Jesus the Son of Man, Man

Was Jesus a “real” person? Is there something true to be found by disregarding the two extreme schools of thought, be they modern or ancient?

This was the focal point of Sunday’s discussion [unavailable]:


Obviously, a lot of what we’ve been told, from theologians, historians, new age gurus and conspiracists isn’t adding up. Time to play detective.

The one thing you can usually count on when two popular viewpoints are extremely polarized is that they are both extremely wrong.

Also got a bit into Welcome Back Kotter and Anti-Smoking Assholes before show’s end. I anticipate some type of more proper write-up. Until next time…

Note: On Saturday (7th) The Fat Drunk Coward and I did Oracle Unhinged for a couple of hours and tried to keep it as light as possible. Some may find our evening amusing [downloadable].

~ by celticrebel on July 10, 2012.

16 Responses to “Jesus the Son of Man, Man”

  1. Jeusu was as real as the marrypopins i mean come on i find it sad that anyone who listens to the rebel path show doesnt know the gist of jesus christ,i mean jesus christ people its 2012 put ur bible down theirs plenty of ancient material that predates the bible wich contains the type of knowledge that will quench your thirst for answears and upliftment

  2. FreDDY BOOM BOOM WasHinGton

  3. The story about your jew detecting cat reminds me of Terminator where resistance soldiers use dogs to spot infiltrators aka terminators.

    When you brought up Studio 54 in another show, Berlin’s Berghain came to my mind.
    Like Studio 54, it was a gay-only club . After a while, also heterosexuals started to line up to get in there.
    In Berghain, there was also one time an event where everyone had to bring his or her own feces in a Tupper Ware box to participate in a huge crap fight. This club gained much publicity by this sick party and it is also allegedly the reason why it was ranked as one of the world’s best clubs.

  4. Hey man, i dont know if youve heard this new show on oracle? its called jew Talk with Harry Lipshitz and his Cousin Morty. Its comedy gold but i have to say, im worried i think they may be anti-semenites. Im not sure if theyre real Jews, they only sound Jew*ish* to me. From what i hear, theyre being sponsored by Gio-GOY clothing company , although the MD is named Rubin, im sure its not a Jewish owned company . Clothes for Goy?

    Gio-Goi stakeholders :

    Anyway, i do enjoy some good animation,and this animation features the original rebel himself, Jesus. What do you make of it?

  5. Like this subject so full of rabbi(t) holes 😛

    The best clues for detectives are found in simple words, how they were used and when they were crafted. By reading Eusebius aka Jerome, governor (then changed to bishop by historians) or Cesaree, we can learn that catholic and orthodox were synonyms and not chrestian. Chrestian (ointed or chosen) is how the romans called what we call today jews (juju yew, anglo-french crafting). What could be universal and traditional in the time of Eusebius, but the Roman Church of old, with the elected/appointed Emperor(s) on top. And Eusebius is the one who invented the first so-called popes and the life of Constantine. Why would one already considered Deus would give his title and power away to some idea of a big daddy sitting on a cloud ?

    Also, writing chronicles was a roman tradition. Any text written by another culture follows another set of rules. For the greeks (the bible is greek, since the meaning of greek is keeper of the bible/heart, not to confound with Ellens; greek, phenician and probably egyptian refers to writers as a learned craft, not tribes), it was more dealing with archetypes, the names are codes more than actual persons or places…

    PS : “Oy vey! the emperor Nero trew 6 millions of us to the lions!” 😛

  6. I am going to dare to listen to this show – I hope you will not let me down…here goes…..

  7. Hmm. Tobacco. It doesn’t require a great deal of critical thinking to realise there is something afoot. The trade in tobacco, from its inception, has been controlled by the ruling families, and it has made them phenomenal profits over the centuries.
    The trading companies that we call governments have got in on the act by charging exorbitant taxes on it, where it is particularly effective at extracting wealth from the poor. So it realises great profit for the corporations masquerading as authority as well.
    If, (and it is if) its use causes ill-health it generates profit for the medical mafia and their controlling Dons Pharmacorp, and if you hit the big one the $90bn p.a. oncology industry (in the US alone) is waiting to kill you with some very expensive (thus profitable) machines or chemicals.
    If, (and it’s another if) its use does take four years off the end of your life as claimed, even better. Four years less non-productive useless eating for retired drones.
    So it is a win all round, yet here we are about ten years away from its proscription. This means that either the people that control our air, food and water have suddenly developed a paternalistic concern for our welfare at great cost to themselves, or there is a nefarious ulterior motive at play. Hmm, that’s a tricky one.

