Four Hours of Rebellion [E1]

I feel like there was a lot of healing in tonight’s show and it was definitely not only thicker, longer and normal, but “different.” ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wouldn’t it be much easier to just say “better?” Hm, come to think of it, better up to a slight tipping point, were it’s too much, and hence, worse. Hopefully, the show’s on the near side of that point.

bigger and better

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Up to you listen and decide for yourself:


The ideas about our prior existence and the deevolution of humankind have been addressed at length in my Hammer & Anvil series, and the concepts I relate here in particular, were in Sing Our Own Song [VII]. The issues relating to the prison space I’ve dubbed the “x-box” were touched on in Octopi, Phalli & the Cube of Life set.

elfsapesdragon masters

I’m sure some were put off by my early rant, but honestly, at the risk of sounding either beastly, or illuminist, the days of the Gods need come to an end. They’ve been of ill use to us so far, and to expect their derision to suddenly turn into love is well, fucking foolish. Ragnarok’s due date is well past due. Time to say goodbye.

key anus butters

And that age will never come while a good number of our brethren worship shit, or even the “brown boys” thrust in our faces [hm, sounds like feces] as the solutions, or should I say “keys.” Rest assured of one thing, there was no accident in the above names. The only they’d appear as happenstance is our/your ignorance, which many of us fools continue to cling onto as ourselves [while we get pissed on].

slave markingpoor baby

I first wrote of circumcision way back in Intercising the Soul, and then later, delved into just about every possible reason for the “why” in My Dinner with Stygian Port [4]. Perhaps, one day I’ll stop talking about it, and that day will be when ignorant lunatics stop mutilating their poor children. Until then, I’ll continue to rant on loudly and frequently.

The following collage grew out of the show’s segment looking at Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell, with our eyes open just a little bit wider. The images are a combination of the odd set of pics that came up googling variants of “rebel yell” and “lucy fur.”

Music, can’t be stressed enough (for those unfamiliar with the infamous Gregory, here you go). Yes, for the last bloody time, Lucy Fรผr is a woman. She is the original Rebel. Somehow, via synchromystic to burning human flesh and girls from down under, and somehow it led to a recollection and a joke. I’d like to thank the chat room for guessing the correct location of the English gals. You were spot on:

At Zorba’s Castle, I track down Jez, another of the English group from earlier. She’s a pale blond mousy gal from Newcastle. Sometimes, despite alcohol, I manage to think before I speak. Hence, I don’t say, “Oh, I already shagged one pale blond mousy gal from Newcastle while travelling a few years back.” As it’s getting late and her friend looks tired, I push the envelope on the discussion to rush us along form the “you are/I am getting to know you” stage into the “let’s contemplate getting naked and sweaty” stage asap.

I keep getting interrupted by Dolf (or is it Rolfe). I think I have moved in on his “action.” He keeps trying to get me to dance or alternately, Jez to. On occasion, he’ll also walk up and say [kind of in an Ahnold accent], “Come! Party veet Rolfe!” I lie, and explain that she and I had and early morning jog all the way from Agia Marina to Souvala and back and hence, we’re both just too damn tired. That seems to keep him at bay. On the plus side, he does provide us with the fun distraction of trying to guess his origin. His accent and name insinuate a couple places, but the oversize shirt with the huge orange and white horizontal stripes screams “Manchester!”

Now interestingly enough, my going back and digging up the above memory led to a rather explainable bit of synchonicity. My discussion on shyness, reconnects us back to the girl mentioned above, for shortly after the above paragraphs, I found the line, “You know Jez, shyness is nice, but shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you’d like to.” Hm, looking back, she was obviously from a time prior to the Newcastle girls being [de]programmed and hence becoming “legendary.”


The use of subliminals was rather pressing this week, and has led me down a road of discovery as to try to find the me behind the years of manipulation of my subconscious by the Medes. I hope that for those with the ears to listen, it has now led you to take steps down that same path. For those still in denial, or unwilling to make the journey, probably about time you found something else to listen to.

These are the two comments I referred to during the show: Living Tiki’s bold step, and Jon’s follow-up to it. Also worth a read: Living Tiki’s journey of self exploration that followed at his site. It’s called Walking the Rebel Path.

Conversely, for those who haven’t left yet and are still unwilling to take that scary walk, on the positive side, you will never be lonely. There are legions of huxsters out there ready to tell you what they will do to you; so many voices ready to turn your attention out, instead of in, keep your eyes forward instead of behind, and so eager to help drop a brand new load of warm comfort in your pants this winter:

It is stupefying how many insane things people have swallowed out of this conspiracy movement, and how much they continue to swallow, even after all these foretold cataclysmic events have failed to materialize. In the [discussed] below clip from Conspiracy Theory, Mel Gibson was being force-fed gravy by Daddy Savage, known to many as Jean Luc Picard, and insiders as Little Cute Ass of Borg.

not the gravy

Thanks James Ratte for the observant eye [catching the above scene from the movie], and thanks to Alex for the following link: anagrams of clarice starling. That was worm/rabbit hole-navigator Jody Foster’s screen name from Slience of the Lambs, where she “starred” alongside, Hannibal Rectal [simply flipped]. The name also forms “Anal Cleric Grits,” which once again, brings us right back to gravy.

