunheimr, the land of the giants; not as Odin, but as Vegtam the Wanderer, clothed in a dark blue cloak and carrying a traveler’s staff. To drink from the Well of Wisdom, Odin had to sacrifice his eye (which eye he sacrificed is unclear), symbolizing his willingness to gain the knowledge of the past, present and future. As he drank, he saw all the sorrows and troubles that would fall upon men and the gods. He also saw why the sorrow and troubles had to come to men.

    Mímir accepted Odin’s eye and it sits today at the bottom of the Well of Wisdom as a sign that the father of the gods had paid the price for wisdom.

    Do we need to postulate which eye is to be SACRIFICED to gain knowledge? Laughable!! This is obviously an ancient mystery school custom. No wonder Odin is the king of As(s)g(u)ard! Of course Mímir is a MALE; nothing strange in this painting depicting the story of course…

    There sure is a focus on the coming age of Aquarius, isn’t there? Is it of no surprise that Ganymedes, Zeus’ pederast love interest, that he abducted in the form of an eagle, was instilled as the holy cub-bearer on Mount Olympus, and became the constellation Aquarius? Ganymedes is still with Zeus/Jupiter as an orbiting moon, and sharing the heavens with him as the Aquila constellation. Soon enough, the masses will have fully embraced the essence of Zeus and Ganymedes in the coming AGE OF HORUS, another one-eyed God of old. Unbelievable….

  29. with the spell “merry christmas” said like a reflex, i began wondering why it’s a “merry” one (vs. happy, joyous, grateful, etc.). is it ‘merry’, ‘mary’, or ‘marry’?

    i’ve been wishing everyone a happy christmas & healthy new year (even if they don’t celebrate christmas). and, i wish you and the family here at the path one as well.


    p.s. never heard of flesh for lulu. “decline and fall” is a great tune.

    “Child whores of the golden state
    Dying slowly on a piece of tape”

  30. They call a pub “a bar” because back in the day public houses used to have a bar underneath the counter so customers could rest their feet as they drank after a hard days work…

    Most pubs have a bar or a step in Ireland anyway…

    Shane McGowen has a new xmas song with a bunch of Priests…little drummer boy

    Rumours have it that one of these priests was involved with fiddling with young boys…sick f**k.

  31. Kids in the Hall – Running Faggot: This sketch has it all, cowboys, choir boys, red necks, and a gay man heading off in to the sunset (going west) .. The opening sequence just before this sketch features a pretty intense fight scene between Scott Thompson (the openly gay dude from KITH) and Bruce McCulloch. Interestingly enough, Scott is wearing a blue jean jacket, blue pants etc, and so is Bruce. Anyway, right before Scott Thompson is about to stab Bruce in the eye with a knife they were just rolling around on the floor fighting over, Scott looks at the camera and says “Deja vu!!” and roll opening credits. The “running faggot” sketch follows it after the break. (I would have posted the link but I couldn’t find it on any video site)

    This was from their first season (episode 4) which ran in 1989. All the codes are there. No wonder they were on the CBC for like 5 Seasons. 😉

  32. ohiomjt, that’s a great fable/piece of history to relate. A long time ago, the penisless alex forwarded it to my direction, but it didn’t “fit” yet with where my theories have advanced to now. I believe this “eye/i” to be a subversion of the turning within/know thyself process at the expense of the victims/initiates. Dennis had a fair comment into relation of the 42/Rainbow/Coming Out sigils heralding the SHITY coming new age.

    raffi, thanks for gleaming that golden gem out of a deceptively “bubble-gum” band. For those curious, here’s the [now] super-relevant lyrics.

    Brian, that’s interesting and could well be true. But, ultimately, we do manufacture the bars to our own prison too, no? I’m just getting to this comment, but that song is going to be extremely relevant in the show to come. I did mention Shane was a wanker, right?

    Will Tilson, I gather he’s running West.

  33. Formerly known as butters.

  34. Topic Human = Nu Ham.
    If “Bacon” is Shakespeare: Than we have also “Ham”let.


  35. Hey ppl. i feel the need to post this little bit of info.

    On the southpark episode “pee” they actually call butters “the key” its near the end, and one of the kids say something like.

    “hey butters your the key” then butters says

    “oh jee im the key? i dont want to be the key”

    then one of the kids say. “come on butters you got to raise to the situation

    pretty amazing i thought, confirims what the rebel says about the butt boy, hehe

  36. You shouldn’t say “stop wanking and listen” when men can’t do two things at the same time. I know cos it’s in the program… On a serious note, this program was brilliant. Apart from the gruesome side of what you’re exposing, I really have a laugh at how you bring it across. btw I was thinking that the city of Milano means the city of a thousand anus.

    PS: Let’s not forget Satan’s Clause (as in a contract)

  37. Seems you’re getting through to some folk

  38. WhatsItAllAboutAlphie, I gather since we’ve come this far, you’ve decided you don’t want to be mistaken for “the key” by anyone?

    Adept, you are correct sir! So, what does HamLet mean by “to be or not to be?”

    stu, thanks for sharing that! I was unaware that there was YET ANOTHER episode where they straight out said, “butters is the key.”

    gladgal, hehe! 😆 Thanks for your comment. To a visiting pederast, Milano may be just that! Now I’m reminded of some wonderful pederast-themed xmas films: this one, and another matching of billy bob and a young boy (looking very gay too), and alas, this one says it all.

  39. Hi, thanks for the show! I laughed, I cried, I felt a little sexy. It was brilliant. I have found that by relaying the story about the mens magazines I have finally found a way to broach the topic of the anal agenda with my father, who I can talk to about most things, but have been previously too embarassed to talk to about this topic in particular (which is unsurprising). So thank-you Alex and thank-you to your friend. Aroha, Bronwyn.

  40. Alex,

    I’m glad the “spirit grid cam” is still available to be linked. I have told a couple of my friends about it and they had to see it to believe it. I’ve been way under the weather lately with school (ugh, it’s hard to give a bother) and other things. This show picked me up a bit. Hope you’re well.


  41. Rebel, In regards of the Pork of Hu-Ham, i had to laugh as i watched the Footy results and hear of our English Football team “West Ham”, West & Ham, an unfortunate naming in context, its a bit amusing isnt it. Yes!

  42. gladgal, now I’m reminded of some wonderful pederast-themed xmas films: this one, and another matching of billy bob and a young boy (looking very gay too), and alas, this one says it all.

    Simon Siddol, that looks about right.

    Bronwyn, just a “little” sexy? Does my voice not stimulate you enough? More wine! 😉 Yea, that’s a tough topic to broach with the dad.

    MBHalloran, glad you were listening to hear the “shout-out.” And thank you for the great find!

    DigitalSickness, YES IT IS! 👿

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