A White House in Red Square

I don’t normally cover discuss current events on the show, but what is presently happening across America, depending on how it plays out, could be a significant game-changing event. The posters alone should tell you all you need to know.

My guest this week, The Fat Drunk Coward actually managed to stay somewhat sober this week and outline some uncanny historical similarities on his show. Hence I brought him on Sunday to ride shotgun alongside me and talk about these events, along with a number of other relative issues:


The below poster was the first that alerted me there was something far deeper than an outbreak of organic grass-roots frustration among the disenfranchised.

Those who would wish to change the game, hide very little [symbolically, that is]. One could argue that hubris might be their downfall, but on the other hand, one could argue concede that 99% of the 99%’ers are far too ignorant to even notice.

As I’ve discussed on a few occasions, the act of “fisting” is never a mutually rewarding experience. It only accomplishes one thing, the total and utter destruction of whom/what the victim used to be. Beyond common sense, our history is replete with fulfillment [annihilation] following warning [propaganda]:

Do not play along. Do not follow orders [especially, the neuro-lingusitic commands]. Do not participate. However, as discussed, that doesn’t mean you males should let a great opportunity pass you by. A veritable [and equitable] buffet may await:

Note: the middle “option” should make sense to those who’ve been listening. 😈

After all, most of the mindless boys surrounding the protesters at the moment, are so brainwashed, their entire thought process is probably limited to specifically the instruction set the Wachowskis and other derelicts have programmed them with.

There may be even be a young woman out there with some potential, so you might wanna go out there and save her from herself. If that’s not possible, at least you will have a good time in the process. After all, it’s probably what Jesus would do.

I am not trying to scare anyone or predict anything. I’m just pointing out one possible way that this entire scenario might play out. There are groups out there fighting for the scraps that will be left after the system shakes out, and an Orwellian world is one the Talmudic Jews would prefer to craft (for their own security). The Brave New World Order is still a possibility, but it all depends on how the pawns [us] react to all the big pieces now so noticeably shuffling about.

What was that old saying? “Better Dead than Red?” Looking at the above two posters, I’m surmising that wasn’t a slogan, but a choice we’ll be given if the Pet Shop Boys can all manage to “Go West.” Do us all a favor, and if you know anyone who plans on taking the bait and participating (as opposed to just going out there for “the pussy”), tell them to stay the fuck away…

~ by celticrebel on October 11, 2011.

23 Responses to “A White House in Red Square”

  1. Incredible show, i will leave you with this video.


  2. Even the date’s the same [almost]

    POSTER [from Ma’s Sonic Beehive]


  3. Yep it’s far too obvious in a technocratic society who is pulling the strings unfortunately, the very superior liberators with their savior complex of the exploited proletariat only see what they are told or want to see.

  4. The man in the above-left poster, as well as being a direct copy of Soviet propaganda, is also really, really gay….

    There was an audio clip on Mike’s show where a chap was explaining to the crowd at Occupied Toilet, the corruption and fraud of the Federal Reserve. The crowd were “wooing” and “yeah, tell it like it is!” cheering, but as soon as he mentioned 9/11, zionism and Isnotreal, the crowd turned on him and started booing….This is the disney-nickelodeon-mtv-hollywood generation all grown up. A pathetic soul-dead sub-species that react like Pavlovian dogs.

  5. The choice is quite clear (they really seem to be listening to your shows in advance) THIS or THIS or staying home 😛 (rain has been scheduled anyway, as for 90% of weekends)

    And funny how a simple search “occupy montreal” gives all these pictures of the clay chinese statues and they look just like this stupid mask

  6. Dion Duffield, ha! 😆 Kanye has arrived, we are saved!

    aferrismoon, now that is an interesting sync, and considering Chiarini’s work also that the acress Palin is moving to Arizona.

    josh, nicely put.

    koomaar, many appear to like your comment. They really do have the goy so utterly dumbed-down and afraid. Eager to believe in the most ridiculous conspindustry theories … but terrified to say/hear the “J” word.

    effel, ugh! 😮 More fists in the rectum of humanity.

