Return of the Goldbug [III]

Ed Chiarini came back for his third appearance on The Rebel Path. Be it actors with make-up, “family” or look-a-likes, we have ask wonder what exactly is happening?

golda meir lyndon johnson

The above comparison (thanks random chatter), was really not central to our discussion, but some relevant current events were:


The first half of the show was dedicated to the latest staged marketing promotion, the horribly written marketing event that just [allegedly] took place in Aurora.

viral internet marketing

Aside from some of the issues I raised on the show, I recommend you check out Ed’s page on the topic: Aurora Hoax. There you will find his videos on the topic, along with photos of some of the people we discussed. You may also want to take a look at Mass Casualty Exercise at Community College of Aurora in Colorado which didn’t come up on the show, but reveals plenty (thanks to Gomer for sending).

Beyond all the actors going by coons and the cunts, at the end of the day, nothing says more than the following image. No, it’s not synchronicity, it is called scripting.

gateway high school

Note: I neglected to get into it during the show, but Ed is under the impression that some of the actors from the One Day at a Time television series are also being used in the Aurora Terror event promotion. That might make some sense, as the same actors were used in a pivotal script used to break down the family unit (prior show).

dicks jackass dickhouse

While I feel close to 100% on some of my own prior attempts at matching (The Shepards, Teri Buhl, Rick Clay/Julian Assange), I can’t say the same about above (hard to say with a child who is growing/changing rapidly). However, as crazy as some of Ed’s theories may seem, the below match started off at 0% for me, and is now inching closer to leaving me wondering. Is there something else going on?

queen elizabeth betty white

As I did with the discussed Jewish cleavage queen, I won’t make up my own mind on The Queen herself, or any other female specimens until I see the type of evidence I can derive concrete conclusions from based on the way my brain perceives items of importance. Yes, no doubt in my mind on below um, pairing. 😉

lindsay lohan nipples

I’m not saying Lindsay’s boobs are fake, but that she has been replaced. I am saying that at some point, assuming it had not already happened, they found someone else to step into the role/life of Lindsay Lohan (clients still abound).

ben breedlove fraud

But, I am saying the entire above story is fake. Ben Breedlove is fake. His death was fake. His family is fake. Everything is fake, other than the very real money the operation has made off of suckers. Gateway? To Heaven? Or, is it the other one my tangent of research may suggest, them letting you know you’re getting fucked.

farrell nazi handlebar moustachejim marrs jfk nazi aliens jack ruby

I will address it next time I’m on air, but I was seriously disappointed by the chat room. The lynch mob mentality rendered the chat utterly useless for the entire duration of the show. How come flash mobs don’t form whenever either of the above clowns (whom we know are both entirely full of shit) appear on air?

Few Other Arbitrary Celtic Rebel Posts on Related or Similar Subject Matter
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Apr 2012: Rabbi’d Temple Dogs [II] May 2011: Obama Jones (The Godspell)

Note: The above articles all closely relate to what was discussed on this show, and contain images that may be both relevant and revelant. I just updated the “Week Of” post, and hope to update others in the near future.

~ by celticrebel on August 7, 2012.

24 Responses to “Return of the Goldbug [III]”

  1. You were wrong, THIS is the best show you’ve done so far. Fascinating and full of information I wanted to hear.

    Ed sounds genuine enough, unfortunately he has convinced me, especially after hearing his interactions with your callers, that he does not know what he is talking about. I’ve come to this realisation using the logic that he employs when forming his so-called ‘truths’.

    I really should congratuate you on this, it was craftily done. I can’t wait for The Living Tiki next time!

    Very good needle work!

  2. Humbling stuff. Maybe a bit more rigour is required to really reveal, like these guys do with Paul McCartney getting replaced in 1966:

    The latter use ear analysis too, though they say its specifically the right ear thats used.

  3. I thought Ed might appreciate this.

  4. Very good on the link. It looks like people are catching on. Wont be long before you see these actors and comedy stand up artist run for the hills.

  5. Loving so much these shows you do with Ed and don’t really comprehend the reactions he gets. As far as I know, we are all free to think whatever we want. If I want to fill my head with stupidities, I just have to turn on a TV.

