Happy Days May Be Here Again

The Church of Truth has been having daily sermons of late, each and everyone heralding the horns of the apocalypse with more vim, more vigor and more, beyond all, doom and gloom. The TUR[D]H of TRUTH is just another bullshit religion.

Beyond all the fearmongering [psychological warfare], there is far more going on, and I think more than anything right now, we may need to hear a positive message about a potential positive outcome, and I think me, and my two guests, Greg from New Jersey and The Fat Drunk Coward, brought one (message) worth hearing:


We’ve seen all the symbols before. The fear is now omnipresent. So, why are we “awake” individuals so oblivious, as to have bought the notion that the fearful hammer of persuasion has instilled, that harvest time is the end of time?

Perhaps, things won’t turn out as badly as we’ve been led to believe. Then again, we’ve become pretty inept at interpreting symbols. It/they cuts both ways.

The one thing that we have on our side, more potent than our endless well of naivete and ignorance, would be our apathy. And these traits, have been overprogrammed into us to such an extent, they may literally be our saving graces. It may be what helps us avoid the worst of the chaos before the planned/cyclical reset takes place.

~ by celticrebel on October 10, 2012.

19 Responses to “Happy Days May Be Here Again”

  1. Better than GR8 show… loved it. You played a song in there… the cup that bleeds… the cup of blood, jesus blood… that is woman. That is how they sneak the secret of the sacred feminine into religion and conveniently forget to tell you about it and also tell lies about it. It is the old “not technically-a-lie” lie.

    The symbol for man is a spear. Man fills woman, man fulfills woman… he in return takes in her essence, she fulfills him. A symbol for woman is a chalice… the cup that bleeds.

    I did get a web-site… http://www.akisstobreakthespell.com

    …thanks for your advice. My site is a work in progress, so should have new insights written as they come to me. You are a beautiful man Celtic, and that is not me coming on to you, that is just stating the obvious. You are doing good work in the world.

  2. Greetings from a new fan. Loved this show, as most of your opinions & ideas resonated so naturally with me. Especially what you all said about the gold & silver market, somehow I knew it’s a major scam without having the hard facts. The only reason I still listen to AJ is when he has Webster Tarpley on, who may be part of the JWO yet still says some truth. Anyway, take care and I will keep listening!

  3. Like they say on http://www.faem.com/ (a really good and funny site by a “Teutonic Rebel” – have a look), you don’t need that much money to run a site to help the truth get out. You just need to say something, and someone else needs to listen. That’s about it. If the site looks too fancy, it probably is too fancy. (c.f. infowars.com)

    If David Icke was so keen on getting the truth out, why doesn’t he give it away? Maybe he needs the money for facials so he doesn’t end up with skin like Richard Branson?

    Apparently Jim Sinclair (famous as world’s biggest gold trader in ’70s) has said lately that he is glad he is old, because the Jew World Ordure isn’t going to be very nice. He is supposedly an insider (I’d guess ex-insider now), but doesn’t like the elites anymore because they will “microwave their own grandmothers” for a cuplabux. He’s Jewish (his dad is Seligman, who was partners with Jesse Livermore). He seems like a decent guy. If he is lying he’s doing a diabolically clever job of it. (www.jsmineset.com)

  4. Best Asian Bob. E-V-A-H!

    Appreciate the positive turn of late to go with the fire and ire. I think it will help more people to stick with your message past the poor arse-wiping habits of today’s goyim so they’ll hear the more refined and well reasoned points you have to make.

    Not counting on it, but sure ready to embrace a big reset, when all the sellers of fear porn will be left looking pretty stupid and lose big swathes of their audience.

    BTW, props to Sister Sledge’s brother Mike for his sharply focused rant on they way things are in his most recent show, and for the insightful show with Heil Kunt. The writings of Rabbi Harry Waton, who Kyle referenced, should put to bed any notions that it’s not a Jew World Order we’re talking about and that Communism/Bolshevism are Judaism.

  5. Hmmm… now i wonder. Chalice of blood. Jesus speaks of bringing a sword. Man spears woman… woman, the cup that bleeds. Maybe that is an alliteration to setting things aright again… the second coming.

    We are all carriers of Christ, that is our higher selves, termed the krist in a non-religious context. Christopher in latin means to ferry Christ. The church excommunicated St. Christopher, what does that say? Certainly, it is an intriguing idea… the second coming simply means bringing us out of belief and back into knowing… into gnosis.

