Bulls Girls and Volcanoes [1]

Living Tiki from Age of Volcanoes joined me this week, to talk about something we both can’t get enough of, the lovely creatures known as women, our other hellves. Like all good things, they [used to] come in variety of colors, sizes and flavors.

hair colorsliving volcano

We had a discussion about blondes, brunettes and fiery redheads, but do note, the theory I espoused was something I threw together based on my experience, your own mile-age and interpretation may vary:


Regardless, I think many would be hard-pressed to argue that most of the [mis] crea[n]tures running around posing as women today are anywhere even near, or even pose a vague similarity to, the archetypes of Lilith, Sophia, and Lucifer.

real fake boobsreal male girls

Did we neglect to mention how much we love [real] boobs? I don’t remember. 😈 That, having likely been said, there is something even more important to be worth saying. The social engineers have done a pretty good job of chipping away at the remaining modicum of modesty women possess, but there is more intrigue and allure to being a bit shy at times … Everywoman naturally veils her mysteries.

shy girls in water

Regardless, men being men, we need to see them every once in a while, so that we are reminded of how much we appreciate them. The [few remaining] real men love all shapes and sizes (some social/medical engineered exceptions withstanding].

boobs revealed

Real men are men with balls, and such men pose a threat to the system. The virile bull must be sacrificed for the benefit of our Brave New World. As I’ve been harping on about quite a bit lately, this turning of women into men, and of men into women will lead us all down a very miserable path; one that by no means will end well.

bulls have ballsbully demi lovato

And The Priests of Hole and Wood have long been chipping away at what constitutes maleness, slowly supplanting the alpha male with a glamourized bitch in disguise.

homosexual gay biker codespee wee rides a bike

Not much is truly “hidden” as the conspindustry © likes to repeat. They did then, same as they do know. They are happy to let you know that they are “insiders” (in every sense). Why go to lengths to obfuscate, when so few get the jokes and the immeasurable few who see through the shite are considered insane by most?

pee wee anus lickmax keiser anus lick

We have all grown up with the belief that men abuse women and children, and perhaps, considering that everything else we believed has been wrong, it may be time to ask some tough questions. If mostly everything else we believe is a lie, then why would this foregone conclusion in regards to women be any different?

A good reason to surmise as to why we know so little about this [and many other matters], is that the media has been so tightly controlled for so long (both the mainstream and the alternative). Our investigators of all matters “true” are in fact quite the shady lot (shade as in hades, the place “where the sun don’t shine”).

And when it comes down to where to place responsibility, all we need is reverse engineer the confounded reality back to the reels of code that created it, and behind those reels we will find some familiar and distinguishable characteristics. The second image was gleamed off Living Tiki’s blog (see his corresponding post). It is an actual ad for Subaru that appeared in Israeli print. One of the Palestinian victims was killed, the other maimed. But, oy vey, not a single scratch on the car.

Next week, Living Tiki will return for Part II of this discussion and I’ll continue asking some of the questions we should all be asking by now. Ongawa! 😀

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Note: On Tuesday May 8th, I was back on Life Free or Die with Lee Rogers, as his guest. The show went on for nearly four hours commercial free, even overdriving into following program [unavailable]. I think most would find it worth a listen.

~ by celticrebel on May 8, 2012.

9 Responses to “Bulls Girls and Volcanoes [1]”

  1. John Travolta is in big trouble 🙂

  2. Much gratitude for the opportunity and praise, mate. Now that I’ve got my radio legs, future talks should go smoother.

    What is programming and what is instinct? What is hormone and what is heart? What is man? What is woman? These are questions which need to be addressed quickly, because the programming and it’s effects are becoming so obvious, we actually need to start asking these questions. We are a species that is forgetting how to be a species.

    Hope I was able to spark some thought and insight for everyone. Thanks to all who tuned in.


    the living tiki

  3. I was flipping through living tikis blogs while listening to the show and happened upon the blog about david icke right at the moment tiki was talking about it, anyway i was waiting for you guys to mentions the long coiling pile of shit between his legs in the pic. just thought I’d mention that. Love you guys.

  4. http://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/music/punk-rocker-tom-gabel-to-become-a-woman-called-laura-20120509-1ycb9.html#ixzz1uMBR0TI0

    Tom Gabel, the married lead singer of punk rock band Against Me!, is to become a woman.

    The 31-year-old, whose new name will be Laura Jane Grace, tells Rolling Stone magazine’s June issue that as a child he felt disconnected from his body and has a condition called gender dysphoria.

