They Live, We Sleep (Part III)

[Continued from They Live, We Sleep: Part II]

The “fight” (battle of philosophies and will-power) finally over, his friend, Frank, puts on the sunglasses and begins to see things as they are. Frank is then overwhelmed, almost in a state of panic. We (truth-seekers) are given some sage advice: “Hold on [to yourself]. You aren’t the first one to wake up out of a dream.”

open your eyes

Inside the hotel, where they settle in for the night, the discussion between the two friends, may be the most illuminating of the entire movie:

A long time ago, things were different. Daddy took me down to the river and told me about the power and the glory. I was saved.

He changed when I was little. He turned mean. I ran away when I was 13. He tried to cut me once with a big old razor. He held it up against my throat. I said: “Daddy, please.”

He kept moving back and forth, like he was sawing down a tree.

Daddy, can only be Freud’s Big Daddy (which, I previously discussed in Fight Club Revisited). Thus, “Daddy,” is a reference to the government, or system of paternal control that we are ruled by. So, what he’s saying, is that at first, Daddy was The Church (think of the centuries of tyrannical rule by the Roman Catholic church, and the illiteracy and superstition it forced on mankind). Then, Daddy decided to use another means of control: war. From the Napoleonic Wars, to the two World Wars, and all the other brutality between, before and after. Think of the resulting peace-time regimes that arose in the Soviet Union and China, which cut down over 100 million of us.

The follow-up, from Frank, now in reference to the Aliens, makes me wonder, if the term Daddy, also supports the Intervention Theory (a rational alternative to the illogical Biblical Creation narrative and Darwin’s unscientifically supported Theory of Evolution). Just how long have our oppressors lived among us? {*1}

Maybe they’ve always been with us, those things out there. Maybe they love it, seeing us hate each other. Watching us kill each other off. Feeding on our own cold hearts.

Our protagonist closes the discussion, with a sentiment that our ruling shadow elite fear more than anything else. That we, might awaken and stop buying the lies and misdirection they plant in us. That we, will stop killing each other, look past their scapegoat puppets they use to shield themselves from view, and come get them.

I’ve got news for him. There’s going to be hell to pay. I ain’t Daddy’s little boy no more.

Our truth-seekers, meet up with other aware individuals (i.e., once you open yourself up to the truth, you will inevitably find yourself among others who feel the same). As the buddies make their way to a secret “resistance meeting,” they pass a poster of a 2004 film called They Are Among Us. {*2}

Frank, upon learning that many of the ruling elites are actually human (not alien), incredulously asks the group organizer, “People are joining up with them?” The answer is simple. and also explains to us, how so many of our own could go along with the programs we are presently seeing implemented,

Most of us just sell out right away. Then all of a sudden we get promoted. Our bank accounts get bigger. We’ll do anything to be rich.

Well, you need look no further than the Clinton Crime Family, or the Bush Crime Family, to see this in action. Look at all the unimaginable human suffering these present American leaders (I grimace to use that word, maybe stooges or lackeys is better?) are responsible for, and see how their wealth has grown. One is forced to contemplate whether their allegiance lies somewhere outside humanity.

The Voice of Truth (i,e, the “hacker”) is on the background television:

Fluorocarbons and methane have increased since 1958. Earth is being acclimatized. They are turning our atmosphere into their atmosphere.

Well, I don’t know about that, but all one has to do these days is go outside and look at the steady stream of chemtrails that fill our skies. There are a lot of theories, a lot of disinformation, and a lot of beyond top secret classifications. Even the pilots themselves have no idea what they’re spraying (I’ve been informed many actually believe the lie that they are combating “global warming”). We can only guess as to what is going on. So, one can’t help but wonder.


Frank, again living up to his name, straight-forwardly asks, “What do these things want?” The resistance organizer, Gilbert, answers:

They’re free-enterprisers. The earth is just another developing planet. Their third world.

Nothing different from the colonialism we’ve seen displayed over the past few hundred years, or the imperialism of the past few thousand. Enslave the locals, divide them amongst each other. The Voice of Truth continues on:

Deplete the planet, move on to another. They want benign indifference. We could be pets or food, but all we really are is livestock.

