Saying What Needs to Be Heard

Looks like the folks behind the Zeitgeist Movement, the misnamed Lucifer Project, and I’d gather much of this bullcrap floating around as “the truth” these days have “let go” of yet another movement (i.e., pile of crap). On 11/11/11, of course!

ass thriveplan nine

They always seem to reveal their hand sooner or later. Are they doing so intentionally, or far more likely, is the organization so widespread and not thoroughly hive-minded that there’s always a brown-noser somewhere between the bottom and the top that tries a little too hard to please those above him?


I intended to begin the show with this topic, and move on to others, but I should know better. The topic is vast, and the programmed level of denial and ignorance to the obvious is deep-seated. The topic took up most of the show:

sasha greyjewish porn

I’m also fairly sure the referenced story above was put out intentionally to get a reaction, and that I am feeding them by doing so. However, we should be able to realize that out of all the prostitutes out there that could have been chosen for the task, this woman was not chosen haphazardly. She was more so than most I would gather, “the one.” Think about it. No, really, stop and think deeply about why!

grey aliendav pilkeysilent jews

A few hints to those scratching their heads as to my earlier request: (a) brown-nosers share a trait with temple dogs, hence “dog breath” (b) for those who know, or were brave enough to click Sasha’s er, resume, speaks very specifically to such debauchery, (c) the misidentification of origins and choice of screen names is most definitely a joke which connects to the truth movement, and (d) the rest you should be able to figure out (each image in this post was chosen very deliberately). 🙂

toss my saladmoses rim job

The intersection of the two images above should tell you, beyond the content of the show, exactly whom the “who” is. This isn’t rocket science, this is basic logic.

glenn beck ass licker

Of course, the counter-programs are quite effective. There are all sorts of ridiculous advocates put forth to address certain issues and spew out all kinds of confusing shit to confound the idiot mind. But, as you may have learned well by now, if you’ve been listening to this Rebel, the imagery is not coincidental.

The juxtaposition of his tongue with the communist (i.e., “jewish” to the aware) star/asshole is the result of precision. They’re telling us exactly who tossed many a salad to get to the position they are in, and indirectly whom’s salad they tossed.

rabbit jews

I’ll try to pick up where the show left off one of the coming weeks, asking why would people [allegedly] not responsible for the degeneracy go to such lengths to hide their tribal origins. We can only hope the smarter victims of the supremacist programming ask themselves questions about drilling holes in the boat they share with all of us. No one is going to thrive until a few more of us, face the mirror.

This post was originally entitled “Afraid to See, or Afraid to Speak. Which is it?” I wanted to add the phrase “Are you also Afraid to Listen,” which would have appropriately conjured up the ancient image of the three monkeys. But, that title would have been entirely too long.

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Note: Though there was no show this past Sunday, on Friday (December 2nd) I was a guest on The Fat Drunk Coward Show to speak further and boldly about this same issue [not available] and hopefully, dispel the ludicrous “Zionist” talking point.

~ by celticrebel on November 22, 2011.

32 Responses to “Saying What Needs to Be Heard”

  1. Hells Teeth man. Talk about a verbotten subject, cunningly crafted, to prevent we economic units from discussing it. Imagine THAT on the news;

    “Fecalphiliac necrophiliacs, using neurolinguistic programming, have captured all Human endeavours in order to bring about the demise of mankind for their own profit.”

    Theres a water cooler conversation I doubt i’ll ever have. Most people I know still think Obama-sama was hiding in a cave for a decade and Neutra-sweet is good for you. Sigh.

    Brother, I hope for your sake, you get a chance to put some distance between all this infectious shite soon, and just kick back with some good music, good wine and a very, very good Woman. (Red head?) Cheers that Man!

  2. one of the funniest showzzzz i have herard in a while

    ps: god bless sasha the great!!

  3. Love the show, really funny shite!

    Jehovah! Jehovah! Jehovah!

    Isn’t he that blind, mad, demented God impersonator ?

