Robbery in Broad Daylight

I usually try not to pay too much attention to the daily financial news. For longer than I care to remember, it has been nothing more than a mouthpiece for those who created and control the “stock market.” Rumor and speculation fed to the masses of idiots by the master manipulators who bet on futures of corporations, debt instruments, commodities and precious metals. If you think the Wall Street Journal is anything other than a propaganda outlet, I would recommend seriously re-evaluating your position, or alternately, reading no further in this article. {*1}

That all said, the Bear Sterns story from this past Friday barely caught my attention. Leading into the weekend, my thoughts were simply that yet another company was being looted from the inside. Furthermore, I expected that some scapegoats would later get the blame (remember Barings Bank, BCCI, or Societe Generale?), and then, it’d be business as usual on “the street,” until the next firm is brought down in the classic Mafia fire-sale methodology. {*2}

JPMorgan Chase stepping in to announce an offer should have indicated something odd was afoot, but it didn’t register. The Federal Reserve’s emergency weekend meeting, on the surface, seemed like damage control to make sure the entire market didn’t plummet yet. {*3} So, they (the Fed) again lowered interest rates, thereby further ensuring the dollar’s continued decline and the ongoing destruction of what once was the known as “The United States of America.”

Then, on Monday, JP Morgan announced its buy-out of the ailing company for a paltry $2 per share. Now that, is suspicious on two fronts. One, regardless that Bear Sterns was trading at a meaningless market-value of $170/share as little as a year ago, the firm had a book value of between $75/share and $84/share. That is the intrinsic value of the firm’s assets (e.g., were it sold off piece by piece). The office building, where Bear Sterns is headquartered, alone is valued at roughly $1.5 billion. So, JP Morgan is paying $240 million for a company valued at approximately $10 billion. Calling the deal a “bargain,” is akin to calling the Titanic a “dingy.”

Two, the firm JPMorgan Chase, was started by John Pierpont Morgan, who was working on behalf of the Rothschild family. The firm is currently one of the few big consolidated banks left and is firmly in the hands of the Rockefeller crime family, who some argue, is also serving Rothschild interests. Now, anyone who’s bothered to research real history, knows these “families” were at the root of the 1929 Stock Market Crash and the ensuing Great Depression. {*4}

Here’s a rather revealing Associated Press comment on what transpired Monday:

The arrangement, the first of its kind since the 1930s, resulted in Bear getting a 28-day loan from JPMorgan with the government’s guarantee that JPMorgan would not suffer any losses on the deal.

Some savior JPMorgan has turned out to be, huh? At one point, before the rumors and the panic started, Bear Sterns had roughly $17 billion in cash on the balance sheet. In last week’s chaos, those liquid assets literally disappeared; Bear Sterns found itself a victim of the rumors, unable to secure financing from its lenders and unable to stay afloat. As to the source of the rumors, well common sense and logic are probably more important than any “official” news or reports to figure that one out. The phrase “qui bono” comes to mind. Tip: ask it before asking any other.

The final caveat? The Federal Reserve’s own press release, issued two hours after the JPMorgan Chase/Bear Sterns deal was sealed:

The Federal Reserve Board voted unanimously to authorize the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to create a lending facility to improve the ability of primary dealers to provide financing to participants in securitization markets. This facility will be available for business on Monday, March 17.

Basically, this announcement (which obviously came out of the emergency weekend session) would have killed the deal and saved Bear Sterns, its shareholders and its employees. OK? Ignore all the financial networks, the talking heads, the industry pundits and the garbage press. All one needs to do is use their own critical reasoning ability and read the above two paragraphs.

The sun has yet to set. The daylight robbery is now complete. Which begs the question: where was the sheriff during all this? This image seems too fitting:

This has not been the first time a public swindle of this magnitude has been pulled off. Anyone remember Enron? The Smartest Guys in the Room documentary only scratches the surface of what happened. The trial of Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling was the beginning of the path to some form of “justice,” but the all too convenient and all too suspicious death/murder/disappearance of Lay put an end to all that.

