Neuro Linguistic Programming

It was past time to get to the layer under the layer , and when doing so forced me to re-contemplate my original ground-breaking work on the X-Box (©CR) I realized it was a good step in the right direction on this zig-zag [rebel] path of growth.

nlp explained by the celtic rebelsad for no reason

Thus, I finally got to the [long-awaited] topic of Neuro Linguistic Programming, though on this podcast, it took a [not so atypical] long time to get finally get to the details of the layer that lies under the layer of social engineering [download]:

This was not a celebration of embedded cinema. Unlike other shows, this was not overly focused on the programmed pathways of [dubious] method, the revelatory explosion of cinematic jism on your face, in which the conspIndustry loves to bask.

NLP has been around quite some time. It was even a favored teaching methodology employed by one known as Jesus: “And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.” [Matthew 3:10,11,13]

land of the dead zombie previewchurch burning heretic cathars

There was also an impromptu Celtic Rebel on Romero Preview that came out my defense of another host who experienced the breakout of mass-scale feeding frenzy by rabid [brain-starved] followers. For me, it was interesting to hear my own words so much later, after I was to experience the same by those who feed off me.

eagle landing on mooneagle eating prometheus liver

Why do [we] Zombies not question obvious glaring inconsistencies in conspIndustry narratives? Does the brain shut down while we digest [knowledge]? It was neither the Freemasons, or seekers of divine “fire,” who went about burning people alive. Those would be the followers of that cunt known as Jehovah [aka Zues aka Thor].

come on in, i'm a ladies mancasanova the rebel

Another angle rarely mentioned, is that NLP and Social Engineering, like all blades, have two edges. My [inadvertent] use of NLP on others, and my [intentional] Engineering of myself; improved my Social life, the lives of others and made me a better person. The only truths come from within, and those truths [I share herein] have value. Few truths lie left behind after a well-fed zombies are done digesting.

upskirt bent over nicekeister anus reeves money shot

Why does the term “womanizing” carry such a negative connotation in today’s world? Well, [aside from trends discussed on later shows], perhaps one major reason is that [modern] males have long been on the receiving end (butt) of a programming stream crafted almost exclusively by those already effeminated.

emo truther guyemo goth kid

Why are so many [¿self-declared?] Truthers going insane these days? Is that by design? Is there a method to the madness of the witch hunt for “CoIntelPro” Operatives Is there a period of prior programs (movies) to look back on that might explain this movement? Is this movement even organic? Where and when does the insertion of the “save the world” program root? Is this all just Teen Angst?

free your mind when we tell you to you twit

If we look, we will find the repetition and the cross-referencing. We will find the subconscious anchors, the emotional stimuli and can guess at the triggers. We will find the reMinders, the embedding routines and can fathom the program itself.

matrix neo day the earth stood still keanu mind control homage coincidence nlp

The power, whether by design or not, to take hold of someone’s mind is a mighty force. Think of any time/place that existed before photography. What image comes to mind when you do? Power over the imagination, is illusion, which is magic[k].

hbo ancient rome depiction of life

By admission, I may be “guilty” of having used NLP on women. In my defense, I cite reality and everyday life. It’s not like they don’t do it to us; the [subtle] nudging, suggesting, leading, enabling. In other words, what women do, all day long.

women and bowling balls have three holes

So, you want The Truth? Are you sure you can handle it? Here it is [above image]! I expect many won’t like it. But, it’s not only fact, it’s also a metaphysical mystery.

Metro Bob Predicts 2011 Oscars

Just in time for the Oscars, the notorious Metro Bob made a brief [re]appearance [by popular demand]. Also: post-award coverage by our token Ginger reporter, Gomer Kyle, and an [alt universe] acceptance speech by Bruno from Portugal.

charlotte sex city twin peaks incest bob rape kyle handler princess

Unmasking all the layers of the [multitude of] programs is a Herculean endeavor. Finding myself finding deeper [yet undeniable] subterfuge in something I had already uncovered before (Sex in’da Shitter), for lack of better words, wow’ed me. There’s definitely genius at work here, which while loathsome, is to be respected. Even while finding images for this long after, I discovered Keanu’s subversive and easily overlookable [to the conscious mind] facial covering of, um, “dis.” [LB]

spongebob ass to mouthmonster energy crucifixion nailsstarfish semen swallow patrick

