The Divining Divide of Cybelle [1]

Eugene from Underground Stream returned this week. We started off talking about the gender neutralization programs, which as the below youth indoctrination poster suggests (even without the hints), will spell out a destructive end for all humanity.

Metro 2033transgressive tilda

As mentioned early on, if you appreciate conversations unique to the “alternative media” and original content, please feel free to show your appreciation [go —>].


A good part of the show was spent talking about the programmed divide between sexes, a gulf which benefits the half at the expense of the whole [unavailable]. Note: Some may remember cover girl Tilda’s advertisement of her acting skills.

feminine chakrassurvivor women tribe

There are a multitude of concurrent programs running, and as my work has shown countless times, these programs, whether we like them or even view them, shape our reality. Sometimes, like it or not, our personal life is directly affected by the triggering of subroutines in the public mind.

Good to know, courtesy of the above [right] pile of excrement, that the homosexual caste is now free to denigrate those of darker skin, and those with disabilities.

alpha slutsvoices of the feminine

There is, and has long been a “divine feminine,” but it is not even remotely related to what the mindless kumbaya-crooning new age hope-pimps are selling, or what hopelessly deluded academics like Leonard Shlain babble on about [link to the rancid pile of dung he laid in malibu, thanks to lugh for stepping in]. Am I harsh? I think not, there is good reason for my reaction of disgust [inversion is not liberation].

gender benderwomen mars men venusgirl thing

The [hidden/actual] target of this long-culminating program of extinction is neither the independent woman, or some minority de’jour [determined by usefulness in relation to agenda of pushing latest wave of propaganda], but is, and has been, the alpha male. Making men more like women, and women more like men, is not some elevating form of Hermeticism, it is a collectivist formula for assured mediocrity.

rape of dorothy

When the response to a certain image, story or even idea, falls clearly along those lines of gender, then no matter how hard is to face, we must recognize that such a mental division is not natural, and hence, is likely the result of a [false] program.

spit on your graveit's date nightwalking dead propaganda

Yes, rape is a horrific crime, and the metaphoric equivalent of ripping someone’s heart out, but there are degrees to the notion of torture and to the principles of “justice.” Should we sink to unimaginable depths far of depravity far exceeding the original offense, we become nothing more than a crafted monster, a golem shaped by those puppeteers who twist the divide and turn their pawns into the wretched creatures like themselves [this “theme” has been repeated in far too many films to name, and yes, they chose Issue 33, Part 3, Volume 6 for subversive reasons].

grab that penisgirl bugs cock

There is a basic curiosity, a basic need that women have, from an early age, for the divine rod of life and fulfillment. It is nature’s way of propagating the species. The Medes, manipulate that fact by bombarding victims subliminally while young, and then inverting that notion later on, into something destructive [for all of us].

It does not matter whether or not the twisted imagery put forth correlates in any way to the reality of personal experience. For victims of psychological warfare, the mind manipulation narrative supersedes life, hence responses are predictable.

bob tuskin submissivenaked carcass jelloman hater

Aside from a virtual avalanche of graphic castrative porn in cinema, there is an undeniable metaphorical equivalent being reflected in the world we live in.

“And if there’s war between the sexes
Then there’ll be no people left.””

Joe Jackson

Generations of women, and the newest generation of “men” have been turned into an unpaid global army of volunteers for the cause/war. Of course, this has led to previously unparalleled levels of mass dissatisfaction with the new breed of effemimales, which for lack of visible options, are being misinterpreted as men.

androgyny equals death

But fret not ye believers and soldiers, even if that war never takes place, there are alternate plans to ensure there will be no people left [see above]. I seriously doubt the story about the extermination of emos in Iraq was real, but were it, might not such an act be viewed as a desperate preemptive measure to ensure a future?

girl and biblehe's just not into you

Now, I do expect that many will disagree with me/us vehemently on some of the ideas discussed/written herein, but I would suspect, and do so with confidence as to a high degree of accuracy, that such objections are rooted in overexposure to the two extreme ends of programming traps crafted for minds to fall into [if you’re not familiar with the latter/right pitfall above, then see why romance is now dead].

terrible lizardcorybantes of cybele

Well, we “dinosaurs” may be on the brink of extinction, but in the meantime, we can still roar. Eugene will be back on within a month for Part II, which will get into the history of the “men who were allowed to wear pants;” the culprits behind the misery we discussed.

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Note: On Thursday the 29th, I made a surprise midweek appearance on a Show hosted by a Ballet Major who somehow ended up becoming a Hate-Mongering White Supremacist Douchebag: Figuring Out Who Runs the Shoah.

~ by celticrebel on March 27, 2012.

