Wash Bleach Rinse Repeat [6]

Bleach, it is what sanitizes, gentrifies, collectivizes, mutes and washes out all differences. Most importantly, it is what kills life. “Love and light, bro!” Exactly! When people start applying bleach to their base/root, then all may be lost:

bleach gender outanal bleaching kit ronco

Continuing this series, this show focused on old and present “mysteries,” looking at some of the scripts we are read, and some of the actors (temple dogs) which present such to us:


One of the old mysteries I began the show with was the [now] century old Titanic [link to referenced documentary], which may have more to do with the present [end the] Federal Reserve and [instigate] 9/11 movements than most have guessed.

titanic or olympia

When you’ve done as I have, and look back on the seeds that were planted, the watering of those seeds and early care via the alternative channels, to the grand melodramatic theatrics taking place now, you’d guess harvest time is approaching. Yet, there is an evergrowing army of fools wandering by and thinking everything they are seeing now just sprung up magically. Yes, they’re laughing at, not with us.

These scripts, spells and neuro-linguistic memes don’t just come out of nowhere. They are presented to us in a very organized fashion, but that’s hard to see when you just woke up to “the game,” and are facing an adversary who is not only capable of being able to think 30 moves ahead of you, but[t] created this game.

whitney houston gravy boat

It is mildy amusing to look at all the comments on the webs, coming from people who still aren’t even aware of the game, complaining about “respect for the dead,” to those looking for deep [provided] connections to the imaginary Illuminati. Amusing, until I look back down the stream and see I was also in their place once.

rick santorum cum on your face

That said, I gotta say, I did get a laugh at one of the articles that came up while looking for the above [discussed] image. It was from a self-professed “GLBT News” site called “Unicorn Booty” [gotta ask, what the fuck is wrong with you folks that actually read that]. The author[ette] asked, “Can you believe this, you can’t make this shit up!” Um, sorry to tell you cupcake, they can make this shit up and do!

During my last two appearances on Live Free or Die [relevant to series: part one, part two], I speculated that many [if not all] of the preposterous conspiracy theories we’ve been fed, may at the very core, be the dissociative escapist fantasies of molested children. On the other hand, mixing such fantasies with politically-correct “gay rights” talk, along with pro-isnotrael propaganda [technically, “anyone but israel misdirection”], shows there are hidden hands busy at work; leaving those who entertain such nonsense rife to mockery [from gawker again not so surprisingly]. A tip to those who would be the wiser: be wary of what and whom you promote.

Speaking of shit, why is it that [nearly] every time we find a fecalfile or some promoter of scatology, they belong to the same small group of people? Do you recall how in South Park the same kid they suspected of being behind 911, was also the one whom while in the counselor’s office, right after he gets accused of being a fecalpheliac, the counselor adds, “And I see you’re also a Jew?” [See DGW2.0].

gravy boat productionschina latest disney prostitute

The above, are the result of one of the closing phone calls; me looking into this mysterious “gravy boat productions” company and their only endeavor, Disney’s ANT Farm. The second image [right], might lead some to assume that I took artistic license. Nope, there was no need for me to do anything; there are enough perverted degenerates working at Disney who can operate openly considering there are still very few of us who can guess at their jokes and double-entendre’s.

Hence, why they are free to create promotional videos of toddlers playing with “magical” purple rods that spew out cool white stuff from the tip [see it for yourself]. But, I’d not recommend sharing such insight with your well-programmed friends, their NLP-subroutine(s) will trigger them into accusing you of perversion.

jason bermas manifesto

And don’t you dare dell even thin of telling The Truthers their heroes are frauds. Their own [new and improved] subroutines will trigger a similar reaction, accusing you of belonging to a long-defunct program called CointelPro! Am sure there are new programs now, with different names, but you can rely on the same old slogans used tirelessly through the ages, like the communist [i.e., judaic] man-i-fist-oh.

It didn’t occur to me until after the show that perhaps this manufactured vaudeville confessor of Jewish crimes, Rabbi Finkelstein [Herr Feinberg to some], may have chosen [or was given] the name in order to create a mental association to Norman Finkelstein, a Jewish voice that has been threatening the Holocaust Mafia’s longest running fairy-tale cash cow [extortion tactic]. The rest as they say, is just gravy!

Is Metro Bob leaving The Rebel Path for real [and stuff]? Well, you will just have to tune back in for the latest in deprogramming and hot gossip. More coming. In the meantime, I’m sure you can find a lot more sublime subversive subterfuge/double-talk/shite I’ve been addressing. šŸ˜‰ Talk to you next Sunday.