Nothing to see here folks. Please move on. Kids will never remember any of this crap later on in life. Well, unless maybe, someone happens to cross-reference it, forcing us to recall said program[s]. But, by then, we will have no conscious track back to any of the who’s, why’s, what’s where’s or how’s. We do what we want!

nlpaglassesbukkake chinese food hottie

MK-Mega (©CR), a program of which i talked about before, is to the logical mind, a hell of a lot more plausible than the favorite [yet fascinating] conspIunstry yarn MK-Ultra. If you really think about it, the latter seems, in a business sense, like a humongous waste of resources. Next time you go to the movies, enjoy yourself!

rebel nlp pantless mind controlalex rebel my name is earl shagging radio control room

Hopefully, you guys made it through this show, learned something, and somehow, even managed to keep your pants on the following day. If there was something you could go back and do over again, what would it be?



Note A: This past Friday, I was on [the now defunct] Daher with Zahra Ali [show to be posted], and the topic of NLP came up. In some ways, it was a primer to this show.

Note B: There were a few other articles referenced during this show, that have not otherwise been linked within. They are: Divorce the Truth Movement, The Collectivist Conspiracy (last week’s show), and Musical Genocide.

Note C: One of these days I’ll get to the long overdue show about Serial Killers. One of these days [done and posted]….

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  1. Don’t Go West v2.0 in four parts:

  2. the “D(on’t s)M(oke i)T conspiracy” continues :


  3. good show, alex. how about some neuro-analistic programming?

  4. Hey Alex,

    Thanks for the shout out last week, and yes, Wes is my real first name. 🙂 Anyway,I haven’t listened to your latest show yet but I just finished last weeks. I just noticed the title of your latest show, Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Should be a good one 😉 Looking forward to listening to it (as the sun shines in through my window, ahh, beautiful sun..) As I’ve said before, becoming consciously aware of subversive patterns (whether they’re hypnotic or not) is one of the ways of arming yourself against corruption of the soul. Good stuff, keep up the great work! 🙂


    Wes / Will

  5. keep growing, keep healing, keep the oral tradition alive in the age of the numbness souls…

  6. Brilliant show Alex. Had me thinking, if we start studying the neuro linguistic programming and really understand how it works, maybe we can start to produce movies or clips with positive programming that triggers paths to rebellion and selfhood. As you were saying about rebelling against MTV, if there were more imbedding on rejecting the media and collectivism it could be used as a great tool. Anyways just a thought. Great show as always

  7. Uploaded Metro Bob’s Oscar predictions @
    He reminded me of that cringe worthy scene of Michael Douglas saying “Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel”.. Might make a slideshow for it

  8. I’ve also uploaded Don’t Go West v2.0 (discs 1&2) in 5 parts total to my personal <a href="; title="host server(link)" and have compiled them on one page. Won’t be getting censored or deleted there.

  9. If you fellow-rebels want an EXCELLENT example of neural linguistic programming, check out this episode of Mad Men from Season 4, Episode 8 “Summer Man”. (forgive me, if I get some details incorrect, this is from memory, and I haven’t seen the episode since it aired originally, but it stuck with me nontheless). it has everything, right at the beginning of the episode … Draper walks in, references a missing pocketbook, (which oddly resembles a masonic greeting or salute, but that is neither here nor there) and then it starts with the vending machine bit: 1. there is a reference to small hands fitting inside the vending machine [the subroutine runs in our programmed heads = small hands, small penis, PENIS], 2. then, the next scene we see the Joey and Joan characters are in Joan’s office and one of the fellow male co-workers presses his arse against the glass, jokingly of course [male BUTT], 3. Joey says to Joan almost right after the ass pressed against the glass, “”What do you do around here besides walking around like you’re trying to get raped?” and he emphasizes “raped” in a way that sticks out [PENIS, BUTT, RAPED]. That is some 101 level de-coding [to borrow from the lexicon]. The Celtic Rebel’s show made me think of that very episode and now I have no doubt that was some neural linguistic programming.

    thanks Celtic Rebel, please keep up the good work!