18 Responses to “The Divining Divide of Cybelle [1]”

  1. Hi Celtic & Eugene, great show – waiting eagerly for pt2 🙂 sorry to be off topic however I just have to say this… if you knew about this Koni 2012 guy/thing/whatever, as it was happening – then you are paying too much attention. also, what does the forum make of this?? –

  2. I found myself disagreeing with a lot in your last show…until an incident occurred with my brother. I won’t go into details, but he’s been talking about me behind my back for months. When I confronted him on it, he blocked me from all communications. This is not how a man does things. This is how a little bitchboy does things! He’s almost 40! A man, an Alpha Male, confronts you to your face, some fists are thrown, 5-10 minutes later it’s over, you have a couple of beers, you laugh about it and you move on. So long story short, you were right.

  3. Hey CR good show, man. I found what you and Eugene had to say very interesting, especially as it relates to (real) men having natural combat instincts,etc – and not merely the “greater physical upper body strength” that mass media/feminist programming tries to limit the argument and male/female differences to.

    There are, in fact, inherent and natural hunting/combat instincts in the male psyche of all species, without question. And when left untampered with, this most definitely includes male humans – despite our having the additional higher functions such as reason, logic, spatial orientation and spiritual/abstract thinking capabilities. It is not merely “testosterone” induced aggression for its own sake, but rather also the innate capacity for planning, tactics and other purely mental hunting and combat prowess -and it is NOT limited to the falsely defined PC “caveman rage”, which implies mental ignorance and physical aggression – this fails to recognize the clearly evident strategic planning aspects of the male cognitive process.

    And this is not to say that females do not also possess their own unique combat skills, because they do – as your lovely co-host “Aikido Alex” is apparently living proof of. But there ARE many differences between males and females. Period. (and not just simply having periods!!) lol

    What we’re seeing over the past few decades is the presence and results of artificially induced, deliberate mass media programming which seeks to suppress, confuse and divert our natural male tendencies into something else – anything else but “manly” – but primarily, feminized tendencies on many different levels; physical, as well as mental. And as MetroBob might tell us, “It’s working, like rully good…and stuff!!”

    Also, on one of your shows that I heard recently, you played the song “Rough Boys”, by Pete Townshend…and you had some hilarious comments pointing out the blatant gay lyrics; i.e., “I wanna bite and kiss you”, etc. How the hell do people miss something THAT obvious?? But I know that we all manage to miss this kind of stuff at times…that’s just how damn prevalent and subtle it is. They are very skilled at hiding their little suggestive gay-isms here, there and everywhere. Many years of practice.

    So, this reminded me of something you may find as hilarious as I do. Probably 20 years ago, I recall my very beautiful and sharp-witted wife hearing this song one day and making up her own comical lyrics, as she often does. Looking back now, it amazes me just how clearly she and I both understood this shite on a gut level, even then – and this was long before we all knew about PETER’s arrest in 2003, for doing “internet research for his book” on various pederast websites.

    Anyway, what she sang went something like this, right before we both busted out laughing like maniacs….

    “Rough boys, Don’t walk away, I wanna buy you leather…
    Rough boys, Don’t walk away little Goys…
    Just let me in your @$$ and I’ll bring you some toys” LOL

    Prophetic? Well, maybe…but probably moreso just keenly aware of WHO (pun intended) dominates the music and entertainment biz. And, I must say that she’s just really fookin’ funny, in general – which is a huge plus and one of the primary keys to any successful marriage or relationship. Laugh together – hard and often!!!

    Take care and keep doin’ your thang, CR…it’s important and lots of fun. 🙂

  4. Hey, now you can re-title your old article appropriately to “Goy Loys of the Gay-lites”

  5. Fascinating show.
    When Eugene talked mythologies and the Corybantes, I instantly thought of Madonna and her latest ‘Girl Gone Wild’ video, with the male dancers in high-heels feeling their crotches and kissing each other, worshiping at Madonna’s feet, or the male dancers that accompany Beyonce and Rihanna, wearing military uniforms and stamping their feet to the rhythm, just like the Corybantes. It does appear clearly that the music industry is an extension of Goddess worship to those that recognize it.

  6. So you’re talking about Boy -toys of the gay-lites , Gay-loys and Goy-loys [yes didnt take long for that one to slip into the lexicon] , well how about the ELOI of HG.Wells ‘Time machine’? The weak willed, lilly livered subservient human drones [ and here in this clip, you see the Eloi males where dresses too] .

    Apparently, The original idea is that the Morlocks were the poor of this society, the machinists and the labourers,used and abused by the wealthy elite and now driven underground where the tables have turned and they evolved or devolved to some creature form whom surface above ground to feed off the Eloi:

    “Living underground are the Morlocks, the slothlike creatures who keep the machines running and provide the food and clothing for the Eloi (who are totally incapable of caring for themselves). The Time Traveller discovers, to his horror, that the Morlocks feed, literally, on the Eloi, and tend them as a food supply. An even greater horror lies in his speculation that the Morlocks, like the Eloi, descend from humankind, that they are two separate species growing out of the mainstock of humanity.