I wonder what Charles Fort would think of that statement?

The resistance have traced “the signal” being beamed through the television. It, is what puts us into the catatonic-like state which blurs our vision and prevents us from seeing things (e.g., the Aliens, the Propaganda, etc.) as they really are. I would assume this plot element was chosen for cinematic reasons; so there would be a focal point for a plan to change things, and thereby, create action and suspense. However, the system of brain-washing we are exposed to is far more pervasive, far more wide-spread, and virtually embedded into even the personality of the victims. If only it were as simple as blowing up some transmitter! {*3}


After a raid on the meeting and yet another betrayal by Holly, the buddies use one of the alien secret communicator devices to escape. A temporal hole opens up, and soon they find themselves in a massive underground complex. Judging by the size of the air vent they find themselves near, we could assume the complex is likely deep underground. {*4}

An announcement is made over the intercom that the terrorists have been exterminated. Two human guards are seen “high-fiving” and celebrating the news. “We got ’em. We wiped ’em out. They got to meet the A-Team.” A fairly accurate depiction of the mind-control of security forces/military, and of how it is used to direct them against their own brethren. [When they’re celebrating “them,” they are too ignorant to know they mean “us.”] In the meanwhile, many of us, the audience, are ignorant of our own perpetuation of Orwell’s terrorist myth. Osama bin Laden is today’s Emmanuel Goldstein. If you haven’t realized this yet: Accept it! Move on.

the man

Inside the facility, the team wanders into a luxurious banquet hall. Here the human “upper-class,” (Again, “scum” or “ignoble” class is more fitting. See how even language is used to shape our reality?) is gathered to hear the announcements from their masters. One (of the true masters) is giving a speech:

Our projections show that by the year 2025, not only America, but the entire planet will be under the protection and the dominion of this power alliance. The gains have been substantial, both for ourselves, and for you, the human power-elite. [big applause]

You have given us entree to the resources we need in our ongoing quest for mutli-dimensional expansion. {*5}

In return, the per-capita income of each of you in this room has grown. in this year alone, by an average 39%.

They meet one of these “elites,” who’s drunk and rambling on and on. [Is this the classic hubris, of the type Aaron Russo attributed to Nick Rockefeller’s revalations?] He looks familiar? [I couldn’t place him at first. Thanks to Anesti for pointing him out.] It’s the vagrant from before! The one that was mocking the Hacker. The one spreading speculative fear-mongering stories! The same one we saw switching the channel when the Voice of Truth came on! What does he have to say to our buddies?

Hi boys! I didn’t know you’d been recruited.

Aha! He was/is a disinfo agent. His words make it quite obvious that he didn’t just join up, so he must have been an infiltrator. His prior actions confirm it. [Yet another fabricated story-teller exposed as a plant!] I wonder what that says about our “old boy from San Anselmo,” George Lucas?

The speech fades out in the background, while the host boasts of how the recent human threat to their operations has been eliminated. These sick power elites chat, smile and congratulate each other, unconcerned over the fate of their own kind. No, this is not science fiction. This is happening in the world around us now.

bono cocksucker

The “agent” gives them a tour of the complex. They stop by a launching pad, from where travelers can go to other destinations. So, we’re deep inside the Earth, looking inside towards the core, where there is a night sky view, with a black sun at the center. Another Hollow Earth reference! The host offers and interesting explanation of how the star-gate works:

That’s where they come from. I don’t know how it works. It’s a gravitational lens. It puts a bend in the light and you move from place to place. The whole thing works like one big airport.

Is this occult knowledge or just synchromysticism? Would this be like the alleged Montauk trans-dimensional chair that Stewart Swerdlow and others have spoken of? Steve Willner offers some amazing insight into the concept.

The agent shows our team where the signal is located. [Perhaps, a sign that hubris, is ultimately, what will bring down the ruling class?’ Before they carry out the plan, they decide to kill the agent/traitor. But first, they ask him, “How do you do it? How do you sell out your own kind?” His excuse contains a lot of truth. Truth that most of us willfully remain oblivious to:

“It’s business, that’s all it is. {*6} You still don’t get it. There ain’t no countries anymore. They’re running the whole show. They own the whole planet.”

