Battles Warriors and the War

Sometimes, a warrior grows weary of fighting. Not every battle needs to be won, much less fought. Sometimes, other calls may need be answered.

That’s how this week’s show began. And, I do hope to exercise and demonstrate some of my other talents in the week’s to come.


That was the beginning of the show [unavailable]. I connected to last week’s thoughts regarding infection, and wrapped up this series in three parts.

Swords and axes, we need remember there is still a war going on. The enemy has a plan. And should we elect to stay out of the entire war, the only way it will end is in the utter destruction of all that we, and our parents once held dear. They boldly (and repeatedly) announce their intent while mocking their victims (us).

Unfortunately, the video that inspired the discussion, and details the above and sets of movies is no longer available on the youtube/jewtube. I won’t theorize.

Close up the threads discussing the industry of conmen and disinformation artists that shovel loads of turds (while scrambling the word a bit and mispronouncing the delta as a theta). They are just doing their job (whether they know it or not).

I suspect that I will be a guest on somewhere between 2 to 3 shows by week’s end. Will post an update herein soonest.

Note A: There was no live show the following Sunday (23rd), but I appeared on another show on Saturday, September 22nd [unavailable] to discuss historical facts surrounding “Nazis,” and yet another show on Sunday, September 23rd [downloadable] to discuss the [jewish] media manufactured present wave of “Neo-Nazism.

Note B: There will be a live show this upcoming Sunday (30th), but I will also be appearing on Andrew Sholly’s Cold Reality on Blogtalk this Friday, September 28th @ 9:00 PM Eastern until 11:00 PM [link to channel].

~ by celticrebel on September 19, 2012.

19 Responses to “Battles Warriors and the War”

  1. I love when you speak of spiritual things… you add much to my experience. Ever since hearing you say that water, if not god, may be the sole/soul occupant of this planet i have never been more inspired. Thank you.

    All that comes before co-creates the future.

    Here is something you sparked in me… something you co-created…


    to create after the creation… forward creation.

    co = together… together we create.

    In the image of that which gave life to all, we are all co-creators. Life created in darkness springs forward into the light. Hence God as creator is a lie because nature shows us that we do co-create.

    God said to go forth and procreate. Procreate is a carefully chosen lie… God does not want us to see ourselves as creators, yet we are to believe we are created in his image and that there is only one creator. Does God lie? Yes… God is a pathological liar.

    Nature shows us we are all co-creators. Nature does not lie… we can see the truth with our own eyes… it is everywhere all around us. We only need to look around.

    How many realize that when Jesus Christ spoke in parables, he was speaking of natural law? All of the parables, no exception, relate to the immutable laws that govern life on this earth and in the created universe. Laws made by the mother herself… laws like gravity and the natural order of living things. Even Jesus came into the world in the usual way… through a uterus.

    Uterus… that’s an interesting word.. It’s linked directly with the word hysteria. That’s why when you get your uterus yanked out, they call it a hysterectomy. Hyst… history. Her Story. We are told Latin is a dead language. Yet all words are lies as we are taught them… the Latin reveals this.

    It is a false premise that god created everything… creation is is feminine… all sprang from the void… all came from the no thing. Nothing is perfect, nothing lasts forever. Gestation only happens in darkness… darkness is the generative and re-generative force. From darkness sprang light… the sun/son.

    History… hyst in latin means womb… any history we get from a masculine ‘god’ is really stolen from her story. That has literally been right there in front of us all this time.

    hysteron proteron…
    1560s, from Late Latin, from Greek, lit. “the latter (put as) the former.” A figure of speech in which what should come last is put first, from hysteron, neut. of hysteros “latter, second, after” (from PIE *ud-tero-, from root *ud- “up, out;” see out) + proteron, neuter of proteros “former.”

    The latter, put as the former should tell you much.

  2. IAmInfected with excitement in regards of the weeks to come! Run with it Prometheus, run!

    I set up a new coin jar just for you.

  3. I found the clip readily available on Youtube:

  4. I did go back and find the show “smoking and driving” as suggested this show in regards the [very real] chemtrail issue. I was surprised to discover it was way back in the archives, one of the first shows actually, and i thought, REBEL AT HIS FUCKING BEST! Your theories on the RADAR signal and ANTI SMOKING campaign make the most sense that ive heard, outside of “chemtrails are turning people into toasters” ala sophia smallstorm [and yea, i fell for her ‘chemtrails/borg’ spiel some time back]

    Youve done some fine shows lately with the other oracle voices too. Bravo, sir,and thank Ye.
    [audio src="" /]

  5. Good show Celt. White is not a monolith as you so eloquently stated. I dispel it by pointing out “green nigger” as Irish and in the never mentioned fact of white slavery in the New World.

