The Divining Divide of Cybelle [2]

Eugene from Underground Stream was back for Part II of our prior discussion about the Corybantes, also known as the Cult of Cybele [Part I: if you missed it].

corybantes of cybeler

This time we got more into the history of the cult, going back in time and looking at their methodology and trademark footprints [downloadable]:


One major are where they have long established a foothold is in the music industry. Below are just a few pics that have come up on previous shows.

more shitmore shitmore shit

little boy ass lightninggay stage hijinkslullabies for bois

rush boy hole star gategay tom sawyerrush naked british lord

At the end of the day, we have to wonder why so many programmed robots believe the dictated lie that the “hand horn” symbol represents something from from the simple dirty truth.

You’d have to be a real idiot to believe the two following assets have joined the illuminati or are swearing allegiance to satan.

We finished up talking about the water of life, and how it relates to ourselves, our spirit and the event horizon.

More coming…

Note A: I just updated last week’s post on Monday. Be sure to check it out, as there are a slew of additional pictures and thoughts.

Note B: During the prior week, while Lee was away, me and some other mice were playing during his radio show. I did a joint show with Charles Giuliani on Wednesday [unavailable]. I also participated in a couple of round tables for two of the three hours respectively, on Thursday [unavailable] and Friday [unavailable].

~ by celticrebel on May 1, 2012.

19 Responses to “The Divining Divide of Cybelle [2]”

  1. Two great minds discussing important topics. Very insightful views on the “hollow existence” that most men live. Awsome show guys.

  2. Alex, again it’s going to look like I was stealing your ideas, damn how dare you speaking about something I want to write about before I do it 😉 Here synchronicity got me again! It’s great that you mentioned Fomenko. There are critics of chronology in Germany as well and I’m currently researching into that field. Ancient Rome and Greece, an invention. Karl the Great as well (I wonder who the body in the cathedral of Aachen belongs to). The middle ages, complete made up. The thora and bible are not older than 800 years… “They” have been ass-raping us long enough, but not as long as they tell us. It makes them look more scary and powerful if they were really ruling for 7.000 years in a row… There are a lot of things about archeology that don’t fit together. But as soon as you touch this, you’re put in the same place as crazy christian fundamentalists (I think that’s the reason they created this creationism-movement, to make everbody who is questioning the age of the earth look stupid).

    Anyways, great show and I’m looking forward to the next show when you have Eugene as a guest (and of course, the next show in general)!

  3. The Swans made a song, called “New Mind”, which I consider to be an anthem for all the temple dogs:

    Rather depressing headline on a web site which I think is actually decent:

    Kudos to this Chase Amante dude for promoting inverted gender roles:

    Get girls buying drinks for YOU!

  4. Hi Alex,

    Good shows as of late. I really am enjoying the network of critical thinkers that you’re building on the Oracle network as of late (Kyle, The Fetch, Lee Rogers, etc,) Really looking forward to the Living Tiki’s upcoming appearance on your show, should be excellent! Anyway, just found this clip on Yahoo news Canada featuring the “band” Rush sitting in Parliament in Ottawa. Check it out for yourself : What a bunch of douche-bag fags (no offense to really gays out of the closet who I actually respect) This world isn’t getting weirder or more warped in my opinion, I think what’s happening is people like yourself are helping others to see what’s been there all along.

    Cheers, and thanks again!

  5. And then there’s Rob Thomas singing, “Can’t you help me? I’m bent.”

  6. When men lived by their convictions.

    skip to 10:58^

  7. Wow, I have’nt got the time or priority to check out all the interesting stuff going on, but I had a really good laugh at all the insanity exposed now that I checked out this page since long.
    Anyway, I feel the urge to share some stuff:

    No particular connection between these linx but still interesting stuff, and I hope you can use the info for something or whatever.

    I dated this girl for a while and now there’s a double working where I work right now. So, I think you put too much energy into the similarities thing, but that’s just my uneducated opinion. Have you checked out body types?