    The Time Traveller theorizes that the separately developing species occurred as a result of the separation of the classes. He remarks that even in his own time the wealthy enjoy the beautiful parks and homes on the earth’s surface while the working classes, more and more, are driven underground into factories. Wells presents here a grim social irony–the wealthy, having exploited the working poor, are now in turn exploited by them.”

    “Later in the dark, he is approached menacingly by the Morlocks, ape-like troglodytes who live in darkness underground and surface only at night. Within their dwellings he discovers the machinery and industry that makes the above-ground paradise possible.”

    In light of material dealt with in this show i think we can safely assume the the Socially engineered Eloi Goyloy are Us. The ones who feed off us literally and figuratively are the jews aKA the Morlocks. I think we have another fitting social commentary from yet another ‘insider’ of the past. Brave new world or 1984? i think they have found the delicate balance of the two paradigms gets the job done nicely: Brave New 1984.

  7. I really enjoyed LVB’s comment. Song lyrics stick in my head and I both amaze and annoy my friends by citing relevant ones. During Pete’s pedophile woes, I kept thinking of a line from Another Tricky Day-This is no social crisis, this is you having fun…As far as Rough Boys, I think Pete Townshend has admitted to being bisexual, but yeah, we didn’t notice it at the time.

    If you remember, back in 1984 or so, we had “no idea” that George Michael was gay despite the video for Wake Me Up Before You Go Go being gayer than an Ungaro frock.

  8. Just found this on a particular website. Here it is: .. Wow! That’s all I can say.

  9. Ok, so I’ve been seeing this very sick “look” and “fashion trend” coming and increasing over the past few years – this deliberate modeling pose that is the classic look of severe dissociative trauma – or, the “thousand yard stare”, as it is spoken of by combat veterans. “Shell shock”, “the lights are on but nobody’s home”, and so forth.

    Should we be asking ourselves WHY this is a desirable look to have models and CHILDREN emulating?? WHY is this “dead eyed” look in any way attractive – especially when it is used mostly with beautiful female models in a sexual context – and to be very direct – WHY is this traumatized look (whether faked or all too real) seen as anything less than downright creepy and/or criminal, as it applies to young CHILDREN???

    The very evil and degenerate pederast photographer, Terry Richardson, comes to mind. Truly some of the sickest, most evil MF-ers on the planet.

    PS: Ok, wait just a minute, VigMommy – are you actually suggesting that George Michael is gay?? WTF??? Now you have gone too far…how dare you!!??

    My entire perception of reality is unravelling before my eyes. 🙂

  10. Good points about the social media’s effect on the young impressionable people and what happens when your electronic ego is destroyed. It’s considered suspicious when you don’t have Facebook when applying for a job. Judging your face at face value, so you don’t have to face me face to face.

    Farcebook is more like it, electronic friends for the psychosocial masses who can only “Like” stuff in the most passive aggressive environment on the internet.

    I can also only nod in agreement when the topic of feminism comes up; “Screw equality, i want it ALL” seems to be the motto.

  11. Was completely amazed when I heard about this, perhaps there is hope after all:

    It was illegal up until 1993 (homosexuality) in Russia and considered a mental disorder here in the states until 1973-5. Now it is just referred to as sexual deviation. BUT sexual deviation is accompanied by any number of psychological disorders, huh.

    Go figure.

  12. Perhaps in the near future dystopian star trek virtual deck society, after they strip us from everything, including gender, than they sell it all back to us, with the usual excuse of “freedom of choise”, when you can buy your own “individual pre-packaged” role. Welcome to the new fake sandbox order.


  13. great show, as always! i really wonder where this “boys that look like girls” thing goes to. it is that way here in germany as well. i don’t know what to make of it.

    my man’s nephew is 13 now and he is wearing a totally shitty haircut, but his mother (man’s sister) doesn’t care (the whole family is kind of nerdy, with their glasses and the way they talk, cute in a way, nothing to worry about really). but i don’t want the boy to look like a girl with that semi-long hair that falls into his face.
    but how to say it? the family doesn’t give a shit about trends, she raises him and the little girl so they don’t let fashion dictate, which i find very good. but the not caring at all kind of worries me. “let him decide, he’s old enough” when it comes to clothes and hair. but he’s a schoolboy, of course he’s interested in that because the other kids are. honestly, when we have kids, if it is necessary, we force them to the barber. i’m not kidding. none of my future children will ever look like justin bieber or something.

  14. Hey Alex. Great broadcast. Reminded me of the one that the Woman-Alex did with Sinead and the other two women. It goes hand in hand with that one and I think more people should pay more attention to these things or talk more about it at the least.