From there, we now return full circle back to this conspiracy “movement,” which I’d be willing to bet was started by the descendants of the Roman Parasite Class. These miscreants, would naturally be haters of one legendary Hannibal [who’s civilization nothing is known about], and hence besmirch the name/myth [associating it to the cannibal/killer]. Below, we have their boy-toy Charlie Scene smearing their gravy in our face, with yet another little inside joke. I wonder if the final score was 33-o?

cock loves anus

And I’d particularly like to remphasize the message I relayed to the Christian who called in near the end of the show, we are on the same side. The programs, be they race, religion, sexuality, or even this new “truth” laxative, are meant to divide us over details. And that is how they manipulate us. Let’s stop being victims.

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Note: Am getting caught up. Expect more updates sooner, rather than later. If any of you missed the image/text update to the Back on the Right Track show, probably on one of the most revelant/relevant shows I’ve done to date, you need to.

~ by celticrebel on December 6, 2010.

24 Responses to “Four Hours of Rebellion [E1]”

  1. Hey Alex, just thought i would throw my thoughts out on your show. Firstly, I just want to thankyou for the profound positive impact your thoughts have had on my life. For that, i have utmost respect for you. Every week i check for your show because of the insights and humor you bring to the table. Because of your work, my life has changed drastically, for the better. Having said that, I know how people might get hung up on the constant butt sex/anal topics. I think that people are interested in hearing your views on other subjects, including myself, because of the unique perspective your bring. And yes, I think the majority of listeners understand the anal agenda/pedophilic priestclass topics because it has been hammered home. I will speak for myself now and say I would personally love to hear more of your knowledge on other topics. Either way it is your show and i will be tuning in as long as you’re on the air!

    PS I have recently become a vegetarian because i always knew eating meat wasnt the most intelligent diet, but hearing you speak on it gave me alot of courage to do it. Thankyou Rebel, dont stop your show.

  2. very fluid and natural 4h radio show, i specialy liked the mood and the chat room, full of fun spirit people ๐Ÿ™‚ quite a show, the world needs more celtics rebels to pass the humor and eye opening around ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The Don’t Go West video has vaporized on the web. Is it available on CD? Be happy to reimbure you for your efforts. Tidbit for the week. On The Simpsons last night the final sceen has Moe standing in front of the real Katy Perry saying to her thank you “I will kiss your belly button” then she says to him “that’s not my belly button” as Moe kisses her “Snatch.”

    Wonder how the American family watching that reacted.

  4. Assangel leads to wikileaks.

    PS: Ask and ye shall receive!

    Rapper Nicki Minaj wears a barbed wire ‘booty protector’ to stop fans grabbing her derriรจre

  5. Intensely inspiring & honest show. All propulsion comes from within – tis the only was forward that I can see – I think you traveled a long way last night – am doing my best to keep up ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for your stories & your honesty my friend, they were very much appreciated

  6. Dion Duffield, thank you so much for taking the time to share that. I’m sure there are other who share your sentiments, but I know it’s a step to reach out and say it. I hear your latter sentiment too, and do wish to move on, but there’s a layer underneath it, which is not apparent just yet, and hopefully, another Alex has some idea what that is…

    paulo samoes, thanks. Yea, the chat room seems much better now that a google (or is it gaggle) of trolls have been banned.

    butters, yea, that video’s been pissing off a good number of idiots, and some operate kill switches at various sites. I will rerelease V2 if V3 is too far from completion.

    What’d they do? Probably, dismissed it as a one-time aberration as your average American family has been programmed to do repeatedly.

    zwoof, ah it was you that clued/cued me into that link/leak. Nice catch! Sorry I neglected the shout-out credit.

    too long in this place, speaking of ๐Ÿ‘ฟ in a very good way of course. Much appreciated my friend!

  7. I will pay you for a copy of Don’t Go West. It is not found anywhere on the web.

    Also, the above link with the audio from your show is currently not working.

    I love your work! thanks

  8. please get rid of the music and commercials and intro. jerry

  9. You could host Don’t Go West via bittorrent. A free tracker like could be used. I would help keeping it seeded. I’m sure others would as well.

  10. I agree with Rolf. Making it available for download would be a good idea. That way it would be possible to burn physical copies and distribute them.

    Your stuff tends to disappear. It’s funny cause I’ve noticed that even on the Icke board whenever someone posts a link to your stuff it’s not long before a mod comes by and edits out the link. Total bullshit.

    I’ve missed the last few shows. Lookin forward to catchin up!

  11. I’m miffed. I really wanted to be the first 4 hour show. ๐Ÿ˜› Heh – congrats on the new hour and best of luck with the new format. Nice intro. Funny. Stay in touch and keep up the good work.

  12. Geo, the link was fixed, so thanks for the heads up. As for DGW, there will be a limited run of signed hard-copies made available with the next release. But, I may put a copy of V2 back out as a torrent or something in the interim.

    jerry, great idea. How bout we get rid of metro bob, jim bob, and that annoying rebel guy too?

