Conversation with Thomas Sheridan

My guest last night was Thomas Sheridan, and we had a long conversation about psychopathy, collectivism, the human soul/spirit and the real music of yesteryear.

sex pistols anarchy

Though we may have differed in some areas, I feel the most productive part of the show was the discussion as to music, and what it could be [again] sans the massive collectivist influence. That’s the show below:


Despite the wishes of our Borg masters, or that of the Zombie Collective, “Punk’s not dead, I know it’s not!” 😛 Speaking of those among us who worship death, since Thomas has devoted much research to psychopathy, we addressed the topic of those among us who suffer from that mindset [many of us are their daily victims].

john wayne gacypuzzling peoplebebe blood libel

One point where we concurred was that “psychopaths” are definitely not the cartoonish [mythical] “serial killers” to which the media has misdirected our attention to. Despite popular misconceptions, psychopaths walk freely among us, and are far more prone to inspire our adoration, rather than our disgust.

Speaking of the demented boy adoring psychopath above [no, the other one, not Bebe], Joanne at The Loosh has written up an excellent piece on that sordid affair. Hm: 33 Boys “done in” by a sodomite named Gay (See)? Surely, just Coincidence!

dexter and his boymurder now fashion

I’d argue the primary reason for us not trusting our senses is that damn hypnotizing box of brainwashing/assimilation called the television. The new series Dexter, where the protagonist is a “loveable, but demented” serial murderer is not an aberration, but another natural step in the process based on all the groundwork [NLP] they’ve laid. The below pile of crap was dumped on us over 10 years ago.

It’s star, was a good-looking, well-dressed, upwardly-mobile miscreant who loathed women, was obsessed with the male physique, and enjoyed/praised the lyrics of the pop culture crap music of his day (e.g., Whitney Houston and Huey Lewis). A guy like that could do quite well in today’s world; he meets all of the primary criteria.

christian baleblood is meatlovable gau killer

“He has no emotions for anybody else, don’t you understand he’s in love with himself.” The loss of empathy is, I would argue, key, to moving us away from humanity, and to mass psychopathy. Whether it’s the Israeli soldiers slaughtering kids, or butchers slaughtering animals, the commonality is the lack of empathy.

Looking at the above video [referenced during the show, thanks to pav and effel for bringing to my attention], the shoppers, once they put a face to the murder they consume, do exhibit signs of empathy. More clear however, is that beyond all [I”d guess unwittingly on producer’s part], they define the term “cognitive dissonance.”

death ad campaign

Perhaps one day, I’ll still do the once-anticipated, and long-neglected show on the myth of serial killers. Rest assured, you are far more likely to find psychopaths in board rooms rather than back alleys [er, referring to dark city blocks, not the back alleys of boys, of which they are enamored by and likely to be found frequenting].

Tonight was also the world premiere of Pillhead Poetry with Asian Bob. There will likely be be a few more appearances from the latest Bob. My next show will be on January 22nd; solo, with perhaps a bit of fire and ire also making an appearance.

~ by celticrebel on January 10, 2012.

38 Responses to “Conversation with Thomas Sheridan”

  1. Excellent stuff!

  2. Hi Alex,

    Another great show. Have you got the link for the Brazilian clip with the pig?



  3. Good show, Alex! In regards to your architect friend’s story and the music buisnASS, I’d like to share something with you:

    Pic of an interview with Marky Ramone: Nice touch with the 16 on the left and the tall eye on the right. Link to the video: (Jump to 2:16)

    Excerpt from the lyrics of R.A.M.O.N.E.S.:

    Bad boy rock, bad boy roll
    Gabba gabba, see them go
    C. Jay, now, hit the gas
    Mark takes it up the ass

    Link to the song R.A.M.O.N.E.S.: (Jump to 00:35)

    Looks, like the Ramones drummer Marky was given the opportunity to bend over. He certainly “took it” then. Strange, that he is the only yet surviving Ramone. I actually watched the whole issue of this pop culture magazine, called “TRACKS”.
    Marky Ramone also promoted in “TRACKS” his own BBQ sauce. 😉

