Collapsing the Chaos Stream [8]

Managed to wrap up the latest multi-tentacled thread this week. The closing may have been a bit anti-climactic; the formal stitching of the thread came last week.

loose ends tiedhang loose mickey

Yea, tying up loose ends may invoke odd connotations, but it may be an appropriate metaphor on what transpired. 😯 Hear it for yourself [unavailable]:


Started off the show expanding on the anti-heroic parable(s) presented to us by gay Shepards. Where are these pair-of-ball-less narratives leading us stupid lambs?

matthew sheparddennis shepard is shelton lankford

Star Theory wrote a peace on The Shepard Tails in the interim, picking up from where the topic arose when I was on Lee’s show the prior week [during the last hour].

crazy moon goddessesvirginia foxx lucifer

Real [of late] crazy women aside, the Virginia Foxx character, may be a reflection of the true Luciferean spirit in this world where up is down and down is up. A quick image search reveals her to be the object of much derision among the idiot class.

shelton and lankfordnc foxx triangle

Some truly random findings, should they lead to insight, can be a strong testament to the power of asynchronous nonmysticism. As the number of revelant connections increase, the possibility of coincidence proportionately decreases. I will now have to conclude that this foxx was most likely the “controlled opposition” of our narrative.

log cabin homoslog cabin ass immolatedlincoln log boy

We learned that for one young Shepard [shepard], “Abraham Lincoln had a deep impact on him.” We could argue that in a similar manner, The Matrix Rapist had a Deep Impact on Jason Shepard, just like Morpheus had on a young one/neo[‘s] rabbi hole. We can also safely conclude, that for some among us, the term “log cabin” means exactly what an average [nondeviantly inclined] person might trepidate.

shepard ambellas

And all this came out of looking at just one variant of the peculiar name Shepard [other spelling variants carry different weights and would likely not help us hone in as focusing on one angle did]. We could also assume that when someone chooses the name “lamb held ass rape,” there may well be a reason [nefarious or just silly].

american women are fat and disgusting

I’ve addressed the topic of go[u]rdian womanhood before, but it just seemed like it was relevant yet once again. We are all programmed, some less so than others. I just felt it necessary to reinforce deconstruction of the be-lie-f [¿beefly?] system.

rudy ray mooremicrowave obesity

Finally got to the [promised] topic of Microwaves. The core problem is we are so out of touch with nature [our own and that of the living world around us]. We should be more wary of anything we take in, be it via mouth, nose, flesh or eyes and ears.

red velvet bingleduck butter bear oysters

If you’re too lazy to follow the above [right] instructions yourself, here’s your bit of truth, thought be forewarned: you may find yourself the butt of yet another joke.

blue boy getting deepblue rod ejaculates

As I have been remonstrating for quite some time, most of what we consume [take in via said methods] is served up by Temple Dogs in service of the Pederastocracy. How long will we remain willfully ignorant and repeatedly dismissive of the open perversion the media thrusts in our faces; all the while mocking and belittling us? There is little new under our sun. It has been going on for a very very long time.

pederast jehovahjack and beanstalk

Too long. Always at the ready, precrafted imaginary history of a more innocent time, when the most obvious of terms meant “something completely different,” paid distorters will alleviate the idiot-mind that such was not the case back then.

codman's cruiseluggage boy wants cockstruggling upward

Is that really any different from the spin put out by today’s alternative media? The average nitwit infected by their fantastic yarns, will interpret Egyptian or Illuminati meanings from the [below] tombstone, and miss the simplest conclusion of all!

shit polishpink cock tombstone

The above [left] image was the only one included on a glowing critique (promotion) of Horatio Alger’s ragged Bibliography by a self-proclaimed “reading enthusiast”. Incidentally, the photograph of said blogger was overtly flamboyant and effeminate.