  4. Love the show as always! The word “thrive” was contained in the post Gabby Gifford ritual and its mantra “together we thrive” as spoken by Obama. U-Stream piece Bicycle 808 notes thrive as ‘clutch to oneself’, ‘savings’ and ‘economy’.

    Clutch meaning the power of the hand is, and always will be, the power of Judas, the ISO-Jesus, is the power to hold the soul of the moon. 30 is LMD, the ox goad or the prime mover, silver is the moon metal so the purse (or knowledge of the unclean) of Judas is to hand over, as the prime mover, the moon food.

    Thrive is the power of hive to make all good slaves eat honey, aka the vomit of the worker bees. Was inspired by your last piece. Have tried before to share the magic of 174, 285 and 963 .. its gel a mental.

    Phoenix lives in myth for 500 years. Since TAV is 400 .. the next number the 23rd, being KPH final is equal to 500 in gematria weight. The reveal of the finals in hebrew is that they form the word M N Tz P K or “fruit” (see Tenen).

    Q R S T and M N Tz P K are the groom and his bride.

    Together they form the being who overcomes ALL mothers and ALL fathers, ie the realm of all duallity and divided containers.

    There is only one Brahma. Vishnu and Shakti fight and fuck until they see through each other and see Brahma.

    PSSSTTTT – 808 + 191 = 999

  5. Alex, I had so heeded your past advice to divorce myself from the truth movement that I had no idea that this ‘Thrive’ piece of crap had been released. Talk about a poster speaking for itself. I’d been trying to give David Icke the benefit of the doubt, as he was instrumental on my own personal path of getting my head out of my arse, but the nails in the coffin are adding up. He just doesn’t seem to have the balls (or permission) to call anyone out in this truth movement! (except Jesse Ventura, which is akin to Richard Dawkins calling out the Pope)

    Jesse Ventura – Pet Detective (A Must Read)

    P.S. Eugene, quit making me feel so stupid with your insightful comments 😉 Would love to hear you on the Rebel Path again sometime soon.

  6. Fitzy, good points and thanks. Yea, perhaps a redhead, but as I’m remembering, much like Lucy, tend to have vicious mean streak. 👿

    DwardMoNZa, thank you!

    Rebel4E, it would seem that way. You forgot “boy-loving” and “woman-hating” for old J.

    eugene, it does seem the word “thrive” is very much being driven (in the old sense, lash to back), much like “change” once was…

    James B, if I din’t know better, I’d think Icke’s last piece was inspired by reading various synchromystic blogs out there. 😆 A “must read!” 🙄 Perhaps they can arrange a Battle “Royal” featuring Ventura, Icke and Brand covered in butter over their “glorious coves.” 😯 Er, assuming they haven’t already.

  7. Gray is white mixed with black, like Barack Obama, today’s preeminent gray alien.

    Gray = gay R = gay rho — which is the top and which is the bottom between the chi and rho?

    Per Wikipedia: The name “Sasha” was taken from Sascha Konietzko of the band KMFDM, and “Grey” represents Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.

    The NFL’s 49er’s mine the golden ass of San Francisco and are currently 9-1. Next game: @ Baltimore Ravens, Nov 24 8:20pm when two brother head coaches collide.

    Also remember the ‘head’ coach is the one who makes his players take a knee…

  8. Thanks again Alex

  9. I’d not heard of this zeitgeist movie, i havent actually ever seen any of them, or the “loose change” one ( a looser change ) but the poster ad says it all, and the way it looks? it is just like the BBC ‘children in need’ begging bowl of abuses’ mascot called Pudsey BEAR

    something you mentioned i also wasnt aware of the talmud penchant for boiling people in excrement. Found a great site on such, as i was looking i see they call “Gentiles” as “Cutheans” ie ‘Sanhedrin 57a. A Jew need not pay a Gentile (“Cuthean”) the wages owed him for work’.

    Very similar to the tentacled perversion of Cthulhu, no? The Cutheans, of Cthulhu cult….um… And further to finklestein outrageous “revelation” of goy in mcdonalds:

    thanks Alex, good show, keep the wine flowing.