  7. Its amusing how these posters all look the same.

    For further comparisons, follow this link showing Nazi and Soviet era posters side by side. http://www.henrymakow.com/documentary_highlights_nazi_so.html

    They look like the same guy drew them all… and maybe he did. Of course, very few people at that time would have been able to see them together.

  8. These people don’t even realise that they financed this whole “capitalist evil military-industrial-complex” in the first place with their own income tax, so the “ultra rich” at the top are only rich because of them and their slave labour..they work for a corporation called UNITED STATES (or any other western “cunt-ry”) and nobody forced them to do it, they operate under a contract for service (as citizens/employees) and not for hire.

    They all stand under this maritime/admiralty jurisdiction voluntarily, they supported it in so many ways, and now they are they are crying and shouting like little bitches because big daddy is so mean to them and their “society”…what a complete joke!

    That’s another reason why voting was mandatory in the USSR, voting = consent!

    If you look at the GDR coat of arms you will notice the blatant masonic symbolism, but at the same time masonry was officially banned in east germany…maybe to hide the fact that socialism has it’s roots in freemasonry…

    All masonic rituals require consent and that alone is very interesting when we look at this whole cons-piracy and their ancient law of the sea that operates on con-sent…so this whole “game” we call life is based on free will and the “illuminati” (have to?) respect that for some weird reason…so to me freemasonry is anything but “evil”…

  9. Well spotted. I have done a short re-post of this article with a short German translation to point people in your direction. Thanks for all you do.

    Etwas stimmt mit der Occupy Movement“ einfach nicht…

  10. VID: The Peasants Are Revolting

    I think you will enjoy this video, Alex. One woman says something that is definitely going to catch your ear.

  11. One word for this show!!! AMAZING

    I listened to the entire 4 hours at one stretch.What would we do without the Celtic soul. Of course the section on the “practical advice” was akin to overhearing the men in the locker-room, but I managed to stay focused and get through it. Good chemistry between you two, which made for a great flow of infomation. I’m pretty sure(as an INDIVIDUAL) the maya is quite clear and properly understood.

  12. James, it should be obvious by not that most of these propaganda posters have for centuries been made by the same group of people. Odds are they are gay and something else …. “aaaaaaaajeeewwwww” … scuse me, this nasty cold won’t let up.

    mace556, good point about voting equaling consent to the system. Pretty much works the same way here. More apathy in order!

    wolkenwatcher, thanks. I know I have a large Deutsche audience and translation such as this, giving full credit are welcome.

    Mr. B, ugh! Adbusters is such tripe. Oh, damn …. that was funny. Where are my royalties!!!! 😉

    carolks, thank you for the comment. I’m sure our locker room portions may have been a little on the long side to female ears 😳

  13. VID: Occupons Montréal / Occupy Montreal
    kamarad, uber alles,… really seems a sick joke.

  14. @Mr B: Looks like the tuna fish sandwich and pot idea wont work.

  15. Karl Marx: Father of Modern Genocide [VIDEO]. “The classes and the races, too weak to master the new conditions of life must give way…they must perish in the revolutionary holocaust”.

    Anyone who follows Marxism really isn’t very bright.

  16. Hi Alex, Wonderfully inspiring show as always, thanks for doing what you do. Anyway, I was thinking about this occupy Wall Street crap, and it reminded me of this sketch from Mr. Show with Bob and David – it’s entitled “Protesters” [VID]: Notice that they both indulge in a hot dog, after protesting to get it free. Keep an eye open for other codes in this 3 min sketch. I used to think Mr. Show was GREAT! Now I see it as crafty writing with all the “gay codes” (as well as fecal codes, etc) placed in their sketches and scripts, and as they went along through their seasons (1 through 5) it just becomes more obvious as to what’s truly going on. Still funny I have to say, but in a different way. There’s also a sketch where they go up Bob’s Mother’s ass for a class trip, I shite you not. 😉 Here it is just for the hell of it [VID]: It’s kind of long, but loaded with crap.. but isn’t that the priest craft’s motto? 😉

    So back to the protesting junk. The collectivism that’s being encouraged right now is obscene and should be fairly obvious to anyone with a “trained eye”.