  10. Hats off to Metro Bob. Even with my awareness arising walked right into a trap Monday evening. PBS (Public Begging System) aired a program called the Triangel shirtwaist factory fire. It was a factory fire that happened in New York City in March 1911. The prior year the workers went on strike to improve working conditions, hours worked, better pay etc. A year later the fire broke out on the 9th floor where 200 workers were trapped. Everyone else escaped the building minus the workers on the 9th floor (no one warned them). The narrator described in great detail how 143 people (mostly young women) died. Most fell to their deaths. A fire escaped collasped. The ladders from the Fire Department could only reach the 6th floor. Sceens desirbed told of people standing at the windows helpless waving to the crowd below. They literally caught fire as the heat fire shattered the glass and they fell to the street below. The nets the firefighters held to catch them couldn’t hold the weight and broke thru.

    Could go on and on but it was obviously designed to trigger the emotion response people have buried away in their brains from the event that happened 10 years ago.

    Question is. What is their motive to to retrigger the 911 event.

    Peace and Love.

  11. Oh man Celtic, I am shocked about the name of the new book and CD box set by the Australian musician Paul Kelly. I have never really heard his music before until you started playing some of his songs on your show – I really like them. Today was the day I remembered to search for his music online to learn more about it and I came across this:

    I am hoping that it has no connection whatsoever to what I fear it does. Dammit I’m sorry to pass this your way if this is the first time you’re hearing of it. Being that I know very little of the artist I cannot automatically assume that it’s related to anything about ‘going west’ or whatever…looks like i’ll have to figure that out on my own.

  12. I’m slowly catching up on everything I’ve missed since new years, that includes your show. As someone who is still finding it difficult to break away from the programming, I did myself proud this year by only watching the opening segment of the Oscars…but as it turned out, this was more than enough to entrap me…Anne Hathaway with eye-patch and James Franco in a Pedo Bear suit riding a horse thru an Inception inspired montage choc-full of Hollywood icons…enough said….

  13. In some corner of the universe the audible sound “Ass” cound stand for Kiss or Love… and kiss could sound like piss to them… Could it be a universal conspiracy??? No its just a sound that was given to define something… Anyone can create a new word… But until it becomes popular like ain’t it won’t make it in the dictionary… But even the word ain’t has not excepted by the gate keepers of the dictionary… who are the neo “new” gate keepers…
    Here is a great example…
    Could the words AssAssIn & Astronaut have been created by evil neo gatekeepers perverts… Well the route word for astronaut sounds like Astroid which sounds to me like Ass Riods “think Hemorrhoids” when were these words created… I would call this Neo English or New English words… Old english was created by rebel intellectuals like all languages of the world… A small smart group of free thinking rebels broke away from their rulers or married other rebels and created a new mixed language and mixed culture… The New America Culture was also created by rebels who wrote a new dictionary with all new words to rebel against the Brits… But shortly after the formation of the USA some rats have taken over the americas culture creating new words and erasing any european reminisce…
    Languages that are not manipulated by evil men are in my eyes Virgin languages that are in danger “like a virgin forest being destroyed it can be cut down very easily but it would take centuries for it to become a virgin forest again… The english language is being destroyed right now… Its been going on for a long time but today its like the worlds rain forest its being destroyed faster then ever… Who is being affected by the destruction of the english language inner city kids… Some can say its a new new english for a furture rebel culture… Not true… Old english was like poetry, and highly educated and had amazing culture… What inner city kid is rapping poetry that inspires, educates and creates a uniting rebel culture… One inner city is the same as any other… Not a true rebellion… just modern programming… The america culture has been corrupted… Only some parts of the usa are keeping their culture like country and christian music but they too are losing the battle against the multi culturalism… The goal is to take down the wold by destroying every culture except the one jewish culture that will remain to finish the agenda of controlling the world… They want too rule or are being ruled I don’t know… I do know they are destructive and are incapable of keeping together even the smallest nation… They have never had a any real culture… They are like vampires that suck off the multi culture goyim… So if they want to destroy the English language how do we rebel… Don’t abuse words that have value… God & Jesus have been targets of destruction… Don’s curse or create your own words… The take over is difficult with so many cultures and languages…
    Replace the word Multi Culturalism with One GayPop Culture & Multi Languages world with a dumb down spanglish… I don’t see them taking over the spanish language yet… But who knows… Peace… Winner 🙂