    Rolf Eder, ah, good timing. I’ll be contacting you via e-mail to figure out how that would work technically.

    David, yea, it is remarkable how sites literally overloaded with copyrighted information zero in on and delete my content. I guess that means I am a threat, and therefore a “teacher.” Can’t have that! Ah, I was wondering what was going on with Icke’s boards. I occasionally catch the links coming in, but then they never show up again.

    Dennis Fetcho, sorry Dennis. I do remember you saying that. Honestly, one of the tech guys called me up Sunday a few hours before the show and since I had him online, decided that night would be go…

  13. Also, you mighty already know about the weirdo pedophiles from the band Korn. Here are some of their album covers…notice the reoccurring theme? Korns record label is called “Elementree”. Truly disturbing.

  14. Kinda interesting: Oprah Winfrey acknowledges the gossip, but denies she’s gay in interview with Barbara Walters:

    Great show once again, and the new 4 hour format rocks it!

    PS: South Park creators interviewed on Charlie Rose. Thereโ€™s a few interesting tidbits, including some jokes about being gay. Make of it what you will:

  15. Alex,

    I don’t want to be one of those people who tell you what to do with your show. I’m along for the ride no matter what.

    (Sorry about this) But…

    I can understand why you want to play music. However, when you listen too the music on the oracle podcast (I can’t stay up… I’ve got slaving to do on Monday & your show starts at +6 hours CST in the UK) the quality of the sound doesn’t make for a good listening experience.

    Also, please don’t hide behind Gregory when you are talk about music. Your accent is too distracting for my English ears and it gets in the way of some very interesting and thought provoking points.

    Anyway, I love your show because it helps me grow. And for that I am truly grateful. I hope you take my words above as advice and not criticism.



  16. alex, we need a five hour show!! ๐Ÿ™‚ and, please keep the music… it just sums up you, the show, and the message so well.

    more AI, but developed with e.coli… seems they’re able to transmit info in a collective fashion like a computer circuit. pretty, “we are borg” stuff. bottom line, if it happens in bacteria, it definitely happens with humans. keep preaching the love, brother… here’s more proof it’s contagious… and can be manipulated for good or bad.

  17. rebel talkabout how rap music, modeling, pornography, anything within those contexts are slowly making pedophilia acceptable.

  18. Dion Duffield, I’m not that familiar with their music, but honestly, what I’ve heard so far seems somewhat mediocre. But, I believe the pics you tell us exactly why they’ve been made so popular.

    Will Tilson, interesting segment. Again, the mental aptitude of those guys, doesn’t seem to match the depths South Park goes to. They’re either good actors, or as I suspect, not in charge of the end product.

    Steven UK, you have a valid complain here, particularly dealing with quality on the 16k stream, but overall I think you’re in the minority. Do you honestly believe I “hide” behind anything โ“ Gregory appears, when he wants to appear, if I could summon him forth, I would.

    raffi, thanks mate! Definitely an interesting article when we begin to think about programming the human computer.

    sloppinjo, I think I’ve been talking about that? I’ll treat this as a request I should talk about it more.


    In light of Rebels’ work…

    ‘Dame Helen Mirren: ‘Hollywood worships young men”

    The ‘RED’ actress comments: “I do think the attitude to women is changing massively”

    Hollywood “continues to worship at the altar of the 18- to 25-year-old male and his penis”.

    ‘Dame Helen, 65, said she resented “the survival of some very mediocre male actors and the professional demise of some very brilliant female ones”.

    etc. etc. etc.

  20. Awesome show, Rebel!

    Thanks for the mention! Your work has the value of breadcrumbs to me. But breadcrumbs marking a different way from all the other “paths to enlightenment”. However, your path also takes one through mirrorville, where one realizes THEY create the reason for their existence, and “they” might not be whom they thought they were. Not too many people can get through mirrorville. It’s easy to lose track of the breadcrumbs.

    Your show actually caught me in the middle of doing a post about stopping eating meat (prompted by Thanksgiving). I wanted to finish and post it before replying. It’s called “Planet of the Lost (2.5): Fair Trade” if you’re interested.

    Thanks to Jon as well for your encouragement and support!

  21. I think that comment is unnecessary (by the way it’s official school show in Poland)


  22. It’s strange isn’t it Alex? As much as you offend us Christians, we keep coming back!
    Well most of us.


  23. hey rebel, awesome show as usual. I’m inspired to write my own “preemptive” synchro blog. I’m going to begin posting january. –

    PS: Heribert Illig’s the “phantom time line” guy who contends the middle/dark ages are missing. Due to inconsistencies with calender time & changeover to Gregorian calender.

    It has never been translated to english apparently.

    time to go learn german.

  24. CNN “Blooper” featuring an infamous scene from “Dumb and Dumber” .. There’s no way this could be a mistake, someone was playing a joke on the crew (as well as the rest of us..) That poop humor just keeps on squeezing out of Holy-Wood’s rectum, does it not?!? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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