Hacking Away at the Hydra

Well, the 2012/Zion Olympics is over and absolutely none of the fearmongering or spectacular predictions made by all the hucksters, fools and wankers in the alternative media came true. The retraction mills must be working overtime. 🙄

I know I’ve focused and refocused (i.e., hacked away and hacked away at this hydra of lies) before, but there is a method to my stabbing away at the madness:


There are nexxus points (i.e, “hearts”) that this shit-spell of lies originated from, hence I felt it important to rehash some of that information, especially pertaining to the Queen of Liars, Mae Brussell, a focal point of the show [unavailable].

Is the alternative media, composed of ignoramuses and scam artists “evil?” That depends on your interpretation, but I feel vindicated in calling out some of the sources, as they are directly responsible for an interpretation I read of the above [right] image. It was something to the effect of “look, the butterflies prove mkultra monarch programming.” No, you fucking idiots, the butt flies represent what may be attracted to the result of giving some fool an enema. The only reason you are missing the obvious, is you’ve been hopelessly brainwashed by the bullshit hydra.

So, for now, until the hydra either dies, or most of the people around stop paying attention to it, I know nothing better to do than hack away. More coming…

~ by celticrebel on August 15, 2012.

8 Responses to “Hacking Away at the Hydra”

  1. Butter-Fly: so called from its excrement resembling butter, as shewn by the O.Du ‘boter-schijte[, lit. ‘butter-voider’.

    English Etymology – W.W.Skeat.

    Predictive programming – its like fun with a computer an’ stuff.


  2. I love the show and I am a lady!!!

  3. Rebel,

    I expect that instead of retractions we will hear various conspiracy personages say that the Olympic false flag event was in fact PREVENTED by “getting the word out, to let Them know that we wouldn’t fall for it!”. Maybe some of these shill hosts have already said this; I don’t know, because your show and a couple others are the only ones I even listen to. But I remember several years ago when I would still check in with Jones, and at one point he said that a false flag attack or an assault on the second amendment or some damn thing was prevented by Truthers “getting the word out”. As if that matters?

    Lastly… I don’t think you should really want to see the conspiracy industry “burn” like you said. Not that it’s worth saving. It isn’t. But I just don’t think it’s healthy to want to see others undergo misery like that. Maybe you disagree, but I always felt similar apprehension when you’d talk about wanting to sodomize Jehovah. I can understand all these feelings of anger and resentment, and the Truth industry in particular misled you (and many others) years ago, before you caught on to their crap. But, I dunno, I think some form of alternative media will always be here, no matter what, for better or worse (mostly worse); I think getting rid of it would be as impossible as a human sodomizing Jehovah. And maybe, ultimately, it’s not good to wish for ignorant people to “burn”; many of the hosts could definitely do with a burning, though. Still, I can understand your anger.

  4. Smoking “Spiracy” 10:40

    PS: Another one for the weekend 🙂 Have a good show tonight Celtic!

  5. As the Rebel was saying, its wrong to look at women > http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2190188/Reanin-Johannink-Model-catches-Peeping-Toms-L-A-staring-womens-bottoms–exposes-them.html

  6. I’m pretty sure you meant that Watch It Burn thing in a figurative sense. From what I gather, you don’t go around burning people.
    Well, I mean… actually, you do :]
    Haha. But yeah, that’s still figurative.
    People need to put it into perspective.
    You know what I like about your fire & ire, Rebel? You being angry is a lot warmer than me being cold. Isn’t that funny? Even when you’re angry, you’re still warm. So you know what – don’t apologize for that. We love you because you’re warm. Stay that way, don’t be cold. Being cold is way, way worse than your fire & ire.
    The hydra is the important part – thank you for mentioning it. Remember how we talked about how to destroy it? You knew the answer right away when I asked you – you go for the heart. So you already know what to do. And like I said – that doesn’t mean you need to attack the heart – you just need to reach it. That’s what matters and that’s the best you can do. Keep it up.
    And hey man – that whole thing about shows being like houses and the guests being treated like they’re in your house? That was mine too. Dammit Rebel :] Haha, it’s cool tho, one shout out works and the hydra’s the heart of the matter. More on this thoughtline tho – it’s just the perfect metaphor to describe how poorly guests tend to be treated these days – not just on these independent broadcasts, but in actual houses as well. It’s the same thing either way. We forget this, but it’s a basic. So I’m glad you mentioned it – it is relevant. When you feel like you’ve been treated poorly as a guest, you don’t really want to visit someone’s house anymore… right? :\ Only natural.
    You have a guest in your house, you take their coat, you offer them a beverage and something to eat, you offer them a comfortable seat, you give them access to your home on the basis of trust. The guest knows this is not their permanent home, but the whole point is to make the guest FEEL AT HOME. Treating your guests on your shows the same way you’d treat a guest in your house is just a good rule to live by. Let’s hope it sinks in with everyone listening :]