    “Water as the sole occupant of the planet” are not the words of Celt, they are the words and musings of myself, as shared with Celt. Celt being fiercely protective of his work and words, and rightly so, will surely tell you that this is so. Having stated this on his show before and in running out of time to elaborate on this .. I anticipate sharing the water soon.

    On the very first Celt show I appeared, I put together a piece called “Shell game in the forest of Adocentyn” wherein this pic occurs .. it being a symbologica of “water is the sole occupant”.

    Should you wish to see another symbologica of the entire water wheel see here. The reveal and inclusion of the sphere as “macro fire” which is “intelligent wate”r or conscious water is gained by musing “water with a torch” or water becoming “to see by”, “to see itself”, “to be by”, aka the supreme container is conscious .. but does not live in its extremity .. it lives in its middle, the event horizon. Truly a hysteron proteron.

    No one has taken the 191 and 808, being iterations of 111, and tied it to the event horizon of the Saturn Square and the idea of Aurafice except myself. No one. I’ve searched extensively, both inward and outward. This symbologica leads to no other conclusion but that “water is sole occupant” and that the atmosphere/space is really the repository of the intelligence that water harvested when it was below the event horizon. Having hatched this out on Celt in many ways, in many conversations, he cannot but be infected now with this idea. Its not really even me, little dog at his fire hydrant marking water, its really the unmasking of ephemeral time and seeing its real being in one circuit. Books did not show me. The internet did now show me. Personal maddened vision penetrated me.

    Modern scientific thought, begun with Aristotle up to Newton and Einstein, and its blinding fixation with light .. is obfuscation. Aristotle was not obfuscating Plato .. he was obfuscating Thales of Miletus.

  6. So many parallels come to mind while reading Iliados. For example, if you read chant 5, you have the last meeting of Ektor, his spouse Andro-machen (meaning men fought for her, all names are codes) and his baby. Also, by reading in greek, the difference between dios and theos is clearer, something latin erased. Delta is external, opening at sea, gazing from the outside, theta is a shield protecting you, gazing from the inside. Greeks and ellens (writers and ethnos) had no god, it was a pantheon, some kind of 6th sense. The war in Iliados is mostly a war between the sense of justice (near-sighted Athènè) and tradition (white-hands Èrè) against the sense of passion (Aphrodites, lost your reason). It started when the most handsome man, Alexandros, met the most handsome woman, Elen, and they “fell in love”…
    I would comment more on the current weather war, but to grasp it, one has to look at the sky regularly. Physics taught in school (meaning keeping in the dark) is phony, this coming from someone having a graduate degree in applied science. Also, metaphysics is either a pleonasm or an oxymoron, physics is the mechanics of nature, meta means with (meta>mit>reversal of the m the same as woman instead of moman) not beyond. With physics is physics and there is nothing beyond nature. Spiritual world will be part of physics.
    We’re supposed to know how to read and write and don’t even know the letters we use. We’re supposed to be so technology advanced and don’t even know what makes the Earth turn…

  7. Physics is due a big shakeup: Electric Universe theory.
    The you know whos certainly don’t like this theory, but no doubt once it becomes accepted, they will take the credit for it as usual.

    PS: One of the most anti-white movies I’ve ever seen is “Last of the Blonde Bombshells”.

    Find it, watch it, and observe the blatant hate. Its not subtle. Even the title makes it obvious. (None of the morons in the theater had a clue, of course, and laughed their brains out.)

    It is 100% undeniable proof of what they are doing.

    PSS: I’d add the the Caddyshack movies -while proving that they like to make fun of us- don’t actually prove that they look forward to our erasure.

    Last of the Blond Bombshells actually makes this quite clear.

