Mental Boxes and Moral Adversaries

This week’s show started off asking the tired old questions, “Who are we and how did we get here?” More specifically, “what” were we?

elfsapesdragon masters

Of course, at this disjointed point from all wisdom and more importantly, nature, the best we can do is make guesses, and I laid out some non-ejewcated ones:


Growing and maturing, I am reViewing the “x-box” construct, and now wondering if it IS a mental trap, and not a material one (taking into account how a mental box creates a physical prison).


I’d be a fair assumption, looking at the pathways and the symbology associated with it, traces back to a particular group, or should I say tribe, of individuals collectivists (communists/socialists). To deny such is folly.

black baby jew jitsuresist nwo

Even a mountain of books may not be remedy for an ignorant mind, especially considering those books themselves serve no other purpose other than to program the mind into the confines of a smaller box.

Holocaust Library of Shame

Of course, this is all reinforced by the far more damaging mental-box the viewscreen confines us too. Watch at your own risk. Else, you’ll end up being about as free as Alice, Dorothy and Key Anus.

red wig

Due to a culmination of factors (notably hardware issues), I’ve fallen behind on final write-ups. Am still hoping to get to. Until next week…

~ by celticrebel on June 20, 2012.

19 Responses to “Mental Boxes and Moral Adversaries”

  1. You are smoking my brand and sleeping with my wife. Go on, sir.

  2. following reading Lana Corrine Cantrell’s book, I suppose you cannot really call yourself a man, if you’re right handed (or not left / ambidextrous). food for thought (does the edjewkation system teach men to be left handed / right brained?)

  3. Al Your the Best may the GodZ bless you

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on needing friction in life to move forward I could really relate to those Alex. All my life I have been told its bad to be so negative and opinionated. Now I realize the people telling me that had a vested interest in me behaving and fitting into societies norms. My critical think and speech causes friction and allows me to move forward and learn. Nothing “bad” about that. Great show Alex enjoyed listening.

  5. Rebel, every once in awhile (read this statement as “quite often”) you come up with absolute gems. In fact, given my current research topic, this article comes at quite a convenient juncture in my life.

    The Tribe is something about which I have given a lot of thought, lately. I took it up as a challenge to disprove a friend who said that this Tribe of Jews ran the world and have an agenda to benefit their people over all the other people on this planet; therefore, in order to empirically disprove his points, I would need to quantify his statements; and, in order to quantify something so nebulous as demographics and desires for world domination, my thought process ran thus:

    Create a hypothesis (mine: The Jews do not run the world), take its opposite (i.e., the Jews run the world) and then try to disprove it. I have had no luck in doing so, but I digress.

    My first premise: Political, social and military might emanate from financial centers;

    Second: In order to rule the world, Jews would have to be disproportionately represented demographically in world finance, politics, science, arts and academia, and this, to the extreme; and

    Third: I would then have to disprove the “agenda” portion of his assertions by demonstrating, through quotations, written word, etc., that there is no agenda.

    After checking the demographics, listening to numerous broadcasts and reading various media, I can empirically and emphatically say that my first assumption was completely false and that the Jews do indeed, by the numbers, run the world and would seem to clearly have an agenda.

    I can run the numbers for people, but it’s all out there for anybody that cares to do the research.

    I certainly do not hold to synchronicity; however, it is quite odd that you visit this piece… at least, from my perspective. Thank you!

  6. I think The Rebel Path is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills mosquiteos and doesn’t afraid of anything.

    In terms of commentary towards media mind boxes, I have this webcomic in mind:

  7. I have similar sentiments to the above post: every once in a while i find a diamond in the coal face [of this digital media] : this broadcast was just that. Some of your best work to date.