scouts in bondagebeck ablow boyalbom ablow mindfuck

Shirley, that’s just coincidence! Who in their right mind, would let Keith Ablow, one who so easily fits two of the three criteria of The Venn Diagram anywhere near their children? Judging by his popularity and repeated frequency in the media, it would be a safe assumption that our creepy psychoanal‘ist can found right in the middle.

jew nazi rockjailhouse ass pounding

Even the “hero of freedom” Bill Hicks is but a neighing controlled goat [not to those who are “awake” as instructed, but ones actually paying attention, like living tiki].

romney fascinated by boyjehovah clips the rear

Where does one turn? The only people we can really trust, are ourselves, but only if we’ve taken the steps necessary to deprogram ourselves first [and do not stop]. Beyond that, once we learn to develop and trust our intuition, in lieu of embedded instructions as to what is “right”, we can begin [en]trusting those around us.

hassidic clown boykids love bender

While I can infer what is going on in almost every single on of the images herein with a high degree of confidence, I am really at a loss as to what is transpiring in one immediately above [left]. In a reversed (upside-down vs left-right) mindset, is “the clown” the one who gets it in the end?

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Note: If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to check the last part, which was just updated on Sunday with a slew of additional bits. Speaking of, once again I’d like to thank the prolific chatters and contributors of imagery, a few of which was used in these two posts. Notably: Michael, Shannon, John, and Ryan

~ by celticrebel on March 13, 2012.

32 Responses to “Collapsing the Chaos Stream [8]”

  1. Found this video of Rep. Foxx (she’s real) calling the Matthew Shepherd thing a hoax. The comments are very telling of the reactionary responses programmed into the zombies following what the Talmudvision feeds them.

    VID: Rep. Virginia Foxx Dishonored Matthew Shepard’s Death On The House Floor

  2. I went to Dick Sheppard school in London

    PS: X-box latest game (in Spain anyway) is called “mASS effect” led by none other than commander Shepard. Truth is stranger and more shocking than fiction. Thanks for rubbing in how stupid we are, and helping us to become less so.

  3. Russia enacts anti-homosexual laws and links homosexuality to pedophilia and for show jails Pussy Riot.

    That Russia is struggling to keep pace with a sustainable birth rate and has holidays now urging white Russians to mate, have and raise children means the program is working there as well.

    That Judaism/Communism runs Russia .. the game is not straight faced.

  4. “I’ll be skinny no matter what i eat.” Until i was forced to bend down and grab the brand-less cheap foodstuffs from the bottom shelf (bottom feeder?) when i had little cash to buy decent food. I had a protruding gut after a week and felt weak and just sat on the couch munching away on this crap, my stomach never satisfied.

    No money for decent food? Get fat while not getting fed.

    I remember some random website that had a feature with some before/after photos of girls who were thin and looking normal and healthy (16/18 years old) in the before picture and fat with “lunch lady arms” in the after pic. What happened between the before and after? They left their parents house and went to college and became cliche amerifat girls within a year, feeding yourself must be low priority for these girls.

    Why spend an hour preparing nutritious food when the microwave nukes a plastic dish of salted soggy shite within 4 minutes…

    It’s cheap! It’s ready within a commercial break! You don’t even have to chew! You will not miss a second of Glee!

    Glee 1. great merriment or delight, often caused by someone else’s misfortune.

    How delightfully ambiguous…

  5. Good show, lots of great stuff. Nice to hear you open the show with Dexy’s and I haven’t heard Hazel O’Conner in Years! Anway, you touched upon a lot of stuff that I’ve talked about in the past with friends, including the whole microwave thing. I’ve never bought one and I refused one as a present after reading some eye-opening research about exactly how microwave radiation changes milk. I always tell my friends not to heat their baby’s milk in the microwave, but will they listen? (no)

    A guy I use to be friends with told me that the reason the whole guy jealousy thing works is because when a guy sees you with another man he gets all competetive and sees you as some kind of challenging prize that he has to steal from another man. If you’re not with a guy, he told me, men think that you are not worth having. This ‘friend’ was not gay, at least he wasn’t back then. Although he did take a lot of steroids because he use to be a body-builder! I tend to believe your explanation though.

