Actors and Rabbi’d Temple Dogs [II]

Ed Chiarini returned for his second appearance on The Rebel Path, however Joe Rogan and a bevy of other Temple Doggies failed to appear. Probably for the better, else Ed may have had some interesting questions for them. Say it isn’t so, Joe!

joe rogan actor liar bitch

I’d like to thank Ed (@WellAware1) for his flexibility in scheduling, and for what I, and many others felt was a interesting and informative discussion [unavailable]:


I have to say, Ed seemed quite coherent for one who was just recently “rocked by a horrorcane.” Facial recognition methodologies aside, should we need anything other than their own content to realize how utterly full of shit the below tag-team is.

leonard horowitz horokane fraudsherri kane cointelpro ballas

I may be guilty myself of having fallen, for the “hidden story” behind the Casey Anthony spectacle. But, that was just another rabbit hole [most literally]. When even one of the cast of players for such theater is made evident, then the entirety of it falls apart, into a steaming pile of crap. Right, Doctor Keith a Blow[job]?

casey anthony faces of meth

Anyone with two critical neurons in their brain [or anyone listening to their gut] would laugh at the preposterous “news” below. Beyond, all one has to do is start connecting the actors (e.g., Drudge regularly promotes Alex Jones, whom in turn promotes Rogan), and voila, no sense of smell required to see who’s covered in it.

staged war imagery fakematt drudge toilet paper drag

Finding these “kah-rear” opportunities listed (after hearing Ed mention the company name), is as the paid prostitutes might say “gravy,” though I prefer the far more accurate, “damning and incontrovertible evidence.”

VALBIN Corporation is HIRING!

Hiring: Amputee Casualty Role Players for Army simulation exercises at Ft. Irwin, CA (in San Bernardino county- between Death Valley and the Mojave National Preserve).

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, have a clean background check & credit score, and be physically fit to operate long hours in all types of weather. Amputee Role Players will portray insurgents.

Schedule: Up to 12 hours per day, with work beginning in late October 2010. Insurgent Experience and CI Screening is not required, but is highly preferred.

This is precisely how they operate and supports how Ed suggests these “events” are recorded and later parlayed/narrated, and maybe even, why so many keep quiet.

Valbin has requested additional personnel! 100 positions!

Hiring: Civilian Role Players, Special Effects Technicians, Arabic and Pashto speakers for Army simulation exercises at Camp Blanding, FL.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Applicants must be 18 years or older, have a clean background check, must be legal to work in the US and be physically fit to operate long hours in all types of weather.

Role players will portray Afghan & Iraqi villagers for National Guard cultural training.

Pay:$14.10/hr ($10.51 for labor plus $3.59 for health & welfare), Over time is $15.77/hr (applied to hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a week)

There may yet be hope for Metro Bob. During the show, I peeked into the chat room to find him make the connection that IF a Pen Is a Penis, then Under-Writing equals Butt-Sex. Well, insurance is a “dirty busyness” Bob, so maybe, maybe.

matthew shepard family hoax

Hm, addressing the [real] synchronicity that can occur between individuals (came up during the show), it would seem that in less than a few hours, between a few simple messages between myself, Ed Chiarini and Star Theory, we pretty much named every actor involved in The Matthew Shepard Tear-Jerker, and dismantled that entire fiasco. If you missed The Shepard Chronicles, then change that oversight.

bill coooper jordan maxwell naziholocaust director billy wilder

Most of what we know about history consists of repeated programming via movies while hypnotized by the Wizards of Id (overtly appropriate term now), reinforced by exposure to textbooks filled with lies. On the last Beverly Shills 90011 Reversary, I discussed the Nazi Myth, Billy Wilder and even our boi of the week, Joe Rogan.

jolie diaz madonna gaga richards turkey

When confronted with a bold new idea/image, which does not fit into the world view we subscribe to, the only way to properly meditate/contemplate the new concept, requires a willingness to destroy everything you think you know. Be it The History of The World, or The Prostitute Parade above, it may be time.

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Note: Be sure to check out last week’s post, which was just finalized on Monday with some rather inspired [and perspired] images, along with a few new thoughts. My next on-air appearance will be next Saturday to disgus[t] “Gay Jewish Vampires” on The Gomer Kyle Show [unavailable].

