Out on a [Blatant] Limb

The more I reflect upon it, the more and more the recent UF student tasering seems like a planned/staged psychological warfare operation. The first time such a thought occurred to me, was while discussing the event with some people who follow mainstream media, and being surprised to hear it was already being covered all over the airwaves (TV, Print & Radio).

The second time, was while at a discussion forum I happened upon on the net.

no way bro

Now, the more I watch the video replay of the incident [several versions are available on YouTube, etc], the more “staged” it seems. Some thoughts/notes on the issue and some items to consider:

  • His actions seem “overdone,” for lack of a better word. The flailing about of his arms about and everything he’s shouting, upon re-examination seem like he’s trying to draw “too much” attention to himself.

  • As my friend Renée pointed out, who really says “Ow” when they’re being beaten or tortured? Isn’t “Ow” something one is more likely to say when they’re trying to let you know that something sort-of hurt or has slightly bothered them?

  • Watch the police. Why are they already standing behind him before he asks his question? Don’t they look like they are awaiting a signal? Why is the big black cop carrying/cradling him so gently?

  • Why is the one guy [near the end] who is so close to the action laughing? I know our society has degenerated to such a low point that people have grown callous to the suffering of others, but he’s way too close to the action. He should be at least somewhat shocked. Is he in on “the joke?”

  • Kerry is sworn to secrecy on all matters related to Skull & Bones. Why does he appear so eager to answer the question this one time?

  • The student/victim is an alleged “truth activist.” If that’s the case, why is it that the only thing on his personal website, is a device called a “Pimp Light” [WTF is that?] available for $89.95.

  • According to the locals, he has now dropped out of the limelight upon the advice of his lawyers. If he was wrongfully assaulted, and now, has a pending lawsuit against the university, then any lawyer [i.e. person motivated by financial gain] would be all over the media right now pushing the issue to the point where the university/state would be highly motivated to settle the case as soon as possible and seal it.

  • The mainstream media has picked up this story and run with it. In the meantime, other relevant stories of similar police malfeasance (the councilman in Indiana being assaulted, the tasering of the autistic boy, the tasering to death of the schizophrenic wheelchair-bound senior citizen) have been avoided like black plague.

  • YouTube/Google (aka, the NSA) have been working over-time this past week deleting [within minutes, per my personal observation] videos of the councilman incident or Blackwater shooting random Iraqi civilians . However, clips of this incident and related spins on it, have been left on the servers unmolested.

Now, I’ve got some misgivings about releasing this, cause if the incident was real, then I’m guilty of heaping further abuse on someone who has already been victimized, but it just doesn’t “add up.”

On the other hand, the event carries several positive results to our “elite rulers.” Every day, more and more people are waking up to the matrix of control and disinformation they are trapped in. More and more people, are now confronting the elite’s middle managers (i.e., the politicians) openly in public. The “operation” sends a clear message to those on the fence who are considering action; dare mess with our minions and our Gestapo will hurt you.

This article may not necessarily reflect the present views of The Celtic Rebel, and has been left in the archive to show stages in growth and development of The Rebel Path.

Note: Kudos to Dr. Henry Makow for writing the first article (that I am aware of) indicating this event may have been a psy-op.

~ by celticrebel on September 25, 2007.

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