    Ps: Sorry for the miss spelling… I consider myself as a great thinker not so much as a writer… I feel like I have been affected by tv/school/fluoride/vaccine… Who hasn’t but I will speak with out fear… Speak without fear… That’s why I like the Celtic Rebel…
    I meant Create Your Own Words… Its instead of cursing the same crap you have been told “crap=shit=poo=gay” even the word gay once had a pretty meaning… but now that word has been taking over and crapped on… or pooed on… Anyways I think the future rebel culture with be Strong minded fearless organic/vegan loving activist who say no to gmo vaccines, fluoride, junk tv, porn… And live a natural active fit life… Highly educated… I feel like I am smart very smart but I am living among zombies who care little… Your view on sex is a bit distorted… Are we like animals but I guess it depends on which animal you are talking about… Since raising a child today is not comparable to any animal because we are the only animal that never stops raising their young… And takes care of the very old… Its not like that anywhere else… That’s what makes us special… Parents today don’t want to raise their kids instead lets the tv/school do that… And grandparents are made fun of… today its abortions tomorrow it will be euthanasia… I don’t want to live in that world but living in the USA i hate that I can drive from one corner to another and see the same dumb down fast food eating zombies… Their are still parts of this world that are Virgin Cultures that have not been Violated by the GayPoopMultiCulture Jewish Rule. But Its far and few… 🙂

  14. hey Alex, did I hear you correctly? Near the very end of this, your last weeks show, “Dave McGowan will be next weeks guest”?
    Is this a certainty? Written in stone?
    Please confirm.
    Roger that 😛

  15. @WhatsItAllAboutAlphie
    Lenon Honor once said “Just wait till the 10th anniversary of 9/11, they gonna play it up like you won’t imagine. Fear to the EXTREME!” Or something like that, anyways….

    ALEX, THE REBEL THAT IS CELTIC. I have this to say to you.

    Thanks! 🙂

    You know, I never thought I’d like Black women, and I do mean straight out of West Africa. I get along better with them than with Chicana girls. Regardless, I flirt and speak upfront without fear anymore. Sat there going “Am I scared of living that bad?” and mustered up my courage, the rapid heartbeat stopped, muscles stopped trembling, and the silence broke. Just started talking to this one girl and it was so nice. Laughed and giggled together the whole time and it was a cool experience, I was short on time, and probably wasn’t gonna see this chick again cause she was a traveler, so I had only like 10 minutes, REGARDLESS it was GREAT and that was my first time just letting go with a stranger even though I wasn’t probably gonna see her again.

    I remembered that recently and think to myself.. “Goddammit, I forgot to ask her number.” Started laughing, whatever though. SOMETHING GOOD IS (GONNA) HAPPEN(ING)! Cause it doesn’t end there..

    Hahahaha, take it easy man. Gonna listen to this NLP show later.

  16. Hi Alex! Excellent show, I really enjoyed it! Once again, thank you for the shout out. I’m glad I could be of service, so to speak. I hope I’ve helped you, even just a bit, as much as you’ve helped me. I guess it’s kind of a trade of eh? 😉

    Anyway, about NLP.. There are lots of widely available references on how to learn NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) on the web. Google Video, Youtube, etc. And just to just briefly comment about the positive uses for NLP for a moment. There are just as many good ways to use it as there are bad. Plain and simple. NLP is like a gun or a hammer. You can either use to to defend yourself and build yourself a house, or you can shoot people and hit people over the head with your hammer. Choice is yours, but not until you realize you even have a choice. I would suggest checking out some of Richard Bandler’s work, as well as a few others. It was Bandler that came up with the name “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” after all.

    I’ve been studying and practicing NLP for about 6 years now and it’s a rather complex process, to say the least. When I use it and know I’m using it, I always leave the person or people better off. It’s a good thing to do. Using NLP in a negative way is just bad karma. Once you know that you use these patterns in some parts of your life, then you have a choice to make a conscious decision. That’s mind control. Personal mind control.