~ by celticrebel on April 10, 2012.

33 Responses to “Actors and Rabbi’d Temple Dogs [II]”

  1. Again, thanks for another great Ed show! I have been reading your posts and have come to respect what you do. I also know you are real because you are willing to discuss this giant issue. Thank you!!!

  2. A very interesting and entertaining show!

    Did you know Henry Winkler’s parents were Holocaust survivors? Henry Winkler Told This Story On Public TV

    Henry tells of how his parents fled the holocaust in 1939. His father took the family fortune and converted it to diamonds. His poppa knew that the Nazis often did ‘Cavity Searches’ on Jews, so his poppa decided to smuggled the diamonds out in a box of chocolates. Jakob Winkler melted chocolate into a candy mold, then inserted the diamonds.

    This story isn’t very far off from Irene Zisblatt who claimed in her book the 5th Diamond that she used to swallow diamonds and then defeceated them for a year and a half.

    Some of Ed’s work is great, but he seems to take a lot of great leaps from time to time. Makes for great listening nontheless.

  3. Here’s something we can add to the “Horocane’s” profile: He started a pyramid scheme involving $50 nasty tasting bottles of “silver” water that didn’t cure shit.

  4. Hmmm, diamonds in chocolate, diamonds in shit… i smell a stynkro-historic meme at work here.

  5. Ummm, speachless from the following crap video featuring all y(our) favirote black and grey butt boys, from tel aviv to the congo… the connection between jewmfioso and black entertainment/black degradation/ en trainment enterprise is a closed fucking case, seems to be now on the very public table… or at least what a good portion of the masses are singing along to… some of these produces HAVE to be listening to this show, no way it’s not on their radar…

    VIDEO: Drake – HYFR ft. Lil Wayne (Official Video)

    PS: also this joke came as a relief as I was browsing the comments on youcube

    “why do jewish men get their sons cercumsized? cuz they know jewish women cant resist anythin with 10% off”

  6. Tracy, thanks! 🙂

    maasanova, haha! No, I didn’t know that until now. What are the odds that his parents were also fecalfiles like him? 😯 Ugh!

    Mat, yep, just look at how many domains, products and scams these enemies of COINTELPRO offer.

    heartmindspirit, that video is a disgusting [gravy-filled] insult to anyone who considers themselves “black.” Already, Hasbara has jumped in on the comments: “862 dislikes, nice try Hitler and the Nazi regime.” But, looks like a few listeners have already chimed in on another copy [support them]. So much so, that jewtube has already disqualified the most popular comments. Heck, even Metro Bob took the time to answer a question on it.

  7. Great show guys, and a big thank you to Ed for knocking over another bit of the fake scenery of this fake world we’re languishing in. Because it is fake isn’t it? The ‘news’ is fake, the media is fake, ‘celebrities’ are fake. Chemtrails mean the weather is fake, thanks to Monsanto and chums our food is fake, and thanks to fluoridisation our water is fake. Our science is fake, Einsteinian physics is fake, even the term ‘fossil fuels’ is fake, as is ‘peak oil’ and global warming. Our medicine is fake and HIV doesn’t even exist so is utterly and totally fake. I’m even wondering if nuclear bombs are fake.
    Our edjucation is fake, our history is fake and if Fomenko is right even faker than you could imagine. Israel is fake, the hollowcaust is fake, the reasons for World War 2 are fake, and World War 1, and Korea and Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan and all the other wars too. Talking of which the ‘War on Drugs™’ is fake as the people ‘fighting it’ are the people running the drugs in the first place. Al-Qaida is fake and as we know that MI6 was running the IRA, and MI5 was running the UDA/UVF the ‘troubles’ in Ireland were fake too. So the ‘War on Terror™’ is as fake as the ‘War on Drugs™’ for the same reason, which means 9/11, 7/7, Madrid, Bali, Oklahoma City etc etc were all fake. And although a bowel movement is real, in case you were wondering, the hippy, feminist, green, peace and truth movements are all exercises in fakery as well.
    Hell, even your NAME is fake, at least the fully capitalised assignation on your ‘berth’ certificate that your parents were tricked into applying for. That NAME is a corporation, a legal fiction, i.e. fake. Here we all are on dry land, but it is Marine ‘law’ that tyrannises us. It’s not even law, but statute pretending to be law so that’s all fake too. As are the governments that pass them, although at least they tell us it’s fake by calling them ‘Acts’ (that’s what actors do, right?) and ‘Bills’ (that’s what you have to pay, right?), but fake nonetheless, as are the police which enforce them and the commercial courts and tricky lawyers which profit from them. All fake. And presumably we now all know that central bank debt notes are fake money, so consequently all our debts are fake. Oh and our ‘countries’ are in fact corporations so they’re all fake too.
    Jahweh is a fake god, Mohammed is a fake prophet and the Vatican is a corporation thus fake, and Joseph Smith and L Ron Hubbard are so risibly fake you’ve got to laugh really. In fact all religions are fake, as are gurus, lightworkers, starseeds and indigo children.
    Religion, science, history, politics, law, money. All faker than a pornstar’s plastic tits, and that list is by no means exhaustive.
    René Descartes arrived at “I think therefore I am” by discounting everything that he could not be certain of. The piece of fluff currently nestling in my belly button is real. That much I can be certain of.