  8. When I was stationed in Misawa, Japan, I found out about a legend that stated that Jesus did indeed travel east and ultimately died in Japan.

    As far as the Buddhist plug goes, the first Japanese to meet Christians initially thought that they were Indian. Hmm…

  9. More word gaymes pertaining to labour camps: Auschwitz. – “aus” is german for “out”, and “schwitz” is German for “sweat” or “to sweat”. The place where the Juze go to sweat out/sweat it out. Now that could be work, or probably more likely, by virtue of the presence of a swimming pool, a leisure camp for Blitzi and Sturmi while they contemplate cutting out all the arse patches of the guards uniforms in the laundry room.

  10. Sure Jesus was “real”, but it was more like an Ed Chiarini type real.

    Following me?

    Here, you read it:

    Man O Man

  11. That second image is what I consider being “hung” on a cross, Rebel!

  12. London calling, Mongoose here.

    The video below discusses how Jesus said no to earthly temptation, the current power of the materialist Jewish lobby and how Putin is the only “saviour” left.

    This next guy has had the same idea about Putin, you tell me – gaydar on?

    All this aside, the question whether Jesus existed, as a god, as a man (Da Vinci Code/ Holy Blood), as a spiritual impulse (Steiner) or was he created (Flavian conspiracy / Susan Arendt) is the question to ponder. We must be prepared for any revelation but also use the 10,000 neurons of thought that are in our hearts.

    Mongoose out.

  13. A correction of terminology for you, Alex (wouldn’t want to be anti-semantic!): you said that “Purim” gives Jews license to steal, cheat and lie as long as their victims are humans (AKA “goyim”). Purim is indeed a disgusting orgy of Jewish revenge fantasies against imagined enemies, but it is not how they take license to literally kill and plunder in advance of their dirty deeds; that would be the Kol Nidre “prayer” – more like an oath of commitment to only their twisted rules – recited on Yom Kippur, which they so typically call the day of atonement. Like everything else they touch or do, you have to flip it upside-down to understand the essence, much the way they go around claiming the concept of Tikkun Olam as “healing the world,” when it really means tearing it all down and reshaping it to suit their needs, and their needs only.

  14. This is a little too short for an email and not really relevant but, we have a sewage and waste management company here called GEWS Ltd 🙂 It’s an acronym but, it made me chuckle when I saw the truck.

  15. London calling, Mongoose here.

    There are indicators in history that show how the slaves / servants become the masters.

    The Janissaries became the first Ottoman standing army and from the 1380s to 1648, the Janissaries were gathered through the devşirme system. This was the recruiting and training of non-Turkish children, notably Balkan Christians; Jews were never subject to devşirme.

    Eventually those conscripted through devşirme formed a distinctive social class which quickly became the ruling class of the Ottoman Empire, rivaling the Turkish aristocracy. With power came greed and corruption;
    In 1449 they revolted, demanding higher wages.

    In 1622 the teenage Sultan Osman II determined to curb Janissary excesses and outraged at becoming “subject to his own slaves” tried to disband the Janissary corps blaming it for the disaster during the Polish war. The Janissaries revolted, took the Sultan captive and murdered him.
    In 1804 they decided to execute all prominent nobles thorughout Central Serbia, a move known as “Slaughter of the knezes”. Heads of the murdered men were put on public display in the central square to serve as an example to those who might plot against the rule of the Janissaries.

    Of course in more modern times Kennedy’s bodyguards could have done a better job….what do you think?

    Indira Gandhi trusted her bodyguard too much

    And finally when Constantine the Great invaded Italy in 312 he defeated the Praetorian soldiers at Milvian Bridge then followed it up by abolishing them. He knew their power over the previous 300 years and, luckily, knew he would win because his famous vision said “in hoc signo vinces” — literally “In this sign, win,”. The X cross and the battle led to a victory for organised Christianity.

    Mongoose out.

  16. Have you read The Dragon Legacy by Nicholas de Vere? I’m sure you have. Worth a read.

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