The Question Is: 368.9 [B]

Hm, I wonder why the “optimal zone” for Barney is the precise same spot as the “no-bully” zone? Probably, very intimately related, and probably a reason why such a place might merit a thumb up, or two.

The answers to such questions, would of course be found in this week’s show, which is a bit of a continuation of the last. Enjoy:


And there’s probably a good reason why the below Barney looks as he does, and operates as he does, and that it connects in many ways to the issue of gender roles in Jurassic Park.

To set praise aside for the substory, the below image makes one stop and ask “why?”

The “why” should pretty much wrapped up for us by the following scene, along with the “how.”

Of course, the subliminal expectations may not match real world results. Expectations may be shattered.

However, considering the repetition involved (i.e., the number of viewings) by the target audience, after a while, it will seem inevitable and expected.

Yes, there was no show last Sunday, but I made a couple of appearances. I’ve got a slew of images to connect to the last few posts and I will try to get those posts updated and some comments replied to as the week progresses. Have been dealing with some crazy stuff and if you appreciate the recent direction of shows, please feel free to “reward creativity.”

~ by celticrebel on June 6, 2012.

20 Responses to “The Question Is: 368.9 [B]”

  1. One of your best shows, evah. Blew my mind with the z+ion portion of the discussion. Judaism really is all about death and the negation of all that’s good.

    I must have missed your discussion of the significance of 88, or 888, since I couldn’t recall what it meant when you mentioned it. Recall, the Beijing Olympics began at 08:08 on August 8, 2008. Interestingly (or not), Taiwan had a devastating typhoon the following year that spanned three days, but is known as the “Double Eight Typhoon.”

  2. A sleww oF ReWarDed CreAtivity for You Sir

  3. I’ve seen Juranal Park many times but never understood what was really going on when the long necked dino sticks his “head” through the “bush” and drops his load. And usually Jeff Goldblum is running towards big purple cocks. “Jeff Goldblum is wathcing you poop” is apparently a poopular thing on jewgle as well. Go figure. I was going to link to the site but it is annoying. Search for it at your own risk.

  4. Perhaps the best show yet.

  5. A very powerful show Alex, and although it was only a small element I think you need to reconsider the ’72 virgins’ meme. This programme was created around a word in the Koran – houri – which does not translate exactly into English. Scholars usually translate it to mean ‘purity’, the interpretation being that it refers to celestial helpers, angels even. It could be seen as ‘virgin’, but only in a similar usage to ‘virgin forest’. Instead we have been relentlessly given this bogus sexual interpretation by the Filipino controlled media.
    As a programme it is very cleverly crafted. Firstly it explains away the seemingly inexplicable willingness of young men to end their own life, whilst simultaneously iilegitimatising any Islamic resistance by profaning it. I actually had someone say to me in the aftermath of the London tube false flag “And all for the sake of a blow job”. I’m certainly no expert on Islam, but just using critical thinking, would a belief system that is so chaste promote some Hollyporn masturbatory fantasy as the ultimate Divine reward for a morally correct life? I don’t think so.
    Suicide, unsurprisingly, is explicitly forbidden in the Koran. This is true of most religions as customers killing themselves is bad for business. There is scope for martyrdom, but that is in the context of battle (cf. your show on kamikaze Sherman crews in WW2). Would blowing up yourself and a busload of children qualify for that? Again, we need to work this out ourselves and not just let the NLP play out. In this century there have been hundreds of reported ‘Islamic’ or ‘Muslim’ or ‘Palestinian’ ‘suicide bombings. They are an accepted fact of life. But what exactly have they achieved?
    For Palestinians they have been used as a pretext for further brutal repression, for other Muslims countries have been invaded and devastated, civilians abducted and tortured and plenty of other horrors. And remember the next time some TSA goon starts groping your bollocks it’s all the fault of ‘suicide bombers’ (we’re all Palestinians now). Tactically these attacks are useless, strategically they are disastrous so either the people organising them are incredibly stupid, or it’s not them doing it.
    A while back I read a report that had a ring of authenticity to it. It was an interview of a young Iraqi man about a year after the USraeli invasion of his country. The economy was collapsed, so to feed his family he left his village and went to Baghdad to take one of the few paying jobs available, that of policeman. One Friday morning he was given the assignment of going to a main mosque to monitor and report on the congregation as they left. He was given a car to get him there and a phone to call in with. When he arrived and parked up, his view of the square in front of the mosque was obscured by some street vendors who had set up stalls, so he got out of the car and walked into the square to see better. Prayers duly finished and the crowd started to leave. He dialled the station to report, hit the call button and his car blew up.
    I would guess a fifteen second ‘story’ flashed across the Zio-media that evening: “A suicide car bombing at a Baghdad mosque left x Shi’ites dead. A Sunni militant group claimed responsibility”. Oh yeah, the Sunni/Shi’a war, those crazy violent Muslims eh? Incidentally, the young man in question fled Baghdad and returned to his village, better to be hungry than suicided.
    Over the last ten years how many times have you heard the term ‘Islamic’ ‘Muslim’ or ‘Palestinian’ violence? Thousands. How many times have you heard the term ‘Israeli’ or ‘Jewish’ violence’? Never. By deception make war.
    Suicide bombers? I call BS. 72 virgins? I call BS on that too.