We also had the super-convenient controlled-demolition/accidental-collapse of WTC7 (where Enron’s case files were housed]. So, Kenneth Lay is either “Up In Smoke” (literally), or sitting on some remote island sipping Pina Coladas with Osama bin Laden, Timothy McVeigh and Tupac Shakur. Depends on perspective I guess. {*5}

Why JPMorgan and not someone else? Why not just the normal hostile takeover attempt? I doubt the middle managers (the capos that run JPMorgan Chase) could have pulled off a heist of this magnitude, without explicit approval from the “Don” (aka the Federal Reserve). A bidding war would definitely not have been allowed, as Bear Sterns was one of the primary dealers of government securities, and therefore could not be let fall into foreign hands (i.e., outside “the family”). Leaving little doubt that JPMorgan Chase is part and parcel of the planned ongoing economic collapse [aka the mass global consolidation and monopolization we are witnessing] is their association with Barrick Gold and the gold price manipulation lawsuits.

Many suspect Lehman Brothers will be next. Whether this is rumor-mongering by whatever behemoth hopes to swallow them up, or fall-out from fleeing investors, I’ll leave for you to contemplate. Regardless, it fits the pattern of the ongoing consolidation we are bearing witness to. The same guys who took over “everything” back in the 1930’s may now be tired of trying to control this huge web of corporations and personalities (I believe the interlocking Boards of Directors are the steering method). As a friend of mine in the business lamented, “Eventually, there will be a Ministry of Banking and a Ministry of Investments.” Orwell may have not necessarily been so far off-base.

As I pondered the relevance of the prior events, contemplating synchromystic connections, the television dial stopped on a news clip of David Paterson being ceremonially sworn in as the new Governor of New York. He’s blind? And, not just blind, but the way his eyes were, it looked almost as if he was intentionally closing them. Oh, how appropriate! What synchromysticism is trying to tell me, and now hopefully you, is that a gang of outlaws has openly taken over our town and appointed a blind sheriff. [cue ominous music] Yes, they are laughing at us.

Hm! Does this have something to do with Eliot Spitzer? It did seem kind of odd that he was exposed a couple of weeks ago. When the major media pushes a story down our throats, it is safe to assume they’ve been instructed to. After all, when looking at the upper echelons of government, cavorting with prostitutes is a rather benign offense. Were one to attend some state function featuring these “dignitaries,” you could not throw a rock without hitting either a pederast, a drug dealer/user, or someone who has participated in homosexual orgies at “The Grove.”

Synchronistically continuing, shortly after I wrote my first draft of this article, I tuned into Oracle Broadcasting, and heard these two stories:

The logical path to follow, is to then ask, “Who first broke the prostitute story?” It was the New York Times (i.e., Judith Miller’s propaganda rag). So then next, we have to ask, “Why was Spitzer murdered?” [There are two ways to kill people: physically or politically.] The Spitzer Hit List reads like a who’s who of financial mafiosos who would like nothing more than to get this guy out of their way.

Had to replace the Sheriff! Again, logic (and, reading between the lines) would lead one to conclude that Spitzer was either going after some of the higher-ups, may have acted to prevent the robbery in question, or was getting ready to expose something that just could not be allowed. Oddly enough, as implied above, the Spitzer trail leads back to the financial angles of the 9/11 Conspiracy:

Taking into consideration the source of the second article above, I highly doubt that Spitzer was out to expose 9/11. As the host speculated during said show: Eliot may have been unhappy about not getting paid a what he deemed a proper cut of Silverstein’s mega-settlement after helping him procure it. Perhaps. Was he ruffling feathers or jockeying for position? I don’t know. I will leave that for you to decide. Exercise your own judgment. Form your own opinion. Research for yourself.

idiots cheering

Whatever comes out of all this, you can rest assured that the consolidation will continue. The American Public will continue to get f*cked while they watch TV, either suckered in by the utter nonsense about the “rivalry” between a puppet named Hillary and a puppet named Obama, or tuning out and watching American Idol, dreaming that one day they too will be a star. All the while, the traitors in charge of our financial systems will go on with their plan to reduce America to a Third World country.