  8. You seen this yet, Rebel?
    Title says it all. Be careful, your gaydar might break :]
    There’s a part one about punk, too – couldn’t find it tho, sorry. Probably a good thing – the creator of this master-piece also came up with this, that’s how I found it:
    Haven’t seen it, was just wondering how young Charlie Sheen was when he was first sodomized by the big screen. That question kind of answers itself tho, so… yeah… :\
    Anyways thanks for the shows with Eugene, really enjoyed his perspective, and looking forward to seeing where your work keeps going.

  9. Your show with Eugene was just mind blowing. Especially the last part of the show, it was beautiful…beautiful.

  10. Thanks Celtic, that was some cluster of shows, great work,

    Joanne,s link did break my gaydar,only took 3 minutes, here,s the punk part one

  11. Dear Celtic Rebel,

    I couldn’t listen live on Sunday but I tuned in earlier this week to your last show with guest Eugene from Underground Stream. It was a great show. A lot of great subjects were covered and have gotten me to thinking. Also subjects were brought up that demand futher exposition. The subject of water reminded me to two things that I wanted to share.

    Many may already have heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s photographic work on using the intention of prayer/meditation to change the make-up of water:

    but now there is software to do the meditation/prayer for you:

    And with water all around us maybe everything we think is changing our environment.

    Much to ponder…

    Keep up the great work!



    “Should I join this cult?
    So a bunch of my friends have created this anal worship group. At first it was just a joke but now it’s becoming a realality. They attend anal worship ceromonies every night and every morning when the sun is down and have multiple sex slaves that are willing of course. My morals tell me not to participate but here at Yale I feel like I need to be apart of something more than my boring fraternity. Those guys in the frat are weird and I mean WEIRD. Should I just try it out? Please give me advice on what you would do. I mean these are my close friends….”

  13. Hey Alex, I’ll take this one.

    @ freebird

    Yeah man, go “War Ship” some anal, with your close friends, then you and your “sea men” can take “The Gravy Boat” to another “Glorious Cove” and continue to “Twist” the night away.

    Just take up welding.


  14. Great show Rebel & Eugene [eugene-ics]….fcking fantastic show infact.

    Just a little something to add to the discussion of the current male programming, and from that noteworthy rag “TIME” magazine…….If a picture is worth a thousand words:

    it states “ARE YOU MOM ENOUGH”, obvious play on “ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH” : i think literally taking the piss out of the pussified males who will not ever be man enough via the programming, so much so infact they may still be feeding on the mothers breast way into the teens in the not so distant future….and to visualise has a young boy hanging off his moms tits when he is obviously way to old to be so., to demonstrate this they have the height comparison with the boy standing on small stool to reach the breast , the boy also notably dressed as a soldier in his combats and colours, the piece also Incorporates the bold word headings of REJECTION and GOD. Hmmmm…..]

  15. Ok, just posted something under another article here – that for some reason immediately made me think of the Simple Minds song New Gold Dream. When I went and viewed the lyrics it looked like maybe there was quite a strong corrolation with the whole Cybelle thing in various ways – “crashing beats”, “your only friend until the ocean breaks” (the mother casting out her newborn after birth [water breaks] to fend for themselves?), “dream in the dream with me”, etc. And is the number sequence significant other than the dates he was singing at the time the song released? Maybe someone can immediately see something obvious there? Here’s the lyrics

    She is your only friend until the bitter end
    She is your only friend until the ocean breaks
    And when you dream, dream in the dream with me
    81 — 82 — 83 — 84

  16. “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to Life, and there are few who find it.” Jesus, Matthew 7:13

  17. Led Zeppelin Plagiarism Part 1

  18. the celtic rebel was right, it,s not the NWO, its your OWN, NOW

    PS: off topic, Mr Celtic Rebel , i,ve heard you mention A T Fomenko, Have you read his work?

    I,ve read the first 3 chronology,s ,

    as yet not able to find/ buy the other 4,but, ppfffff, wTf,

    I can almost hear your poetic rant in my mind, i,d love to hear you put the rebel slant on that kinda info, not a easy task , granted, but , if anybody,s got the talent , insights and retorical smoothness,you would be the Dude

  19. Brilliant, probably your best show yet. Whenever you two get together it’s gold – in a non-gay way. And why did I even need to say that? Anyway, it brings together everything you’ve been saying for years now, and was a big eureka moment for me. Thanks guys.

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