  6. Just LOOK at those Barney Frank man boobs!…My gawd!

  7. Hehe, I was reminded of the first and last time I ever “69’d” with a girl. It was my first girlfriend ever, I was 15. I just remember it being really difficult, and then becoming grossed out because i realised my nose was right over her arsehole. Australian women don’t use bidets, you can connect the dots there.

  8. good show, that girl is a vegetarian in the movie but is shown eating jello?

  9. Excellent show.

    Although I was too busy reviewing the gender roles in Hassidic Park (does anybody else wonder why Samuel L. Jackson was cast as a computer nerd – subserviant to “Newman”?), even I was surprised at your findings of the programming…. and here’s something everyone should keep ‘in mind’:

    When I was talking about JP with Alex, I no longer have a DVD copy and was unable to rent it… so how did I “review” it? In my brain. I loved and saw JP so much, I can essentially “replay” it in my head (not as perfect as Star Wars though, which I can recite word for word start to finish – no kidding.)

    I remembered the ‘money shot’ in JP, but didn’t remember “Come on girl”. I remembered how oddly Laura Dern licked that spoon, but never gave it a second thought. And I certainly didn’t remember that Jeff Goldblum touched the old man’s thigh and was swatted away. Would I have noticed these things seeing it again? Maybe, maybe not (Alex has a much better pair of glasses than I do). But you know what? ALL that programming is still, and has been, IN MY BRAIN. The Jews of Hollywood do not like any of us, and are permanently filling our heads with shite wrapped in candy.

    “Hold on to your butts.”

  10. Coded by faux fellas? Like in this from today?

    Excerpt – “In late January, the remains of Hervey Medellin, 66, a retired airline worker, who lived near the Hollywood hillside, were found by two dog walkers.

    One of the dogs found a plastic bag containing a human head in a trail off popular Canyon Drive. Medellin’s dismembered hands and feet were also found in the Hollywood park.

    Lin, 33, a computer science student at Concordia University, was brutally slain and dismembered in late May. His torso was found in a suitcase in a Montreal alley and his hands and feet were mailed in packages via Canada Post. Some of the victim’s limbs ended up at two Vancouver schools on Tuesday, while others were delivered to political offices in Ottawa. His head remains missing.”

    The power of the air are those remaining with God after the angelic rebellion = 2/3rd or .666

    Her-V works for the airline. Her-V is a play on pun of Judaic malice.

    The power of the cast out, ie those not remaining in the favor of Capo Pappo = down down down to ha’aretz = 1/3rd or .333

    Lin, now NIl, no longer attends Concordia of peace, he is now in pieces.

    Two dog walkers? Wouldn’t it be two persons walking their dogs? The days of animals as people and people as animals.

    Such is the down down down of, as you say Celt, Holey-wood.

    Should any of you want to know the magic of the numbers .. please see Bicycle 808 , a piece inspired by a Celt show / piece; or should you wish to fly straight to the heart or even the liver of the matter.

  11. Hi alex,

    great show.

    I did notice something weird though: you always place a lot of attention on role reversals and how men are turned into women and women into men, yet the clip you played from the movie nine miles down, which you speak so higly of does just that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The woman (lucifer character) basically takes on the left brain masculine brain roll of declaring that love is just chemicals ( a statement which yoiu seem to agree very much with…………….), and the man basically takes on the female right brain romantic roll of declaring that love is much more.

    this clearly is a role reversal! which you overlook just because you are so happy that there is a woman that agrees with your perspective, and which you have elevated to lucifer status. (your ideal woman)

    I find this questionable.


  12. hey take it easy on us mutilated baldies, i’m sure i can speak for the majority of us when I say we didnt mean to rape anyone! haha

    Entertaining and thought provoking show once again! Thanks!!

  13. It is hard to have a decent discussion these days.
    Everyone sounds like they watch too much TV.

    I’m not sure the words “too much” are even necessary.

  14. I can’t remember if somebody already brought this up. Is it possible that when someone shouts “Bull’s Eye” after a target has been hit, that person is then celebrating the deemasculization of the alpha male?

    PS: By the way, I always reconized Ian Malcom’s inappropiate touch on John Hammonds leg. I just interpreted it is as some kind of harmless mockery from one character to the other. There was no single clue in my head that this is some kind of seriously meant gay reference.

  15. Ralph Laurens new perfume set ‘The Big Pony Collection’

    English rhyming slang for the word ‘crap’ is ‘pony and trap’. This is commonly shortened to ‘pony’ by us brits. For example ‘i’m off for a pony, wont be long’.

    So the joke (or rather the shite) is on the dumb goyim if they buy this product.

  16. I cannot even believe how vindicated this makes all of your work Rebel, it looks like a website metro bob threw together….

  17. Botcotthattribe, that helps explain the whole “My Litlte Pony” meme running around.

    “Quoted in the article, Lauren Faust, the shows producer argues that the Bronies are “might be bucking the gender socialization of things considered to be “for girls” or “for boys.”

  18. Old men and red-headed boys. Check out the cover art for the LL Bean Spring catalog.

  19. If you want to see a gay head rub watch the ending of the 5th element the young and the old priest(after saving the planet) its plain disgusting I can no longer watch it anymore. at 02:50

  20. I’m rarely paying attention, just occasionally. So I found a “nugget” and obviously I want to show you. It’s from a childrens show here in Sweden. She is talking about giving her friend Julia a surprise.

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