  8. Here is the full documentary on the Haut de la Garenne elite organised child abuse case on the Island of Jersey. Quite a few actors and false news stories surrounded this:


  9. Excellent show, I am really miffed that I missed it live, I would have called in, as I want to speak to Ed. He sounds genuine enough here. A real guy with conviction.

    As he says he’s done the research, Ed needs to seriously upgrade his website and videos because they really do not do justice to his argument at all. I remain unconvinced. However, on hearing him, everything sounds legitimate, like there is some truth to what he says.

    I am greatly disturbed by the associations with the Columbine shootings. Again, I need more pictures, more information, more documentation, more proof. I know that is an excellent site (although you have to pay) you can find some very good info.

    Recently I met a guy whose idol is Jim Morrison. Apparently Jim is a big hero to Greeks, I wonder why? 😉 Anyway, he rambled on about The Doors and how great the movie is. Naturally, I had to agree instead of talk about your research, I didn’t want to upset the guy and shatter his frail illusions! He’s seen Zeitgeist and when I said I have gone beyond the Zeitgeist (lol) he didn’t get it.

    You are still a hard sell I’m afraid. (But I know that I managed to get you some new followers recently so don’t expect me to donate money, I have none of my own.)

    Anyway, I caught you on Lee’s show also, and it was good. I really think you being a guest, or having your own guest, is the more effective way to get your information understood. I am sorry, but Metro Bob just doesn’t do it for me, I have to switch off almost immediately.

    I understand that you are having The Living Tiki from Age of Volcanoes on next? If I may say, he is my favourite blogger and Godammit, WHY THIS WEEK? I will miss the live show again so I can’t bloody call in…

    I have a lot to say and don’t like to be ignored, I simply cannot make it this week, because you know why… I have to go eat dead flesh, kiss idols, and worship the mythos like my fellow Orthodox brethren will be doing on Sunday and Monday – it is so far impossible for me to avoid, although your show will be in the back of my mind at all times….

    Say hello to Tiki from me, he knows me pretty well, or better still, just mention Jane See-more, I know that’s what he likes!

    P.S. You are totally right about MTV – we have just recently gotten MTV Greece/Cyprus, and the whoredom is really beginning to kick in!

    @Ross, you pretty much said it all – Do you have a blog of your own? If not, I think you should start one. Also, do I have your permission to use some of your words for a piece I am writing? I mean, I’ll use it anyway, but the polite thing is to ask you first. 🙂

  10. …feminism and racism and all other ism´s and political politeness, are just a tool of raising the friction between a paranoid and self perpetuating bipolar snitch code of silence sadomasoquist cult-ure… what will be next? crowds of women chasing man with knifes to castrate them because they are “guilty of repression on the other gender”??!?! And after that, man chasing women with clubs because they have repressed theyr masculinity? When this whole crap circus will end?!? Divide and alienate…

  11. RE: “Ross said this on April 11, 2012 at 7:24 am.”

    BANG! Hit the nail dead on Ross! All the nails!! I’d love to chat with you whoever you are! Brilliant post!! 🙂 soulhomeATliveDOTcom

  12. Great show Alex!

    i wonder if this guy is part of the family

    Robin G. Mahfood is President and Chief Executive Officer of Food For The Poor.

    hahahah this is hilarious

  13. Your success dancing with the stars ‘depends’ on this:

  14. Ross, but what if not even “the spoon” is real? Oh wait, that wisdom was shat on us by butt-munching gay jews of holy wood. Yep, it’s all bullshit.