  10. It’s Thanksgiving morning, Alex – I got my coffee and smoke, and I just wanted to come over here and give my thanks to you. My life is so completely different from last Thanksgiving – I don’t know what I was grateful for then, but I’ll sure as hell remember all that I’m grateful for this year. In short, thanks so much for the impact your work has had on my life this year, Alex – I don’t see anything the way I used to, and rightly so. They say ignorance is bliss, but what a crock. Thanks for all you do here, it’s crucial. Best of luck as you continue on, and have a fantastic Thanksgiving

  11. We should really return to ancient greek, we would stop stumbling on simple words. Took a while, but finally uncovered another mind trick (trick being the same word as truth BTW). Why are judes called jew in english and juif in french. Jew comes from yew which is the wood used for arrows, and yew in french is if. Jews are used as human arrows 😛

    Then to law, did a post for it. Summing up, the law, from loy, from logos, is doing what you say you’ll do. The legal system has nothing to do with it, lego is someone else telling you what to do, if you don’t comply, it will never be law.

    And they are laughing at us for such a long time…

  12. Danny Diaz, nice to have you back. Great points you raise. Wiki must be right, after all, judging by Grey’s compelling performances, she must be quite the intellectual. 🙄 Hm, now that you mention it, this would be the banner year (2012) for Frisco to scratch claw their way to the top win the Bowl (salad?). It’s a gay-me of inches.

    amina, you’re welcome.

    digital sickness, consider yourself fortunate to have been spared those psyops. But, damn that Pugsy Bear comparison is revealing. I’m weary of that FInkelsteing clip as he squares off against another Jehovian boy clown ala the Icke/Ventura er, “fight.”

    Joanne, thank you so much for sharing that. Your work shows it, inspired and surgically expositionary.

    effel, arrows driver from afar by the heralded English Longbow?

  13. The venus project with the donut shaped cities is clearly the anus project. The most horrible designed cities ever, total death and erased every bit of historical culture. When robots do all the work humans aren’t gonna make paintings and poetry. I see fat guys eating cheetos and banging multiple cherry2000 robots.

    Rebel, since you talked about Icke and Rothschild. Do you have any views on the movie “the eternal jew” Hitler’s buttboys made? it’s a rediculously silly movie but conveniently inserts the whole Rothschild banking story. It’s like a perfect jewish anti-jewish movie.

    Icke’s presentation about the Rothschild is basicly a 1:1 copy. The whole truth movent pushes that story all the time. It raises so many questions about the validity of Rothschild. The same story pops up the last 100 years, it’s clearly being pushed… The perfect villain.

    When we look at that old Jon Ronson (jewish) show about Icke in Canada it raises even more questions. Some anti-racist group threw a pie at Icke because reptiles is supposedly code for jews. Only a jewish front can think of such nonsense to make a dramatic “anti-jew” scene. Jon Ronson was clearly following both groups with his camera and it seems staged to me to send a message.

    As soon as the drama starts you know it’s propaganda.

  14. I remember Alex Jones’ temper got to ‘im and he slipped up and called Icke a “turd in the punchbowl”.. any time anyone brings up something remotely true they can play the Icke card. I remember I tried to explain how banking works to some chick and she was like “oh I bet you believe in lizard people too like David Icke.” He’s just there to form a mental loop.. how likely is it that this ex football star (which in Britain is made up of scores of buggerers) suddenly becomes a master detective oh so bravely taking on the powers that be, and taking on the lizard monsters?

  15. Sasha on the View. Its no stretch at all to see how Sasha is Kasha in Babylon. One must note the “divided female” dressed in blue (same as Sasha on View) with brown hair next to white giraffe (giraffe = Kashka, see Kashka in Babylon) with polka dots as shown in this Meat Show excerpt.

    White giraffe is its own symbol decode. Its horns and its tail are SUCKERS. Its eyes are dead. Its ASS end is the holder upper of the black and white wall. The horns as suckers meaning its Martial power has been sugar daddied to another’s guile. The guile’s origin is “the power of the air”. The white power giraffe is a sucker to holding up a wall that controls and manages the water/pink.