    It’s pretty sick to hear that ‘sex therapy’ clip…I mean, really really sick!

    The Horatio Alger stuff is hilarious.. so you may find these skits from a great British comic duo very funny and totally relevant…It’s in plain sight but people need it to be pointed out to them! Harry Enfield – The writer and the landlady [1] [2]

    Marty aka Marie

    P.S. I’m going to be controversial now – for all the good you and The Living Tiki are doing, this Ed Chiriani BS is starting to get on my nerves. DO you seriously believe that all those photos show the people he is saying they show? Or rather, can you accept some dodgy photos as ‘proof’ of an outlandish theory akin to the no-planes theory/subversive ridicule program? Seriously – You, as the Celtic Rebel is buying this or have I confused Ed with another Ed?

  6. Jake Stein, hm, she’s from “Mt. Airy” and Satan is the “prince of the air,” so yea, the bitch-boys are right, she must be Satan. 😈

    GladGal, and what did you learn there? 😆

    eugene, pussy riot became an “instant internet hit?” Smell fishy. 🙄 Hell, all of this news does…

    Aszeran, well put. And the punchline, people spend a good part of their life savings to send their daughters far away so that they can become “fat whores.” But, at least the TV will show them some unfortunate “others” they can mock and deride afterwards!

    Marty, change the word MEN in “if you’re not with a guy, he told me, men think that you are not worth having” to EFFEMINATE BOYS and it makes sense. Natural men DO NOT see women that way. As for Ed, I’ve addressed that on air numerous times, you don’t have to believe everything he puts out, but he’s been dead right on numerous occasions.

  7. I enjoyed hearing your perspective on fat/big/large women and it conjured up a recurring theme from my days as an avid TV consumer.

    A lot of ‘talk’ shows, (Oprah, Rikki Lake etc) that I used to watch in my early twenties, often had shows ’embracing’, ’empowering’,’ glamorizing’ the ‘fat’ woman. What used to piss me off and still does, is that, these shows would revolve around insulting the horrible men in these ladies lives that had made them feel ugly, or wouldn’t accept their ‘natural’ body. The host would then say some bullshit words of wisdom like “You are beautiful and HE should accept you” blah, blah……but not ONE host or moronic commentor from the audience ever said what SHOULD of been said: “You are UNHEALTHY, your body in this distorted shape is NOT natural”.

    The word ‘fat’ to describe fat women and men for that matter has been replaced with friendly terms such as ‘big boned, ‘larger than life’ ‘voluptuous’ and so on.

    We ARE what we EAT, and I shudder to think what must be consumed in order to acquire such morbid physiques. I am no ‘supermodel’ but as a life-long vegetarian who has recently adopted a vegan lifestyle, I am a healthy NORMAL weight and the benefits (which are enormous) felt inside are projected to the outside, simply from being conscious in what passes the lips.

    The man in my life recently adopted the vegan lifestyle also, and just by simply dumping the animal products that had dominated his life, in less than a month he looks so much younger and thinner (not that he was fat in the first place), he doesn’t get tired of the compliments from others and enjoys whatever vegan delight I can tantalise him with each day/night which gives us both pleasure.
    People are convinced (by the media) there are no choices (or bland ones) in eating in this manner which is a complete lie. I’ve never had so much fun creating in the kitchen as I do now. 🙂

    (P.S The area above a ‘fat’ women’s vagina is known as a ‘Gunt’)

  8. You bring up two things i’d wondered about myself- The difference between Shepherd and Shephard [and where it divested], and also the ridiculous spelling of Colonel AKA Kernel [ El Colon]

