The Waters of History

Eugene from the Underground Stream returned this week for a chance 11/11 setting to pick up our last conversation about the water of life.

That’s the show, playable below [more imagery coming to help explain this rather complicted topic].


The first half of the show was dedicated to water and our place within and without it. The second half of the show was focused on some reshuffled history.

More to come…

~ by celticrebel on November 14, 2012.

14 Responses to “The Waters of History”

  1. Such an amazing show and really really excellent guest. I will be looking into his stuff. He had such an awesome attitude and observation, Thank you. I love the idea that he hilighted that we were so specifically in balance with this planet. I wonder how possible space travel is even if we did have the tech to do it. I think we are more dependent that we think and the constraints may be so that we must stay here and deal with the ground work. This IS where it all happens for us!

    PS: I can highly recommend Viktor Schauberger on water. I need say no more, have a look at books written on him: Living Water is the first and a very incredible read.

  2. Always a pleasure when Eugene is on. Since the show aired 11/11 at 11PM, 11 in greek is ai. My last post deals with the Ai- occurences you may find in Omer’s Iliados and Odysseia, all but one concealed in translation, becoming E, except for Aias becoming Ajax.
    On the phoinikens, I encourage you to read chant XV of Odysseia (the tools we may find :P), when Eymaie tells the story of his life and how he became a slave, you should easily recognize the behaviors of a certain death cult. As for Troy becoming Rome, I don’t see it much, Troy was utterly destroyed (Ag-a-memnon was not named lightly), the only one traceable is Andromachen who is not really Troyan (wife of Ektor) and ended up giving 3 sons to Achilles’ son. Troy was Aphrodites first, Rome a corrupted Ares. I think Virgil’s work is mostly fantasy and Omer retelling. The pile of gold could have been in Byblos though 😛 Operating from the book then, from the TelAvision now…
    Oh! and while at it, funny in the translations how the same word can be a lamb one page and an apple the next (since lambs don’t grow in trees) and the same with pork and fig, ha ha ha! Not only do the Elens don’t eat much meat but they are also reluctant to eat fish, if you mistrust translations as I do. And Persians would be Elens too, hum!… And the indo-european language covers a wide area 😛
    (and damned! your virus went or flew up north :()

  3. Effel,

    The degenerate boy band of drums and emascualtion took the gold and the black stone of Kybele straight to Palatine Hill from Anatolia.

    Rome using the mind control of the Sibylene oracles, laid the stage for plugging the boy band into the gap of debt .. once the money was all gone, the slaves were spent, the legions were weary .. and they were getting their assess kicked by Hannibal.

    The fresh infusion of gold and the new rollicking madmen roaming the streets jazzed everyone up and Rome was brand new.

    I take it that this region of Anatolia, being the springs of the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, was the repository of the loot for the Babble going on down south in the fenced in food colony of usury boys we all know and love.

    The Odyssey is best explained by Hugh Fox. He says the story was proto Phoeneician, ie Dravadians out of India, and the Americas, especially Tihuanaco, is the destination of the story. Most revolutionary .. the work of Hugh Fox. The later layover story corrupters made it Mediteranean only to hide the worldwide kingdom .. that used to be.

  4. I concur, great show indeed! Had me riveted for the whole duration – can’t listen live so downloaded the podcast. There’s so many follow-up questions one could ask but one simple idea came into my head later in the 2nd half of the show that I’d never really thought about quite this way before. When Eugene was talking about the constant adversarial relationship with water after you’d been discussing how a certain group of people is all about destruction, the relationship/similarity between the words “water” and “war” came to mind (may even “war/slaughter”). Any significance there you think?

    Also, prior to listening to the previous show I’d been listening to the new album by Black Country Communion that a friend acquired. If you’re not familiar this is a rock “supergroup” including among others frontman Glenn Hughes (Trapeze, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, etc) and Jason Bonham (son of the ex-Led Zep drummer). BCC is continuing to fly the flag of hard rock that all those previous big name bands carried. Well, first song in and I couldn’t help notice the very obvious way Hughes sang the word “Ass-Ass-In” at the end of 2nd verse! Haha! Classic faggotry! So I looked up the lyrics. Appears that the gayness (G-Anus) that was hard rock of the 70s & 80s is alive & kickin’ to this very day. You really should try and get a hold of this track just to hear the way he sings that word! Dead give-away I reckon! Check it out, uggghhh –