    I say this because since my parents divorced in 2006 (when I was overseas), I found myself looking into the whole “Marriage Strike” deal, followed swiftly by stops in “MGTOW” and guys like Tom Leykis and whatnot. Having been overseas, the feminist programming became immediately easy to spot when I returned.

    Pegged it like pirate legs.

    But that whole entity is something. I think it does come from the subtle gender neutralization programs they run on us in multiple stages, each complimenting the other. From the faggotry of Super Heroes —> feminizing boys in schools by encouraging snitching, generally to protect gay goys (you read that correctly) —> masculization of women and viola. I remember returning home and seeing an abundance of skinny jeans that were being sagged all the way down to damn near the knees. Slight exaggeration on my part. I’m lying there.

    And it is all so subtle, Alex. Very much so.

    I have an “Xbox” 360 (might as well call it a starfish box) complete with “Xbox” live. I play Battlefield 3, one of many FPS games. Damn, man. The gay innuendo is through ridiculous. Even if one of your teammates doesn’t have a mic to talk to you directly, their characters they control usually blurt out things like “I need some ammo over here!” and things of that nature.

    So yuou’d think that when all hell breaks loose they’d say something like “I need help over here! Suppressing fire!”. Instead, they say shit like “I’m getting my shit pushed in over here!”. Seriously.

    For it to be blatant is one thing; to put this type of shit into something that is (admittedly) fun and addicting as videogames in such an underhanded manner is what draws my ire (Afr-ire?), especially when you’ve unwittingly exposed yourself to it for over two decades. The programming becomes strong and needs to be broken if not weaned out of oneself. It’s like you said, you have to get rid of the ridiculously anti-male notion that being a “womanizer” or “player” is wrong or “disrespectful”. You’d really think a woman would appreciate the honesty of a guy who tells them in no uncertain terms (but tactfully and respectfully though) that he is not willing to be exclusive, but more than happy to cuddle, relax, talk to him, and give her all that emotonioal jazz that women crave, especially if there’s sex involved (but it’s no requirement).

    Most guys my age seem to be boys in mens’ bodies and women seem to be the inverse as well, but I’m not a girl who had to grow into womanhood so I’ll leave that bit there.

    But now I see male peers who won’t even talk to women anymore for their company. I see goys now who abhor the though of a woman having sex with other men before or after him. Hell, I wonder if most women have ever seen a real man before. Or even if most men have seen a real woman.

    What annoys me the most is that most men I know seem to show these tendencies to some degree. The sneakyness of it all is the kicker. They get at us with this bullshit when we’re young. That’s one thing, but there’s more.

    Had a guy come into my resturant that I work at about a month and a half ago.

    Said he’s affiliated with the “National Space Society”. I almost thought he’d through that Zechariah Sitchen/Von Danikken shit in my face. Somehow we ended up talking about the genders, and he had the gall to say that women look at men as workhorses and something to that effect.

    What shocked me is that this dude was at least three times my age, so I would have thought he’d say something like “Women aren’t what they used to be/Don’t get married/pump and dump/etc”. But instead, his words seemed anti-woman to an insane degree.

    I mentioned how I think women and men are different, look for certain qualities (across the board for both genders) and that I believed that there was is an agenda at foot to make men and women hate each other.

    What made my morning that day was how I pointed these things out to him, his phone rings, and he claims it’s his “girlfriend”. Unconvincing, given the way he said it. Fuckin’ fag.

    Didn’t help that he seemed very effeminiate along with the meek, silent character he had with him. Guess the other was the bottom.

  15. Yet another term for the gender confused ‘pansexual’:

  16. That tilda Swinton magazine cover really pisses me off. These dickhead PC-tards acting like they’re on some kind of cutting edge when all they’re doing is blunting the knife. The only androgyny that could be of any benefit is for a being to fully realise both their divine feminine and divine masculine to their fullest potential in their lifetime. The current wave of androgyny is the opposite, progressive de-genderfication until eventually we’re all just fucking in giant piles, looking for another hole to stick it in to fill the hole where our souls are supposed to be.

    PS: Alex, i couldn’t handle it man… Metro Bob overload. Maybe it’s my rampant homophobia. Had to stop after 30 minutes. Maybe i’ll try again. Jim bob is the only one i wanna hear for that amount of time!

  17. I ran into a this cartoon recently, and I had remembered watching this a handfull of times, as my grandmother had most of the warner bros (bang-bros[AssLuvJew Bros.]) The opening title of the scene is the name of the video on a ranch fence, but every ‘end’ of the piece of wood used, looks like an erect shaft and head… watching the whole just screamed homopromo (warner/disney bros subtlesex), early child hood edition (remember, this is for children… which I personally have memories and emotional connections to).. ohhhh my head hurts from the bright light on my psyche…


  18. I think you might like this, its a series of 7 videos by a woman talking about the destructive nature of feminism on society, and it doesn’t hurt that she is easy on the eye 🙂

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