    “Here at Vagina, peace of mind and the safety of your family is our top priority. In the event of an “emergency landing” in uncharted or hostile territories, steps have been taken to insure there will be NO survivors. Take comfort in knowing that your children will not be sold off for medical experiments or auctioned off as sex slaves on the third-world black market. That’s our promise to you.” – Tipper Mohel, President

    “Tipper Mohel” is a pun on nature of the unmentionable elephant in the room. The ones who are “pushing” (ha) the world in more hell. As you can see here .. its power lies in the air.

    This elephant just also happens to be the nexus of sex slave, child porn, and organ trafficking .. just as Tipper notes in Kol Nidre style.

  16. on the most recent series of House, at the 20 min mark, a father grieving for a 6 year old son is on his knees with House behind him. They hear the sound of someone coming and they both need to escape secretly. Before rising from the floor the father say; ‘Backdoor?’. To which House says; ‘Lets get out of here first, we don’t want to miss our class.’

  17. Of the Forbes 400 wealthiest, approx. 139 wealthiest (35%) are jewish out of a global population of less than .02%. Amazing but we are not allowed to talk about how these son of bitches stole our $$ and goods. People need to wake up.

    Here’s the article. I like what this commenter wrote:

    In a capitalist society, Wealth = Power and Influence. According to this analysis, 35% of the wealthiest Americans are Jews, while Jews, according to their own estimates comprise merely 1.7% of the population. This means that Jews are grossly over-represented in the wealthiest category by a factor of over 20 times (35 / 1.7) or 2,000%! This combined with their over-representation in the media and academia makes a convincing argument for their elite status and helps explain their power and influence. When this power and influence is used to advocate policies that are detrimental to the non-Jewish population, it legitimizes a focused analysis of Jewish behavior. Try to get a job, or move up in your career, or even to have a decent career when these ppl in control.

  18. Alex, good point, those cities would then be literal “shit-holes” in just about every way. Was unfamiliar with The Eternal Jew, but interesting to see it was made in the USA by “The Jewish Talking Picture Company.” Hollwood seems a far better brand name, no? 😉 Yea, Ronson is yet another in a long line of actors/conmen belonging to some “unknown tribe.” :roll

    lugh, yea I remember that too. Now it would seem that putting that “TitPB” phrase out there would also serve the theme addressed here and another TPB (the powers that be).

    eugene, how nice The View to throw out terms like sanctimonious without mentioning the nature of Sasha’s content. Then again, you’ve got five whores sitting around, all of whom have similar off-screen experience.

    radian2, hehe, figures. If I recall correctly, there was also an episode where a dream stargate was actually a patient’s anus telling House where to find her problem, which was of course, her anus.

    disgruntled, and of course, the list does not include names of those who won’t permit Forbes to publish their names, or denote those who’ve sought to mask their tribal ancestry.

  19. Afraid to see? Holy Wood. The Natalie Wood Sacrifice Part 2 – More Evidence

  20. Hey Rebel, I couldn’t resist sharing this one. Lil Wayne on the cover of Rolling Stone with his jeans sagging well below the underwear line, and the quote is “I droppped my nuts and took it”
    Its hard to beleive we didn’t see this stuff before you showed it to us. It is just so galringly obvious now.

    PS: Oh yeah does Lil Wayne not have a look on his face that just screams I was anally raped and dear lord it hurt.

  21. Same one eye symbolism as project SCAMelot or project avalon. (VIDEO) Do we as members of the truth community care about anything any more? If the answer is yes, then when are we going to rise up and finally take a stand about certain issues? (VIDEO)

    Edgar Fouche worked at area 51 and said the key to everything alien tech is Quasicrystals in 1998, Israeli scientist Daniel Shechtman won the 2011 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his discovery of quasicrystals. Edgar Fouche posted at alienscientist i was skeptical about alienscientist because of the zeitgeist and collapsenet affiliations but appears he is on board with truth.

    disinfo agents take more interest in my work than people where is the love! Brainwashed people or disinfo agents are leaving very misleading comments in my thrive videos on youtube and on other sites trying to avoid the issue: human life and life in general has value. so sad these frauds cant report on it. even sader even fewer actually take the time to research everything!

