Victims, Trauma and Blame

Sometimes it’s easy to feel superior to others and sometimes it’s easy to make moral calls. But, how often do we consider the history of those we dismiss?

As this warrior has temporarily set aside his axe, I wonder about the traumatized victims around us, some of which, I may have inadvertently compounded the suffering of. All I’m doing is asking questions, we all should be [unavailable].


While I again (repeat) am not comparing one tragedy to another, we can’t dismiss that the end result of long-term exposure to fear and psychological abuse is extremely destructive, particularly to those who are in the process of growing.

The girl below [right] is the Siberian one I spoke of from the film Girl Model (2011). She is the one (of thousands) taken away from her family, under the promise of a better life, into the system and under the care of those far less scrupulous.

Ignore the “fear porn” truths we keep getting INFORMED that we and our lesser “sheeple” don’t want to face. The real truths are fare more uncomfortable to face.

What chance do we have to grow and become a better world when we treat the daughters of others (and of other species) like mere more than slabs of meat?

And how far gone are we, regardless of whom our adversary may be, when we don’t even afford treating our own daughters the same negligent/traumatic way?

Note: I returned as a guest on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers on Wednesday, October 3rd [unavailable]. The show went over four hours (commercial-free) and we took phone calls.

~ by celticrebel on October 3, 2012.

16 Responses to “Victims, Trauma and Blame”

  1. Great show Alex. Best one of 2012, really enjoyed your insights. I will have to check out that documentary.

  2. I had a vision of a giant wrench shaped somewhat like a battle axe being thrown into the gears of the System. There was smoke, grinding noises, sparks and then shit started to fly. I felt like ducking for cover.

    You and your comrades over at Oracle are creating a clearer vision and making headway, I can feel it in me bones, arrrggghh!!!

  3. As you are aware i spoke to you long ago now regards my own past experiences, and this was only the third time in 35 years i’d actually felt ok to do that. Maybe partly to do with the somewhat anonymous nature of the correspondence, but mostly because a lot was bought to the fore in a manner id never experienced before, i was given a whole new perspective on the matter as a whole and it was cathartic process which i am indebted to you for, which i dont say lightly, you pointed the way to the real alchemical process of healing the wounded psyche. And Heart.
    The material you were bringing up then in your shows i had never heard the likes of before, it put a lot of puzzling pieces together, very sublime work.

    Anyway, i dont need to feed your smarmy ego! , you may not have heard about Jimmy Saville, an elite Jew, the media are only talking about this post mortem because a)they were in the pockets and just wouldnt whilst he was alive, he was described as “powerful” and “broadcasting royalty”, also as having “underworld connections”, and B) they have to now as the “rumours” of many years had bubbled to the top of their own volition. Apparently, “Sir” jimmy threatened to withdraw his support for various charities if anyone raised these matters to external sources. I believe his charity work [which they say raised some £40million] was a cover anyway for his predatory nature, whereby he would visit “approved” schools [for learning disabilty/vulnerable children] and randomly take 3 or 4 young girls out for the day from school in his rolls royce UNACCOMPANIED and without parental consent!! He would then find the most vulnerable one that took his eye, make her stay behind and rape her. Some links:

    look at this creature: he exudes arrogance.

  4. Yo it is I, the dystopeon with report from Aus.I have a couple of friends, one is a prosecutor & the other lass works admin for the prosecution office. Both tell me they receive piles of incest related abuse cases, daily. It is, as you say completely endemic, here IN OZ.

  5. This last show was so amazing, and truly moved me in so many ways. I even took a ton of notes to remember everything I wanted to comment on….

    PANDEMIC!!! It’s the right word, Mr. Rebel. I thought my dad was mad because he thought every man besides himself wanted to touch little girls. He died when I was nine, and everyday of my life I’m happy he kept me safe physically and mentally.

    Of course, I went on to abuse myself relentlessly. In many ways, I still am. But now, I’m not having sex. I still have harsh memories of the lame dudes I fucked with in the unending quest for getting off. It’s terrible how many dudes don’t know how to fuck, wanna fuck you in the ass, or are just plain wimps that are more submissive than imaginable.

    I’ve settled for love in the ethereal for now, but it does not help the insanity created by the desire for a man nearby. But, every man I meet, I cannot sleep with. Mostly because they suck, but if they are actually cool and masculine, I’d rather keep them as a friend since straight dudes are going extinct.

    Also, I know where you are coming from, and I am in no way offended…but women can be managers and business owners for fucks sake. The problem is, most women think they have to behave like men to be in charge, and when they don’t get the response they desire, out come the emotions.