    Take it easy..

    P.S. Anchoring and Submodalities are two of the most power set of working skills that have ever been discovered in the field of mind control. Period.

    Here’s one of the BEST examples of positive anchoring I’ve come across in a while.. 🙂

  17. I was wondering if the agenda is de-population, then there is a lot of news stories lately about Gay couples having kids:

    ‘Already a star’, looks like Elton isn’t waiting 3 years!


    Sex in the Shitty Lesbian getting in on the act as well.

    So what does this mean? Where is honey the cat? My two guesses are that firstly, it makes ‘going west’ seem more ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’, making it easier to start that journey. The second might be that children of the future will all be grown in labs, parented by the zombies, but all of the upper class stock. Like that lizard that steals bird’s eggs and then replaces the eggs with their own, making the bird do all the hard work.

    Great show by the way, keep up the good work.

  18. hi celtic!! so…. we’re only an hour into the show, but i give this one a thumbs up…. steve gives it another one. so basically u have two thumbs up…. way up…. i sincerly hope u r enjoying the two thumbs way up…..
    but seriously, just listening to this show has given me a certain type of confidence that has actually provided some sort of happiness…. a have seen some commenters post how they have “gotten to” this point thru traditional media outlets…. here’s how i “found” the “Celtic Rebel” through my thinking….
    at first i bought it all, “hook, line, and sinker….”( damn, i hope u eventually scathe the linguistic programming in this…. program.) then i realized how absurd it was, so i mocked it ALL, at anyone’s expense…..
    then i realized how hurtful that could be, and how strong words were, so i committed myself to be a self-sacrificing idiot…. i then relized i was committing myself to a life with no happiness involved, incidentally found your show, and now i really can LAUGH at some absurbities in my own and other’s lives. i truely CAN’T take thses other assholes seriously, and hence myself, so now i am free to mock ourselves, and therefor reduce the impactof these trivial, mundane, mindfuck, societal thoughts i, personally, am bombarded with.
    you did not “teach” me anything. you have helped with my own path to some sort of meaning…. and thank you.

  19. Celtic,

    You were once again discussing the topic of James Cameron’s newest 3D technological breakthrough, that being the new ultra subliminal stuff that goes completely over the conscious mind and embeds itself right into the visual cortex (where we actual see, the eyes are just lenses). Scary stuff. I never want to see any of those 3D movies now, no friggin’ way. (I admit I saw Avatar in 3D) It was bad enough having people sit in a theater, all together, watching this GIANT “silver” screen (one BIG ass visual image that gets encoded on the inside as one BIG ass visual submodality), but now it’s 10,000x worse, in my opinion. Anyway, thanks again. Love the show, best thing on the internet / radio today.

  20. Mr Celtic the Human Rebel,

    Many thanks for allow me to share a few words on the show.

    ;> That few minutes of interaction real open up not only my heart as also a new window towards the path out of the shy state. We are humans we need to socialize more and more. Individuality it´s not about being alone but in reality the pure act of becoming together using what we are and have for others.

    To end i´ll let you here the Oscar´s Speech text:

    Perfect Communication it´s when rain poor’s over dry land and the outcome it´s a nourishing and abundant energetic seed we are to take and eat to become living creatures and real human beings.
    If we understand this cycle of nature, one must use it´s own mouth like clean and clear rains in order to reach and fill the empty dry hearts surrounding us. From that act a new seed will be born and may be used by LOVE.
    Others may disagree and call this act PARANOIC.
    All I can say is Our choices maybe an illusion.
    We can be right or wrong in the direction we take as humans, but there will always be something that keep us all moving on; and the QUESTION lies there –inside.

    In dedication to each single person who are brave enough to keep their individuality breathing higher up. Whose works have been shared and helped me to uplift myself as a person.
    That´s the solution.

    Thank you.

    Obrigado do fundo do meu coração.

  21. Hi Celtic Rebel

    Great show Alex, thank you. Like you the “spell has been broken” in regards to watching movies. I find them all just so boring, depressing and sad.

