The Question Is: 368.9 [A]

Last night got into an old topic, and old puzzle of sorts.

Rubik's MazeHellraiser CubePerson in Cube

Here’s the show:


Look at these numerical “problems” with new eyes.

Infinity CubedTentacular Infinity

What are the mysteries behind the numerology behind the numbers 3, 6, 8 and to a lesser degree, 9? What use might solving such a riddle be?

Aladin Plugged UpJim Henson's Cube

More to come…

~ by celticrebel on May 22, 2012.

22 Responses to “The Question Is: 368.9 [A]”

  1. Tuned in a little late, but heard some very good ideas – liked the grass roots approach

  2. Going back to the 8-ball: There’s two kinds of drugs predominantly sold in”8-balls” – amphetamines and cocaine. Having used both of these in the past, there’s something intrinsically masculine about these drugs (although obviously both genders use them). They give a sense of external power with no real spiritual dimension as you would find in hallucinogens – certainly a masculine concept.
    And Alex R, definitely have a listen to the whole thing – it was a great show!

  3. This was one of the first videos i posted here on your site many moons ago when i first ‘tuned in’ here. As we are talking about old problems and riddles of the Cube once more around , and as you have a lot more recent listeners since last i posted this: i thought it a pertinent reminder, as it encapsulates the theories of life extension, serving some force outside of ourselves, entrapment/enslavement , and of course, the paedophilia ( “…Ra takes himself a young boy…..”)

    And of course this one to complete the puzzle and reveal how th whole Priest Skiddoo system works :

  4. Alex, what the hell do numbers have to do with anything? 😉
    Thought-provoking show.

  5. Funny you should mention Jared Leto and Kurt Cobain. Back in 1994, Jared was on a critically acclaimed show called “My So-Called Life.” One particular episode focused on the parallels between his character, and a previous school “bad boy” that died young. And then there was this scene:

    It should be noted, that this series was considered “groundbreaking” in that it featured the first gay teen regular in a primetime drama, or some BS. But all the gay and effeminate males were portrayed as saints, while the alpha males were all dicks. Oh, and one guess as to the ethnicity of the “creative” team. That’s right, Filipino.

  6. Yet to listen to this show (still catching up on others) but in the meantime I saw this little video that was so loaded with code it WAS funny!

    In it Ron Harwood (had to laugh as soon as I saw haha wood!) from “Illuminating Concepts” tells us “This is not a system with spook technology” but “can just talk to you and say.. don’t fall… over Niagara Falls”. Huh?! 😉

    “ spring of next year there’s a good chance you could see them (the poles/shafts) popping up in your… city”. 😀 I’ve always called at least the main center of cities holes so…

  7. The voice of the people is spot on.

  8. Sorry to also go slightly off-topic but had to post this… They keep coming (ew!). Yet another DVD cover featuring a disturbing image of an adult male & a young child taken from the rear ass-pect! “Bereavement” was very recently released on DVD/Blu-Ray. Note how the prominent “V” (upside down spread legs) splits the title into 2 – there may be a very sick connotation here. Also, does barefoot reinforce innocence? And why is the child standing in a small illuminated area of what we can only assume is moonlight (because the image is obviously depicting a night-time setting)? Is this an obvious anal vampirism display (the knife would also suggest blood-letting) or am I reading WAY too much in here?

    PS: Interesting – I just read the bottom (no pun intended) of that DVD cover and saw “The new gold standard…”. It immediately made me think of the Simple Minds song, New Gold Dream… contd in the more on-topic thread here

  9. The Number 8 without a doubt is represtenting male energy.

    In the german language the translation for eight ist Acht. And you will find ACHT as the root of a huge variety of Words which are relating to guard something or someone

    for example

    Achtung = Attention
    achten = respect, esteem, watch
    Wach auf = wake up
    bewachen = guard

    i just catched the last hour, interresting stuff i have to hear the full segement

    nice week for you and all the listeners


    Marvel comic book crime fighters X-Men have put down their weapons and picked up wedding rings for the first same-sex marriage in the superhero world, set for June.

    Marvel says Jean-Paul Beaubier, aka Northstar, a Canadian with piercing blue eyes and silver-streaked black hair who can move and fly at superhuman speeds, will propose to his long-time boyfriend Kyle Jinadu in the issue, Astonishing X-Men #50, due on sale this month.

    Read the rest here –

  11. Using the greek alphabet, 368 makes THX (300.8.60) :O

  12. @ Matt, that is spot on. There are many many more correlations with Cobain/Leto. Far too many to mention in one post, but just one for now- Jared leto’s band “30 seconds to mars” released its first single called “Capricorn (A brand new name) somewhere in 2002 i believe. If you look into the lyrics and the video, im sure you will understand where im going with this.

  13. If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe. — Nikola Tesla

  14. well great show alex !! after hearing the whole show, I take to consideration that the chtistian trinity is just all about sodomy. The father the son and the hol(e)y jizz(NN)( N equals Z rotated by 90°) . haha represtented by a white dove.

    happy Pentecost to all of you and follow the white dove 😀

  15. This is my assessment of our situation so far. Gnosis, or the art of obtaining truth of the world you live in, is a rarity in these times. We who call ourselves truth seekers, neo-gnostics for those not of a religious affiliation, aim to uncover the lies fed to us by “our betters”, the elites and powers that be that control the global system under which we live in. The paths in which we do so may differ, but ultimately the conclusion comes down to the same thing. We who are enslaved to the system, seek freedom from the system. But when slaves outnumber the intelligentsia, then you have the problem of being dragged into the depths of submission along with them. It has started with Homeland Security, and continued with the TSA. From the trends I see in entertainment, in politics, in military affairs, in the absolute favoritism from governments of non-citizens over citizens in the global society we are developing, we are heading for unknown disasters in which corruption triumphs over truth, over decency, and over the various moral codes that indigenous people have instilled in their cultures, but which hollywood is slowly blurring over as time passes.