    Seeing as men and women are not even at all close to the traditions of what we once were, it becomes outdated to say that women/men can’t do ______, unless it is dealing with fundamental biology.

    So much to say, but I’ll sum it up. I’m glad I never watched the Matrix. Its boring as fuck and I wanted to smack everyone who tried to teach me about life through that dumb film. Same goes with Alex Jones and David Icke. I’ve met one of Alex’s strong followers and he is the most tense and disturbed individual ever, and he considers Alex his leader. It’s like a cult of people who want to listen to the most scratchy voiced obnoxious fear monger on Earth!!!

    MK MEGA. Word life. That’s the ticket sir.

    This is a great podcast to share if I ever meet anyone who is up for the challenge of learning from the Rebel.

    I must thank my dearest friend for telling me that in between all the talk of beer and social distortion songs there is ample info that I need to hear here. THANKS DOM!!!

    And I want to thank Alex Robinson because the shows you did with her were the first I could really listen to all the way through without getting bugged out or impatient…but now you’ve got me, Rebel. You fucking got me, and I feel all the better for it. Not better than anyone else, just more fortunate to have found a way to keep opening my mind.

  6. Like O.M.G. Rebel, did you and Metro Bob hear that Tila Tequila was like supposed to be on that Alex Jones show and that these like “Others” prevented her from appearing? Check it out…

    It’s just like such a sham! Oops. Sorry about the typo. I mean it’s like such a shame! You should like totally invite her to be on your show!

  7. Like, OMG! tila is like, so speaking the TRUTH right now in her ammmazing videos! and like, omg, the Others? you know, the elite? they like soooo want to kill her right now. The elite are like, afraid of tila right now, especially the top elite,like omg, the Leader of the world! and tila knows the like, biggest secrets, and she is like, omg, sooo going to tell us all in her videos about it, like, maybe next time , or the time after, so if we all like, subscribe to her channel guys, and like sooo support her and send her money and stuff? that would be like, soooo incredibly awesome, BECAUSE ALEX JONES IS A LIKE, FLAKE, AND I WANT THE TRUTH, LIKE, ABOUT THE OTHERS, i sooo want to that right now, , love you tila! stay real man. Stay alive like, byyyee

  8. Good show, inspiring stuff, depressing stuff too.
    I’ve seen the agencies at work recruiting for extras at the Armageddon show in Auckland, New Zealand. Its run by some nice people from the Philippines.
    They tell you that you are perfect and guaranteed a part. First, you have to pay $150 though. I thought $150 was too much. I must be listening to too much Celtic rebellion, and have developed a fortress-like mind of stone against the semantics and their Augusts.

  9. One day there will be a world in which you can know the biggest secrets and feel the deepest love and both will be the same.

    One day.

    Protect the sleeping.

    Mongoose out

  10. My god, thank FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, it is a rise in my spirit to hear you say that you are discerning about what women you would shag and I salute you with both hands and feet at one and the same time! I endorse myself to this also yet it seems to be incomprehensible to most of my friends and people I speak about, should the topic elicit itself. To the point where I have to negate any possibility of a blind date (yes, sometimes I prefer the dog to the owner) just in case Im presented with a moose headed blokewoman or “geezer birds”, or I will run in a hail of bottles and resentment, because the vernacular trend it that any hole is a goal. Indeed, try telling that to an overpaid puerile footballer before a championship game.

  11. Hello Alex,
    First I would like to say it is refreshing to hear someone actually saying what they think, I might not agree with it all but hearing what someone really thinks has to be helpful.

    In regards to the film “Girl Model” I am not sure if you were working in “your ways” but to me there was nothing subtle about the film. I think they could have only been less subtle if they had said at the end “These girls are being scouted to become prostitutes”. Now whether that was because you had already talked about the film before I watched it I don’t know. Would be interesting if you mentioned a film to watch to your listeners and not talk about it, and then discus next week after we have had time to watch it?

    Did you notice the guy “who was a bad man in a previous life” holding up the paper with 666 written on it? There might be nothing to the number but it is universally known to symbolize “evil”.

    I would ask you to think about starting to sleep with “loose women” before you do, are you not going to start damaging yourself as well as adding to theirs. What about telling them that you want to try a “traditional relationship” and if they are game that would be helpful to both, wouldn’t it?

    All this sounds like I am being a dick, but you have helped me realize how degenerate I had become something I was starting to realize before I came across your work and I thank you for that.