    Regarding the mental box and sensing the dimensions of it :
    As well as a construct of media [for the Goy plantation], the electromagnetic energies of the earth itself create a confining construct for electrical bodies , which i believe can be consciously felt , and thus seen, whether by astral navigation , or other esoteric means. The scientifically proven anomaly of the’vile vortices’ ;of concentrated energy points around the world, create an electromagnetic Icosahedron ,which is a hyperdimensional star of david locked up in a cube:

    Info on the Vile Vortices:

    Also, in regards the ‘diamond grid’ and symbolism, i recall in the film DUNE, someone who had been “Conditioned” to “imperial” standards [!!]received a Diamond upon their foreheads to symbolise this:

  8. If we read the Greek ‘myths’ as history rather than fable, many truths become apparent. The ‘splitting of man’ could be as straightforward as the division between the conscious and the subconscious mind. ‘We’, our ego, sense of self, exist (or at least seem to exist) only in the conscious fraction of our gestalt potential.
    Yet our subconscious mind is so much more. It has recorded every single piece of sensory data input, every sight, sound, smell, taste and touch we have ever experienced. Also every internal experience, every thought, idea, feeling and emotion. It is our very own individualised Akashic record.
    It is where our dreamworld exists, or is perhaps a portal to a wider dreamworld in an astral plane. It is the seat of our intuition (pre-cognition), and where our occluded abilities at telepathy, telekinesis and manifestation lie. True co-creation is denied us by this occlusion.
    Imagine what beings we would be if we existed in our complete mind. Certainly a being able to go up to Jehovah and tell him where to stick his lightning bolt.

  9. Comments on comments, or how words and letters are used against us
    1) I could disprove very simply that “this Tribe of Jews” run the world by proving they are not a tribe (very close lineage with a pater), more like tribes of programmed idiots. Removing the word tribe and the assumption becomes easier to prove than to disprove. But may only reside in illusions… do paper with digits on it really run the world? or is it because we allow it?
    2) Nothing “bad” with being bad. Look at the tree of life (source of the alphabet). B, A and D are the only letters entirely in the abyss, joining the crown (individuality), Saturn (opposition and reason) and Sophia (wisdom). By being bad though, you become an heretic (= thinking for yourself) 😉
    3) Synchronicity seems to be very powerful, but for another time…

  10. Minecraft is a ‘sandbox’ game that puts its players in a randomly generated worlds of giant multicolored blocks and then lets them do whatever. Building, mining, fighting off monsters, making videos, whatever. So while it wasn’t designed specifically to promote certain agendas it does have that functionality.

    But having said that, the game is still an Xbox of sorts that has millions of young men ignoring a real world that’s scorned them to spend all their free time on virtual ones instead. There they can build monoliths with controllers in much the same way that youths from thousands of years ago would build monoliths. Anything to break the questionless malaise and let them feel productive.

    That’s the game itself, at least, surrounding it though are all the Filipinos in charge of youtube that comb through the thousands of user submitted Minecraft videos for the ones they want to promote. Why make your own gay content when there are suckers out there that will make it for you for free?

  11. what is this? —>
    “No one will enter the New World Order unless [b]he or she[/b] will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless [b]he[/b] will take a Luciferian Initiation.” – David Spangler

  12. London calling, Mongoose here.

    In the spirit of looking without knowing I typed in three of the topics which are constantly coming up, and I mean constantly; Nuclear – Time Travel – Homosexuality. This is what came up – “The Forever War” by Joe Haldman (1974), with multiple references to Celticrebel themes.

    1.traveling via wormhole-like phenomena.
    2.veterans learn that to curb overpopulation, which led to worldwide class wars caused by inequitable rationing, homosexuality has become officially encouraged by many of the world’s nations.
    3.during the time that has since passed on Earth, humankind has begun to employ human cloning, resulting in a new, collective species calling itself Man.
    4.the use of nuclear weapons.
    5.activating psychological conditioning that had been implanted earlier officers command the soldiers to attack….frenzied, hateful attackers…

    In 2013 the box of magic will be used to bring you the film of the book with none other than Ridley Scott as director. Notice the covered left eye on the cover.

    Now we have travelled forward in time.

    By the way your anus is the cause of the computer problem. Your place was hit by lightning. Zeus is the god of thunderbolts, the (one eyed) Cyclops make the thunderbolts – and Uranus was their dad.

    Ps. Ron Perlman wants chicken, and he closes his left eye ar! ar! ar! Why???

    Mongoose out

  13. @effel – They really are close knit, more so than people think. Ask yourself:

    Why on earth do world leaders travel to Israel, doff a yarmulke and pray at the wall? Remember, Jewish population represents 0.2% of the total.

    Who were the former IMF Executive Directors and Chair-persons? Who are the current IMF Chairs & who is the current IMF ED?

    Who were the former World Bank Presidents? Who is the current World Bank Pres.?

