Parades of Programmed Instructions

Talked about a good number of things from the destruction of history, to the tools used to destroy ourstory, and then bombard the mind with counter-intuitive shit.

spread them for the kiddies

I had my own ignorance cage rattled a bit this past week, so that seemed like a good starting point for Sunday’s broad-ranging show. Those of you who like to hear a bit of the ol’ Rebel Fire & Ire™ will not be disappointed:

These things have been going on for a hell of a long time, [figuratively] right under our very nose. Perhaps, some of the ire came from the fact that these same old rancid jokes are still being perpetuated on the unaware today. For those wondering, while the sync find was chance, the “Red” Ice Cream insinuation was intentional.

george kavassilas alien evacuationcarl claudy old tiler

There’s little difference between the clowns of old and the clowns of new. We can continue looking for exhaustive ways to rattle our own ignorance cage, or sit back passively waiting for someone to occasionally come along and rattle it for us. Note to the passive: you need to be extra-wary of persons coming by a’rattling.

white john hansonblack john hansonthe kkk took my baby away

Above, we have a picture of the white John Hanson, who happens to be the real first President of the United States (not the present corporation). The second person pictured, is another John Hanson, which a few conspindustrists have suggested was the real first President, whose name has been buried for racist reasons. Were that true [as I assumed at time of broadcast], they would have to explain away that photography was invented long after the “presidential” John Hanson died. Note: add Dick Gregory to the list of opportunistic con’industrists.

metro bob movie reviews

Metro Bob did a couple of movie reviews, per se: 30 Minutes or Less and Killer Elite. Though, technically, it was less of a review, and more of a story of him being victimized by the players of the system.

Later, I noted and discussed [¿disgust?] some of the notable historical members of the [covenant] Pederastocracy. One thing is for certain, the jokes made against the “breeder class” have been going on for a really really really long time.

mark west drowning vineyards

Though I’ve touched on a few of these topics before, it is remarkable how much evidence continues to rise to the surface after chance assertions. Perhaps there’s no lake deep enough to hold the nonstop milieu of truths drowned and buried?

the black mariathe walking dead

Come to think of it, most of us are acting on nothing other than programmed instructions sets and basic reptilian instinct. Hm, there’s a name for such, um, “persons” I believe. Zombies! No, I don’t mean the meaningless brainless ones put out by the equally brainless creators of the Walking Dead television series, but the socially-relevant mirror images of ourselves implied by old masters like Romero.

shit skid rowsoggy bottom boysfall out boy

Hundreds [if not thousands] of places just like Edison’s “Black Maria” have been turning out violated sycophants for ages, though most remain unaware to their “inside” jokes. The Skid Row image syncs all too well and all too true with one of the [¿random?] threads of discussion. For those who prefer [not] to remain blind and incredulous, I’ll add that teen faves “Fall Out” Boy usually have an implied space separating a compound word that may otherwise imply nuclear radiation.

family dirty sanchez guydumb dildo cunts

As long as we continue to receive our instruction sets without question, refusing to even consider our natural instincts, while they’re screaming at us to override the latest command sequence … we are hopeless. All sorts of beliefs, overriding even the basest connection to common sense, embed and become part of who we are.

black man propogandakkk is jewish

Like good little robots, we will execute every sequence fed us, even the alternative counter-instructions written to divide us. These coded sets program an attachment to dogma and self-serving interest, which not even observable reality can over-ride.

brasilian race mixing beauty and not

And even when that observable reality becomes grossly offensive, a set of instruction’ed tolerances can be downloaded. The inexcusable becomes mundane. For example, the annual revelry in San Francisco known as the Folsom Street Fair.