    On another destination
    I hear the grinding of the wheel
    Keep me waitin’ at the station
    And I want you to reveal
    I got a steely eyed devotion
    I am ready for the thrill
    Feel like I’m movin’ in slow motion
    As my car begins to spill

    Out on the track, shadow me
    Down in the fools gallery

    And you sow the seed
    Its all that you need
    You’re building on speed
    Big train

    As the passenger did mention
    Darkness falls just like a thief
    Now you’ve got my full attention
    As the steam spills from beneath
    Won’t you let me be a volunteer
    Won’t you let come within
    I will be your manic engineer
    I’ll be your assassin

    Out on the track, shadow me
    Down in the fools gallery

    And you sow the seed
    Its all that you need
    You’re building on speed
    Big train

    Won’t you whisper to my face
    What you see can’t be replaced
    By the fountain we embrace
    On the mountain in my grace

    Out on the track, shadow me
    Down in the fools gallery

    And you sow the seed
    Its all that you need
    You’re building on speed
    Big train
    Big train
    Big train
    Big train

  5. Most incredible show, a pleasure to listen to you both, Thanks. Couple of things regarding Water and Light ….Please no homosexual allusions to giant worms and bleeding eyes in the first clip from “Dune, The Water of Life”., take it on the esoteric value, as with “Spotswood”.

    And from LOST, the integral island “system of water and light” : that the ISLAND itself [a microcosmic universe] was a Living Manifestation:
    “The Island is a conscious place that can travel through time and space. It contains the source of all life. Water and Light combine at its center to form an energy that fuels Life, Death and Rebirth throughout existence. The Island, like all life, can make choices and be manipulated. If the light at the Source of the Island ever goes out, everything ends.”

    On some separate matters, if i may: I ntoiced the Zio-media now referencing Portugal, Italy / Ireland, Greece and Spain collectively as the acronym PIGS :of Europe . WHO is responsible for that?

    Now, soemthing else, see this ad? There is a short version of it whereby man bends over ass in air, fire comes on, feet in slippers, see here, it starts at around 15secs. Now what i see from this is: Full view of mans ass in shot bending over [the ass shot], fire then comes on, whoosh! [ASS IS HOT- on fire] , next shot feet go in slippers [used ass] this says his ass is like slipping into a comfy old pair of slippers

    Alright, great work everytime. Cheers.

  6. If the Rebel ever directed a music video it would look somthing like this…

    PS: Please do more shows exposing the Jews/Porn this past show is too New Age for me… “Question Alex” what do you think about Golden Dawn?

  7. Nick,

    Comprehending the magnitude of water and its occupancy of the planet and its panspermia of the uni, nay multi-verse, is NOT new age .. its supreme reality.

    All things, including water, are adversarial because this is how all things happen. The branches and leaves of the tree make war for space, for light, because this adversarial division is growth itself.

    Hear the words of Herclitus…

    “The only thing that Is constant is change.”

    “All things are in flux; the flux is subject to a unifying measure or rational principle. This principle (logos, the hidden harmony behind all change) bound opposites together in a unified tension, which is like that of a lyre, where a stable harmonious sound emerges from the tension of the opposing forces that arise from the bow bound together by the string.”

    “Opposition brings concord. Out of discord comes the fairest harmony.”

    “Realize that war is common and justice is strife, and that all things come into being and pass away through strife.”

    “Mortals are immortals and immortals are mortals, the one living the others’ death and dying the others’ life.”

    — The last veils that water is the immortal and lives in all its embodied forms: plants, animals (which live at/on the event horizon), the earth below (which is born of the death of water) and the fiery stars .. which by sign logic .. are water in its invisible form as the intelligence of water. Fire is water upside down, inside out to its below the event horizon Self. Does not the calm water show the face of the intelligent fire?

    “Wisdom is the oneness of mind that guides and permeated all things.”

    Water as the sole occupant yields its biographic wisdom as oil anoints the head of the King. To know that water is the one and only story is to know the entire cycle of the one being. This is not some new age fantasy, this is the fabric of the entire reality.

    “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

    The embodied foot is merely an appendage of a raindrop cut off momentarily from the river. The cut off is the fall of the nut, the rise of the spring green. The cut is the pen of the adversary who creates all things. Those who know said the man stepping in the river was also the river and so to speak of it was falsifying it .. so they merely pointed a finger to the sky.