No baby. You won’t be a star. But, if you don’t turn off that television and learn to start thinking for yourself, your children will be scrambling around shining shoes or selling trinkets, just like those poor little Mexican kids you took photos of when you and your friends were drunk in Cabo a few years ago.

Disclaimer: This article was written at an earlier stage of my development, thus it may contain some minor points which do not necessarily reflect my present belief set.

*1: Any financial analyst worth his weight should know this by now. The Financial Times of London, while not immune from some intentional high-level propaganda, has much truth embedded within its pages. I recall hearing Alex Jones saying he believes “the elites” read it regularly. [LB]

*2: The movie Goodfellows actually has a pretty accurate depiction of how the mafia takes over a business, squeezes all the profits it can out of it, steals all the assets and doesn’t abandon it until is utterly destroyed and indebted. “Burning it down for the insurance money” could be a metaphorical equivalent for turning it over to the taxpayers and the courts. [LB]

*3: I say “yet,” because it will happen. That is the plan. Do you remember in school when they told you about the 1929 crash? They told you all about the frenzied selling and all about the guys who lost fortunes and jumped out of windows. But, did they tell you about who was buying? No! Did you ask? No! [LB]

*4: If that last statement is in any way “news” or “seems unlikely” to you, than you really need to educate yourself. Watch Monopoly Men for a decent overview (45 min.), or The History of the Federal Reserve for an in-depth look (210 min.). Better yet, read The Creature from Jekyll Island for a precise look at the Federal Reserve, or Epperson’s The Unseen Hand for a broader look at the last couple hundred years of related history. [LB]

*5: There is much reason for suspicion on Ken Lay’s “natural” death. The uncanny timing. General Colin Powel mysteriously checking into the same hospital for “air sickness.” The immediate cremation and closed-casket funeral. One could reasonably conclude that Kenny-boy was escorted off somewhere. On the other hand, one could also reasonably surmise, that the abundance of suspicious clues were used to deceive the minions of the powers-that-be, to give them the false impression that once they’d outlived their usefulness, they would close out their final days in tropical paradise, rather than shot in the back of the head. [LB]

*6: While this article from BBC’s Greg Palast seems fairly up-front, I can’t say that I completely trust him. For one, in Armed Madhouse, he vehemently affirmed that 9/11 was the work of Osama Ali Baba and his Band of 19 Thieves. Two, he hired the UF Tasering Incident student, whom I felt staged that event, to come work for him. [LB]

*7: This Sorcha Faal character, is most likely, a COINTELPRO asset of some intelligence service (I’d assume Mossad) and the linked article likely serves to obfuscate the issue. Another article from the source, contains the following preposterous gem: “With the United States destruction of New York Governor Elliot Spitzer, who was positioned to become the first Jewish President of the US, the plan for the expulsion of Jews from North America appears to be accelerating.” Disinformation at its best (or worst, I guess). [LB]

*8: Those unfamiliar with AIG’s myriad of links to 9/11 really really need to watch Who Killed John O’Neil? [LB]

~ by celticrebel on March 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “Robbery in Broad Daylight”

  1. You are exactly right! Keep writing, loudly. I wrote a similar article for OpEd news called “Jobs, the Dollar, the Fed and the Next Great American Depression”. If enough of us unravel the web of lies that surround US money policy, we can perhaps prevent this happening again, and again, and again.

    Digg it (and digged it, which is really bad English but good vernacular)!

  2. Well said and well written. You seem to be a well informed person. What are your thoughts on the upcoming protests on April 15th for tax day at federal bank branches and post offices? Will it help, hurt or do nothing for informing the public?

  3. Well SlaveMorality. My optimism is not so high. Protests, when you look at their history, have historically accomplished very little “real” change. That said, the upcoming ones are still better than nothing.

    At most, it may wake up a few people to the Income Tax scam, but the general American public has so much apathy, they have tolerated the grossest of outrages (Gitmo, Iraq, S&L, Media Mergers, Wire Tapping, the Patriot Act, etc.).

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