    Take care
    Bye for now

  12. I see that within my own mind, all this information, like you said, has been traumatizing to a degree. On one hand, it’s traumatizing to buy into the fear porn. I think it can also be traumatizing to become more aware and begin to understand just how brutal our oppressors are, and
    deep-seated our own insanity is. It can also be very healing if you go through the full process of really becoming yourself, and shedding the programming and the false persona you’ve built up in order to interact in society, instead of getting stuck at the trauma phase and never moving beyond that to healing.

    Sometimes I choose to take up the battle axe, and not go into the world to fight my enemies, but instead to go within and destroy the false persona I’ve created.

    For me, my reaction to all this information has been very personally empowering in some ways, but it’s also been very, very alienating to the point where I can barely tolerate mundane daily interactions.

    So in effect I feel like I’ve been sort of split in two, the part of me that interacts with everyone I meet, and the part of me that is pursuing what I’m really interested in despite not being able to talk about it 90% of the time. There is very little overlap.

    Now why do I think I’m not able to talk about it? Fear of being rejected. I’ll admit it freely.
    Maybe that is part of the programming, or maybe it’s just based on me wanting to maintain SOME relationships because they are the only ones I have. I’ve always known that you can’t make someone change their mind about these things, they have to have a willingness, for whatever reason, to go there.

    So, I’ve never been one of these “Truther” types that goes on rants about conspiracies to just anyone, trying to “spread truth” or whatever. If it comes up in conversation, fine, but I’m not going to force it.

    Clearly the plantation owners know psychology very well, and they are probably aware of this internal dichotomy created by the trauma of someone realizing the extent of their slavery after being told their whole lives that they are “free”. Perhaps they prey on this with their Fritz Springmeiers and Alex Jones’ etc. Turning people into their own worst enemy with endless repetition of dis-empowering fear porn.

    I think what’s really needed is balance, the middle ground as you have said. To be in the world and society at large, as opposed to dropping out entirely, but not surrendering your inner fire for the sake of smoother assimilation into the collective.

    If life is “Just a ride”, then I will walk the Rebel Path.

  13. “Jimmy Savile got me to put my finger in his anus” – young girl [child] abused by Savile.

    Some aspects of the culture of pederasty at the BCC are becoming apparent , operating pedo rings etc [BBC already have been proven in cover up of Holly Grieg pedo case], and the extent of Saviles societal connections to the “elites”. It is being mentioned in some circles that Savile was not just a pederast, but a supplier of children to the elite rings, a necrophiliac,and also noting his “honours” such as being a Knight of Malta, St Johns Hospitaler etc. What is apparent to me from this documentary is the number of people who were aware it was going on but said nothing. It is imbedded culture, and indeed,endemic in society. This demonstrates just what the cult of celebrity is really all about: example, look at Jimmy Savile, he looks like a cross between Worzel Gummidge and shirley temple, absolute reptile , i mean, do you think he would have ever got any women without his celebrity status?

    Here is the docu from when Theroux met Savile a while ago. Here, analyse the “man”, listen carefully to the things he has to say, get a sense of the “character”….

  14. Stephen digital sickness, Mongoose here.

    Your point about Saville is well made. The main issue is one of compromise and being compromised. The evil ones can only operate if they can compromise others to accept / ignore / gain from their world view of predatory actions. These people then become com promised, together (com) and promised or vowed to silence whether expressly or by their (in)actions.

    Our lives become a sequence of decisions as we understand the world around us about how much we compromise, from what our (my) eyes buy (comprare) into. Then there is the synthesis between what you know to be right, what is wrong and this results in a 50 shades of grey fudge (pun intended).

    I have also been thinking about how we might be looking at this the wrong way. There is a life form that has been on this planet for millions of years, gains access from any orifice possible and often kills the unsuspecting host if the defences developed especially do not work. It can also cause anal prolapse and having a foreskin protects you… it could make all the references to worms in Dune clearer..

    Click to access 11191-53.pdf

    So now that you have pointed out Saville’s sickness and Icke “outed” him ages ago too before it became popular to do so what does that mean? You mean well I know but Icke does not? The Rebel has shown what he thinks about Icke, his rabbit hole analogies etc. And yet…..

    ps. compromised definition;
    “lacking adequate resistance to infection, or lacking the ability to mount an adequate immune response”

  15. Further to Saville: Was he a jew? If you go to 30:00 in the following you will hear an extraordinary tale.

    If you have the time the whole interview is worth listening to, the British establishment is an institution of child rapists and killers it seems.

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