Winter Souls on Ice [Xmas Special]

Didn’t do a show on the multiple interpretable rabbit holes behind the Holy Day this year. Didn’t feel this was the time for it, plus I already did that show last year.

Instead did a year end show, making a concerted effort to put aside the sword for a while, and reflect. The operative word, of course, being tried [downloadable].


Was joined by various guests including Gomer Kyle, The Fat Drunk Coward and Alex Robinson. Like I said, made an effort, but sometimes you gotta point a finger or twelve.

These are their own promos. “Coincidence” is only for the foolish. Still, the show was about a lot more than that. Played some good [seasonal] punk-tinged tunes and spoke about a few reasons we may have to be thankful [Lucy knows one too well].

The obvious has always been right there in front of our eyes, we’ve just been well-trained not to see it. Of course, some of us are (thanks to whomever sent me the below right image). Perhaps, one day, I’ll no longer need point them out.

Enjoy Make the best of the rest of 2011. Tune in next week for the first show of 2012 with Alex bringing some crazy feminine energy this way…

~ by celticrebel on December 27, 2011.

16 Responses to “Winter Souls on Ice [Xmas Special]”

  1. Was really looking forward to Eugene. 😦 Thanks for not just airing a rebroadcast since he cancelled. I know next week will be a great show since Alex Robinson is back on. 🙂

  2. As i was listening to the show this week i put this picture together

    its based on the link to the 1980’s documentary on male-child prostitution circles out of Texas that you provided in last weeks write up, incase anyone missed it, it was “Boys for Sale”

    Very well worth seeing both parts to understand the themes/programmes running through the media memeplex currently concerning the treatment and portrayal of children. This sexual/emotional psychopathy involving sadism, torture and murder of young boys is revealed here as an elite/power disease of western men. Through the prism of the media they are tainting the rest of us, so this is what we need to do, de-construct this thing and take it back to the roots to see where it took hold. Then cut those roots out and burn them.

    It affected me a lot, but instead of me going through my thoughts on the presentation i hope my fellow humans will view the docu, then view the picture in context., im sure the connections will become apparent., if not so much so already.

  3. Just a thought I never elaborated upon.. Enlightening through the exit of the star gate is En-lightning. Hey Zeus!

  4. Interesting show. I usually listen to each show at least three times because there is so much information to get it all in one session.

    Alex Robinson did a wonderful job to keep you three males in order while she was on air.

  5. Immortallywounded, Eugene will “be back.” 😐

    digital sickness, nice compilation. That documentary was quite good. For me, the “shocking” part is that it was even made, but as for lack of response, it’s amazing what the power of dissociation can do.

    Ferdinand, very In-Lighting. 😡 Gadzooks!

    Biggi, thank you Biggi! You know us boys will be boys. 👿

  6. Aside from ploughing through the 16-CD set of Paul Kelly reading and singing his ”mongrel memoir” called How to Make Gravy, we will be testing and participating in the complete transformation of the music industry that will occur during the first quarter of 2012.


  7. Great show, tons of insight, loved it! Happy New Year to everyone here on the Celtic Rebel’s blog, may it be a good one. 🙂

  8. I’ll leave wine to you 😀 My computer got a hangover (but now is back). Weird those jews don’t know how to read better than us 😛 (but then there are jews/goyim and jews/jews depending on GoGod’s point of view) It is not 10 commandments in the Bible, but 10 words [article on sovereignty by yours truly] I think 2012 will be a lot of fun 😀 Come our way apocalypse (meaning revelation).

  9. I’ve visited and what I’ve found there?

    Lots of references to sexual deviancy.

    It is daring how one of their advertised main issues has the title “Things You Need to Know About Pedophilia” with the under title “They are masters of deception…”.

    Happy New Year, Alex.

  10. pavman, “mongrel memoir?” 😯 Egads, like with Costello, they really like to push the “dog” meme on those who resisted for far too long.

    Wes Tilson, thank you!

    effel, as long as it doesn’t mean “uncovering” our ass and leaving it exposed. 😮

    Max, just like in Chabad’s case, it is amazing how much they admit. I guess you can when so few realize what you’re admitting to.

  11. Great show…

    Just to warn you! I haven’t seen it but have read the new film “A Dangerous Method” involving Freud and Jung is about a disturbed young girl’s obsession with the anus and defecation. Freud and Jung spend the movie trying to figure his problem out I guess. What else would you expect!

  12. Hey Rebel,

    Whats wrong with the word protein? Is amino acids better? Also about the degredation of the Irish, as a Bostonian I initially must say that I was pleased that we finally got our big screen Irish mob movies, but I must admit there has been 10 or so of these movies that have come out in recent years and it has got me wondering why are the Boston Irish getting all of this attention all of a sudden? The Bostonians love anything that portrays the grittier side of our college city but these criminal portrayals are perhaps another layer of programming to get every poor American Irishman to aspire to a career of bank robbery.

  13. Here’s what it comes down to, mate:

    I visit your site and I get the simple, honest (mostly hilarious) truth.

    I click on a YouTube video that says “David Wilcock Urgent Update!”, I get this (Bannered across the video – a radio interview with David):

    UPDATE: (from Thursday 15th 2011 2:08PM PST

    David: “I have also now been contacted by the Dragon Family representatives associated with the lawsuit, and as a result of this threat, I have been told to relay the following:


    That’s why I like you, Rebel. You’re not fucking nuts.
    All the best to you in the new year.


  14. Celt and listeners,

    Sorry to have missed it.

    Wanted to be on so much.

    Sick and tired hit me right before Christmas.

    Please forgive.

    Hope to get back on the Rebel path sometime this year.

  15. Brian, gawd-zooks! 😯 I just now saw a promo for that, um, “film.” Well, they found the perfect director for it, the anally-obsessed David Cronenberg.

    Chris, our entire concept of “protein” in relation to the human diet is based on old studies performed on rats, who’s digestive system is nothing like ours. Hence, the entire basis of any sentence containing the word is egregiously wrong.

    the living tiki, great comment. Thank you. Hehe, that WilCock is something else, but there’s an audience for it…

    eugene, no worries mate, we’ll get you back on soon.

  16. Alex Robinson talked about looking at iconic photographs with “a little organic doubt seasoning.”

    Ever since then, this photo has been loitering about in my thoughts.

    Once upon a time I fell for it. Haha. Not funny.

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