  6. Hey Rebel, thank you for moving towards something more light-hearted. We’ve let doom & gloom weigh our hearts down to the point where we have trouble thinking and feeling clearly. Now I understand why you call it “fear porn.” Not the terminology I’d use :] but I have to admit – how often do we get off on that tripe? We’re all guilty of indulging ourselves in the fear mongering. Maybe it gives us a temporary sense of purpose. It’s illusory, though. We wait for our deaths instead of living our lives. We are so crippled by hesitation, we pass up more opportunities than we can afford to miss. Then we get drunk on the taste of our own whine. It shouldn’t be so hard to be happy – it’s not natural.
    Anger and sadness are very close relatives. Both emotions require extra energy to digest properly. We don’t have enough energy to spare as it is. But I think I speak for a lot of people when I say your show has a way of reenergizing and rejuvenating the spirit of your audience – especially when you’re at your best. And lately, you are. Let’s hope we all use this momentum wisely and hold each other up to being better, happier, lighter-hearted people. Thank you for being you, as always. Laughter is the best medicine and you prove that time and time again :] Thanks to Mike and Greg for aiding you in that too. Take good care all

  7. Things I hear repeated over and over in various circles are:

    “No one understands…”
    “No one will believe me but…X, Y, and of course Z”
    “I can’t get through to people, they seem incapable of thinking.”
    “People need to wake up.”
    “The sheeple are so dumb.”
    “The sheeple are gonna get it if they don’t wake up and DO SOMETHING!”
    “They all deserve what’s coming to them.”
    “The planet’s finished, the sooner its flushed and we can start again the better.”
    “They’re all just dumb sheep lining up and doing what they’re told.”
    “Maybe a nuclear war would be a good thing to get rid of the trash (they won’t get us where we are, so we’ll be OK).”

    It is another thing we might try to abstain from. Otherwise you end up sounding just like a you know what.

  8. just another family friendly disney production http://www.awsm.com/img/2010/black_hole.jpg

  9. What a show! You sound like a new man. That meeting with that lovely vision obviously had a wonderful effect on you. I am really pleased with this new direction. I was worried for a while and took a break from your show. Now back and must catch up on the recent ones. Thank you Alex! Great to grow with you.

  10. A woman asked me if I’d read 50 shades of gray this morning. I asked her if she omitted the “yet” at the end of her query because I was a man. She just said “well everyone is reading it”. Apparently lots of them think its crap, but they have to read it anyway. Some people only read the first book and then stop.

    I wonder what programming is in that book to make worth promoting so hard. Women of all ages are reading it. This means it’s probably a new level of propaganda aimed at some sort of sweeping change to womankind in the west. Has anyone noticed any difference in anyone after reading it? Everyone I know who has read it doesn’t seem to say much about it except to ask if everyone else has read it. Maybe once there is safety in numbers the supposed repression conquered in the book will be acted upon broadly in a “spontaneous” social transformation. Or maybe it’s just some crappy book that means nothing much at all…

  11. Just look at what the warm, educational, and family-friendly Animal Plant has recently fed their viewers, Rebel. Much of the video and dialogue could serve as a double entendre…

    Watch and laugh as a lesser predator ravenously tears into the ass of a something that’s already dead. Sigh. We once were giants.

  12. Thanks for this show, Alex!

    PS @Jon: Is this a joke?

  13. Planned and cyclical are NOT the same thing.

    The Cult of the Corybantes is founded on the rites of Spring.

    Spring being cyclical as perennial is undeniable. The Cult being a false layover on a so real truth uses the truth as a gay masquerade, the attendees being not so gay .. Spring however remains joyous as ever.

    Cyclical is easy to hijack when the see-ers see a line and termination point.
    The C of C enforce the son Attis since they ARE Attis.

    They enforce by prophet the return of Attis for profit. The son as Attis plays the sun in the sky as a line. Appear at morning, disappear at evening. Tell the simpletons to make offering to see the return and to fear the night of his absence.

    The masses in this corral are energized, read Spring, when they hear or a prodded of “the return”. Their circle has three animals therein, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. These being the prongs on the false layover on the living truth.

    The living truth see through the shadow of the night and know its cyclical and perennial. The false layover uses “walk the line”, the cyclical perennial truth knows only the circle. The line can lead to endless false paths. The circle only knows one infinite path, its perennial.

    Its a gay masquerade where the tessallated lines are toed or else. The C of C enforcing layover law. The cyclical perennial walks the circle as secret center. Exo is a line outward. Iso is a inner curvature.

    Layover law like “death and taxes”. The first is supreme truth, the second a supreme lie. The conditioning of the C of C is so pervasive this saying is universally taken as true. The second is merely a layover of the first by enforcement and rote. Death is cyclical and perennial. Taxes are planned and enforced. Taxes are the first of firsts in all government and penalty for not paying is dire to death. A layover falsity on a supreme truth.

  14. Taxes are violence…

  15. I have to give you this one. See the image Henrik put together for Richard Grove’s Red Ice appearance:


    … the hand pose and the highlighted keywords.

    I’m not interested in Grove’s trivia so won’t listen to the interview, but I’d be interested to hear from anyone who does whether ‘back door’ and similar suggestive phrases featured more often than necessary.


  16. Red Ice’s latest guests: Seth Farber and Paul Levy. More Mexicans.

    Lots ‘o twoof available there, I’m sure.

  17. Hints of a debt reset in the news:


    Cheers from sunny (though austerity ridden) Portugal!

  18. Imagine… apathy actually working in our favor! The 300 meeting in their lair and one stands and says: “Damnit! We’ve made these fools TOO apathetic! Now they won’t even step away from the TV’s and put down their ‘Smart’ phones even when we roll out the red carpet for them to act out!”

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