    I continue to see aspects of the mind manipulation in the media, your insights into what surrounding us is astounding. I’m glad, I’m on the path that has lead me to you; your humour, knowledge, love N happiness.

    Peace my friend


  22. I had a very disturbing dream last night.

    I was at an amusement park, where there was a display of a dead Katy Perry, in an outfit from “california girls”, lying on a bed. An asian woman and her two daughters wanted to get a picture with the “attraction”, and when they walked away her two daughters turned into Hello Kitty robots. Then the robots broke down and the parents just walked away.

    It was so vivid I woke up crying.

  23. Going on a 2 month vegan diet to cleanse both body and soul. Coincides with Ishtar but what the heck. Also have not watched a Holywood film this year and spending time more productively yet feeling more distant from friends and family.
    It’s almost necessary to assimilate oneself or get used to the idea of losing connection with current friendships.
    I also spent a year travelling the earth looking and meeting new people and experiences including a month in brazil, although i met the most welcoming people in Hungary of all places. Coming back to reality after a journey like this is definately grim. I guess what goes up… Anyways thanks alex for opening my consciousness an extra level. I no longer want to sit and delve through the reams of hollywood garbage to find a golden kernel in that big pile of dung. If something is so nefarious it’s best be left alone. I sometiems wonder what we would be like as people if we never had millions on images + sounds passed across our senses. Ok thanks again.

  24. Speaking of “primers”. To prep for Dave McGowan’s March 6th appearance with the “Reb”. I am assigning the following, MONDO HOLLYWOOD
    A documentary of immeasurable wealth. McGowan uses many of it’s images and references it heavily in his Laurel Canyon piece.
    Be there or be square.

    PS: Apologies Alex for this double comment. I just wanted to add, amongst the treasure trove of imagery in the aforementioned documentary, pay close attention at the 23-24 minute point. Watch, the hairdresser to the stars of his day , Jay Sebring (there is a point where the camera captures an almost demonicicaly possessed Sebring, the look of a stone cold killer) My interpretaion, of course, but what with the many stories of Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate’s “alleged” dabbling in satanism and making snuff films, I do not think I am reaching with my interpretation.
    Thank you for your efforts in obtaining this interview with McGowan by the way. I swear, I am shivering with anticipation.

  25. here’s one for “shits n’ giggles”.
    sorry, just had to share with those that get it.

    A 55-year-old farmer from the Hubei Province of China has spent his entire life with no anus.

    The farmer, named only as Wu, was born with a condition known as anal atresia, where there is no real anus and the large intestine connects to the urethra. When Wu was an infant doctors surgically created a small hole for him near his urethra where he squeezed faeces out with his hands.

    Despite this clearly nasty condition, it didn’t prevent Wu from getting married and starting a family.

    Now, at the age of 55 Wu has saved up enough money to pay for treatment at the Wuhan Hospital. Dr Li Zhibiao from the hospital examined Wu and began treatment in January. Wu was fitted with an artificial anus, and three days later it was reported that he could excrete like a normal person.

    * Mentally disabled man admits to having sexual intercourse with a dog
    * ‘Wolf Child’ is the world’s hairiest girl
    * Saudi farmer bewildered by ‘dwarf’ sheep
    * Corpse raped in the Philippines

    Other headlines:
    * Woman pleads guilty to forcing teenage son to eat his own faeces
    * Naked man on magic mushrooms had a mouse jammed up his anus
    * Baby thrown down toilet spends six hours in septic tank
    * Man claims he has developed female genitals
    * Boys’ rectums and penises burnt as buggery punishment
    * Man forces wife to eat faeces
    * Child forced to eat cat poo sandwich
    * Dolphin craps in Kelly Rowland’s face
    * Dirty Burglar Smeared Poo and Spunk On Widow’s Walls
    * Microwaved Puppy Requires Surgery To Repair Injured Anus

  26. I’m not sure that this is exactly an example of NLP, but here’s an interesting true story to show how surrounded by this subliminal manipulation we all are. In August 1994 (in the UK) I was reading my regular Sunday newspaper, the Observer, the reasonable liberal end of the dialectic spectrum. In the ‘Health’ section there was a lengthy article written by a woman stating that not only was ‘talk therapy’ ineffectual, it could even be dangerous. The following Wednesday in their sister paper The Guardian, there was a similar article written by someone else. From what I know now, I suspect similar articles would have appeared across of the whole of the non-trash press.