    Something that struck me suddenly about mind control is that it is synonymous with government, religion and, since the mind is the self, self control. And it goes back that if you don’t control, govern and lead your mind, someone else may try to.

    Oh, on best-sellers (BS) lists, I worked for a publisher, it is just marketing. Publishers use the book stores as storage facilities, sending them new books for free for 3 months. The list that gets published is the number of books sent to stores, not actual sales. A huge seller may crack the list now and them, but mostly it represents what the publishers want to sell.

    PS: Meir and Johnson clearly don’t match, wrinkles, chin and height. But they are very obviously closely related 😛

  6. It seems everyone’s been bitten by The Gold Bug 😉
    Perhaps some codes are better left uncracked…? (yish)

    My personal criticism: Ed’s comparative analysis is lazy and unconvincing. The composition of his imagery is borderline propaganda. And if the intent is to freak us out, and get us all chasing our own tails, then good job, well done.

    I hope Ed reevaluates his approach. If he lightens up maybe I’ll reconsider and pay more attention. I just think he gives Big Brother way too much credit. But kudos to Francois for mentioning the need to control our own minds in the face of all this mind control fear mongering, and kudos to you Rebel for giving Ed another chance to appeal. I can appreciate that

  7. Warning: Attempt at logic follows.

    “It’s so fun to sell something you believe in for a change”. – James Brolin

    @ 1:23, you will find the above quote starting to unfold
    @ 1:29, shit eating grin – a physical reaction associated with the “if you only knew” syndrome

    What he believes in or produces in an executive kind of way.

    I’m saddened that this certain career choice led him to a shit eatin’ grin and happy-happy-fun-ness. Is it something like the lesser of two evils, being forced do a project like this? -or- Does he really enjoy making high school musical knock-off shows for tweens that much?

    Mostly all humor aside, it is getting easier to see through this shit. Thanks guys. Maybe that caller Julie could post the needed ear shots in the comment section here, and take it from there. You were right about the chat room, some of your regulars aren’t takin a shine’ to this idea of Ed’s and were de-evolving right before my very pixilated dream/reality.

    @ Marie, Why you godda drag Tiki up en niss?


    The quilt of life is created by many needles

  8. yeah I was a “hip” douche & followed Ed from the beggining. A long time ago, Celtic mentioned a person that informed him the news is 100% fake. I suppose for all that is actually newsworthy, this is true. Closer to home, I think Ed is spot on with Jodie Foster playing Julia Gillard (the PM), which is scary – & outs me as an official nutbar.

  9. Talk about raising a storm.

    “Ed Chiarini – A Necessary Evil? (August 7, 2012) @ signifcanceofr”

    I would like to thank Ed for pointing out how news stories are scripted and the actors appear as victims and witnesses.

  10. Maybe my comment was too curt, I was trying to keep it short 🙂 Here’s what I left out. I do appreciate Ed’s perspective on the fabrication of news stories – there’s a great opportunity for healthy, constructive material there. I wish he’d talk more about the history of staged, sensationalized events. I’m just tired of all the doppelgangers – everybody’s everybody else now, and nobody’s getting anywhere. And no offense guys but I for one didn’t need to hear about Aurora for another two hours.

    Here’s the thing. We get so used to comparing everything – I think sometimes we forget how important contrast is. Ed does comparative analysis, that’s his thing. Maybe on that basis, it’s not necessarily something that’s best dealt in absolutes. Point is, though they’re not always in agreement, Rebel brings Ed on as a guest for the contrast. And that I do appreciate. Because contrast – difference – is what makes art something worth staring at – and what makes music worth listening to. Otherwise it’s all one note. Fun art fact – contemporary abstract artists deliberately tend to make their canvases huge, so there’s actually a reason you’ll walk by – otherwise you probably wouldn’t.

    And even though I still think Ed’s wrong with his comparisons – I still think he deserves to be treated like a guest. Like a real person. I wish he hadn’t gotten so defensive with Rebel this time around tho – I was hoping for something more light hearted, like the previous Goldbug talks. One thing I’ll say in Ed’s defense – I like that he doesn’t hide behind anonymity. Neither do I.