  8. I can say some things definitely about chemtrails as I have closely observed them for many years. There are different types of spray that form different types of trail and which diffuse in a different manner. When there has been heavy spraying (one day I observed 70 planes all flying the same (non-commercial) flight path it often results in a ‘white-out’, an even, formless layer that is translucent although the blue that comes through is more of a grey. When the sun is behind it, a ‘chembow’ forms. A complete circle with the following spectrum: on the inside a very thin grey line, then a thin lime-green line, a thin lemon-yellow line, and a broad copper/bronze band. Whatever it is made off, it certainly isn’t water.
    On foliage the effect is striking. When a normal (water vapour) cloud forms above, the greens turn a darker shade. When it is a chemcloud however the greens change tone and become more yellowy. Whatever else is going on, we can say with certainty that it reduces not just the amount of sunlight reaching the surface (the earth’s albedo has increased significantly over the last few years as the atmosphere becomes more reflective), but it greatly reduces some frequencies, particularly (I deduce) red.
    On several occasions I have seen a black line, stretching out dead straight in front of the plane to the horizon (about 40 miles from my observation point). I’ve caught this phenomenon in a few photographs so know it is not an optical illusion. That horizon is across an international border so this is definitely a pan-national operation.
    I’ve seen trails laid down under moonlight, and also lingering at very first light so night spraying does occur. I’ve seen a plane spraying, then switching off, then after a while back on again leaving a gap in the trail. I’ve seen more times than I care to remember the familiar upside-down crenelation pattern as (presumably) different density materials separate. I’ve seen a clear sky, under a massive high pressure bubble with no weather-front within hundreds of miles in any direction become transformed in the course of a morning into a white, glarey soup allowing through only weak, watery sunlight.
    I travelled a lot when I was younger, and I came to realise that the blue of the sky was different in different parts of the world. Tibet blue, Uluru blue, Sahara blue and so on, all distinctly different. So I look at the sky a lot (and I mean look, not just glance) and love and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of a particular blue sky. I also look at light, partly with a photographic bent, but again just with appreciation. My visual memory of many places I have been to is a single image that captures a particular light. So I am very attuned to these things, and when I first arrived in the Algarve twelve years ago I walked out of the airport, looked up at the sky and actually laughed at the magnificence of the rich vibrance of the distinct Algarve blue. And the phenomenal light, flooding everywhere, highlighting every detail and creating razor-sharp shadows. Spraying started here about nine years ago, slowly at first, and I was observing this new and bizarre phenomenon long before I’d heard of chemtrails and almost jumped out of my seat when I first saw a picture online of what I’d been observing for years. Now, that Algarve blue has gone because even on no spray days there is enough residue left hanging in the atmosphere to dilute the colour, and the light is no longer that sharp incandescent brilliance but is thin and diffused, and the shadows no longer crisp and dark black but softer and greyer. Whatever the greater agenda is, it’s part of the war on beauty that’s for sure.
    Oh and Alex, the line I mention above is the bottom of the Iberia grid (I’ve also see a north/south line that intersects it) and it runs just inside the coast. I think the reason they don’t spray over beaches is because people spend several hours at a time there when they can’t help but see the sky. It would just be too obvious to them I think. Because that’s the weirdest thing about this, how I see people just walking around while at no more than 10,000 feet above their head a line of planes are spewing out this thick trail and yet no-one seems to notice. How can people not see something that is so fucking visible and obvious? They are blinded to it somehow, and I suspect that is why in forums this topic is one of the most aggressively trolled of all.
    And children growing up simply do not know what a brilliant blue sky looks like. It is so fucking depressing.

  9. H2O And The Waters Of Forgetfulness by Ivan Illich (1985).

  10. Hello, I am very curious to know how you feel about the subject of vaccinations. I have been listening to your show for four months and hav not heard you discuss this very important topic. Love love love your show. Thanks, grandma of a very healthy unvaccinated child.

  11. Poor white peoples. It’s even worse not knowing what you’re up against, or that you’re even up against anything at all.

    We know what we are up against.

    But white folks still think they have a special place and its like, ‘Nah crackers. They don’t like you either and they want you just as dumb as useless as the rest of us. Just look to this created ‘black’ culture and blame what happens to your kids on them.’

    Right now I’m obsessing over how dumb they are making Romney act. It’s the same with Sarah Palin and George W. They have these actors act like slack jawwed yokels to convince people of color, and whites, that the dumbest most hateful white people are the ones who make it to the top. And Obama just gets to sit back and play that cool mulato that can save us from these white devils.

    I’m black, so this shit gives me a laugh, but its really not funny. Hold on my white brothers and sisters!!! (Fist raised- Haha!)

  12. Shabs, you are right. Another thing is that when I watch a movie I can see stuff in it that is definitely directed at blacks, and other stuff directed at whites, and usually people will not see the bit they are not supposed to see. Whites don’t even see the bit meant for them, but blacks will often see the bit meant for blacks. With some insight you can see both. Remember they view blacks as half-monkeys whose only use is to destroy the White race.

    I think everyone agrees we have a race problem. We can’t seem to agree on the solution to this race problem. At present, the most popular idea seems to be to destroy the white race and then turn the world (or at least the West) into one giant favela where everyone is equal[ly wretched].

    Here is the final solution to the race question. If true, the material at this link is shocking:

    Albert Einstein said that the world would be a better place if the White race disappeared from Europe and was replaced by the Chinese. The EU[SSR] is perhaps the realization of this goal, and shares many similarities with the Pan-European movement mentioned in the link above. This Kalergi guy was friends with Ludwig von Mises, who is high in the libertarian canon which Ron Paul promotes. Is this what Ron Paul is really working for? I’d guess yes, probably.