[For any who haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend Ned Beatty’s on-topic speech from Network (1977). Note he says “college of corporations.” The word “college” has its origins in Rome, where these trade societies/guilds (i.e., collegium), over time, became criminalized and ran protection rackets.]

The film continues along with surface level “Action Picture”/”Good overcoming Evil” plot. We get to see Holly again, the woman with the strange eyes, for the final time, and once again, she betrays Nada (killing his buddy behind his back). Her last words were an attempt to dissuade Nada from his plan, and until she said them, I failed to grasp the significance of her character.

holly eyes

She pleads: “Don’t interfere. You can’t win.” And then, the far more telling: Come inside with me.

“Inside” is an intentional double-entendre. She is asking him to come inside her vagina. To come be with her, and seek shelter, ala the womb metaphor. I touched on the topic previously, (in Fight Club Revisited) and was surprised to find this uncommon theme again; relationships are yet another distraction that divert us from our path to self-realization (i.e., truth). Holly’s repeated betrayals also reinforce how we go from relationship to relationship, even after experiencing the same end result; a futile quest, to have someone else make us whole.

The film closes with our protagonist destroying the transmitter, and then defiantly flipping certain death the middle finger. [Possibly symbolic of when you have no more fear, you are truly free. And a Christ metaphor?] We then have a short montage of scenes depicting everyday people “waking up” to Aliens all around them.


On one of the “talk” shows, some reviewer, who is suddenly exposed as an Alien, is ranting about morality in movies:

“All the sex and violence on the screen has gone too far for me. I’m fed up with it, Film makers like George Romero and John Carpenter have to show some restraint”

George Romero? Interesting. So, in a movie full of metaphors, we’re shown a propaganda scene, where an Alien, posing as a moralistic do-gooder, expresses outrage to the gullible public, against two directors, one of whom, at this juncture, any aware person can assume is a truth-teller. Now, if anyone out there thinks that George Romero’s “Dead” series are simply gross-out gore films about Zombies eating humans, than you’ve missed their point entirely. {*7}

A couple of months ago, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek blog about how the ruling elite’s programs for dumbing-down society had exceeded even their greatest expectations, concluding that inadvertently, the subconscious mind had also been stupefied to the point that the clever subliminal staples of advertising where literally going over their audience’s heads. While perusing the web for images from the movie, I made a rather synchronistic discovery. {*8}

Alas, to those who still think They Live is science fiction, and that my musings on the film are highly speculative:

Do you still feel the same way?

BONUS [10/16/08]: Check out my recent 30 Minute Video Companion analysis.

They Live, We Sleep (Part I) They Live, We Sleep (Part II)
They Live, We Sleep (Part III) They Live [Video Companion]

*1: Per Alan Alsford: “Homo sapiens has acquired a modern anatomy, language capability, and a sophisticated brain (way beyond the needs of everyday existence), apparently in defiance of the laws of Darwinism .. a third explanation, is that the genes for modern man were suddenly implanted by an intelligent extraterrestrial species who colonized the Earth.” Many progressive thinkers have moved beyond Darwin’s lies; I’d recommend Shattering the Myths of Darwin for those who still hold dear to old Charles. Referring to the “feeding on our own cold hearts” statement, then should one look at Michael Tsarion’s synthesized theory, the they may the macro-organisms they (our creators/intervenors) have stuck the sacrificial accord with. [LB]

*2: I haven’t seen it, but the reviews sound pretty rough. The plot synopsis, however, is interesting: “The film concerns a sleepy town that is populated mostly by aliens who have been pretending to be humans for a lengthy period of time in order to eventually strip the planet of resources they need to live.” [LB]

*3: There are many cases that have come to light of Russian stations getting caught using subliminals. In one case, the station (ATN) was embedding “Sit and watch only ATN.” In America, no such studies have been funded, because the mainstream media has trumpeted out a few experts (i.e., prostitutes) and convinced the sheep (oops, I meant general public) that subliminal advertising was a hoax. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the push towards HDTV has something to do with being able to embed even more messages in the extra lines of resolution. In reference to the movie, while I dismissed the concept of being able to stop the signal at its source; were the HAARP system turned on and used to its capacity, then the idea of a signal controlling the mind of the masses may no longer seem like science fiction. [LB]