    Who were the former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairmen? Who is the current one?

    Are they of Cherokee lineage? Perhaps, they are Irish, or Polish, or Inupiaq, or Congolese? Let me know what you find out =). I’ve done the research and it has changed my perception.

    It really is not about belief, statistics, or anything else other than facts.

  14. Two things: 1) I think there is a real grid keeping us separated from the rest of the Universe (ie. “Heaven”). 2) I think you may be on to something, in that this grid is being generated by 6 billion miserable souls.

    One question though: If there is no literal grid, does that mean “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” really was just about LSD?

  15. ‘Cinema is the ultimate pervert art. It doesn’t give you what you desire – it tells you how to desire’ – Slavoj Zizek

    PS: What are your thoughts on slavoj zizek?

  16. hey hey alex, if you start getting into psychology, psychoanalysis and don’t stop with freud but actually read everything of reich, you can put two and two together and know why anal obsession can develope in a human being. i don’t claim to know ALL the truth but i am for myself totally sure now. you’re very smart so you’re probably get it even faster than me 😉

  17. Hum! this tribe thing finally occupied my brain a whole day :p
    What is a tribe in reality ? prototypically, a grandfather (wise one), 6 offsprings (mature men) and 36 young men (male or female matters little if considering coupling). It takes three generations to build and will falther one way or another when the originator of the tribe dies. Off course, none of the concepts ever makes it into media, their advertised family units are depopulation scams as all their promoted demographic concepts. The current conventional concept of nationality is alogical.
    And the question I would ask more is “Why do they tell us who travels to Israel ?” All of it is just a media side-shoah and they are all clowns…

  18. @crimsonredneck just to add to your minecraft bit – I’ve noticed that ‘mature’ style sandbox games (e.g. DayZ mod – for arma II) are coming about, where you have persistent gear and permanent death. It’s literally full 24/7 with boys (~age 24-40) defending and occupying virtual territories, living collectively and spinning . They are planning for >200 players per server in the near future…

  19. I hope you dont mind me putting this here, it is relevant. I have to admit, i do enjoy the esoteric show Lost. I’d heard a couple of the names involved with its creation in interviews etc, but i was actually surprised to find out the whole thing is Jewish Enterprise [i know i shouldnt have been] , even Lindeloff, which i took for some kind of Swedish name. Now check out this role call of Elite Jews from these articles

    Kitsis and Horowitz, Show execs: big players at DISNEY
    “Kitsis and Horowitz are repped by WME and attorney Jared Levine from Morris, Yorn, Barnes, Levine, Krintzman, Rubenstein & Kohner.”

    Open letter to JJ ABRAMS : creator/movie producer
    “J.J., you’re Jewish. Co-creator Damon Lindelof is a raging Jew from Teaneck, NJ of all places. Two out of three creators are Heebs and not one Jew riding Flight 815?!? Why wasn’t there, let’s say, an Hasidic diamond dealer flying into Los Angeles after a weekend affair with a meth-smoking prostitute in Sydney? How’s that for a backstory? Or a former Israeli soldier who tortured Arabs during the Gulf War? Too similar to Sayid? Not one wise-cracking, pastrami-eating New Yorker regaling Kate and Claire with stories of alternative side of the street parking and where the best bagels are on the Upper West Side? Really? I don’t know, dude.”

    And Lindeloff, exec producer/creator
    ‎””Well, 23 is my lucky number and it was my father’s as well,” he explains of the significance of the number in the show. “My father was into the Illuminati and the number 23, so he was a big reader of Robert Anton Wilson”.

    I noticed the writer in that article keeps referring to him as “Lindelhof”. It doesnt detract that LOST was a great show, and i dont say that lightly as i dont watch much TV at all if ever, but its very revealing just how pernicious the ‘jobs for the boys’ culture is.

    Creator Jeffery Lieber

    Lloyd Braun was one of the head honchos at Disney and is credited with the original idea [the conception as opposed to the scripts] for ‘lost’. He hired his mate Lieber to flesh the script out but wasnt happy with it and later fired him, then hired Lindelhof and Abrams. After green lighting the $12 million pilot Braun himself was fired by the disney chief exec michael EISNER

    Now here we are, this guy is the fat Japanese controller [of disney]

    Oh wait, did i say Japanese?

    That completes the role call.

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