    So this last bit might get me in trouble… and it’s easier to say things online than in real life… but it’s long overdue and I can’t take it anymore… Rebel, what’s going on with your colleagues? Way to show up out of nowhere on the one night you all anticipate a tarring and feathering, guys. Bunch of vultures. Where were you for all of Rebel’s previous shows? None of you contributed anything constructive to the catroom this past Sunday – you just added to the trollery and got further in the way of any rational discussion between regular listeners. Does Rebel need to do another goal-hanger episode? Because his colleagues passing off his work like it’s their own – and never giving him proper credit – it’s way worse than anything Ed’s doing.

    No offense, Ed :]

  11. @ Joanne Taking control of a bed bug infestation often requires setting aside comfort for a time. If Maplethorpe had never shown up on the art “scene” I may have weighed your’e argument a little longer, but, as it stands, he did and I didn’t. The balance is obviously “fucked with” so it seems a healthy dose of “exposure” IS required.

    As for contrast, why isn’t the lack of it setting off your radar? Do some of these actors not look the same to you? The network will grow and deceit will prove to be unobtainable. What then?

    All you need to be is WellAware.

    Plain and simple.

  12. read these, hes a sham

  13. This is off topic, but a few months ago there was a link posted to a video showing how the news media fabricates the backgrounds of news casts, etc. Does anyone remember what I’m talking about? and do you have a link to the video? I can’t find it. thanks

  14. Chris’s link to paperback writers quite interesting. All in the same spirit. Lennon wrote about them too…

  15. I appreciate Ed’s work simply as art–it’s hilarious, and certainly causes intense reactions in people. I mean, every time I hear Deanna Spingola now, I hear a Victoria Jackson character, even though I know they’re not the same person. You just gotta’ laugh. And Betty White as the Queen? Classic! It’s uncanny the faces he matches. Right or wrong, Ed is an artist. Bull shit artist? Most definitely, but some of it may be right. It’s got everyone thinking twice.

  16. I find Ed’s depictions amusing. I do not care what he is or isn’t, I glean what I can from it. Mystery is just another fun layer to spice things up a bit. Besides, you gotta do what you gotta do…

    LDC, might this be what you are referring to?

  17. Its just shows we are still reactionary people….

    Someone a lot wiser than me once said “Does time pass in a linear or loop fashion inside a fishbowl? Based on this assessment, does time for Human-kind pass in a linear or loop fashion? Do we have any proof of linear time when history shows us that History repeats itself in a cyclical nature”?

    …..It got me to thinking, what if all this goes deeper [oooh errr] than actors for staged news? That element is persistent, we know from the “9/11 pinnochios nose conundrum” [i.e the plane nose cone going in one side of building and out the other] that the news media is staged/faked. But heres where this shite gets weird[er]…..

    PS: apologies, i forget to add this interesting link to the fray

  18. I have emailed Ed Chiarini several times and am still quite on the fence about his information; here is the reason I do not write him off altogether, as a lunatic

    I am extremely familiar with Milton William Cooper, both as a radio personality and as an individual; by November of 2001, I had contaced him numerous times and had also spoken with Ron Cooper, his brother. I have listened to his shows endlessly throughout the years and have just recently turned my wife on to his Mystery Babylon series

    I was turned on to Ed via Alex’ show and was surprised to find out what, precisely, he researched. I could see the similarity between individuals, but could not quite make the jump to accept his work; it was safe to say that I was entirely skeptical of his theory; however, that all changed when he put up an alleged recording of somebody he claimed to have played the role of William Cooper; “HA ha!” I thought to myself, I have Ed now..

