The Law and Our Briny Deep

Where does possession begin and end? Just how far do reasonable legal claims extend? How do such things relate to concepts of intimacy and privacy?

split man beastda vinci man

These were among a few of the topics discussed on this somewhat different week on The Rebel Path [download]:


Are circular legal arguments really about protection of “intellectual property” or, more likely than not, yet another tool in the arsenal of collectivism and mediocrity?

celtic rebel account terminated

But then again, what does it matter when such concepts are far beyond the understanding of most self-described individuals, who express no need for claiming rights, when you consider how they mimic and repeat, without question, even going so far as to suppress every single natural urge to at least stop and think for even a second?

Monkey DoMonkey DoMonkey Do

Quest-ion‘ing, after all, may lead to exclusion. Singing your own song may lead to loneliness. Best to sing along with the choir, no matter how repulsive the beat.

ass eater

Didn’t I mention something about casting pearls before swine? What’s the point of even trying to “prevent” anything? Reason and logic take a [literal] back-seat to subconscious indoctrination.

tampax pearls

The above product, per my understanding, has upgraded itself from paper to plastic. Never mind the surefire recipe for Chlamydia, what’s the point of even bothering to restate the obvious? People will stick anything up inside themselves, ANYTHING.


If only there were some honest adverts out there, like the one below. I’m sure the collectivist mentality of the present jewdicial system would allow for it. Really. ๐Ÿ™„


Beyond the issues of barriers, porousness, absorption, privacy and property, isn’t the basic problem how we will go to extreme ends to avoid true intimacy? How for fear of a passion that may burn, we gladly trade freedom for comfort?


As long as we keep busy and are not quest-ion’ing, we may not stop long enough to look in the mirror and realize [real eyes, not “reel eyes”] we are simply g-hosting in z-ion and that we are in fact, already dead. Expect more…

PS: I filled in as a guest host for Live Free or Die w/out Lee Rogers tonight, Wednesday, June 13th [unavailable]. As advertised, there were guests, chaos and some insanity.

~ by celticrebel on June 12, 2012.

11 Responses to “The Law and Our Briny Deep”

  1. Aluminium in chemtrails, aluminium cooking pots, phosphoric acid eating away the inside of aluminium coke tins, aluminium compounds in soaps and cosmetics. It does seem to be a concerted effort to introduce the metal into our bodies. There is a theory that with the advent of X-band radar an aluminium saturated body will be detectable, real-time tracking of every person perhaps? More prosaically, there is a clearly established link between aluminium poisoning and Alzheimer’s Disease. This horrendous condition is increasing rapidly, and appearing in people of younger and younger ages. Interestingly one group seems resistant to this trend, and that is smokers. At a molecular level, nicotine very closely resembles a naturally produced neurotransmitter. Could it be that the introduction of nicotine into the bloodstream compensates for the dysfunction of brain chemistry caused by aluminium? It would explain why tobacco is being pushed down the road to proscription.

  2. He he! nice to hear sensical words about copyrights ๐Ÿ˜€ As if I wanted to lay claim to what I produce. Seriously, it’s more just another scam and this one less about music than about pharmaceuticals. And using copyleft is cloudbusting the world…

  3. Excellent show. Really liked the story about Allison. Great points rehashed and very interesting new information.

    Get a bitcoin donation address already!

  4. Best to do what ever you do. Yea it gets real lonely, sometimes it hurts, but the joy of living as you are, expressing your boundless creativity is richer by far than all the money you might have. This world is not about the material things, it’s about conscientiousness..we swim in it., and what you do with it. There is much knowledge, wisdom……Woot!!

  5. I just tell them once and that’s it.

  6. Without the internet I would feel like Omega Man trying to figure out the disease that wiped out human kind on my own. Thanks for another insightful show Rebel.

  7. If aluminum makes us conductive, then here’s a theory:

    What would the EMP from a nuclear bomb do to an aluminum laced brain?
    Maybe it could kill everyone in a city, and if detonated high enough it wouldn’t harm buildings. Perhaps more realistic than the Xband radar tracking theory?

  8. Hey Reb,

    Last month some dude swallowed a diamond and the police arrested him, but, they will not charge him until he passes the gem. If possesion is nine tenths of the law then the one tenth must be reserved for the jewdicial system.

  9. But Rebel, real Art like this needs to be protected by copyright [laughs] : Boy Toy Shia Le Beouf does Squid, Cross Dressing, Butterflies….and Lollipops.

  10. Nice show once again Alex!

    Interesting you bringing up the topic of ‘toxicity’,
    yet didn’t mention the Number 1:
    nothing kills quite as good as alcohol…

    pour alcohol on ANYTHING living and it will destroy it,
    so why do people insist on pouring it down their throats on a daily basis…?

    why else would they let that shite that makes people stupid and belligerent be legal and the natural plants/fungi that actually make you conscious of the larger picture illegal…?

    not to mention all the damn festering your colon is going through with all the freekin yeast, it’s a gastro-intestinal nightmare
    (the real reason why people get the ‘bloated beer belly’…

    these obviously aren’t points that anyone who likes to drink ‘responsibly’ wants to hear, but if you really want to heighten your state of consciousness, it has to be ‘nipped in the bud’,
    and then see your clarity soar to new heights….

    be well man,
    I just want to see your greatness expand my friend
    and aren’t we all here to help each other out in the end…?

    love you


    : )

  11. YOUTUBE… OR JEWTUBE… is part of the jewish agenda… Have you seen the evil YouTube Series Called โ€œBlueโ€ it has it all, gay, black, pedo, whore, porn, alcohol, and drugs… Its JEW TV at its finest…

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