    I think you mentioned the game ‘Mass effect’s’ gender bending main character John Shepard, interesting cross reference with TV’s Stargate’s main character also John Sheppard : And Shepherd Book from ‘Serenity’: Jack Shephard from LOST : Also, Michael Douglas played President Andrew Shepherd in the film ‘The american president’: Not forgetting a real character: Shepard Ambellas, here on AJ’s show

    ‘Metaphorically, the term “shepherd” is used for God, especially in the Judeo-Christian tradition (e.g. Psalm 23), and in Christianity especially for Jesus, who called himself The Good Shepherd.[5] The Ancient Israelites were a pastoral people and there were many shepherds among them. It may also be worth noting that many Biblical heroes were shepherds, among them the patriarchs Abraham and Jacob, the twelve tribes, the prophet Moses, and King David; and the Old Testament prophet Amos, who was a shepherd in the rugged area around Tekoa. In the New Testament, angels announced the birth of Jesus to shepherds’

    So clearly a historic Jewish connection, so its interesting to see its useage and derivations. David Ben Gurion claimed to have been a Shepherd in early life : Lastly here is famous murder case involving another Sheppard ..

  9. This video of Cenk (The Young Turk) discussing The Matthew Shephard (sic) case has 666 likes and 33 dislikes at the time of this posting.

    VID: Republican Thinks Matthew Shephard Case was a Hoax

  10. good show Alex. I believe it was me who sent you the link with the Jewish internet marketing gurus –

    Very interesting reading. Your comments on the effect that great sex has on a woman’s attachment to you forced a timely examination of some of my recent behaviour, so thank you for that. and i really know what you mean when it comes to sex with fat women – I can’t physically respond to them either…

  11. I remember a program on TV about men who like fat women. The fat women said they liked it how there were men who accept them as they are.

    The fat women had a big match-maker party where all the fat women mingled with men that liked fat women. They stressed that being fat made no difference to who you were and that men that liked fat women are good men.

    Funny though, all the men at the party were skinny. It seemed that the fat women didn’t like fat men.

    Hypocrisy is a large part of all modern “liberal” ideals it seems.

  12. Bec77, it is nice to hear that from a woman who SAW through the programming. After they fed everyone a DIE-t of shit, hence turning them into shit (you ARE what you eat), there was a flood of nlp-instructions doled out via “woman’s programs” to justify the result, and more importantly, attack any man who questioned the results as a cruel “mysoginist.”

    stephen digital sickness, as I said in the post-show write-up, had to narrow the focus, not just in order to make for a sharper [async] blade, but otherwise this woulda been the whole show (or two). That said, per your last link, I think Steven King lifted the Shawshank plot from it. “El Colon” may be the best unscrambling.

    Kyle, hm, the murderous “Young Turks” of historical lore were coincidentally gay AND jewish. I’m guessing these new wankers may be too.

    James B, good, that means your sexual response is NORMAL, and hasn’t been over-ridden by the “accept whatever’s available” or “eat whatever we throw at you” subroutines.

    James T, well, on one hand, the media didn’t spend a lot of time instructing to women to feel guilty for not liking fat men. On the other, the physical act of sexual intercourse, may be a near impossibility between two obese people.

  13. Best show ever…
    Hey alex I would love to send you a Gift for Saint Pat’s Day… “CD & Book” address? if possible if not it’s okay…
    Alex you should right a Book… the Gay Jew Pedo agenda
    a fan 🙂

  14. Hey, Celtic Rebel; haven’t listened to your latest show yet; but two of the subjects you touched on-obese women and “Shepherds”-reminded me of the band The Who: Their 1971 album, “Who’s Next”; was to originally feature in the inner gatefold; several grotesquely overweight, naked women with one right in the middle, legs spread; with a photo of The Who superimposed
    on where her BUSH would be: Keep in mind also that all the members of The Who are from a town called SHEPHERD’S BUSH. I don’t know if any of this means anything but I thought I’d throw it out. And let’s not forget that whole thing a few years ago with Pete Townshend getting caught with all that child pornography on his computer…

  15. I was just reading through the comments and clicked on the TruTV link that SDSickness posted about Samuel and Marilyn Sheppard, only because of the double P spelling. Interesting stync occurred on that page as I navigated to this Weird Huffington Post article about a sex-related death involving an Irish man and his German dog.

