Bulls Girls and Volcanoes [2]

Living Tiki from Age of Volcanoes was back for the second consecutive week, for our Mother’s Day Special (his corresponding post). Picked up where last show ended.

Some may feel that it was an inappropriate time/day to discuss sensitive issues about what constitutes appropriate mothering and what constitutes womanhood. Others, myself included, may feel this was the best time to raise some questions.


So, I chose to do the topic as a gift to the feminists. As the bottom right picture confirms, feminists have neither common sense or even the common decency to consider when and where any “what” may be appropriate.

does this dick make my rights look bigger

They are lost beyond hope, and neither the academics nor the conspiracists have the slightest clue what’s going. Below, is one controversial and much maligned demon queen. I’m not advocating on her behalf, I’m just saying the picture is likely much simpler or far more complex than either side of idiots believes.

The man below is just about where the feminist ideology wanted to put him. If he’s been listening to voices on either extreme, he still has no idea what hit him.

I’ve heard man women ask: “Where have all the good men gone?” See above. I”ve heard many people ask what ever happened to mothering? Don’t look below.

I don’t want to get into the mentality of blaming victims (have addressed before). There’s plenty of blame to go around. I am hoping to move us away from the extremes; back towards center. If this felt anti-feminine, well you need to consider where the scales are tipping at the moment, and that the “definition” may be off.

As I’ve also adressed previously, you can lead the men of the present quite indirectly, because you know they will follow the women down whatever dark road they are led by the nose. There is precise purpose to near every fad and trend.

There will be a rewrite/expansion of this article, with more words and pictures. In the meantime, please refrain from taking out your anger on the undeserving. 😆

It looks like I will be hosting Live Free or Die this Wednesday, May 16th [10:00 PM Eastern]. Check this post again for an update prior to the show.

Note: If you missed Part I of this show, you may want to give it listen. I just updated the corresponding post earlier today with quite a few more images and thoughts as well [link to show/post].

~ by celticrebel on May 15, 2012.

20 Responses to “Bulls Girls and Volcanoes [2]”

  1. Whoa! Thank you for the nice shock I received when opening my e-mail this morning. Is there anyway to switch-off gif. from the subscription?

    Anyway, great shows! Enjoyed them immensely.

    I agree, women shouldn’t work unless they want to but men are not at all obsolete in my life. I need one to fix the broken toilet, kill the spiders and insects, get the car fixed at the garage, deal with the electricians, tell me how much they enjoyed the food I cooked for them, and other things I do. Let’s not forget about buying me presents and lying to me about how good I look!

    I am finding that I agree with more and more of what you say. Weird huh?

    Corporal punishment – I remember the Catholic school I went to. We were sent there because it was a ‘religious’ school so less likely to ‘corrupt’. It was always a big deal when someone got sent to the Headmaster for the cane. I remember it happened once, maybe twice to some boy…it was an event…because very few kids were bad back then! I recall seeing the cane in the office. It was a fantastic deterrent.

    The ‘divine feminine’ is of course an excuse. I get a little pissed-off when I hear people use that term so much. I believe the whole New Age movement was orchestrated to destroy our so-called ‘old-fashioned values’, and it works like a charm.

    You and the adorable Living Tiki make a great duo – You should get him on the show again for sure. I just want to add that all the advertisements and interruptions kind of ruin the flow of your conversations – sorry but it has to be said!

    Alex – you are a prophet of our future sick-society – if only you could be wrong some times?


  2. http://www.stfuparentsblog.com/


  3. I’m not saying magazines for men are any better.


    Every woman’s magazine ever.

    I almost cant blame them running around like a bunch of putana robots *beep* “insert coin” *boop*

    Good points in the show, I’m gonna marinate in them for a while.

  4. T-Rex = Testicles/Testosterone King = Manly man with huge balls

    It wasn’t the Sam Neil character, to whom the Laura Dern character talked, it was Richard Attenborough as John Hammond.
    (I recommend to compare John Hammond to Mephisto from South Park, by the way)
    Jurassic Park and Lost World are two movies, which I watched as a kid more than enough times. Back then, dinosaurs were quite a temptatiion for me 😉

    The quote from Laura Dern as Ellie Sattler about who will inherit the earth is rather interesting, especially if you watch this scene (Jump to 2:00):

    For the case this video gets pulled, it is the sequence where Dr. Sattler reactivates the power supply for the Jurassic Park.

    Looks, like Ms. Sattler isn’t that amused about dinosaurs eating all the men.

  5. Ha! first comment. Good show. Very listenable.

  6. London calling, Mongoose here.

    The T Rex is a symbol I have been thinking of for some time. It is a symbol of sexual domination, by the pervert priests, over the rest – the herd. They are saying we can get anyone, anywhere, anytime. We can get those you love and you are so damn stupid you don’t even know.

    Men in Black 3 is being advertised with two white men standing partially hidden behind a black man – men in the black male, from behind. It must also be remembered (ie. don’t forget what your member is for) that the term “blackmail” originated in 16th century Scotland, and was generally associated with buggery. The book “Sexual Anarchy” by Elaine Showalter outlines this aspect and makes a link with Stevenson’s “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde”.