    I was always a newspaper reader, and have read thousands of articles, most of which I’d forgotten by the end of the day, and certainly wouldn’t remember years later. However, it so happened that when I read these I was just about to start a year long foundation course in Person-Centred Counselling, the very discipline so effectively traduced, and so I had a personal hook and did remember them. It wasn’t until five or six years later that the penny dropped. August 1994 was when Eli Lilly were granted a license to start selling Prozac in the UK – so those articles were actually subliminal negative advertisements disguised as independent authoritative opinion.

    Doctors would have read them, as would people experiencing distress and depression. When they later met up, the subliminal message would come into play and the idea of talking through psychological constructs, unpicking the knots as it were, would not appeal, but spending years ingesting pharma-poison to interfere with brain chemistry and suffering the unpredictable results (apart from an increased likelihood of suicide in the first two weeks which is epidemiologically proven thus entirely predictable) would seem like a good option.

    So what about those thousands of article that I read and don’t remember… De-programming is not going to be easy.

  27. Caught some of that blogtalk podcast but haven’t heard the show yet. Anyhoo, this .PDF about Obama’s speeches is a good primer on the subject of hypnosis. obamas use of hidden hypnosis techniques in his speeches

  28. In terms of manipulation through the media, especially through movies from Hollywood, I have to think of this song:

    [url=]Death in June – Death of the West[/url]

    It summarizes the current situation quite well, in my opinion.

  29. Hey CR
    I recall you mentioning the lucy-fur syncs. Have you taken a look at the film clip to the Banarama song ‘Venus’? Lots of stuff in there for you.
    See you round buddy.
    – Charles

  30. just because –

  31. Great show. Thought you may be interested in that Quote from HP Blavatsky, Mother Superior of Theosophy (And subsequently currently denigrated by the Truth-Movement and cast in the role of “Founder of the mystery school of Illuminati and Masons”.)

    I Say, what A Woman!:

    “The shadow of the unknown and incognizable Deity in Space.But in antiquity and reality, Lucifer, or Luciferus, is the name of the Angelic entity presiding over the light of truth as of the light of day. Deus Inversus, that is to say, through every point of infinite space thrill the magnetic and electrical currents of animate nature, the life giving and death giving waves, for death on earth becomes life on another plane. Lucifer is divine and terrestrial light, the “Holy Ghost” and “Satan” “At one and the same time.”

    Blavatsky, the Secret Doctrine, vol2 pg 512

  32. How is this for programming the unconscious mind…

    I’ve just watched ‘Unknown’ starring Liam Neeson. Don’t worry, this is not a film review, I watched it purely to test a few theories.

    In nearly every 2nd screen shot of the movie (I don’t have the stats-but I bet someone does) there is graffiti on the wall, be it a hotel doorway, a street sign, a car park wall, a cafe window, a bus stop…

    The question is why is it necessary for this to be in nearly every shot of the movie…what does it mean….?

    Does anyone know?

    Its a circled dot and a reversed stretched capital N…You can read the graffiti as OZ… and of course the Sun symbol or Ra…

    This film is about a guy who loses then finds his identity…

  33. @Marie, the circled dot could represent the sub conscious, the ID….or even the programme embedded within the sub conscious. Of course, it can represent OMEGA too. The “reversed N”, or the Z, obviously the END, Zombie, last letter of apha-bet. Z is dead, Baybee.

    Well spotted though. Its clear this film is about the shattered personalities: the Mk..ahem, Mega aspect of implanted Alter-Ego’s.

    Just had this one other thing to say, i have a friend lives in Detroit, while chatting in the ether to her about the great american war of Independence (when america was the home of the brave and free) and booting out the brits, i noticed a little wordsmithing in the City name of Detroit.
    Ok “Dieu Et Mon Droit”
    : refers to the British elites “Right to govern”, and appears on the Royal Crest, so from Detroit we can arrive at ‘Et Droit’.
    …the Brits, gone but never, never forgotten.

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