    Just thought I would contribute another Sheppard. Corey Sheppard was/is a professional skateboarder for a company called “Blind”. Ironically, he was always known as one of the ‘Art fag’ pros. I found this interview from ’02 and he talks about looking reptilian. 🙄

  16. Off topic, I just noticed an article about the Celtic Rebel on the British Headpress site:

    Thought you might like to know.

  17. Song of the week 😛 [Collapsing New People]

  18. Nic, at the moment, there is no PO box available. For those who’ve been asking, there very well may be in the future.

    lennonzappa71, well The Who, just like the whos, have always been about homosexual ideals.

    PhilDeGrave, as mojo nixon once chimed, “do the art fag shuffle, don’t take too much muscle.” 😀

    ORBE, actually, I found that article to be quite “fair.”

    effel, actually, I had that song playing somewhere in my skull while writing this show up….

  19. Hi Alex,

    I read the article on you posted above. He called you an anti-semite….need i say more. Your a full package my friend and not to mention foooking hilarious. The best remedies are hard to swallow and in my opinion you give more than a spoon full of sugar. It was all meant for ppl not to get..thats just it, so ive stopped being surprised when they don’t.
    I have also learned to let go of that “everyone is innately good” programming. It aint about good or bad, its so primitive and extreeeeemely irrelevant. That also makes me really wonder if the human race is worth saving? What is it that keeps you writing this blog or insists I keep my love for humanity when it does not even love itself.
    Anyway I am a fairly young woman from the caribbean and i see all the programming going down, I live on an island that (for some reason) was already devout of a meaningful culture of its own and so has fallen willing victim to the standard degeneracy seeping….no flooding down.
    I actually weep at the knowledge we lose and destroy, i am angered beyond mitigation when i come to the realisation that we will never get it back and Alex i don’t think that there is any turning back for us, what redemption can come from this? The energies i put forth against the current trend are only symbolic. Thank God(?) I learned that somewhere, somehow that means something. The “human” as we knew and want to know it is obsolete. But I just cannot and will not accept whatever this new breed of beast will be. We live in the ultimate horror story.
    I have not gotten around to listening to this last show, I ideally would love to call in someday.
    Oh yeah and if the former doesnt warrant a response from you, then please I (and another commenter above) would like to know what the hell is up with ed chiarini. I do believe that they do this shit but he throws a bunch of ppl in there that dont look anything alike and does not support why he thinks they are teh same other than that they come from Pima or are from the fam hes fixated on. Hes becoming more and more creepy just due to that. It seems to be a big nugget [of truth] in a small pile of shit….i just wouldn’t be comfortable endorsing him. I do believe in his sincerity though, i just think hes creating a rabbit hole for himself.

  20. In Jamaica our artist have had their visa taken away for homophobic lyrics so here are some homosexual lyrics read out aloud by Peter thachcell in a public venue in the presents of police officers in the name of free speech.

    As they took him from the cross
    I, the centurion, took him in my arms-
    the tough lean body
    of a man no longer young,
    beardless, breathless,
    but well hung.

    I was alone with him.
    For the last time
    I kissed his mouth. My tongue
    found his, bitter with death.
    I licked his wound-
    the blood was harsh

    For the last time
    I laid my lips around the tip
    of that great cock, the instrument
    of our salvation, our eternal joy.
    The shaft, still throbbed, anointed
    with death’s final ejaculation.

    So now I took off my uniform, and, naked,
    lay together with him in his desolation,
    caressing every shadow of his cooling flesh,
    hugging him and trying to warm him back to life.
    Slowly the fire in his thighs went out,
    while I grew hotter with unearthly love.