    I listened to the recording and knew within a few moments that the voice coming over my computer speakers was that of William Cooper; in fact, as my wife was cooking breakfast, she heard the voice and asked why I hadn’t given her this previously unheard of show of Mr. Cooper! When I told her that it was (allegedly) NOT William Cooper, she said I was nuts and that is most definitely was him; then I informed her that this was a recent call to Ed’s show…. and she became as perplexed as I was

    Ed does not help himself in presenting this information. I have emailed him what I think would help those who stumble on this information to better receive his message and, as far as I know, he has not implemented any changes. What I suggested is

    1. Change the website’s format, it is not easy to navigate at all and tends to make a confusing subject matter more confusing

    2. Show a negative match; or, have a page dedicated to demonstrating the principles of his theory, such as using a negative match between his ear and mine; his facial features and mine (for example); etc.; demonstrate a positive match, i.e. young Ed Chiarini and older Ed Chiarini

    3. Have an answer page anticipating the questions people will naturally have for his work, which is extremely controvercial; for example, one question I had is that these people are all public figures, surely, at one point in histsory, Walt Disney spoke publicly at the same time Adolf Hitler spoke publicly – in other words, are there any times they each appeared in public; this would go a long, long way to demonstrate that he is after the facts of the matter

    Although it has not been extreme in my emails to Ed, he does get defensive; I can certainly empathize with him; however, it does not help his case.

  19. @stephen digital sickness re your first picture: There was a site, no longer online, called “Stop the Atlantean Brotherhood” where the author (claimed to have) worked in Hollywood. She stated that all of the top actors were members of a few families that selectively and incestuously bred with each other to keep their family lines ‘pure’. When pregnant the actress would disappear for a few months, and the baby would be hived off for adoption at birth, only to be brought back as an apparent outsider when grown. As with Ed’s work, first reaction was to dismiss it all, but by use of genealogy and photographic evidence she did make a compelling case. As the blog title implied, she said these families had been at this practise since pre-history, an idea which resonates with Eugene’s work on the Cult of Cybele. Could it be that rather than a cast it is a caste that spins the web of confusion for us all?
    On clones: I have read that first successful animal clone (a rabbit) was in the 1880s and the first (partially) successful human clone in the 1920s. No doubt we’ve all come across the weird and wacky in our internet wanderings, and should always exercise scepticism. What made me sit up and take notice was that just a few weeks before I had seen George W on the box and noticed how tired and haggard he looked. His face was sagging, he reminded me of Carter near the end of his term. A couple of weeks later and I saw him again, and he looked just like he did when he entered office. I know that lighting, make-up etc can make a difference but they really did look like two differently aged identical twins. Are there four George W clones as I’ve seen claimed? It’s possible you know.

  20. Ed,
    That is it. Thanks!

  21. Hi Rebel loved the show.

    That pic of Joseph P. Farrell as Leatherman resonates. An Ed find? I never saw it on Ed’s site. You mentioned JPF was gay once. Have you a public admission, or just made intuition? I looked but found nothing. Gayness would explain JPF theology.

    My comments to a critic of Ed haven’t appeared yet so shall echo here. Best to ya –

    Fallacious thinking has mounted way too high. I’ll tip it over.

    I track only 60% of Ed’s matches. The rest I dismiss. Celtic Rebel shirks some to Ed’s face. And yes, Ed offers some utter silliness. I also fault Ed for getting personal with Joyce Riley, who once hosted him on air. I don’t see his claim on Riley and think it’s just a weird revenge grudge.

    To his credit, Ed doesn’t charge, if donations offset server costs like ten thousand other bloggers. I see no evil in legal disclaimers. I’m surprised he doesn’t use more. Ed’s main fault is bad grammar and spelling. He needs an editor.

    On a personal note about us becoming creatives not consumers, Ed is a patented inventor and artist.

    All that said, here’s the straw man fallacy: ears and penmanship alone support Ed’s claims. Bzzzzt. Wrong.

    Ed shows family and workplace connections. We have sheriff departments, acting studios, and family parties. We aren’t just inspecting earlobes here. Ed also shows official paperwork on government drills and correlates related photos. So I find breezy dismissals of Ed’s work cartoonish binary thinking (“if Ed is NOT deranged, then…” either/or fallacy).

    A drill advisor stands tall in gunfire, while SWAT cops lay prone on their bellies in battle pose. What is wrong with this picture? If the gunfire were real, all of them would lie flat for fear of their lives. The event is a drill. TV news shows it as truth. Score for Ed.