    The fool peers into the microscope and scribbles ever more notes on paper thinking the water will admit its path and will one day yield peace, or at least to him a Nobel Peace Prize for his scribbling and peering. Then along comes the shower, the flood, to wash away the fool, his instruments, blotting his notes .. back into the ocean of its being.

    “The poet was a fool who wanted no conflict among us, gods
    or people. Harmony needs low and high, as progeny needs
    man and woman.”

    “The awake share a common world, but the asleep turn aside into private worlds.”

    “How can you hide from what never goes away?”

  8. I see nothing in the greek text making it “Mediterranean” aside from them calling places that never bore the name, like “Egypt” or “Greece”. As if, whenever they don’t like a word (nazarean for example), they point on a map and say it’s there.

    Even on the contrary. Kalypso’s father is not named Atlas, but Atlant, also there are references to a cold place. And Tehuacan makes me wonder even more by its location and India refers to Amerika too… The story must indeed be from a long while ago, they speak one language…

    PS Hope Eugene will like this little musing

  9. Great show, sent it to everyone I know…

    On an unrelated note, wordpress now accepts bitcoin:

    This means: “Bloggers can now put bitcoin addresses on their blog and pay for services with the donations. “

  10. I like Eugene and his watery wonders.


    Squatting man sculpture:
    World toilet org?

    And, something completely different….Holywood Jewish enterprise Inc made the movie…’The Watchmen’, [like they made ‘Madagascar’ which was historically touted for a ‘jewish homeland’,] well whats the origins of the Watchmen…who are they?
    “The Watchmen”, or Unit 101 , prelude to IDF, and ariel sharons active regiment , remembered like superheroes….
    “In 1908 he [ben gurion] joined an armed group acting as watchmen at Sejera. On 12 April 1909, following an attempted robbery in which an Arab from Kfar Kanna was killed, Ben-Gurion was involved in fighting in which one of the watchmen and a farmer from Sejera were killed.”

    Watching the Watchmen…because theyre insane ..

  12. After Madagascar they made “Continental Drift”, which I think is a reference to Africans pouring into Europe. They really do seem keen to be the whitest people on Earth one day (once the dissolution of the races is finished and everyone else “all look like Pacific Islanders”).

  13. Interesting points about History when eugene is on…very grateful for his time on these “rebel sessions”. From what ive learned about the cult of Cybele , its not actually pronounced as the modern name ‘Cybil’, or as “Ky-Bell” , but i believe its correctly said as “Key- Bell-ee” . She was a very unique ‘pagan’ [of Celts..later Roman] Earth/Mother Goddess, and it seems a lot of the modern british ritual of “maypole dancing” is re enactment of the spring fertility rite and also the death and resurrection of Cybeles suitor who is often portrayed as her son, lover, or both. The fertility rite involves cutting down a pine tree ,then replanting it into the ground and dancing about it [on psychedelics until a point of ecstacy is reached] to symbolise both the act of sexual union [tree piercing the fertile earth] and the erect phallus. At the crescendo of the ritual any males who wish to be priests of cybele would then commit an act of self castration. The actual devices of such acts have been uncovered in Britain.
    Id like to just end with two excerpts from an excellent book “Britain key to world history” by commyns beaumont., which id recommend and basically backs up everything Eugene has spoken about:

    “The Romans had a tradition that the Cyclop Polyphemus had three sons by Galatea, named Celtus, Illyrius, and Gallus. The Cretan cult of the “Great Mother,” Rhea-Cybele, and later that of Dionysus, assumed wild orgies, especially in Phrygia (originally colonised by Crete), Lydia, and
    adjoining lands, in connection with certain sacred rites performed amid violent ecstasies, doubtless assisted by strong liquor in the Dionvsiac orgies. The Corybantes, with drums, cymbals, horns, and in armour, enthusiastically performed their orgiastic dances in the forests and
    mountains. The Galli, inspired by fanaticism or example, since they comprised the singing priests, were said to perform a voluntary act of castration in honour of the goddess; but it may have been not entirely unrelated to the timbre of their voices.”

    “The Trojans, after the Great Catastrophe, settled in great numbers in Britain known as the Brigantes, whose history I trace, showing incidentally that Rome was founded by men of this very nation, and that they became the ruling people in Britain south of the Clyde and Forth. They never originated in Asia Minor, but as will be seen from Ascania, Denmark and the Low Countries, from the regions later known as Freesia.”

  14. This is my favorite show, unfortunately I deleted it from my pc. Please make it available again. I will pay any price =)

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