  7. Hey Celtic you and Lenon have taught me allot… But some times you both go over the top… When you say actors are everywhere… You can’t bash the whole truth movement… and you can’t say most are gay… it’s much wrose in the general population… the porn programming that is being done promoting but sex and filth is an epidemic… if I were the devil and I wanted to destroy strong high moral Alpha Males so they don’t exist anymore i would promote perversion… Most men are being turned bi/gay and perverts or blackmailed or be bribed into serving the NWO or JWO… Real men with real morals are being destroyed left and right… Lenon Honor too has gone over the top by saying that 911 is the biggest mind control program ever… and that people are obsessed with conspriacies… Yes 911 truth has its freaks, thieves, and yes shills everywhere but its more work for the JWO… He won’t dare talk about WW2 HoloHoax Programing… Every week Holywood comes out with a movie reaffirming the Nazi Progamming and 6 million hoax… He thinks that Libya and Syria is a hollywood stage production… And Fukashima is not real… but It’s too big too be staged… Japan are not dumb people… They have plenty of smart people who can investiage Fukashima… I would bet my money that if went to Japan with a geiger counter I would fined high levels of radiation near Fukashima… Instead of calling every big event a hoax because the NWO has created false flag staged events in the past is not right… It takes alot to staging to fake event… Dark Knight shooter very well is withing the JWO capablility of creating a staged event… 911 was staged, 311 fukashima, holohoax, Vatican 2 Council “takeover”, Fake Moon landing, not to mention assasination JFK and so on… they have doing fake staging events since the time of Jesus… But they have never had people call them out and technologly makes it harder for them to fake it but also easier for them to stage it… Its a double edge sword its easy to stage an event but to control the the blow back “Ron Paul said about the CIA” the blow back is from 911 so huge the JWO has spent 100 times more enegry cleaning up the blow back then they spent creating the 911 event to begin with… Yes it took years to plan out but the blow back from 911 will never end as long as we have a free internet… So one tool they have is to flood the internet with filth, make men weak & sick… And yes drug us up….

    911 is the first event that they have not been able to put a lid on it… Holohoax lid is coming off faster then you can throw a stick & the moonlanding will soon be proven false too… “we can’t go back to the moon” because it won’t match the fake moon landing footage…

    One more thing… The kidnapped Marine Vet Brandon Raub just happened to make a phone call to Adam Kokesh… Is this another fake story…

    I question everything… is it a stage event or not… but war is not a staged event it might have been bought on by lies and fake terrorism but Libya is not a hollywood stage its real and children die… Syria is the same its not a staged event its a real country and reall people are dying… The JWO will continue until they rule the world that is the END GAME…

    I think that the Royal Family is a jewish 100% Zionist Controlled the Vatican & the US Government too… If someone who not does follow the JWO gets into power like JFK, Nixon, even Reagon” they get shot, kicked out or threatened… Same with the Popes… And the royal family too Princess Diana… The royal family has signed a deal with the devil and he lives in NYC & London and he has his demons controlling all western countries & the vatican & other christian chruches like John Hagee… They don’t have to control them all the biggest ones… same with congress and the white house you just need to control the heads of office…

    People of truth & freedom need to support countries that are not under the western Jewish Cartel… Iran for example… if not the middle east will be renamed the Middle West Jewish controled lands… Asia is next on their list If I WERE THE DEVIL… Sounds Like WHO? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3Az0okaHig

  8. No you see, no retractions required, because it was Danny Boyle who did that Olympics show, and it was also he whom did the post apocalyptic zombie-virus movie “28 days later” what this actually means is that a bio-weapon was released at the olympics . Just sit back and watch as, 28 days later, all of the population of london start to eat one another faces ina true Fox News! Bath Salts style.


    PS: Alex, just a little something on the “truther” who made your front page for this article, as it were:

    PSS: great show you did with the other chaps, the latest rounds table, F*cking hilarious mate, your joo impressions has me in bits, i feel a monetary donation coming on very soon although the spare mean green is hard to come by of late

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