    He says he plans to take hormones, undergo electrolysis and is also considering gender reassignment surgery.


  5. Hey great show guys,

    I wanted to piggy-back (homosexual English idiom intended :-)) off your guys’ comments on communicating with foreign women. I met my girlfriend here in Chicago 6 months ago (right around the time I first stumbled over The Rebel’s material BTW). She is Peruvian and didn’t speak English very well at the time and I didn’t really know any Spanish, but obviously she spoke well enough to communicate with me, I think “they” say 90% of communication is non-verbal. Anyway, I think this made things much less confusing from a dating perspective. We both had to just put everything on the table from the first date. “I’m attracted to you, your attracted to me, so let’s see where this goes” kinda thing as Tiki said. No games were played because we both had to come from a place of pure and simple honesty. It was really quite liberating.

    At first friends and family would ask me “Like, what do you guys talk about?” (as if most of our conversations today have any meaning whatsoever) I would usually reply: “Usually the same things I try to talk about with everybody else” while thinking to myself “only she listens to me and actually cares what I have to say.” Needless to say, we communicate just fine, verbally and non 😉

    I can honestly say that when I first conquered her sexually, and it took a lot of time and effort, I truly felt like a man for the first time. She really is my Sophia in that she makes me feel like a man because she is mine, even though she is 31 and I’m only 23.

    I want to bring this full circle by saying that The Rebel’s work has also played a major part in solidifying my manhood. You have helped me see through the bullshit and programming unlike any other, while your personal accounts have inspired me to be a better MAN. So I want to thank you because your work and character has influenced me for the better, more than you can realize. Tiki, Kyle, Lee, all you guys got something big going here. Keep up the great work!!

    All the best, Peace,


    P.S. I’m quitting my job and taking a one way flight to Peru next month for my own little South American adventure (though I won’t be chasing any hole, at least for the time being). I’m not sure what I’m gonna do there or when I’ll be back to the States or if I’ll make it back alive. But I do know one thing, I’m not afraid to find out, not anymore.

    P.P.S “Don’t you know that Hollywood is run by Homosexual Jewish men who expect sexual activity in return for favors.” – John Travolta, hahahah too good to be true

  6. Alex, just getting to the end of your show with Lee Rogers. I think maybe you’re underestimating the significance of this John Travolta thing? I know “they’ve” responded to your work in the past, but i think this is the most direct nod in your direction thus far. It’s like they’re saying “yeah, you’re right about hollywood buddy, but what the fuck are you really gonna do about it?” Good for a laugh, either way. I hadn’t heard Mike Sledge’s Bouncing Bear Gaytanicals ad yet, I was listening to that while walking through the city this morning, laughing like an idiot in front of everyone. “Drinking cosmos while floating through the cosmos.” Priceless.

  7. Another Great show,

    Long time listener 1st time writer. What made me finally put fingers to keyboard is when Tiki mentioned Pee Wee Herman. I recently re watched the movie. Pee Wee’s big adventure. Haha, funny name. Basically premise of movie. Pee Wee bike gets stolen. He searches across country to find it. 
    Well in one scene he ends up in a bar full of bikers. But watching this as an adult, I noticed something. This is supposedly a biker bar…but Pee Wee is totally in a gay bar. 
    The bikers are about to thrash him (haha). But to stop this, first Pee Wee plays a song on a juxbox and graps a pair of platform shoes…basically high heeled shoes and starts to do the infamous Pee Wee dance. A dance to stop guys from kicking his ass!!! Where he shuffles across the bar double pointing to his penis then he double points to his butt. And repeats. As to say this thing goes in this thing. 
    That’s the one scene that really stood out to me. 

    Once again. 
    Thanks Alex. Thanks Tiki. 

  8. the phallic statue on the island of Delos (former home of the Delian League of Athens) is a metaphor for…. something 🙂

  9. This is a comment I posted about your show over at Living Tiki’s blog, The Age of Volcanoes.

    …”I would agree that the archetypes are being slowly eroded in favor of the new ‘types’ and perhaps this has been going on for centuries in order to lead us up to the point we are now at. To use a cliche, it was all part of the plan. Not sure if I believe that we have been duped in the way you say. At least not originally. However, I need to read up more on ‘Lilith’.

    Your shows with the Rebel are fun to listen to, I think you two make a good radio duo. It’s a shame that the advertisements always seem to cut the flow of what is being said though. I have to mention that!…”

    aka Marty

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