    Anyway, thanks again for the awesome show!

  17. We always hear how they want to “Divide and Conquer”.

    The other side of the same NWO coin is “Merge and Conquer”.

    Both strategies work and they work better in unison.

  18. effel, yes, the slogans are so “in your face” it does seem like a joke. Yet, the public has no memory … so, to some, the joke is funny.

    thegoldenphone, dammit! The conspiracy is determined to stop decent men from getting some half-decent pussy. 😡 These bastards are relentless and quick to squelch good ideas! 😀

    koomaar, well, they’re not bright, but quite receptive. But, as anyone left who can still think should know by now, this is Judaism in action, taking control of the goy away from their masters (the nobility/the church):

    “Communism is Judaism. The Jewish Revolution in Russia was in 1918” (H. H. Beamish).

    “Some call it Marxism — I call it Judaism” (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise).

    “Communism and Judaism are one and the same” (Hilary Cotter)

    Wes Tilson, wow, more gay jews on tv, who’da thunk?

    James, but the latter option seems so much better does it not? 🙄 Kumbayah, we all are one!

  19. Two things

    Re creating. What do we do when we have fun and enjoy life? We are doing what our creator did when we were made! We are preforming ReCreation.

    Second of all, what the heck? We all are born with a bit of Lucy in us, because we came out of a vagina when that happened. That must be why jehovah thinks that all people are born with that “original sin”….he doesn’t like vagina very much.

  20. found an old comic from 1912 with some symbolism and proof that times havent changed but the tatics used and technology to manipulate DUMB ASSES- da masses http://i.imgur.com/uyF5l.jpg

    PS: holy shit …. further looking into this how stinkro-mystic does it seem that this “cartoon from !99! years ago” is just now being spread through the social media to generate motion in this wall-street ordeal

  21. It is worrying, this OCCUPY situation. Unpaid soldiers. Perhaps the communist manifesto has never left us, going back to rothschild which itself is ‘Red shield’. But this movement is now in London, so like you say, looking on the upside, get in there amongst the unwashed truther pussy with a packed lunch and ‘Bobs yer uncle’ [oh, no…i really dont like ‘uncle bob’ ;))

    Regarding the Real Masonry: you mentioned that the scottish 33rd rite is the Jewish zionist pederasty “add-on” levels brought to us by Pike and the rest of the boy-lovers in more recent history?, well, after recently re -examining the original 1968 ‘planet of the apes film’ [feckin AMAZING i have to say, with your glasses on], perhaps we should take hu-man Taylors [Heston] advice to Lucius:

    Lucius:”I still say your making a mistake.”
    Colonel George Taylor:”That’s the spirit, keep them flying.”
    Colonel George Taylor:”The flags of discontent. Remember, NEVER TRUST ANYBODY OVER 30.”

    Lucius, incidentally, or not, being the chimp that aides Taylors escape from the inside. A real rebel Lucifer.

    And regarding rebels: Jesus. what was it? 33 miracles performed and died at 33? More of a sacrificial undertone to those particular “magic numbers” . I agreed with what the guest had to say about Jesus of Nazareth (Was there any such place as Nazareth?) being the original rebel , the crucifixion , the imagery, it all makes sense in this context.

    Lastly, bit of musik for you. , for everyone. Light relief for the troofer troopers. Blast this out across wall st and we could have a giant orgy of sex n drugs on our hands., which has to better than setting on the bankers with pitchforks and torches.

  22. Strangely, back in 2008 when I attended a National Young Leader’s Conference, I hung around a peer who told and explained to me that America will probably turn into communist country. This kid was like 14 years old,and i was 15. I wish could remember what he said in greater detail, I wonder if he had the same thoughts as you, Mr.CelticRebel.

  23. i posted my last comment [deleted] before listening to the show on this page. and, of course, you were as cool and gracious as you could be. really makes me out to be a dick kind of. any how, keep up the good work.

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