  4. Awesome show Rebel!! This is my first post here and it’s been a long time coming! As usual your show has made me reminisce, so I thought I’d share a childhood experience of mine! I remember being eight years old, sitting in the back of a van, on a two day road trip with some teammates of my little league baseball team. All alone with my headphones I listened to Guns and Roses while every other kid sang along with Ace of Bass. I knew at a young age about “plastic music for plastic people” as I used to say in my teenage years!
    I thought I would share that story as I feel it’s simplicity accurately purveys how “popular” music is used to create what I call the “pre-pubesence zombie”. I tend to forget that tiny children (ages 4-10) are the ones being targeted by the stealthy mind-kontrol weapon known to the naive as Rick-Dees Weekly Top 40! Hahahaha!
    Are our morals so important that they deserve such a complex attack?

  5. Dead bodies in the meat supply? Nah, you’re talkin’ crazy….

    @Doyle83: I see your point, but Guns n Roses were just as gay, if not gayer, than Ace of Base: [IMAGE]

  6. martin,thanks.

    steven uk, added as of update to article.

    Max, well, I guess we know which of the Ramones was chosen to be on the receiving end of route to stardom. May explain why it’s considered fashionable for today’s emo kids to wear their old t-shirts.

    Doyle83, that’s a good point (the latter one). I believe most of today’s music, even the most luridly sexual and depraved is written for and directed at the market of 12 and under.

    James B, eek! 😯 And yea, Guns n Roses was really just the other pre-selected option of it’s time. Nice supporting image! 😉

  7. In 1993, Marky appeared with the Ramones in the episode “Rosebud” of The Simpsons.

  8. Here’s an obvious example of slaughterhouse misuse

    PS: Here’s one I just ran into as well.

    Ammonia?? Remember the “Boondock Saints” shootout scene?

  9. Ah finally found the time to listen to your show again, and it’s one of my favorite writers/researchers and one of my favorite topics, psychopathy…excellent!

    I know there are only 2 ways to defend yourself against a full blown psychopath…

    1. Evasion
    2. Overwhelming force (last resort)

    That’s also why I decided to “disconnect from the system” and declared my sovereignty (claim of right)…no more stupid rules & regulations for me, no more bank accounts, no income tax, no ID’s etc…it’s a long and complicated process, but it’s worth it and it works! I’ve never felt so empowered and free in my life…

  10. unrelated to this show… but ties into your previous

    VID: Steve Hughes talks about gays

  11. with the abundance of NLP and subliminal suggestions in today’s media, it’s obvious psychopathy will continue to flourish and reach [its intended] epidemic proportions… or simply be sustained. it’s an all-out assault of the min(e)d today via gaming, music, television, film, radio – any form of media!! oh what a tangled world wide web has been weaved… and has ensnared us all now or has/will at some point. i’m sure the mental and behavioral integration of controlling/degrading themes were catalyzed by our internet ass-fix-(i)ation. fortunately, amongst the copious dys/dis/non/anti/pseudo/mis-information, we find those solid grains of truth or questions which resonate with our spirit and instinct to re-strengthen us. bravo to those who dare and take chances! and knowing that only ten years ago most society was relatively internet-bare and today it’s molded into everyday life for almost the entire globe, be careful with where you surf/serve. hallelujah zion/2012!

  12. Bill Cooper, hm, nice find. And, not so coincidentally, the plot is about the quest to find the bear that meant so much to Burns as a child. Wiki may spin the shit for the masses, but we can read between the lines when we see that “Rosebud finished 33rd in the ratings for the week of October 18–24, 1993.”

    lugh, misuse, or “used as intended?” Hm, interesting afterthought, there. 👿

    mace556, glad to hear to it’s working.

    pavman, not bad.

    raffi, on topic addition there. Aside from the brain changes, the hardcore desensitization to violence and removal of all intimacy form the sexual act speak to breeding legions of psychopaths.