    We’re still too few in numbers, or votes, however that works in a system in which the electoral college overrules the will of the people, to change things for OUR benefit! So we are strapped and tied down for the ride along with the rest of the cattle, despite our objections to the stupidity we are being presented as fact.

    If we take the perspective of atheism in all of this, then we should strive to make this life the most rewarding and pleasurable that we possibly can, right? We don’t answer to a higher power, therefore we have the right to lord it over our common man, steeped in ignorance while we accumulate knowledge to rule over them. It is how we obtain power in this world, being but of mortal flesh and blood. We are temporal, so we strive for immortality with epic poems and monuments written in the stone.

    You are on the path to becoming as good of a philosopher and benefactor to mankind as one of the ancient philosophers themselves. The ancient greeks had a love of knowledge…of overcoming adversity with stratagems and bringing the realm of godhood down to the understanding of the human mind. This is what I like to call “Greek Fire”, that innovating force of the ancient world that lead all men to be better than what they were just born with. And this, I believe, is why the ancient pagan mysteries were in place.

    Judaism has an interest in building the temple on the hallowed temple mount, and that poses a problem to Islam. The Christians are caught in the middle. Hinduism, buddhism, and nature worship do not have the leverage that these monotheistic powers have as of now. Consider this interview from this acclaimed lecturer. Do his words speak true, from his point of view, of the situation that we find ourselves in as of today?

  16. Alex, what can we expect from Seth Mcfarlanes first venture into Movies? Boy band Initiate Mark Wahlberg , A Bear and some anal stuff. Of course.

  17. I remember you spoke about this case a couple of shows ago. The Judge received a lot of letters in support of the webcam spying guy on the young gay guy. I’m surprised the media reported on this. I’m not anti-gay but I do think there is a gay agenda in USA & Europe. I think most people are very tolerant of homosexuality but to say that everyone is “a little” gay is untrue.

  18. boy band? u mean his brother.

  19. Insightful and excellent review of your own work, Rebel!

    They start the Nirvana/Pearl Jam grunge-scene music programming and then follow it up with movie programming through “My Own Private Idaho” and “Singles” [a movie about relationships]…. with the added bonus of “My Own Private Idaho” evoking a meme of the gay singers of the B-52’s and whatever the hell that band was about. This prison is so all encompassing, one’s only defense is to completely examine everything we are consuming/allowing through every orifice.

    Growing up Catholic, I always subconsciously wondered why Mary was excluded from the holy trinity until you stated exactly what had replaced her. Nice work. Interesting that if you go to a predominately Catholic “third world” country, you typically will find a much stronger reverence for Mary than for Jesus (or Jehova, almost in that order).

    G-host makes me thing of all those ‘gangstas’ greeting each other with “Whatup, G?”

    Speaking of black cube (like things) – The dimensions of the monolith in 2001 were 1 x 4 x 9 = 36. [Note to everyone: This may mean absolutely nothing.]

    Speaking of Sith happening – There’s a Star Wars character named “Kit Fisto” (he also has tentacles for dreadlocks). Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but that name will now forever evoke the “Fisting kits” supposedly handed out to school students by some Obama school official awhile back. The stench of non-coincidental BS is overpowering.

    Thanks for the mention! Ongowa!

  20. Hi Rebel, I just listened to your last show and have a couple of questions.

    You mentioned them putting minced children in burgers. I’d agree that not eating pork makes it easy to avoid eating human meat hidden in meat at the supermarket or fast food outlet. Clever plan if its true. Can you provide directions to the proof you mentioned?

    I remember seeing an ad for the Rosicrucians in a magazine and it looked intriguing. I thought joining them would be cool, to learn all the secrets. But I doubt they throw pearls to swine either so I guess I’d spend years there learning nothing much. Near Lake Karapiro in New Zealand there is a big Rosicrucian school with lots of buildings and nice grounds. Slightly mysterious. Maybe its worth joining just to see what they do. I’m sure most members think they are pretty special, privy to secrets- but are they really?

    Where did your ideas about Lucifer come from? Does much of it agree with what Albert Pike said in Morals & Dogma? What is the light that draws us back? Is that Lucifer too? What’s out in the darkness, or outside the cube? Is that whay they always teach us to be afraid of the dark? Are the Jews afraid of the dark too? The elites supposedly have the knowledge to escape the cube, so why don’t they? Or is it very hard? I could go on, so perhaps you could recommend a few lines of inquiry and books worth reading on the subject?

  21. Beautiful, powerful, and directing.

    33 meaning butt sex; when you cut 8 (which turned sideways becomes infinity) in half vertically you get two 3s; thus thirty three. Infinity cut in half; possibility cut in half through sodomy?

    8 being a symbol of masculinity; cut eight vertically you get 3.Interesting.
    In the past, when I would try something new or try a new habit,I’d only do it 2 or 3 times thus ending a new possibility for me. Could 2 or 3 mean an end of possibility for me? 33 then could mean 3=end of alpha male potential and 3= stagnation of spiritual/ balance growth?

    These are just a few ideas to play with and trying to apply numerology to myself.

    PS: You say look it up, yet the internet and any source is untrustworthy?

  22. I am wondering if you would have Michael Tsarion on your show again. You guys seemed to have some great discussions. I wonder what he thinks of you dissecting Metal. On his blob, he has lots of videos in the Rapture section. He loves Dio, Rush, Judas Priest, AC/DC, Zeppelin, on and on. By the way, is Rob Halford gay? What about Queensreich? I think I stirred the pot enough, and not with my prick.

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