    We need less opinionated blogging and more team effort to help Ed uncover matches and refute misses.

    Now Ed could put scores on his matches. He gives confidence figures on air, but not on site. They are subjective. The point is that even Ed does not say all of his matches have 100% confidence.

    Historical cases are fascinating, but I don’t buy big whoppers like Hitler (who was a British agent per Greg Hallett, but not Walt Disney, who in turn was nonetheless a pedo illuminist).

    Read Dr. Dennis Cuddy on machinations surrounding the Teddy Roosevelt era. Cuddy writes as a qualified scholar from a conspiratorial point of view, but with the goods: documentary proof of rigged elections and events. Ed’s finds may correlate with Cuddy’s conclusions.

    I do not buy Ed’s match on Winston Churchill. But in defense of this sort of study, it is worth saying that voice imitation actors were hired to give Churchill’s famous radio speeches while he partied and drank. And Churchill was a druid illuminist member of the secret circle detailed by Cuddy. This secret circle ran both sides of the war.

  22. An AJ critic who did her homework doesn’t buy the Hicks claim.

    Ed should get in touch to compare notes. Yeah, AJ should host Ed, and is WellAware and all. But AJ is Hicks? Curious work connections exist, true. Ed’s Infowars posters just leave me confused who plays whom. All I see is an Infowars mic. I don’t get it. I see AJ’s wife and vague resemblances, but one face shot says nothing to me.

    Speaking more to you Rebel, AJ hosted no less than Mr. Real Zionist News himself, who now calls AJ an agent. Evidence? AJ’s Jewish lawyer. Now, EVERYONE in media has a Jewish lawyer. Freeman Fly knows AJ from Austin and thinks he’s clean. AJ does hit the ADL and SPLC and B’nai B’rith. Some people say he doesn’t hit the Jesuits enough. He’s hosted those types before, too. What I see are miffed ex-guests taking what revenge they can. Texe Marrs is all about the tribe like you, yet considers AJ a colleague along with Freeman, with whom Texe has collaborated.

    Anyway, this story on SPLC may not surprise anyone here.

    On the Hitler thing, I get lost whether Ed believes Hitler is Disney, some Roosevelt, or someone else. Hitler to me was just another bastard Rothschild. His relative’s diary confirms the long stay in Britain, which ALL historians ignore. She housed him and saw his propaganda homework.

    Ed’s posters need instruction manuals. Maybe I need an “Ed for Dummies” book. Ed should give a LibreOffice spreadsheet for the names, acts, and family trees. I get lost.

    Still kudos to Ed for many fine discoveries and please keep them coming.

  23. Its almost comical how the critics will be so bold but stop short of being specific. Just like Alex Jones and Co, saying the government is putting fluoride in your water. OK, can you be a little bit more exact about that? What department in the government? Who is in charge of that propaganda? Can you tell me who to call or to direct my focus at? Never any meat to any of his stories. I on the other hand give names, addresses, post photos of Rockefeller and his grandchildren, their entire family, and call them out to their face. But yet the opposition says I’m one of them. Logic ANYONE? Or how about this one, he must be a shill because he uses goldbug as a name. Idiots, that love to jump to conclusions are more dangerous than the idiots that plant the seed to cause them to react. Do your homework and you see the fact that I had the name WAY before any of this shit went down. After you read the post that I published on a method of removing precious metals from scrap maybe then you will shut your face a bit and next time ask questions first before you choose your foot for lunch.

    As for Groden, he’s a f*cking a**hole that owes my family $50,000 so if you think I have anything to do with that piece of sh*t well you are as foolish as he was for testifying for the OJ civil trial. I told him if he chose to do that, I would not do the third book. You see the results of that don’t you? As for him being a Jew, yes he is but he was adopted by a non Jew family and was not raised Jewish and does not practice it. Neither does his family since my grandfather loaned that piece of sh*t $10,000 because he didn’t have any money for Christmas presents for his family. AGAIN DID NOT PAY THAT BACK EITHER. His wife worked as a bank manager were we had the New Frontier business account that he forged my name on a check and cleaned out the account before he split town. I was forced to promise my family I would not collect on him until they passed away. My grandfather is in his mid 90’s now, so you can sit back and wait for the end of that story because its not over just yet. So to all of you that want to say I have something to do with him or he with me, go f*ck yourselves.