Folsom Street Fair

The below left booth has been seen there, and I’m sure it’s completely harmless. 🙄 The latter image addresses the anti-family nature (as brought up by my caller Jua) that proponents of replicas of the event espouse. Hint to those who despise “breeders:” were it not fo us, your sorry ass wouldn’t even be there to participate.

fetish totsfolsom east nyc

Below, is the perplexing and rather disturbing progression of one young woman from a prominent family, who is now on “the circuit.” I tried looking further into this at one time, but it was too unsettling, and I dropped the investigation.

what the fuck happened to this girl along the way

The examples I give, of which I’m sure some grow weary, may never be enough. What does it take for us to take our children back from those who wish to turn them whichever way suits their master’s latest whims? Don’t start me talking.

talk to my butthole

I gather some, albeit not too many, may mistake me for a bit of a prude after listening. For that minor record: I sincerely appreciate nude women, as much, if not, a hell of a lot more, than the next guy. For like minded persons: the eye candy below from the Fremont Solstice Parade is definitely worth a gander, or five.

fremont eye candy

However, what my eyes choose to take in [and digest], and what the eyes of undeveloped children/victims bare witness to are two entirely different things.

fremont kidssolstice kidsfremont children

As discussed and cited, aside from the [arguably frivolous] nudity, there is definitely a bizarre undercurrent to the solstice event. The latter image [below right], is simply a synchromystic find regarding an art sale at Fremont taking place during an unrelated weekend. Unrelated, yet still uncanny and rather disturbing.

baby eating yagarubber toys

There are a lot more pictures I could have selected from either the Fremont Solstice Parade or the far more lurid Folsom Street Fair. Imagery demonstrating some of the cited examples in the podcast might border on the lines of “pornographic,” which is not the intent behind this site. I feel the relatively small, and somewhat tame sample [search for yourself if dubious], should get a few of my points across.

jerry fucking garciamortified girl

Not sure what else to say on the topic at the moment that I didn’t say during the show. Perhaps the closing image can say a lot [1000 words, give or take] for me?

kids disgusted and looking away

Despite my own sure indulgences in the weekend to follow, there will be a show next week. A reminder/confirmation: my guest next week will be DallasGoldbug.



Note A: The above archive is a Commercial-Free, Edited and Normalized High Quality (128K) Version of the original show aired.

Note B: The show mentioned a few times during the beginning of the podcast is Our Reality Lies Behind Us.

~ by celticrebel on October 25, 2011.

21 Responses to “Parades of Programmed Instructions”

  1. Wow, those children look mortified.. meanwhile their yuppie laissez-faire-beral parents enjoy the collective stench and pat themselves on the back thinking they’re at the peak of evolution for being “tolerant”. In their innocence (or what’s left of it) they know somethings wrong.. but theyre being shape-shifted into the Children of Sodom by hook or crook.

  2. Celt has wanted to ass immolate YHWH and wallah .. reality mimicking your godlike wish.

    Clearly a macro ritual is in the making with this micro spell. Your wish may “come back” to haunt you in karma dharma fashion. I’d get a chastity belt and pray that YHWH doesnt show up to answer your wish. He does seem to be “prone” to giving and receiving. I take this as the riddle its becoming…

    Abram becomes Abr (H) am, meaning he is made pregnant in his middle window.
    This is the “VH” of the equation.
    Sarai becomes Sara (H), meaning she lenghthens her yod to a window.
    This is the “IH” of the equation.
    The two fold being has two birthdays at 90 and 100 and its totality is 191.

    The 191 piece I entitled “the devils telephone creates April 29th” as 4/29 was the 119 th day of this year. The child of this union will be Rosemary’s Baby.

    Get it? KTR middle-ton and Will I am? 119, 191, and 911 are the great triune game of 1221. If you take the average of the three faces (instead of 119, 191 and 911) it yields 407 x 3. If one merely follows its dna it truly is a beast, marked for the box.

    KTR is Kali, KaTRina, EriKa, KaTheRine, HeKate, SheKina, KoRe. I didn’t get this from cooking with Hibachi. It came from the Stream. She governs all the forms that do not awaken Brahman.

    If-ad-dag (ger) in the name reversed shows the game of Iscariotes and its tie to the money bag. The great consumer whore loves another head in one of her hundred hands. We “pe” good money to watch the advertisement unfold.

    Here ye! Here ye! What would a man pay for his soul? If you gained the whole world would you have a soul? – The words of the great soul trader.

    The great soul trader left a certain rock hard methodology for how to trade in souls … “feign defeat, gain victory”.

    Here is the side B of this pre-recorded program.