    ORBE , the firt comment on this video is one arguing that this is proof of the the existence of Satan. 🙄 Damn, conspindustry has done it’s job too well.

    Marty aka Marie, I said Living Tiki would be my next guest, but I didn’t mention what week he’d be on. 😀 Enjoy the festivitiers, or better yet, make the best of them. Don’t even get me started on Ollie Stone’s two-hour handjob dedicated to The Maury Son.

    Robert, ha! 😆 Mah Food wants you to donate Food. Sounds like a really bad South Park sketch. I smell fraud.

  15. speaking of fake history and news… here are a ton of old photos that where manipulated back, then some a few hundred years ago, this is age old to deceive the masses via the medes

  16. Was listening to Ed while he was saying things are not real on TV and then I remembered reading Ross’s comment how everything is fake and then I found something “real” (while listening). If this is truly unfabricated, then it is down right scary!!!

  17. I told you about Ellen Degeneris trying to sell us makeup, now Jane Lynch is trying to sell us nail polish. She is the spokes…uh..person for OPI nail polish which is only sold in salons. She appears in a severe pants suit with mens loafers and vampy makeup in a red heart shaped chair. The funniest part is this ad is in Parents magazine which sems to be aimed at stay at home mommies with toddlers. It’s funny, because we all know this is not random.

  18. @Ross, Descartes paid a huge price for stating it, and refusing to write in the degenerate language that is latin (writing in latin = dark ages)

  19. Hey Celtic, This show got me thinking about Andy Kaufman and Toni Clifton. It was obvious he was showing some potential for deception. Never thought it could be this far reaching. So far as the ultimate purpose for television. Tell Lie Vision. That’s from Malachi Z York. You guys are really starting to freak me out and are totally ruining my life. Thank You.

  20. Effel could you elaborate on the huge price that Descartes paid please?

  21. That could be lenghty, but usually, someone doesn’t die at 54 out of happiness. That is also of course if he existed. He basically clashed with the Church by 1) not writing in latin, disrupting the trivium quadrivium scheme 2) not including the animus construct in his writing (psyche in greek has been translated to ame animus or no-me no-name in latin, soul or soil in english) Short life, sickness and constant moving.

  22. If pen = penis, then pencil = penis as well, and now I understand why it’s number 2.

    Thanks Rebel and Ed for a show and information you won’t hear
    anywhere else on this planet.

    Hey Lone Frog, oh say did you see the subliminals by the dawn’s early light? There were hidden messages in some TV national anthem sign-offs:

    I sure John Carpenter saw them, because it looks pre-“They Live”, and the messages are (eerily!) obey, consume, buy, trust the government, believe in government, do not question government, god is real, god is watching, and – a message for Alex – rebellion is not tolerated.

    Hi Marty!


  23. Mr Rebel, I’ve been thinking about and researching your assertion that ’33’ is a glyph for buggery, and I came across the 33 Trapped Chilean Miners, who were imprisoned in the dark bowels of the earth but were later miraculously freed by being pulled up a long tube into the light. All in the glare of worldwide media of course. Something odd in a programming sense was going on here behind the scenes, methinks. Blackpool band the Ceramic Hobs point some fingers here:

  24. London calling, Mongoose here.

    Happy Easter to the community and joyful beginnings.

    Descartes was the father of rationalism but his ideas of splitting the soul from the body can be said to lead directly to the mechanistic, anything goes, numb to the world, dead eyed science and technology mafia we see today. We can also link him to anal sex. See if you agree.

    I often think Rudolf Steiner may have been onto something when he called the drive to categorise, define, control and command the Ahrimanic

    I also think that we have the solution in our reach. Nothing to do with Jesuits, Illuminati, anal sex, Israel or any conspiracy. If we wake up tomorrow morning and treated each other with respect and humanity with no attempts at putrid manipulation or controlling people for our lusts the evil would be obvious to all. There would be no hiding place.