    Showalter argues that the tale of Hyde is actually the story of a man with inner sexual turmoil, he has something to (Mr) hide, he is leading a double life. By day “normal” by night a sexual predator of men – the white and black again. There is something “unspeakable” about Hyde, Victorian code for homosexuality. Ramming the point home Jekyll’s abode is called “Blackmail House” on “Queer Street”. There are also allusions to a crime by Jekyll in his youth – “the cancer of some concealed disgrace; punishment coming pede claudo” – the Latin phrase meaning “on halting foot” a bilingual pun on pederasty. Watch out for hobbling men.

    According to one biographer the author had an entourage and the “male appreciation of Stevenson was often intensely physical”. This may explain the phrases “chocolate-brown fog”, “the back-end of the evening”, and a blistered back door which is the only way Hyde enters bearing “marks of prolonged and sordid negligence”.

    Hiding in plain sight.

    Mongoose out.

  7. Great show once again. Living Tiki seems like a genuinely nice, decent guy
    which is a rare occurence in this scum bag scammer conspiracy industry. It was a refreshing listen thanks for bringing him on Alex.

  8. In case anyone has any doubt there’s a war on the Alpha Male, check out this “Slylock Fox” cartoon from 5/16. What does it look like is happening here? Keep in mind, this comic is specifically aimed at children.


  9. Great shows Rebel. Found some REAL music thats quite apt in many ways for your material. Real music from a real Woman:

    “Hey you, standing there, what you got to stare at?
    I’m not shy of your beady little eye that views me like some mishap
    Cackling laughter behind your hand, you’re so funny, you’re so bland
    Here’s a thing you can’t understand: You are just a program
    You’re a program, you’re a program”


    “There’s you scratching my back, me scratching yours
    Rub up the right way, it always ensures
    We’ll know the right people, open right doors
    To the land of the famous incredible bores”


    This music is all from the film “Breaking Glass”, which in my opinion, should be required watching at all schools and beyond.

  10. It seems the feminisation of men agenda began a lot further back than most of us think. Check out this British fashion show from 1951:

    Mauro Biglino: Unexpected Bible – Translating it literally (3 of 6)
    Check it out on Youtube. He likes the smell of shite alright! You’re closer to the truth Alex then most realise haha!

  12. I have looked at the work of the DallasGoldBug and I definately think he is onto something but he and we are unaware of the possible truth until now perhaps.

    I think he has stumbled onto ‘Human Cloning’. Maybe these actors infront of us in positions of ‘influence’ or ‘power’ are actually human clones.

    Would appreciate everyiones feedback on this. Thanks

  13. Natasha – shirley you’re joking?

  14. I too, disbelieve in the existence and viability of human cloning as of now.

  15. Yo Rebel in regards to that Simpsons episode featuring the fake authors of childrens books. The author guest starring in that particular episode was named Neil Gaiman (kneel gay man). Also I was watching American Dad the other night and their was a character named Senator Sheperd. He appeared to be straight but his son was gayer than a picnic. It must be difficult to be right all the time……well with the exception of the guitar solo. Without people doing solos on their instruments their would be no jazz music and that would be a shame. Great show as always. Take Care.

  16. Look at a typical classroom in a public elementary school. The desks are grouped together in four or five clusters, often with a team captain who is responsible for materials. Work is often collaborative with creative solutions encouraged. The teacher acts as a facilitator, leading discussions and guiding the class. This approach works better for girls than boys. The goal was to improve the performance of girls ( and do some social engineering) especially in math. Boys often find this approach to be confusing. They end up not knowing what to do or what is expected of them.

    My daughter is in the TAG class, talented and gifted. These girls are all about girl power. They are assertive, and proud of being girly, sporty, and brainy. They have confidence that I just didn’t have at that age. The problem is that most of them are also bossy, bitchy, little ballbusters. They frequently tell the boys that they are doing everything wrong, which makes the boys cry.

    My son is intelligent, but tends to goof off in school. The rules are vague, the expectations are unclear, and everything feels soft. There are consequences, but no one ever says, “don’t do x or y will happen.”

  17. Oh my god like check out this new show on NBC you guys! I hope Metro can do a review of this because that would rock ok!

  18. my gf cooks up a mean fried bhindi dal 🙂 yum!

  19. Damn it Rebel! Stop brainwashing us with your Jew paranoia. If you would just listen to patriots like Paul Joseph Watson you would know that its the Chinese we need to worry about.

  20. London calling, Mongoose here again

    I posted the Jekyll / Hyde comment above on May 15, 2012
    Look what has turned up on rense.com – May 21, 2012

    “Jekyll and Hyde The manicured metrosexual image”
    “The carefully crafted metrosexual campaign persona is merely a cover for the Jekyll that hides the Hyde … and part of the tragedy is that nobody seems to notice …”

    Coincidence or……..?


    Mongoose out

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