  13. I really liked this past show… Your guest was awesome except on the part of being a Vegan… [video]. Veggie burgers & pizzas might be worse then the real thing but being Raw Vegan is much healthier then eating meat if you do it the right way…

    Dear Celtic Rebel… I am still amazed at your intellect and your ability to see things no one else does… Thanks to you I have stopped being abused by the Hollywood sicko’s and instead have been dissecting their movies for hidden messages behind the movie… I recently saw What’s Your Number with Anna Farris an actress who is headed towards the same direction as Brittany Murphy if she keeps hanging out in Jewish Hollywood… Again for the non Jew hollywood is a very dangerous place to work… You should do a video exposing how many have died in the hands of Hollywood…

    Anyways this movie What’s Your Number is about a women who loses her virginity to a Jew only to be treated like a whore by everyone… This movie has so many messages other then Butt Sex and the whorifciation of women… In this movie it makes fun of Veganism but not only vegans but nature lovers, outdoors people & sunlight vitamin D it encourages racial relations it promotes going to the doctor and spreading your legs to a stranger it promotes alcoholism, divorce all in the name of comedy… Not to mention spying and lying in relationships… Their is so much more programming that is going on… the Butt Agenda is just a small piece of the bigger picture…

    Ps: A great movie that is worth mentioning is the movie “The Beautiful Green” Made in France & then banned from France for not having any Nudity or Violence [Part 1 of 9]. This is a movie that is free from Hollywood Jewish Influence “a dangerous idea”… It’s was banned from France & it has No Sex, No Violence & No Hidden Perveted Messages… Just inspirational Love and Kindness… It’s refreshing to watch a movie that won’t put you on a porn/violent/circus rollocoster ride…

    Another movie that really is bothers me is I bought a Zoo… It’s targeted to Kids yet its a movie for Adults… So many kids went to see this…

  14. hey all, just quickly… justin beiber IS what the boy-bands transmogrified into (Aaron Carter is the transition point). Also the life of this lad (beiber) is not different to that of castrati (servicing perverts).

    also I found this post-punk song (you’ll probably know it) [Gang of Four]

    I have to agree with you on the raw aspect of punk. dionysian rawness and apollonian illusion takes skill and creativity to blend. This is what makes the punks true artists 🙂

  15. Great show guys. I was not aware of Thomas and his work so thanks for opening my eyes to a whole new angle I had never really considered. I will be following your blog from here on in Thomas. Being in a band myself, it was really interesting hearing the story Thomas told about what his band was told to do if they wanted to make it. It really is like selling your soul. I think the future of music is in true independent music. Our band records all of our own music and organizes all of our own gigs. It is more work but you can retain complete creative control of your own art without some greedy record executives bending you over and perverting your creations to serve their own agendas. Now for the shameless plug. This is a film clip for our band The Long March that has been recorded and filmed completely independently. Enjoy.

    VID: The Long March – Angzo

  16. My hope for humanity is reaching an all-time low [wal-martians] 😦

  17. Nick, argh, that vegan girl, makes some great points and in the same breath sinks herself by spouting some of the programmed mindset aimed so well at those with such leanings (e.g., anti-smoking).

    I actually watched some of the new Anna Farris movie, and will be talking about it. For now, to quote another … “PURE EVIL!” 👿 Am going to have to watch Green Beautiful, others speak well of it too. It’s being “banned” for something other than promotion says a lot.

    dystopeon, from a West/Set/Death perspective, there was nothing as pure as punk before, and nothing since. Emotion over calculated style.