    It was the only way I knew to speak our love’s proud name,
    to tell him of my long devotion, my desire, my dread-
    something we had never talked about. My spear, wet with blood,
    his dear, broken body all open wounds,
    and in each wound his side, his back,
    his mouth – I came and came and came

    as if each coming was my last.
    And then the miracle possessed us.
    I felt him enter into me, and fiercely spend
    his spirit’s final seed within my hole, my soul,
    pulse upon pulse, unto the ends of the earth-
    he crucified me with him into kingdom come.

    by James Kirkup

  21. hah, that mathew shephard kid looks like an older justin bieber.

  22. Whats up Rebel,
    I was thinking about what you said with concern to men and jealousy. I have a very specific pattern with women. What usually happens when I start dating a woman is that I will initially sit back and kind of observe the woman’s behavior and remain emotionally neutral. The woman will sense that I am sizing her up and that if she behaves like a stupid whore, she will not win my affection. so she adapts like a chameleon and plays the role that I desire, based on my positive reinforcement of her more innocent personality traits. I soon begin to believe the facade that is presented to me and I become emotionally attached to what I believe to be her real personality. But alas the girl gets what she wants from me and she has me hooked on her bait so to speak which means that she is no longer presented with a challenge. This becomes boring and predictable to her (as she has climbed this mountain or conquered this man) and soon she stops putting forth an effort to pretend not to be a whore and lets her ugly side show. At this point it won’t be long until she leaves me for another man or cheats on me and I become extremely jealous and enraged. I almost want her more because I feel like I’ve been robbed. I was presented with an innocent and wonderful person and was left by an ugly and base creature. The cognitive dissonance becomes extreme and the brain goes to war with itself trying separate truth from fiction. With time this fades as the memories of the bad begin to outweigh the good, but for a period it is pure hell. To have a girl show you her greatest potential only to have her take it away from you and revert back into a soulless whore. So in essence the reality of knowing the girl you love is screwing another guy can cause a man to want her more than ever before but only as a means to make the pain go away. Of course it can never go back to the way it was at this point and you just have to wait out the pain until one day you scratch your head and say to yourself, what did I ever see in that stupid whore?

  23. @chris: I think you “fall in love” too easily

  24. Much thanks for all the recent mentions!

    We receive our individual micro programming from the dramas and comedies played out through the TV, and our collective macro programming through the dramas and comedies played out through the theater of “reality”. It makes me think of the news reels they used to play in movie theaters (a lot during WWII) before the “fictional” story would start.

    I actually worked with Shepard Fairy for awhile at the same local alternative weekly news publication (I was a staff artist/cartoonist and he was a layout designer). Didn’t know him that well at all, but realized he completely sold out when I saw his Obama poster many years later. I thought all his earlier stuff was clever takes and mockery on the influence of propaganda imagery, but now he was actually using it in the way it was originally intended! He learned nothing from his art except how to make his bending over stand out from the crowd of prostitutes.

    Can’t say if he was gay, but I did happen to see TMZ catch him and his wife at the airport where she innocently answered a question for him that essentially destroyed his “street cred” (by letting everyone know he hasn’t plastered the streets with his art in a long time.) Shepard was VERY visually pissed at his wife [“I thought I told you only I would talk to the press”] and the interview abruptly ended after that ONE question. I really felt sorry for his wife when they got home.

  25. Rebel this is an old article but it is new to me as of today, and this is me just passing it along in case anyone hasn’t viewed it, personally I almost threw up in my mouth

    “How Jewish is Hollywood?” by Joel Stein lol,0,4676183.column

  26. @Simone
    Perhaps you’re right but loneliness can be a bitch. Every so often a pretty girl crosses my path and gives me the feminine attention I seek and the brain turns to mush. Besides if I never fell in love with a whore, I never would have fallen in love in my entire life. At least in my case they have to hide their whorish qualities to get me to love them.