    As for my work I stand behind it. If you have a problem with it tough, I don’t care what you think. I’m not here to make friends, sell you a book, a video, or ask for your money. I am here to put these fools in a position that will make them accountable for their actions. DO YOU SEE ANY OF THEM TAKING ME TO COURT? (YOU ARE AWARE THAT MANY OF THEM ARE LAWYERS, AND OBVIOUSLY THEY HAVE MONEY) DO YOU SEE ANY OF THEM PROVING ME WRONG? No. But what you do see are cowards that hide behind screen names posting bullsh*t about me and making up stupid claims trying to say that I said them. WHO DO YOU THINK THOSE PEOPLE ARE? I’ll tell you who they are. They are those who know I’m right and they cant do a dam thing about it other then bitch and complain like little children. WAHHHHaa Eds crazy, Ed’s comparisons are stupid, Ed is a secret Nazi Jew lover…..Blah Blah F*CKIN Blah. Ive heard it a thousand times, and each one of these family members that steps up, find themselves in a world of crap as I dig just a little deeper and uncover more skeletons they thought they could keep hidden. They step up and get knocked out the box every time.

    WHO REMAINS HERE AFTER A YEAR AND A HALF? ME. Who runs when questioned? They do every time. All they do is say “well hes right about some but others he’s way off” OK FINE. Then what have you done about the ones you say I’m right about? NOTHING BUT SIT ON YOUR ASS AND BITCH ABOUT THE MESSENGER. Well this messenger doesn’t care what you call him, or what you make up about him. He will be the constant thorn in your side till the day he dies or justice is meted. That I promise you, and there is nothing you can do to stop me. I WILL expose each and every one of you. I will hunt you down, and drag your crying, excuse filled ass kicking and screaming out into public view, while I pin your birth name on your forehead so you cant do your little evil acts that have caused people pain since the beginning of this nation. You will feel the eyes of its people staring at you each and evey time you go out in public. You will wonder who is aware of what you have done, as we know who you are but you have no idea how many strong we are. Each day that goes by we grow in number and your family shrinks as one by one they step down from office, or fake their death so they can go run and hide. So say what you want, I’ll be standing right here waiting for you to bring some evidence other than your conditioned perception of what you think is logical.

    The foundation that you call reasonable is nothing more than a benchmark you place on your imaginary actor based reality you believe to be fact just because you saw it on the discovery channel. You make me laugh. But those who attack, like I said are those who are guilty. NORMAL people don’t attack others work with nonsense like you see people trying to do here, and every where else you see them leave their school yard comments. NORMAL people debate with examples and have discussions based upon examples that both parties can present to make their case. ONLY THOSE who have fear running through their veins and guilt on their chest attempt to defame, or slander, the messenger, as they hope I don’t single them out and make an example of them like I have so many before them.

    Did you ever hear any of them doing anything productive or proactive like taking my work to the individuals themselves? Or pushing for an accused to submit an ear shot to prove me wrong? IF I WERE WRONG DON’T YOU THINK THEY WOULD JUMP ALL OVER IT AND MAKE A HUGE PRODUCTION HANDING OVER THEIR PHOTO AND DANCING WITH JOY AS THEY MAKE ME EAT MY WORDS? THINK ABOUT IT.

    To all my supporters stand fast we have them on the run.

  24. @Ross, yes, i did read that blog when it was up, and IALonefrog recently linked a site which hosted her work, SMB [the alleged author] which was regarding the atlantean brotherhood and the reality behind myths such as christmas. I find it very plausible, infact along with Tsarions work i find it more so. Also, in regard to the picture of the “Matrix Candy” [thats what that pic was entitled when i saw it on ‘bluebook’] -as the stynchrosphere would have it, i then stumbled onto this recent news!
    The Very picture of Nic Cage!

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