Rebel Sightings (Week Off)

There was no Rebel Path show this Sunday. The Rebel was out “doing stuff.” Speaking of stuff, here is one of the things I have done as of late [the image]:

teri buhl russia today

However, I was back on the air on Thursday, May 31st with Lee Rogers on Live Free or Die to talk about what a bunch of frauds most of the alternative media is [show unavailable]. Note: If you missed the premier of the “top secret recorded conversation between Jason Bermass and Alex Jones,” this is where to find it.

rik clay julian assange

I returned to Live Free or Die on Friday, June 1st to continue the aforementioned show [show unavailable],and further discuss the Build-a-Bear Barbeque and “stuff.”

shepard ambellas intel hub gay unicorn

Yes, Julian Ass Angel is the late great and gay Rik Clay, get over it. And while, Paul Joseph Watson and Syrian Girl “may” not be the same person, they are both entirely full of shit. Did you really need me to figure that one out? Get over it! ๐Ÿ˜†

syrian girl paul joseph watson

Finally, as if I didn’t have enough air-time on a week “off,” there is Truther Bob’s call into Lee’s show on Friday night (May 25th) which may have served as a preview of sorts [download].

~ by celticrebel on May 29, 2012.

13 Responses to “Rebel Sightings (Week Off)”

  1. Nice work on Assange/Clay there, safe to say that’s a lock. And that picture of the gay unicorn guy, centre right in your collage there – I saw that exact image being used to promote a newly opened local gay bar recently. I was listening to Doug Owen’s show while getting ready for work this morning, and he mentioned Joe Rogan’s show – said he doesn’t listen to it very often because there’s too much butthole talk for his liking. I think Douggie might be more of a CR fan than he lets on…

  2. Alex, listening to Drewma show…I’ve run across info on jew poop prayer.
    The prayer is to protect them from evil spirits entering their bodies when the sphincter is open. It’s all about the gut, tongue to tail!

  3. London calling, Mongoose here.

    I give you three horns.

    First the Unicorn as a tool for sodomy.
    “Exhausted and relaxed after all-afternoon sex, I lay sprawled on my boyfriend’s bed and uttered those fateful words “do anything you want with me”. From the corner of my eye, I saw him pick up a glass bottle in the shape of a unicorn, filled with a yellowish liquid (sweet almond oil), and I knew what was about to happen. I had no fear, only a deep sense of relaxation. It didn’t hurt, but at the moment of penetration, one self died and another was reborn. An ‘initiation’, certainly, and one that gave me insights..” Phil Hine

    Second the (jewish) Unicorn murderer of the New Age.
    “The fat man with the unkempt beard, the King of the Radicals, the Prince of Flower Power, the Guru of Peace and Love. He called himself poetically, “Unicorn,” because the name Einhorn (a German-Jewish name) means “one horn”……His was an innovation in the Age of Aquarius and he was the Chief Aquarian in Philadelphia, at one time revered by the “new generation” of the 1960s.” The Unicorn hosted the first Earth Day, he was also the callous killer of his girlfriend Holly Maddux.

    Third the horn of nothingness & worthlessness
    “Non capisce un corno” = he does not understand a thing
    “Non mi importa un corno” = I don’t care / couldn’t care less

    Mongoose out.

  4. He he! Bilderbears. And this Julian Sands seems to have a port-folio to rival Tony’s. No wonder he made so few movies ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. In addition to Nancy’s comment, looks like Jews really do have a fine appreciation for all things related to shit. I am still waiting on those “The Celtic Rebel was Right” T-shirts.

    Asher Yatzar!

  6. Re: the Unicorns – they left the balls out as they would hang down in front of their eyes leaving them blind. [ Perhaps they already are]


    PS: Further musing โ€“ if theyโ€™re not blind then they have no balls aka Eunuch-Horn

  7. Wow…….

  8. You + Nick + Horn = Unicorn = Eunuch + Horn


  9. @ Mongoose

    Einhorn…………..Remember this scene from Ace Ventura Pet Detective?

  10. @Ed
    Wow. I clicked on that link.

    “We’ve even had an anxious visit to the doctor when things were a bit stopped up. Some latex gloves and a little Vaseline took care of the situation, and oh my goodness, what a situation it was. (Josh and I have often thought we should write a children’s book called Dr. B and the Magic Finger. If there are any publishers out there reading this, feel free to be in touch.)”

    I cringed at the photo of the gloved hand making the “OK” sign(Thanks to CR for clearing up the meaning on that).

    When I read this, it reminded me of a time when my Mom told me that she took me to a doctor at the age of 5 because I was seriously constipated. She told me the doctor had to put his hand in my ass to pull out the shit!:o
    After the initial shock of Mom telling me this, I thought “How in the hell can an doctor fit his man hands into a 5 year old’s rectum?!? And, even worse, WHY?!?!?”

    Now, I was about to post this comment but thought, “Nah, no one wants to read about my childhood constipation and medical violation.” Then, a few minutes later, the postman delivered the mail to our office. Once more I find myself cringing at a gloved hand!(I hope the image link works.)

  11. possible 322 meaning: 322 = 3BB = 3I3I3 = 333 = train.

  12. Finale

    Having sent all this to you already you know. I polished each up, strung then on a necklace and wallah pigs in pink.

  13. The picture of Rik Clay, are there supposed to be answers to the questions on it? Sorry new to blog sites:-/. Would love to hear your opinion of Rik Clay and that whole 2012 transition of ages video. Thank ๐Ÿ™‚

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