  22. Alex, look at this and keep sailing 🙂

    Nacho from Spain

  23. I expect most of you would be fascinated to read what John Lamb Lash has to say about Icke and, well pretty much why and what is going on here.

  24. hatsItAllAboutAlphie, the documentary leaves much to be desired, and I’m so over that constipatorial “illuminati” angle.

    Chris, so so so obvious. And don’t forget the “on the loose” phrase on the cover, letting us all know that Lil Wayne’s sphincter, like so many other bitch-boys has undrgone the “loose change” transfomation.

    Myles O’Howe, you speak of disinfo in the truth community yet reference videos/blogs spewing out that “eye of lucifer” / “eye of horus” / “illuminati all-seeing eye” crap? I know that followers of my brand of Celtic Wisdom can reinterpret the flotsam, but his blog/show are long past the satanic drama…. Hopefully, not too many “members of the truth community” here

    Nacho, hehe, very nice! 😀 And let’s note that the tuboat may be small, yet it is capable of moving titanic mountains…

    Ross, definitely a worth-while read, and for me, connects to my thoughts on embracing the much-maligned beast within us.

  25. You are a brave man. I’ve gone to some of those “pride parades” and the nudity and masturbation is encouraged. The cops never arrest those nudists who whip it out of their pants. It’s legal to walk around San Francisco naked. Protesters Bare All Over a Proposed San Francisco Law

  26. The new Muppets movie stars Jason Segel, known for showing frontal nudity in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” (also starring Russel Brandt), and being one of the main actors in the degenerative show , “How I Met Your Mother”. (where the dirty jokes have no end)

    On the last SNL, tv programming shows there is no stopping what looks like to be a never ending freefall into the depths of the profane. Introducing his g/f to his family for thanksgiving dinner, he proceeds to make out with the father and the 2 brothers, with tongue and all. Meanwhile last week Emma stone made-out with a puppet. ‘Saturday Night Live’ With Jason Segel Matches Ratings High

    On a different note, looks like what most of us have suspected is true. The british crown *looks* to be involved in what is now being called an abduction and pedophile ring in Canada. A Child’s Remains And Other Bones Found At Former Canadian Indian School! I wonder what Stephen Harper will probably just ignore all this, but let’s hope this news gets enough attention he will HAVE to comment. This type of thing must be exposed.

    Thank you for all your work Alex, looking forward to your next show.

    PS: Also just caught something on “That 70′s Show”:

    Eric Foreman: “You know mom, dad’s going to be riding my ass for the rest of my life”

    Kitty: “You do rub him the wrong way” *laughs*


  27. Found a great pic of Shia LePoofer. Look how uncomfortable he looks

  28. What am I doing here? Once You See The ‘Changed Man Bikini’ Swimsuit, You Cannot Unsee The ‘Changed Man Bikini’ Swimsuit [NSFW]

  29. Salon: Redefining pedophilia with pedophiles’ help

    They call themselves ‘minor-attracted’ !?!

    Hoffman: Zionist NAACP: Sucker-Trap for American Blacks


  30. KeepItInYourPants, nice choice of screen names. 😆 Well, that would explain all the images of “the naked guy.”

    Shattered Butterfly, funny to read this now, considering this past week they just found another body on the Queen’s estate.

    Jon, no shock there, well … to us at least. Shai is terrified of the pussy.

    effel, really? 🙄

    aferrismoon, and they march ahead. Good article by Hoffman, maybe I should get him on.

  31. Ross, Nice share. John Lash is one of my favorites.

    I also “believe” that the adversarial current is the one and only teacher. Women are attractive and draw you outside of yourself. Nature is attractive and draws you to stand and walk. The nature of hard on and stand and walk are all of friction. The nature of fire is the key.

