Seductive Female Prayers [1]

When I first hazarded the connection between James Holmes and John Holmes, I was half-joking myself, hooking for a comedic angle. Now, there is little (if any) doubt in my mind that this “sink” wrecks both theatrically staged houses of cards.

The Living Tiki returned once again, to discuss the above matters and other far more interesting curves and lures demanding our [at] attention:


The below montage of images, could easily be played off with clever/punic wordplay about rising to the occasion, but looking at them now, what I find somewhat incredible is that Obama’s partner/adviser was a ballerina (Rahm Israel Emanuel), and so was the most present of the Batmen/Cockswains (Christian Bale).

They are all bottoms, even those who “act/play” the role of the top. For those interested, here are the two referenced videos featuring these lying actors: Obama Showing Off his Qualification, and Alex Jones Digging for a Truffle.

The career arc of Jenny Agutter, now standing quite proud/erect, is likely properly summarized above, and I assumed that Walkabout was the bottom/top arc or her rising/falling star. But, I was unaware of the below factoid before the show:

Mr Skin’s New Blu-Ray Nudes Corner: “Jenny Agutter Winks Her Brown Eye in Walkabout: There is no more deep, dark, and mysterious place than the anus. The brown eye shot is one of the rarest in cinema for a reason–to reveal that hidden spot, the lighting must be bright and direct, and the ass cheeks must be spread.”

“However, thanks to the wonder of Blu-Ray, even a shadowy hollow can now be defined as 100% brown eye action. Case in point, the asstastic Jenny Agutter in Walkabout (1971). What we previously though was just crack can now be revealed as the rear port!”

The human race is advancing, the wonder of technology has allowed previously undiscovered stars to now be clearly seen. 🙄 Apparently, Jenny recently had an 88 page novel devoted to her. Looking at the pics below, I now wonder if I seriously overguessed the age she hit said career focus-point. There’s a good reason I didn’t link said article, I’ll leave the exploration of that rabbit hole to the gutter-minded.

I kind of screwed up the show for Tiki by adding some new related material to the front of the show outline, instead of the back, hence considered yourself formally teased on the Big Breasted Jewess topic. That is to come, or not, next week.

Note: I recently updated a discussed post, Visualymbic Castration Follies with new images and thoughts, be sure to check it out.

~ by celticrebel on August 22, 2012.

7 Responses to “Seductive Female Prayers [1]”

  1. Brandon Raub, the Marine in mental hospital for making statements on Facebook. No warrant, no charges .. who is going to say no?

  2. Sometimes you skirt very closely to synchromysticism without admitting it, but in this case I think you really identified something with Jenny Agutter, her (surprisingly few) roles, and the Jewess temptress theme. Perhaps related to the normalization of Judaic conduct in films and mass culture, it was Agutter in “American Werewolf in London” who, when her nurse colleague said she suspected the werewolf of being a Jew, responded nonchalantly by saying something to the effect that “it’s common practice,” the reference being to circumcision in the U.S. Despite my distaste for those lines, I found her quite alluring then, and still do. Not because of her boobs, but her lovely featured face. She looked English to me, so I was surprised to learn her mother was one of Tiki’s “Reds” (a connection on another level).

    Tiki writes a very well reasoned and presented blog. Looking forward to the real substance of the Jewess temptress discussion next show.

    Oh, and Tina Louise had an amazing ass. We’ve fallen pretty far from the likes of Tina and Jenny to Sarah Silverman and Amy Crackhouse!

  3. The Wonderland Club was a notorious internet child pornography site, which it appears was set up primarily as a means of entrapment. It lead to the infamous Operation Ore, they do like their mining references don’t they?
    The jews and cats thing is an interesting observation. First thought that comes to mind is that it is the antithesis of the ancient Egyptians, who revered, even deified our little furry friends. I wonder if the two things are connected?

  4. Interesting:

  5. A couple of comments:
    Susan Maureen Brandt’s old blog on yolasite, which was taken down, was one of the most interesting things I’ve ever read. Whether its true or not its very believable. She said some of her pages used to get changed to turn them into useless BS. You should get her on your show.

    On the Atlantean seductresses, SMB did mention the Altantean gene-gathering at length. Maybe the SJ’s didn’t actually get pregnant every time, and just collected seed to give to the bosses of the program. Perhaps they collected the seed in their mouths? Is that why they are so good at it?

    Apparently the Atlanteans didn’t have exactly red hair, but reddish black hair if I remember rightly. Red hair came about from breeding with the Whites mostly. The Jews are the rejects from the breeding programs, not able to fit into the target races’ societies so well. Maybe that’s why they have such a thing about fitting in now.

    The Katyn forest massacre was perpetrated by a Jewish faction inside the Soviet and now that the blame is not on the Nazis, it is on the Russians – even though they didn’t plan it. Maybe the entire Atlantean cult was taken over by the Jews too, and they have always be working against their true creators out of spite for being rejected once. Hence the desire to prove that they are the chosen people. Perhaps they have historically been tools of the Catholic church, but now seek to be masters of it, have nearly succeeded, and will soon transform it into something else.

    They key to all this is finding out if SMB really exists and if she’s lying or not.

  6. Further to my above comment: My curiosity was peeked by Russian politician Milanovs reference to german metal band Rammstein’s onstage antics during a concert in which 14 year olds were present:

    “Milonov is, however, planning to complain about the German industrial metal band Rammstein’s stadium concert that took place in St. Petersburg last month. Rammstein’s set includes a spoof anal dildo sex/ejaculation routine.
    There was an imitation of a homosexual act on stage and a non-imitation of sexual exposure — with a demonstration of male sexual parts.”

    About Rammstein:

    The band have stated they were named after the Ramstein air show disaster.[The extra “m” in the band’s name makes it translate literally as “ramming stone”] . “Ramstein” is an US airforce base, as stated above, i find interesting the manoeuvre being attempted which led to the incident [in which 67 spectators and 3 pilots died, and 346 injured] was “10 Aermacchi MB-339 PAN jets from the Italian Air Force display team, Frecce Tricolori, were performing their ‘pierced heart’ formation. Hmmm, ‘pierced heart’ huh?

    Band founder Richard Z. Kruspe was heavily influenced by the band ‘Kiss’. Other band member Till Lindemann worked as a basket-weaver and played drums in a band “First Arsch” (loosely translated as “First Ass”).

    The bands second release was a track called “Seeman” :

    They have toured with bands: Limp Bizkit, Orgy and Korn. Their music has appeared in David Lynches ‘Lost highway’ [which starts with a telephone call saying “Dick is Dead” : and also…wait for..the Wachowski siblings cult piece “The Matrix” ,the track being “Du Hast” [you hate]

    Heres an example of the imagery in their videos: “In October 2004, the video for “Mein Teil” (“My part”) caused considerable controversy in Germany when it was released. It takes a darkly comic view of the Armin Meiwes cannibalism case, showing a cross-dressed Schneider holding the other five band members on a leash and rolling around in mud.”

    The video for track “pussy”:

    Case Closed, make your own mind up!

  7. Alex, I’ve just been listening to your erstwhile guest Thomas Sheridan on Dennis Fetcho’s show. Cats came up in the conversation and Thomas said that cats can recognise psychopaths and don’t like them. He theorises they recognise a fellow predator. Consequently psychopaths don’t have cats. So that’s Jews and psychopaths. How curious.

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