Who Do You Want to Be?

The Celtic Rebel was back on the air live this week, and returning to asking the questions asked long ago near the inception of the creative stream of this blog: Who are you? Are you sure? Who made you?

mirror two

That’s the show, playable below:.


Of course, we couldn’t ask the questions without getting to the group responsible for much of our self-perception, the manufacturers of our [idiot] mind and our [false] reality. Those who have shattered our potential for individualised growth.

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Note: I hosted Live Free or Die in place of Lee Rogers on Wednesday, November 7th [not available] and on Thursday, November 8th [unavailable]. It was a different format and tone than the regular Rebel shows, so some may enjoy them.

~ by celticrebel on November 7, 2012.

12 Responses to “Who Do You Want to Be?”

  1. I’m still too ignorant and occupied to hear everything out so this is another out of date OT post. Like your work though.
    Please check out “white rose”. Supposed to be a movement in the 40’s in Germany, now being promoted again by Richard Sauder.

  2. Makes me think too much of one of my favorite songs 😉

  3. Hello Alex,

    I would like to suggest language learning as something that maybe some of your listeners may find of interest. I have been learning Spanish now for a few months and have found the experience wonderful and is helping me “find out who I am”. It is like having a brain reset, for the NLP etc to take it has to come from your native language. After a day of studying you can feel your head buzzing as the new pathways are being made in the brain. Obviously my learning involves watching and listening to Spanish but all the information within the content is just that, and find I have no attachment to it one way or the other. If I may post a link to a couple of videos of a polyglot on youtube who has a method of learning that I have found wonderful and I know many others have too.

    1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivRN-BIeGLI
    2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfiGtn5wZ4Q

    Thank you

  4. UN agencies ask Brazilian president to criminalize ‘homophobia

    The social engineering program gearing up in Brazil.

  5. Hey Alex,
    Great show. Sometimes when warriors put down the battle axe they open themselves up to parasites. On the other hand when we are completely full of piss and vinegar its impossible to get sick. But constant battle leaves us drained. So a healthy balance is key. Thanks for bringing the fire (no homo).

  6. Here is a link to a documentary that is right along the lines of what Celtic has talk about, what nonsense.

    Are All Men Pedophiles?

  7. Joaquin Phoenix’s real name is Joaquin Rafael *Bottom*. Thought that was interesting, funny, weird….

  8. Judging by that article about Brazil, you would think that once they’ve made everyone gay and we’re all getting along gayly that AIDS will disappear completely. Homophobia causes AIDS. Remember that. Don’t laugh!

    Its interesting that they can continually say more and more bizarre things and never get challenged on the absurdity of their ideas, because they are always shielded by the suffering and misfortune of some minority group or another. The mind of the crowd is certainly gullible and easily controlled.

  9. Kid Rock pisses in a cup held by Sean Penn in this new video and I think they imply that Sean Penn proceeds to drink it. So wacky. Its on Upworthy.com


  10. The manner in which “Joaquin” um….”Bottom’s” [lol] name is pronounced is “Whack-Him” , so it literally sounds like “Whack Him Bottom” .

  11. Great Show… Hey Alex… This video is gross to watch… But so is the whole truth movement… Where have all the real men gone… Real Heros… As long as we have no Hero’s to lead the way we will be ruled by scum… If this “watch the video” is the best we have to offer… The Jew World Order will continue on… Looking at the big picture… Iran, North Korea, Syria and maybe even Venezuala “Not that I would want to live in those countries except for Venezuala for its Beautiful Women” are last strong holds against the Jew World Order… I just don’t see us taking back this country… Demoralization is in full effect… We are becoming a mixed sess pool of drugs/porn/lies… I just saw the movie Flight with Denzel… Another Jew Production of Porn, Drugs, Broken Family, Cocaine you name it it promotes it… “Good For Nothing” that’s what we as a nation has turned into… I want out… I am giving up the Internet… For Good…
    PS: the only sites i visit now is PressTv & NaturalNews & for fun JewishProblem & theuglytruth but I quit… Next month I am cutting the internet from my life for good… Keep up the good fight… oh ya you talked about Lenon Honor & live free or die… was lenon honor on the show?

  12. I would have called the above video, the jokers……… cause that is what the truth has become to some people……….after money gain ofcourse

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