    They are 50 years ahead of us at least. The EUSSR started as a coal and steel price organization. We’d better smarten up…

  13. That investment banker’s favourite, Sun Tsu, said that battles should only be fought when they are already won. He has a point. And which side should one be on in a fictional war? Those who know it’s fiction, or those who have given up their balls or vaginas to be eunuched/whored in front of a TV screen and say that its all real?

    Taking a point from the other Alex and her recent link to aikido vids, the most powerful “weapon” appears to be beneficient conditional acceptance.

    Btw Eugene please do go onto the show and talk about water and light. Viktor Schauberger would be a good reference point, but you probably already know that.

    Oh, and your Rabbi impression is very good, by the way. “Youwillbederobot”…!

  14. shabs-> go fuck yourself…………………if you think you are special-> join the christanity group, but its gettin crowded over there, o my god only 150.000 or so are going to be saved? you mean that shite?? oh please….or whateva version..

    because of somethin stupid like skincolor………………->= rasism as well

  15. I have been listening to Kyle Hunt’s show archives recently, particularly the ones about White genocide. What I found most interesting is that I’ve heard all of it before, years ago. It just sounds slightly more respectable now. Bob Whitaker’s Mantra is starting to take effect maybe?

    Another quote KH could have used is from Dr. Brock Chisholm, the first head of the world health organization. He said “We must everywhere practice miscegenation, in order to produce coffee-colored people. The ideal skin color for humanity is the coffee color”.

    I have three questions:
    1. Why do *they* want this so much?
    2. How many other people actually like this idea?
    3. Why is it foisted upon us by such sinister methods, if it is such a desirable thing???

    Personally, I feel like I should rebel against this, just because *they* want it so much…

  16. I know this going to be somehow off topic:

    – New just in by beer hit single: “Milk was a bad choice!”


    What Neo has to say?

    “The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma”

    CELTIC THE HUMAN REBEL YOU always push forward yourself in order to give and share understanding about this world we live in. There is no possible metric or feeling witch can equals the flow off your amazing gifts. By approximation and due to the structure of light and darkness surround us may these words be as a shadow of what im trying to say: LOVE YOU

    If you will please accept my suggestion of a show about “There was a time” it may be a pleasant idea to have you, Kyle, “The Stygian Port” , and Mrs. Alex Robinson talking about the barriers and the uplifting breaks that brought you to this day. It´s very important to look at our past to gain a personal relief about how far we keep going and proven to others that “there’s never to late” for individuality (knowledge of self).

    I know you grasp Portuguese so here it goes a few words:

    Nada derruba a vontade humana.

    Fica bem.

    E muito muito obrigado.


    Bruno x onequalreason

  17. Names are only as descriptive as the resonance they create through action.
    The notion of being a warrior as it came from Castaneda’s narrative rings mostly true. Its not about fighting everything counter-intuitive, its about dealing with it in the correct way. Some things you take seriously, some you don’t.

    I’m sure you are familiar with this material but it remains relevant: ‘Stopping the world’ and ‘Not-doing’.

    From a spiritual viewpoint this makes sense. Taking this reality as it appears to be completely material, and quite dense at that, as the ultimate form of reality, is destructive. How can it turn out any other way?

    If ‘Accumulation’ is the highest good, this race to the bottom we have, is the only way to go.

    And obviously it extends from simple consumerism mechanics to mental and psychological issues. The war is waged on the full spectrum. Not being an active part of the money-farm kills ‘positive’ effort. ‘What if i cant eat?’

    You are not avoiding the elephant in the room here though, thats good. Who we call Jews are not actually Jews. They are actually Khazars that managed to implement some Orwellian doublespeak into the world at least 1000 years ago.

    I am pretty convinced everything that happens right now is mostly due to their hatred towards us ‘goyim’. But there is more to it then that. There is an occult layer beyond this. Financially they already have it all, what is the point now?

  18. Okidoki- the fuck you talking about homeslice? Not making much sense…

  19. Genocide by multiculturalism.

    By their victories on earth, their god wins battles in heaven. By confusing the goyim, their god is able to confuse the gods of the goyim and eventually destroy them. Then, “there shall be no gods before me” becomes reality, both above and below. As they are slaves of the Devil, so we become slaves of them.

    This is what is described on, a very interesting blog. I’d suggest more people read that entire blog and discuss it’s contents. He’s got a website too but that got censored. I’d like to see other people’s assessment of that material. CJB would certainly be a very interesting guest on your show.

    Another function of money is just to make their side of the battle fun. Go to any jewish activist meeting; who will you meet but millionaires? Go to any white power meeting; you’ll be lucky if anyone there even has a car and a job. That’s the caliber of most of those defending the white race: misled, hopeless, angry.

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