  27. Who Controls America – who controls the economy?

  28. Noel Shepphard reporting shows the “name marker”, the “beautiful bait”, the “vibe of cool and FASHIONABLE” the bait’s allure (aka Corybantes), and the “hook”.

    The hook is socialism. Meaning whats yours is ours and whats yours is not yours. London, which being heart of Temple Square Kingdom, has already capitulated .. will the remainder of the order (USA, Canada, Australia, and portions of Europe) follow suit?

    2012, NOIZ, ZION and its Olympian King symbolism says yes. There are not enough wintertime patriots anywhere to say otherwise.

    There will an new kingship after the burn down. The old order with new powers via better machines and technology. PSSSTTT – these latter items are the Kingdom of Iron.

    Mac-pher-son = Son-fear-son or “the empowering of Abel”.

  29. “Man of Kali Yuga (present age), you believe only what you see and you haven’t seen nothing yet. In your shallow materialistic perception you are not aware of a hungry lion hidden in a thicket next to you. You are unaware of the enemy hidden in ambush just below the crest of a hill. You still have to learn how to bring intuition of the heart into the consciousness of your mind and how to bring the consciousness of the mind in the intuition of your heart. It is too late to learn or to act when a lion is pouncing on top of you. You are either a hunter or a prey. You are either ahead of the events by manipulating them for your own account or the events are ahead of you by manipulating you for their own accounts. The truth is impartial and everyone is given the same chance in fulfilling its own destiny. Who will then be to blame if you fail? One is given all the power to be not just one but many steps ahead thus ensuring one’s own personal succession of life, just as the time of an atom in the world below will foretell the spatial structure of the present world above. The secrets of the world above are hidden in the world below just as the secrets of the world below are hidden in a world above. Man of Kali Yuga, you believe that the world ends with the horizons of your limited perception and dare not to pierce what is beyond in the fear that your entire world will collapse if you free yourself from the narrow judgmental mentality of a dying world. Wake up and smell the coffee in a boiling pot or else you will have a disaster in the kitchen at your hands. How many tremors, how many tsunamis, how many eruptions, how many heat waves and storms, and how many wars, diseases and deceits man needs to finally open his eyes and see the truth – brighter and the more beautiful than one could ever imagine.” Anon

  30. George Carlin = Large Gore Inc?

  31. Here some more Gayish Jewish Sherpadom, front page CNN! Damn it, right again Alex …

    an excerpt …

    “Joseph Sheppard has an IQ above 130. Ask him about his life or worldview and he’ll start drawing connections to cosmology and quantum mechanics. He’ll toss around names of great intellectuals — Nietzsche, Spinoza — as if they’re as culturally relevant as Justin Bieber.

    Sheppard, 42, has high-functioning autism. He found out only about six years ago, but the diagnosis explained the odd patterns of behavior and speech that he’d struggled with throughout his life. And it gave him the impetus to reinvent himself as an autism advocate.

    Judaism also has informed his perception of the world and himself. (He’s writing a book called “The Dharma-Torah: Autism Space Flight Manual”, and friends call him by his Hebrew name Yossi). Sheppard did not grow up observant, but he has some Jewish heritage, and in the past seven years he has become an active member of the Orthodox Jewish community of Victoria.

    He believes the religion’s rituals — the wrapping of teffilin, the prayers, the observance of the Sabbath — have given him a regimented routine that helped him overcome certain autism-related behaviors, such as repeatedly playing the same level of a computer game to the point that his work suffered. “Before I practiced Judaism, it was like all the rituals of the world crashed in on me and I could not move as a consequence,” he said in an e-mail.”

  32. The only place i can say this. After many times of telling my wife that she needed to lose weight and her “trying” and failing, i told her i was going to start sleeping with prostitutes if she didnt. Guess what, she has got really serious about losing weight.

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