    Cumbaya – we are the conspiracy.

    33 = butt sex
    Chilean = hot
    Miners = men who down big black holes

    hot butt sex by men down big black holes

    happy easter
    Mongoose out.

  25. Watch this if not already. pay special attention at 1:30.. classic

  26. Read this very interesting from Charlie Brooker that there are inevitably Gays in space so we’d better get over it.
    Heres the article:

    And growing up with Star Wars, ive been saying the same thing for some time, here is a pic of a SW character and a caption i posted along with it online some time ago:

    “There is something distinctly..European…looking about the 2010 Cloud Car pilot. Dont know if its the bright gaudy colours of his Jumpsuit or the Freddie Mercury Moustache…..Looks like he could be part of a Pet Shop Boys concert, right?

    [from info] “The figure is super articulated with 14 movable parts, including ball-joints in the neck, shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles. The wrists, the waist and both legs are swivel jointed”
    …wow! super Bendy…i mean, pliant….no! i mean poseable!
    Good Job! Very METRO-SEXUAL-MAN:)”

    [And yes, my photo album name is Jack SHEPHARD, but for clarification: i needed a name and Jack Shephard is one of the characters [not gay] from LOST]

  27. Case Y – Ant Honey

    Acts Any Honey, Enchants ya, yo!

    Still cant believe i got mad about that whole class justice, there is no justice, poor kid soap opera.

  28. Hey Rebel!

    Check this out, this is waaaaaay to synchronystic for me. Even your smarmy, cynical arse can’t deny this one.

    A caged gorilla with hazmat attendants simply known as CR races against the King of Pop.

    C’mon man!!!!

    The Universe is fookin wid us.

  29. Mongoose: “hot butt sex by men down big black holes”

    Sounds right. The mine is an apt metaphor for the human bowels – both produce explosive gas; men enter both of them for profit. And the obvious Mystery School journey from Darkness to Light is being played out with the 33 Trapped Chileans.

    Viewed vertically, looking downwards, ’33’ is a perfect glyph for butt-sex. It’s both the dominant erect male and the submissive open male. 33 = 3 x 11, or 111111, that can form ‘XXX’, the ‘Star of David’, and a ‘Bible with the Cross’ on the cover, 33 then seems to symbolise the ‘secret’ Hardcore Sex Religion behind all religions.


    just sayin’

  31. Check out the photo on the left side of this article.

    Direct link to photo:

    Don’t think the Zimmerman case is part of the same fake drama. Check out this article it has nothing to do with the picture of Zimmerman, Bernie Maddof, Casey Anthony. Social planners are weaving their webs.

  32. Yet another Holocaust/feces/possible bullshite story!

    Jewish (not)funny man Jon Lovitz created a Twitter/viral media campaign to create support for bullying/hates crimes and linking it to The Holocaust™.

    “Jon Lovitz Proclaims Victory Over Little Girls In Crusade Against Global Antisemitism”

    Note: Commenting has been disabled temporarily lol

    Oh also, I’m not sure what you can find in these two “Son of the Beach” clips (a Howard Stern production), but it has Gilbert Godfreid as a perfervted rabbi from Tel Aviv who gets turned into a vampire. No direct fecal reference, but one of the characters was named “Porcelain Bidet.”

    Part 1 –
    Part 2 –

    Oh and a random image of a very bizarre booty shake

  33. You know, a lot of times I think Ed is way out there. But you have to give the guy credit because he really does force you to keep your eyes open. Just tonight, I had my own “Ed Chirani moment”. Video 1 is a “cumbaya” hippie, love and light, kind of gal :

    Video 2 features an up-and-coming actress hoping to attract Quentin Tarantino’s attention by appealing to his reputed foot fetish:

    Either they were separated at birth, or it’s the same girl.

    PS: I found her angle:

    So to summarize: It’s $90 for a 1.5 hr “Spiritual Coaching” session from a woman who does Quention Tarantino foot fetish scenes on youtube. I’d rather put that money into something more worthwhile, like the Kentucky Derby.

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