    Aaron, shameless! 😀 But, enjoyed the song and video.

    effel, that’s what it too? I see that most everyday 😥

  18. Just a follow on from Nick’s comment above about What’s Your Number?. There is a young Jewish comedian in that film and this is one of his videos below. Basically at the end of it there is a fisting session with Elijah Wood and Ryan Reynolds. It is disgusting (also it approves of destruction as a way of entertainment and laughs). More videos on their channel promote the gay Hollywood agenda in a big way. One with Justin Timberland is about about a 3-way where the guys end up together. It’s all just very weird. [Threw It On The Ground]

    I also watched the film Shame and it is completely messed up where the character goes all the way and has a depraved gay experience. Not only being a reflection of one lonely sex addict, the film reflects a completely degenerate society of sex drug tv addicts and slaves trapped in grim existence numb to their true potential. Myself and my friends were actually pretty close to this character, in some ways, years ago, thankfully I (and friends) have and continue to try to clean up my soul and become a decent caring loving human being.

    Thomas was a great guest. Would be nice to here him back again in the future!


    Thanks for having Sheridan on, it was awesome.

  20. perhaps humanity went off planet long time ago, and left the crazys behind … “now now behave and wait for us to return … ( lets get out of hereeeee 😛 )” … Great show, this one calls for a continuation 🙂

  21. Hey Alex, just heard, that u takes monday on blacklistedradio. Dougie goin vacate, probably. Planing the huge-ball-kick show in mood of “fire&ire” on oracle mainstream time 😀 ?

  22. This video has been popping up on youtube videos as an advertisement…

    World Vision: Water

  23. Brian, that movie really twists the knife inside the mind of its female victims. Will discuss. That ugly boy has the right ethnicity/mindset, absolutely no talent (creativity) and loves things going up his tail-enT. He will go far.

    Shattered Butterfly, thank you for making the vid. Have linked, and I’m sure many will appreciate being able to hear repeatedly. 😀

    paulo, I think humanity did leave, but it left those who once possessed it and now parade about as humans sans qualifications. Perhaps we’ll get Thomas back on…

    Pure{CZ}soul, no promises, but we’ll see, we’ll see 😈

    Danny Diaz, I guess, seeing the agenda, it shouldn’t surprise us … doesn’t make it more palatable. Well, hopefully! 😮

  24. Effel, I know things look bleak, but there is still hope…

    VIDEO: Beagle Freedom Project – Our First Rescue

  25. Hey Rebel, another great show. As far as the ant metaphor goes I think Tom may appreciate this video on Zombie Brain Fungus

    I have to disagree on the comment regarding the Sex Pistols and their supposed musical talent. I get Punk. I really do. Its a bunch of working class kids saying fuck the rules, I’ll play how I want and say what I want and go fuck yourself if you don’t like it. That is a beautiful thing, but lets not give these people guitar skills that they just don’t possess. And as far as extremely long guitar solos go, well if you’ve ever seen something like this live while on any number of substances, you just might start to appreciate the magic of the extended jam.

  26. Thank you for the link Alex :] I’ve been thinking about this last show all week – it was heavy and I need to listen to it again. On the note of the content related to my link, I might as well reveal to you a tidbit I’ve been holding back for awhile… months ago I was considering the implications of the subliminal imprint between the Michael C Hall in Six Feet Under & Dexter. Thought it was deliberate they take you from accepting a closeted gay mortician to a closeted gay serial killer. Anyways, between these two things, he did this play called Mr. Marmalade, where he plays a little girl’s imaginary friend. It’s more of that whole, Look how fucked up our children are, they’e just like their fucked up parents, how cute program. [IMAGE1] [IMAGE2]

    Needless to say, adults are the real monsters. I’m pretty sure the whole thing is available on youtube. Not worth watching tho, unless, of course, you need further reason to stay the hell away from Dexter.

    Oh while we’re on the subject… been reading Susan’s site for awhile now, which is really interesting. On a sidenote, in regards to her work, it’s strange that Michael C Hall and the woman who plays his sister on Dexter got married for like, five seconds. Probably just a coupling to build publicity, but still… the (incestual) implications are pretty strange.

    So looking forward to tonight’s show too – thank you for letting the ladies have a whole episode, it means a lot to all of us & I can’t wait to hear what they come up with :]

  27. @Bill Cooper / Celtic: Gay Bear on Burns
    LAMP=42 (lamp is electric…)
    x-box behind the lamp….

