Visualymbic Castration Follies

The Olympics Games are upon us and while a bunch of fools will be looking for hidden things we’re allegedly not supposed to see, I felt it more important to focus on obvious things we should be seeing. Below, are two such prime examples:

spanish volleyball assolympic beach signals

If you are a male who would claim to be a “man” then you should by now feel somewhat confused by the paradox presented above. If not, you really need to listen to this show [downloadable]. Women should appreciate it as well.


While there are many now proselytizing the gospel of crazy for events that are due to transpire after the 2012 London Olympics commence, I am not one of them.

swerdlow clay henry schlenker

Believe it or not, the above image had only a few minor Rebel alterations made to it, the rest was put in by someone who was allegedly not trying to create a frightful collage of sexual debauchery. One of my slight changes, was to add the faces of some of those responsible for making a slew of bold ridiculous predictions that will not come to pass, such as the young/late Rik Clay (er, I mean Julian Assange).

zeus torch boy runnerusa athletes obnoxious

Worth a brief focus is the ritual anti-human ritual we gladly participate in every four years (the one behind the flagrant and intentional conspirasymbolism). Also, the flagrant attempt by Jewish designers [fashion and mental], to make Americans look like a bunch of loud insensitive militaristic assholes to the rest of the world.

pissed off topless girls

We should all look at what we are supposed to be looking at (by nature), instead of the programmed path of either looking away, or refocusing on the unnatural. Yes, I assume the above girls are likely angry because someone is actually taking their picture, but the image works (and, I suspect is relevant as to the expected reaction those of us who dare use their eyes as we choose in the brave new world).

cowardly bitch-bois hyenas pack mentality

Today’s young men have been well-trained [heeled] to be respectful, recessive and feminine, while women are being pushed towards the direction where men once were. But, that runs counter to our nature. And, how will women’s self-confidence fare when they dress in a manner that demands attention and get none of it?

see through shirtshort skirts bare ass shopping

Recent events forced me to wonder how far gone all of us are while focusing on absurdities that will likely never transpire anytime soon, much less our lifetime, instead of focusing on these destructive trends that most undeniably are now.

pole shift predictionstampa airport runway disinformation

The only relevant pole shift we should be concerned about is the one that should be taking place in our pants when our eyes encounter a fertile female specimen, glances are exchanged, and rather than wait for the gods to strike (serendipity, fate, and such crap), we realize (real-eyes) the potential for passion to take place.

olympic beach volleyball eyes and ass

So, ye who would be “men,” please go ahead and use the eyes you were born with, and cast off the televised notions of what you should and should not be looking at. Else, you run the risk of turning into the guy below: a follower, who follows her.

polizei topless woman

But, as I’ve oft repeated, “whom is she following.” My work has revealed the answer to that question. The plan will only work to all our benefit, if women stop rewarding men who fit the advertised mold. What are you girls afraid of?

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Note: I was back on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers on Wednesday, August 1st [unavailable]. The topic was the timeline of the alternative media, and some of the facts I presented served as a template to a future path show (Hacking the Hydra).

~ by celticrebel on August 1, 2012.

8 Responses to “Visualymbic Castration Follies”

  1. Rebel, curse you to an eternity of watching Alan Dershowitz interviews with your eyes pried open by toothpicks for your repeated mentions of Andrea Dworkin on your latest show. If there’s an archetypical Jewish lesbian creature she is indeed IT.

    And while looking up more about her, and such timeless quotes as “Romance is rape embellished with meaningful looks,” I came across this site with lots of insight and laughs on feminism:

  2. I finished listening to the show this morning, then saw this on the internet:

  3. Hahaha, yes I noticed the volleyball communication method and thought, yep, there you go…

  4. I had to share this with you all. So, this is what the IDF get up to? [“Ahhhh, those guys are fags”!!]

  5. Jake Stein, it is a shame what these pissed off bitter man-hating feminists have done to womankind, hence all of mankind.

    James B, had to fix that link for you. That, perhaps is what the above wants us to look at, while averting our eyes from anything fertile.

    depleted selph, I thought she was signaling just to me. 👿

    digital sickness, this might be a good clip to show exactly what the bois who grow up watching Nickelodeon will turn into.

  6. Hey Stephen Digital, do you know what the best thing about that video is?(The official Call me Maybe)
    At the end, after pursuing this guy, he goes for one of her bandmates, who’s a guy. And we all live happily ever after!

    I’m cutting this show up alex and hopefully going to make a couple youtube videos to share. And I just watched the social dating programming movie, “He’s just not that into you” which was surprisingly honest but still a lot of bs, and the movie started out with poop joke, of course.

  7. I dreamt last night about Andrea Dworkin.
    I doubt there’s a woman alive
    I’d rather not put my stalk in.

  8. Sorry for the useless comments, but those pissed off beach bitches are priceless. Great work chap.

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