    We are to take the fire we see outside, whether campfire, volcanoes, suns or other stars and internalize the symbol thereof as a “torch” in our inner being and thus light the interior darkness. A Luciferian “fall” being the great teacher instead of the rebellion never to be repeated. Thus “follow the heretics” is scent of the wise dog. This inner lamp is what makes Eve in the Nag Hammadi “luminous”. Co-inky-dink that Nag also means serpent?

    Women, showing intuition more often than men, show that the lamp in them is easier or closer to working more often.
    When a man lights the lamp it burns brighter and hotter since the distance between the “coincidence of opposites” makes more wood for fuel. But its also very rare. In short … When you make friends with the Adversary then you know God.

    Seeing all things through a rotating quadratic lens .. I think we are in wintertime consciousness and this entails hard bodies and hardened minds. This state serves as “mother” or “prison” or “shell of seed” until a message, ie from light on high, warms the seed, ie lights interior lamp, to shatter its mother. Please note that tyrrany and world government is this shell. We the people are the source of this qillipoth because we have “paper being” or what I call “false fella” or “guy faux” or Guido Fawkes. The shatter or Spring event is super kinetic and shatter and erases all traces of winter and the shell state. The following flow spring budding and summer of consciousness would then entail less hardened bodies (ghost, astral, luminous all hint at this) and soft/receptive/intuitive minds. It would also entail these powers remaking the earth.

    This state doesn’t last forever, only nothing lasts forever, and of course “fall” eventually comes. It sets the table for another spring, spring 2.0.

    There will come a moment in the Earth as a collective single entity that is super kinetic. It may be mass death or extinction. Considering the present condition of Mars and its water state .. who knows Mars may be filled with summertime consciousness. Winter knows nothing of summer and vice versa. The universe is inside a multiverse and the connective elements of this nobody are beyond us .. for now. Those with the inward torch do get glimpses of beyond winter and of course, as should be, wintertime consciousness goes “bah”. It only knows water as unmoving! This unmoving is foundation just as hell is the foundation of heaven.

  32. Thanks Alex for continuing to pump these shows out of your head and into the net-o-sphere.

    I’ve dug through all your early stuff and I can say from my own heart that I believe you’ve struck right into the truth of these matters, because my line of thinking is lining up with yours. You speak forth to me thoughts and trooths that I’ve already had myself, things that are self evident, and so it seems that I somehow still have a working brain ever since your words first dragged its sorry ass kicking and screaming from the rotted depths of truther-dom.

    That, and the fact that I can no longer watch any kind of Holywood crap-fest without laughing my nipples off at the complete and utter obviousness of the programming. Twinky anyone?

    A thought wot I had on my own b4 the Goode Rebel talked about it:

    *The one God program*
    There used to be shedloads of Gods. One for every city, one for every area of every city. Now we just got the one, Yahweh, who was a war god. What a surprise.

    Gods are programs, the Egyptians used them brilliantly. So did the Babylonians and the Essenes and the Romans and the Greeks. The programs were adapted, adopted, changed, added and taken away as cultures merged and changed and kicked each others asses.

    Some people, if you are a careful observor of ancient history and oral tradition, had their own personal God, which is a lovely idea, and as a program running in your own headspace it might serve you well. In fact we clearly do have an in-built sense of right and wrong and of who we are, just as a dog has an in-built sense of being a dog, or a dolphin has an in-built sense of being a fucking dolphin. Not difficult.

    *Some* cultures stole other cultures Gods, and re-wrote their history to show how it was really theirs all along. You can probably take a wild guess who did the stealing, but the point really is why bother? Why steal the program? Maybe because it works so profoundly and so efficiently?

    God, the *One God* is, I believe, the meta-program, the program of all programs, the master operating system. It’s taken 4000 years and after all that we’ve wound up running the wrong God as the master program.

    Much love Alex, I shall continue to listen, in bed, naked, yet only marginally aroused.

    S, Belfast.

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