  28. Hey Alex,

    Great show; I have been following Thomas Sheridan for awhile but really enjoyed your conversation with him. His other interviews tended to stick to talking points about his book and psychopathy thesis, while your free-flowing conversation typified why your interviews are more satisfying than other alt-media podcasts. I would love to see Sheridan added to your roster of regular guests, and I am sure I’m not the only one. At the very least, maybe a followup interview when his new book comes out?


  29. Ross, that is a ray of sunshine in an otherwise disempathic world full of ignorant fools. Some of our own more intuitive brethren have always known:

    “Ask the experimenters why they experiment on animals, and the answer is ‘Because the animals are like us.’ Ask the experimenters why it is morally OK to experiment on animals, and the answer is: ‘Because the animals are not like us.’ Animal experimentation rests on a logical contradiction.”
    ―― Professor Charles R. Magel (1980)

    “What I think about vivisection is that if people admit that they have the right to take or endanger the life of living beings for the benefit of many, there will be no limit to their cruelty.”
    ―― Leo Tolstoy

    Ugh, stupid nuhams, but one example of our psychopathy.

    Chris, interesting vid, but as far as that “jam” sessions go, I have no interest in watching guys masturbate, nor guitarists engage in these marathon strokefests. The punks had it right, if your riff carries on for more than a few seconds, you’re just playing with yourself. 😆

    Joanne, I linked it because it was awesome! 😀 Incest promotion seems to be, as DGW2.0 forecasted, becoming quite common on TV now.

    James B, insightful.

    Dan, thank you! We’ll consider that another vote for Thomas.

  30. London calling, Mongoose here.

    You want the moves like jagger?
    Got the moves like jagger?
    Get the mooooooves… like jagger……….


    “On the Jagger edge – Androgynous Mick was no stranger to bisexual chic” Keith Richards, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Rudolf Nureyev………..

    In her autobiography, Marianne Faithful wrote that, while in bed with her, Mick Jagger said, “If Keith (a member of his band) were here right now, I’d lick him all over.”

    Mick Jagger had sex with young actress actress Mackenzie Phillips when she was 18 (she also suffered from serious bouts of depression).

    “My dad walks out (of the apartment), Mick turns around, locks the door, looks at me and he says, ‘I’ve been waiting for this since you were 10 years old…’ and he seduced me,” the 49-year-old actress and singer said.

    Now the story goes elder Phillips was distraught and banged on the door for Jagger to stop. I find this hard to believe as no door would stop me and the bloke would be making mooooves towards my fists, repeatedly – infinite love would be a distant dream.

    Scumbag Papa Phillips, the Mamas and the Papas “mastermind”, had previously recorded a song about his unfortunate daughter called “She’s Just 14”, featuring lines like “there isn’t much she hasn’t seen” and “she ‘did it’ in a limousine”. It is one of several songs the elder Phillips wrote about his daughter that take on a stomach-turning meaning if we remember that Mackenzie accused her own father of incest over a long period of time.

    “She’s Just 14” was recorded in 1976 and produced by…guess who???….. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards……listen

    “I can see you are 13 years old, I don’t want your ID”
    …..moves like jagger?

    Mongoose out.

  31. Those concerned with separating man from his soul have a new [so old its new] treatment for psychological disorders [such as trauma from sexual abuse] called EMDR [Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing] it boasts “desensitisation/reprocessing” via “bilateral stimulation”. Funded heavily through the charity ‘Humanitarian Assistance Programme’ [alarm bells] these clinically trained govt sanctioned nullifiers of emotion will be creating care-less psychopaths in a “traumatized community” near you soon.

    Droid factory. Oh, and their logo SUCKS too.

    PS: see past the spin

    1 http://beforeitsnews/Obamas_Gay_Past_Being_Hidden_By_Killing_Ex-Lovers.html

    PSS: Mongoose, all we need to know about establishment mouthpieces the Rolling stones is Jagger is a Knight of the Realm, for services rendered. Moves like Jagger, indeed.