*4: As Erich von Däniken and others have pointed out, there are huge underground complexes running from South America up through Western North America (e.g., see Gold of the Gods). Michael Tsarion claims that there is a massive ancient complex underneath Los Angeles. This 1934 LA Times article is synchromystically interesting (gross understatement)! [LB]

*5: Interesting they chose the goal of “multi-dimensional expansion.” I’d recommend listening to some of David Icke’s lectures on the topic. One of the “resources” they mention could be monatomic gold, which some theorize allows for the bending of space and time (like the “spice” in Frank Herbert’s Dune). [LB]

*6: Of course, the “it’s just business” phrase, as an excuse for betrayal, gained notoriety in the Godfather movies and the entire Mafia genre. Now, were one to take a hard look at our planet, one could reasonably conclude that the “Mafia” is what actually runs our world, under the guise of multinational corporations. Then, the “truth” is much more palatable to swallow. E.G., When one wonders how the pharmaceutical industry can put mercury (which causes autism) and live viruses (which cause later cancers) into childhood vaccines, the maximum profit angle is the most logical of explanations. “It’s just business!” [LB]

*7: Since I was young the entire series of George Romero’s movies (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead) always appealed to me, because my rebel spirit interpreted them as a parallel to my life; my struggle to retain my individuality versus the ever-present dark force of conformity. My friend Anesti, who is also a Romero fan, informed me that George himself has indicated his movies are a reflection of what is going on in society. I’ll be reflecting on the Dead movies in the upcoming Video Companion: They Live (my first video production) and in future blogs. [LB]

*8: Image from WorldCriminal’s Letter to America blog. “The podcast from the heart of Belfast, Northern Ireland. It’s a big blast of Love Straight to your brain.” [LB]

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7 Responses to “They Live, We Sleep (Part III)”

  1. What a great write up! Comprehensive breakdown of the movie, scene by scene, pointing out stuff that I’d missed despite watching this movie over 10 times already. (just goes to show that I’m still in a tranced out dream state when watching these movies. I feel like I have to fight to notice so much, despite whatever it is I already know. The same thing happened with “Eyes Wide Shut,” watched it multiple times, and each time I notice more.) So I appreciate your analysis for that reason. You de-mystified some of the dialogue too, which is good. Anyway I included a link to this within my own (short blurb) “They Live” write up on my site, and will be printing it out. Thanks again, and great job…..

  2. I love your review. Ive been trying to tell people about this movie for years. I just recently purchased it and started analyzing it more, now i see how important it truly is. You have some great points im gonna have to check out more of your site.

  3. This is something I have known since it first came out. Glad to see I am not the only one who sees the world as it truly is, ruled by the fallen ones
    (Angels-Nephilim). Thanks


  4. Carissa, thanks! Thanks for the traffic you’ve sent my way since.

    Prince of Sin, thanks. Hope you’ve found this site of value and have been with me on this journey.

    Bobby Hutson, it would seem, the deeper we go into the realm of “CON”trol, the more it seems that the reason the pyramid’s top is detached, is because whatever is at the top is not of this earth/dimension…

  5. They meet one of these “elites,” who’s drunk and rambling on and on.

    He looks familiar? It’s the vagrant from before!

    Note that this is the same guy thats spies on Nada and Holly as they enter her house. And his friend looked like the leader of the resistance.

  6. Thanks for the reply back. Thats for sure the deeper we go into “CON”trol, The more we find out, and the Great Pyramid has always played on my mind,like it’s calculations very hi tech to say the least/dimension
    yes the inter dimension/a world within a world.
    I could talk about that for hours.
    once again thanks.


  7. This was a great article. They Live is one of the greatest movies ever. Right up there with Malcolm X, Gandhi, Godfathers, Goodfellas, Life of Brian, JFK, Hoffa, and Office Space. thanks

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