Diasporas of Old and New

This week’s show is definitely one you don’t want to miss. The topic was Diasporas of old, and the present voluntary variety which is going on right under our nose.

Disconnecting and running away from it all, be it the media stream or the community around us may not necessarily be our own idea, or even a good one.


I explored these notions and myself, while hoping others would venture forward to the mirror and do same, stripping away notions that may not necessarily be their own, and dear attachments that were implanted [unavailable].

Also, got into a long overdue explanation of exactly why the Black Friday experiment happens and will continue to happen as long as we participate ignorantly, yet willingly. More coming, last show post was just updated too.

~ by celticrebel on December 5, 2012.

5 Responses to “Diasporas of Old and New”

  1. I have been talking to my friends, especially the ones with young kids about many things instead of just unplugging. Some of them used to get very upset with me, especially when I’d talk about the Jewish crime syndicate.

    For the most part most of them still don’t get it as one couple recently told me how awesome the feces scene in the White guilt movie “The Help” was, but at least those two aren’t yelling at me anymore haha!

    The Black Friday theory was pretty good, I have to admit. I’m with the caller who said he is looking forward you talking about the Blacks. Always interested in your talks on the Blacks.

    Overall a fine broadcast and reminiscent of the kind of shows you were doing when I first became a listener.

  2. London calling, Mongoose here.

    They are not being very subliminal any more, even in the UK the signs are getting blatant if you want to see. The fallout from the Jimmy Saville perversions over so many years is being investigated by the police under the codename “Yewtree”. Why did they choose this name?

    1) the longest-lived entity, often lasting more than 1,000 years, to be found in the European environment
    2) commonly planted in Christian churchyards and cemeteries
    3) druids preferred yew for wand-making
    4) A rod named fé made of yew was used to measure corpses and graves
    5) the yew has red berries with fleshy cups – it is poisonous, the symptoms corresponding in a very remarkable way with those which follow the bites of venomous snakes
    6) it often attains great magnitude of girth
    7) used to make bows
    it is mentioned in two famous literary instances
    1) Marlowe – Jew of Malta
    2) The witches in “Macbeth” include it in their accursed brew:
    “Liver of blaspheming Jew,
    Gall of goat, and Slips of Yew.”

    What are they trying to say?
    Mongoose out.

  3. I don’t know much about brazil but I do know allot about Colombia and yes the women are beautiful but it’s not because of race mixing… it’s because of the rich lands, pristine waters, healthy fruits & clean aIr… but all that is changing… Junk food, Jewish Propaganda Tv, Drugs & Pollution is destroying what was once the most pristine land in the world… obesity is making its way to South America because of GMO’s & Junk Food… All I know is that Brazil, Colombia & Venezula has some of the Highest Crime Rates on Earth… But I still go & yes I still feel safe but if your in colombia drinking going bar hoping be very of a drugh called the Devils Breath… I also know that in Colombia & in Brazil the central banks are completely controlled by jews… Not so much in Venezula because of Chavez…
    I know you put down the Prowhites for not wanting to race mix but have you ever honestly studied Hitler writings… Check out his view on race mixing…

    or how about Muhammad Ali veiw on race mixing…

    PS: I agree on your views on puck music… Here was one punk song that I think you would like “the cover reminds me of the celtic rebel”

    Ten Foot Pole & Pennywise were my favorite punk bands…
    Bad Religion, GWAR, NOFX are Jewish Created Punk Propaganda…

  4. Hi Alex, loved the show. Made me think of the Vancouver Punk band D.O.A.’s “The Enemy”. Found a good clip from England, ’84, playing that very song: http://youtu.be/hlt7UC3XhIY


  5. Excellent! And very relevant show. Due mostly to economic factors the emigration of leaders is still happening in Greece, Ireland and Eastern Europe today and it’s making Jewry’s efforts to “improve” those nations much easier. But with respect to Americans, Canadians, Australians, and similar English speaking dimwits, one could come up with even more compelling arguments for them to leave, at the very least for a while.

    You gain experience and perspective from living in foreign environments. From an activist perspective, by taking a step back you reinvigorate yourself. There are 2nd and 3rd world countries full of millions of people who support our cause, or are open-minded enough to hear us out. It is quite draining to be going against the grain year after year, banging your head against a brick wall trying to speak with thoroughly conditioned people. Sometimes you have to remind yourself what you’re fighting for.

    Anyone living amongst media-obsessed fools would benefit massively from contact with genuine, compassionate, intelligent, mature people. And Americans need to spend time in a conservative country to get glimpses of what they could otherwise only get at home with a time-machine, real men and real women.

    One may be of more use as an expat or volunteer in a foreign legion than fighting a losing battle at home. Or they can just stay home and be ineffective yentas like Anglos have been throughout the 20th century…

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