The Art of Infection

This week’s show followed up where last week’s show left off. Words are indeed powerful, far more invasive and far more infective than any known virus.

biophillia virus

The power of words to harm or heal, inspire or destroy. How does that play into the imbalance of feminine and masculine and how do words, diseases and hungry zombies interplay? Those were but some of the topics this week:


The beginning may just throw some people off. Then again, perhaps it is too late?

blue velvet

Many in this self-help, fear-porn, nonsense-spinning, mind-poison business will vie for your attention, selling you literal and metaphoric “snake” oil. Why rebel against the one[s] who are only try to reveal that you are once again the butt of a joke?

sucks ass is an inside job

They love to flip and reverse and sometimes throw the most blatant viral marketing campaigns at us. Why dare they be so bold, because they know the zombies who eat their excretive mind-filth are too busy waiting for something.

free pussy riot scam china beach masks

They are waiting for the zombie apocalypse to begin. Now, I guess should some of the few remaining creative individuals left in this world desist from handing out ideas, we may find out how long it takes the zombies to starve to death.

zombie starving to death

More words, thoughts, and shows coming. For now 😉 At least, until the next great avenger is born.

~ by celticrebel on September 13, 2012.

14 Responses to “The Art of Infection”

  1. First show I’ve heard in a while. Nice to hear you. Hope all is well.

  2. Was tautology the word you were searching for Alex? Free pussy, wet water, gay truth show host, that sort of thing? I must say I was a bit disappointed that as an avowed vegetarian you were promoting this meat dish!

  3. Enjoy Mr. Rebel. Haahaha! [NSFH]

  4. NO the zombie apocalypse has definitely already started, the shockwave is what we are bracing ourselves for. I just walked past what could only be described as a rabble, of approx 16 ‘girls’, howling and yapping like hyenas on crystal meth and E numbers, all with the same hair and clothes. Yes, females are definitely the new males but worse. I was half waiting for one of them to start a fight with me, given the manner in which they were conducting themselves and cussing me out. As far as Im concerned, Ive given up with this world, the zombies have made their decision, the cogs are grinding. I admire your persistence, fuck the chumps that whine, they are the ones that would make a global human extinciton actually a terrestrial euthanasia. No Im not pissed that I didnt get to fuck one of them, Im pissed because I wouldnt want to fuck any of them. Oh do I hear violins…. is there anything worth saving? Apron strings, anyone…. I cant decide.

  5. LOL. Don’t be surprised when scientist want to combine all our holes into one hole (it’s call the singularity LOL!).

  6. I need to wash my mind with some Dave Chappelle videos after this cloaxia filth CRH, lol..

    PS: BTW now that you’ve mentioned it, there was this article about singularity as an immortality project that I’ve read many years ago. I need to find the article.. It was creepy.

  7. WORD!

  8. Say what you want about our creators of mainstream media. Alex, as you already pointed out, at least they add bits of honesty in their creations (Watch from 3:00 to 3:20):

    I wonder how good the chances are for the half-alives?

    P.S.: I am stil on my break, in case you wonder.

  9. Sorry for that last post, just couldn’t avoid disgusting everyone else with it.

    Since reading your work, and hearing your podcast, syncs abound and everything seems to be leading me to see the world around me more clearly.

    I live in the valley, and decided to take a 2am train from Hollywood to universal studios. I do this because I love watching the drunk people of course.

    But last night I saw a girl fighting a homeless guy along with her two males friends helping her out. This hobo type dude knocks this girl out something terrible. I scream at him to run because her two male friends are ready to kill him once the sight of her sobers them up a bit. They run after the dude, I run to her, cover her titties, then proceed to freak out at the sight of what looks like a dying fucking girl. I’m trying to send some dude out to call the ambulance, by he just keeps saying, ‘Did that just happen?’

    Yes, there is a girl half dead on the ground on account of a man hitting her. It’s real. Call a fucking medic! Another guy comes and says he is a lifeguard, and I think thank Jebus, I need someone else to look at her. Just then, her boyfriend runs back in ready to kill me for chasing the guy away. He was sooo scary, so I ran. Left that poor girl in the hands of fools and ran….with three grown men running behind me more scared than I was.

    I say all that to say, if I hadn’t been burning holes in my brain with your work, I might have down the traditional freak out of ‘Oh why is this happening?!’

    But something about learning from you and Alex R had me prepared internally, and I wasn’t scared. I was scared once I started running from the cholo monster, but I was the only calm one when it was happening. And I honesty think I owe you some gratitude for remind me that woman are really too agressive these days, and men are fucking pussies. It’s too real.

  10. Why do the Rabbi teach young jews to pray by moving their heads back and forth?
    “I think it’s the same way a prostitute practices her profession”
    Those Sick Rabies “Rabbis” The whole religion is a perversion…

  11. Celt,

    The art of infection is “640 + 26”.

    Its lights out from here on in.

    Hope you get this one out there! The knots on this UStream thread are replicas of the string ties around the “mass of the phoenix” she has in her oven .. Kate that is.

    Even you will not be able to shut your mouth from imbibing in the BBQ that is to come. A surefire surfeit.

  12. defne: i googled “singularity project” and came to this website:
    …sounds scary!


    your work is eye-opening 😉
    modern english is neuro-linguistically speaking very, very perverted.

    please keep up your articles, i enjoy them a lot.

    (not every women is a w****/c*** and not every men is a p****, though many have forgotten their roots)

    thank you for your efforts!

  13. Fresh “Comedy” coming out of england, aanrchic style! “the revolution will be televised”, surely a straight up, No fucking nonsense piss take of the establishment?

    WAIT!!! whats this?….infection….

    “Double fist Tv?
    Who is behind this comedy?

    Ahhh….Jolyon RUBINSTEIN!! [not much info on him]

    Here its revealed: its jews making fun of the jew-spiracy again

  14. VID 1: Pussy Riot – The Masks are Off
    VID 2: “Pussy Riot”, Kids and A Chicken.18+

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