  3. Canada’s new Dirty, Sexy, Plastic Money contains super-liminal sexual images:

    Wow, what a surprise eh? Our Govt’s just as perverted as yours! 🙂


  4. Some very disturbing images out of Libya, these terrorists anally violate Gaddafi with a knife while crying out allegiance to their God, and this is Libyas new Governing body? :

    Gaddafi, whatever they claim he was, did not deserve this. How F* dare they treat any other human like this.

    Also, the cult of death programming is in full swing, been picking up on the apocalypse meme all over the Zion Box:


    Both examples have this burning planetoid approaching earth, wherein the earth is rent by earthquakes and torn asunder., usually accompnaied by the zombie dawn.

    No more white weddings?

    Leading the way: VVV the “wang”

  5. Damn! This would have been a good show for me to call in, but I was busy dog-sitting. Yeah Dick Gregory has a way of rattling people. The more I learn about him, the more stupid I feel for never having heard about him. The reason I did was because I had a history teacher back then who emphasized lesser-known histories. He’s black – he did the whole Roots thing for himself – and he taught history in a really broad context. He used to say most people teach history a mile wide and an inch deep – he works the opposite way. All that I absorbed in that regard ultimately led me to your work as well. So it’s all quite connected for me.

    Liked your digression about inter-racial dating. I’ve given this much thought. Never dated a black man, but it has nothing to do with attraction. First off, it’s hard for me to respect a black man who knows less about black history than I do. As a white woman. That’s just silly. Second, even if I were interested in a black man – who actually does know as much, if not more than I do on this note – then he’s just plain out of his mind. Because after knowing what I know, he ought to be reclaiming the black woman. Not wasting his time on whitey.

    Nothing against anybody in particular – I have some inter-racial coupled friends. But I’ll tell you right now – it’s black men with white women. The more I see all this racial PUSH in this regard (whites trying to be black, blacks trying to be white), the worse I feel for black women, who seem to me to be the most abandoned in the scheme of things…

    More than that. I wonder how much all this has to do with *not truly knowing where we came from.* In that sense, we’re certainly not done looking backwards.

    Great show Alex, and thanks to you as well. I’m gonna put up a Dick Gregory resource page at some point in the future. He’s been kept from us for a lot of profound reasons.

  6. dallas it’s the nazis goldbug? did you ever pause his vids on his famous earprints? very tenuous. imo, he’s a diversion in an otherwise fascinating subject area.

    question him on the holahoax before you give the man a platform. He’s already been banned from one of the few forums i trust.

  7. as always, great show! i have no doubt they will continue to get better because you/we are continually awakening our spirit – the one we misplaced when we were innocent, bright children. even more sadly, today’s parent is catalyzing this loss process by being an ignorant accomplice as you illustrated with the hijacked parades across the globe, in addition to the other media (film, tv, music, videogames, toys, etc.) siren songs.

    as for gaddafi, another poor, shaky “proof” video exactly like that with s.hussein, b.bhutto, jfk, rfk, lee harvey oswald, the pentagon on 9/11, [fill in name of public figure with post-assassination video]. i guess it’s just so exciting the person filming can’t hold back from wanking as they watch (i guess this is the same phenomenon with some of your listeners ;). of course, i find this video to be similar to a faked moon landing. i was waiting for the director to yell, “cut!! a little more ‘allahou akbar’ from the guys in the back!” while the gaddafi actor snootily asks for his perrier.

    in line with that, i’m looking forward to your next guest. keep up the good work.

  8. Eugene may be interested to know that ktr is the name of the tree of life ‘s crown 😛


  9. I’ve never heard anyone besides you mention Tanelorn, and I find this song about it.This is mostly unrelated, unless these devious parades count as a kind of corrupt dark contrast to Tanelorn. I haven’t read any of Moorcock’s books, though now I really want to.


  10. FREAKING “A” man – get that dallasgoldbug on – he is exposing some great gear. well spotted! Cant wait

  11. A great video in two parts…

    “TheAntiTerrorist on Doom Porn”



  12. Effel,

    Knew it along long time ago.

    Take a long hard look at Mark Ryden’s “Magic Circus aka Meat Show”

    KTR and MLK go together.

    An anarchist knows he is his own crown, his own father, his own mother.

    If you want to also solve the riddle of presidents…

    Look at 22 and 24 and you will how the skidoo works.

    I would spell out the riddle of the 33rd president but I would be repeating myself again. Have said it here, have said it on Ustream. Same with Pike.