    Interesting addition to your information is that the tour was named “Forty Licks”.

  32. Hey Rebel, I’m only replying to your reply because I have a lot of respect for your intelligence and I can’t accept what you just wrote. It seems like you mean to say that a musician shouldn’t even bother to unlock the creative potential of their instrument. Should a guitarist just quit after learning a few chords and simple riffs for fear of being accused of showing off? There are universes of music out there to be explored, and I for one think nearly every genre has something great to offer.

  33. Hollywood Hair Band Revival! Tom Cruise & Russell Brand…how fitting…

    Old tranny rokker played by Sean Penn tracks down Nazi war criminal! How heroic! Warning: Disturbing content (you will never get the image of Sean Penn in make-up out of your skull).

    PS Had to come back to post another related link. I just saw this article about a Professor of Architecture at Pratt. His strange looking home caught fire and while fire fighters were working to stop the blaze, child porn rained from the ceiling.

    In a 1999 interview with the Asbury Park Press, the Egyptian-born El-Zoghby said he incorporated principles of astronomy, mathematics, philosophy and art into the design of his dream house. Its design involved precise geographic east-west and astronomical alignments, and two windows were positioned to capture the sunrise and sunset at the spring and autumn equinoxes, the newspaper reported.
    He named the house “The Parousium” from the Greek word “parousia,” meaning “presence or appearance.”

    Interesting side note from the article

  34. when your right..

  35. Thomas Sheridan is an excellent guest. Great to hear your discussion about punk.

    “Dexter” is heavily promoted at the San Diego International Comic-Con by having images of it everywhere and on free stuff they give out (like tote bags.)

    That French “boom” song played at the perfect time during a crummy day I was having. It had me whistling and skipping for the remainder of the day. Thank you.

  36. Very good show here as usual, Alex. I agree with your “anti westernization” opinions on music. Many cultural gems I’ve found on my travels.

    As far as Quincy Jones goes (that’s the reason I decided to respond), those of us who like Hip Hop and are aware (to some degree) of the nefarious entities and activities in Hollywood find this guy to be quite the character. Had a lot of clout since 1983 when he began handling Michael Jackson and produced Thriller. He started Vibe magazine, the premier publication for all things urban. Rarely a mention of Hip Hop in the magazine (and Hip Hop was a potent cultural force in the ’80s) until a lot of this “gangsta” bullshit in the late 1980s-early ’90s.

    Professor Griff, former DJ for Public Enemy, has gained a sort of limelight in the Conspiracy industry because of how he has been connecting many dots and making waves on youtube. He quoted a book called “The First Millenial edition of The American Directory of Certified Uncle Toms”, a very Tavistokian book, which states in plain terms that us young Black youth would be
    presented with a negative image of Black men and be expected to live up to said image. Factor in NLP and you will see how well it works. BET didn’t help either.

    As for how this relates to Jones and Sheridan’s comments; the accepted (and now, as far as I’m concerned, true) theory is that 1uincy asked Tupac Shakur to join this faggotry of his. Pac rejected, and set out to expose all rappers involved. This is what got him shot the first time in 1995, two months after Biggie Smalls recorded “Who Shot Ya”. Jones, with his influence in the Jewish-owned media, turned this into what became the “East Coast/West Coast rivalry” of th 1990s.

    Of course, Tupac’s demise was becouse of the fact that he was a Black man with major influence and the son of two very prominrnt Black Panthers. As for Biggie, many theories abound, including P.DiddyKs involvment.

    Rap music (different from Hip Hop music) would be different if both men were alive.

    I only feel compelled to mention this because of your constant anti-rap/hip hop rhetoric. 😉

  37. “Green Beautiful” great movie til new age agenda revealed in the end.
    God is to decide who is born and when, not a committee!

  38. Green Beautiful was awesome, till they show’d themselves with comment on population control. Wonder what other “message” i got without realizing.

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