    Bored to f*cking tears.

  13. If you care to look at Australias history also “Captain Cook” was no where near the first to discover the massive land mass. Watch these humorous vids of the topic if you so wish 🙂

    Thanks Alex

  14. Reese Witherspoon maby got her name and career by eating something with her spoon?

    PS: Reese With her spoon voices the character who gets av poop like dinner with a spoon at the top of it at 2.53-3.00


  15. London calling, Mongoose here.

    Previously we looked at how the founder of the Scouts movement (Baden-Powell) – a deviant, murderous, pederast predator – was saved from discovery by his “good friend” Lord Kitchener.

    Lord Kitchener is pertinent in view of what has happened to Africa, the Middle East and coming up to 11/11/11. Lets “row row row” back in time to re-visit a figure who worked symbiotically with Jewish moneymen – committing genocide before the term was invented.

    “Even by the standards of the time….British political and military leaders committed frightful war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Boers of South Africa — crimes for which no one was ever brought to account. General Kitchener, for one, was never punished… To the contrary… he was named a viscount and a field marshal, and then, at the outbreak of the First World War, was appointed Secretary of War. Upon his death in 1916, he was remembered not as a criminal, but rather idolized as a personification of British virtue and rectitude.”

    Remember Kitchener was the poster boy recruiter for the Great War – you are the man he wanted before the Village People needed you…….

    Of course he links with (Martinist) Freemasonry – initiated by Gurdjieff who “did” the same, according to the research of Greg Hallett, to Stalin and Hitler.

    “Kitchener was such a homo he kept storks that would stand between him and any female. They were trained to peck if a woman approached. He was a complete homosexual, a total sadist, an accomplished mass murderer, and a rampant paedophile, often murdering the children afterwards, or sodomising the child while shooting the parents, then killing the child once he was done.”

    How did this great man die?
    He “drowned”.
    Who killed him?

    NB. Recent article on circumcision of great interest and relevance from Henry Makow.

    Mongoose out.

  16. Interesting, that during the last Nonconformity Live show it has been brought up that there are groups of juveniles who wear clothing similar to the uniform the deltas and gammas are wearing in the theatretical version of “Brave New World”.

    In this context, I’d like to mention that in the seduction community the terms “Alpha” and “Beta”, in seldom cases even down to “Omega”, are used to pidgeon-hole males by their ability to pick up women.

  17. Humans and cows, one in the same? Watch as Quebec Police shoot at “dangerous cow”:

    Sends quite a message to the unconscious portions of people’s minds. 😉

  18. Not quite on topic but some interesting language from the tribe [ of hate]

    though it is the kind of degrading thoughts that come with the above degradations

  19. Excellent interview about boy band mogul Lou Pearlman

    He made everyone watch Top Gun too!

  20. Wes Tilson, thats disturbing imagery , a great demonstration of cop mentality and another example of why we are in such a unending world of hell right now.

    Aferrismoon, thats the first thing that struck me about that story of Is-not-really prisoner Shaits release, the sub conscious message expressly put out that 1 Israeli is worth 1,000 Palestinians, as Jewess Succubus Rachel Abrams [married into gov’t] puts it of the Palestinians in Israeli prisons : “..where they can bide until they’re traded by the thousands for another child of Israel…”

    PS: until that term became some kind of slur. So my daughter is quarter-caste, and you are very right, i have always said it, the women of mixed race are extremely beautiful , they have the best of both genetic worlds to draw from, so to speak. It made me wonder if the programme works the opposite way, white men and black women? but it doesnt, and i think , as a white man, you have to be a Man of Will and strength to be with a black woman, as i know from my ex, she is feisty, down to earth and knows her own mind [as she should!] definitely wouldnt put up with any of that programmed effeminate nonsense from any man, and even though she grew up here too, she still retains that essence of culture and confidence inherent from her fathers side.

    Good sense as always Rebel.

  21. You mentioned the black cube that jews worship which represents the planet Saturn/Satan. This “god/cube/saturn/satan” that jews worship is suppose to be both male and female ~ androgynous. Here is an video of Zionist puppet Steve Jobs in a black dress. Seems most of what we know of Steve Jobs is a big lie like his Zen Buddhism.




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