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Note: The last post/show was of late updated with additional images and additional. If you missed it, be sure to check it out. Also, I’d like to thank Kathy, a listener who sent in the two above magazine adverts long ago.

~ by celticrebel on February 28, 2012.

28 Responses to “Wash Bleach Rinse Repeat [6]”

  1. Alex, when you mentioned how much easier it is to communicate with someone who is totally ignorant rather than someone who’s received programming, i sat bolt upright…. I’ve been dating someone for a month now, and she’s recived pogramming that’s even harder than truth movement programming to penetrate – generic left wing university programming combined with having seen wayyyy too many films. We get along fine, but I’m already bored, as pop culture is the only thing we have in common, and i’m putting that in my past where it belongs. I have more interesting conversations with the self-confessed ignorant early 20’s party girls, as there’s so much les programming to overcome. I’m breaking up with that girl tonight, i can’t be fucked with mediocre relationships anymore. Passion or bust!

    PS: I canā€™t believe I forgot to mention this in my first comment above ā€“ this is a girl who tried, despite my repeated objections, to penetrate my exit with her finger on at least 3 occasions. sorry to be crass, but this is how effective the progamming is.

  2. I am amused to find out how many stars are being turned out as Moses males and females. Well it proves I knew they were all a brand of whores all along. The point is you Celtic Rebel are a major force in North America and a heavy dude to boot.

  3. Long time, Alex. Regrettably took son to stupid movie in 3d Imax last night. Had scene where Man and man rode giANT BUMble bee. Bird ‘shit’ on rear rider. Looked like Jizz. The ROCK was the Pilot of the bee. One very clear subjective ‘spit in the face’ from another one of the modern day pervert-subversive image tailors. Get the young thinking bout it when their ‘dumb’. I told my son, who I brought, that the movie was not good. His three year old reaction was that it was the best movie he had ever scene.

    I spend allot of time watching Studio Ghibli movies with my kids. They seem to have a good message over all, but I wonder about Mr Hayao Miyazaki’s earlier works. Seems that he subversively sexualized young girls in his movies.

    Anyways, I appreciate the emailed versions of your posts. Your ability to be on the front lines of this visual war makes you a brave man. There is allot of stuff Ive seen on the net that I wish I could unsee. A purgatory of endless degenerates and empty minds.

    Hope we get off this rock and back to Sirius again one day. Fuck this looney solar system.

  4. Hey, Alex. I only caught about an hour and a half before I passed out. So a few things… What’s the name of that song that played at the beginning of the second hour? The one with the woman singing lead?

    You mentioned something about Rick Santorum and what that name means. Just saw it for myself on urbandictionary. I happened to catch some of Cartoon Network’s bullshit recently at the restaurant I work at. Gayest hit I’ve ever seen.

    All TV is bad for you. No argument there. But it’s either my generational bias or the new paradigm offered by your work that leads me to believe that the agenda now is full on homosexuality. I saw that the morning it aired. Couldn’t believe my eyes.

    See, my generation may have been quite effeminated (never knew I’d see so many feminized teachers, including manginas, encouraging young boys to snitch), whining about how the “jerk” or “asshole” gets the girl. I’ll admit to being one of those guys, a virgin throughout high-school (which is due partly, in my defense, to mad naivete in regards to women and a slight porn addiction…) though you never would have known. This changed in Japan. When I realized that I women are just women, the tables made quite the turn.

    I say that because you said once how the Japanese were more socially engineered than the Americans and it shows. I recall nearly being molested by some guy who tried to be too friendly to the odd gaijin. There was also this prank they had at the time (circa 2006-2008) called the “kancho”. See it for yourself… I know Wikipedia is not reputable, but it is this one time.

    Also, I got around to listening to your 2/12 show where you mentioned my note. Hilarious, but you got it wrong. The gist of it was that the Jewish Question is the missing link for everything, as far as I’m concerned.

    And please do no more rapping. The song doesn’t even go “Bush brought down the towers.”. Your anti-Hip Hop trades are comedy.

  5. Good point about the Titanic. I don’t really keep up with the 9/11 thing (being an Australian, it doesn’t make sense for me to worry about this event when I should be interested in my own countries problems/scams), but thiss show made me wonder, if there were planes involved, were the planes insured for a rediculous amount too? I have not heard anyone talk about that. If part of the plan was an insurance scam, then would not every component of the incident be geared to generate profit for the different parties involved? Surely those planes were insured by their owners against hijacking, crashes and fire.
    In order to generate a ‘truther movement’ amongst the zombies out of 9/11, they would have had to geared every angle of the incident to be blatantly obvious otherwise nobody would have understood it. Peoples ability to ‘research’ (a.k.a. Google) things only goes so far in its usefulness.

  6. James B, well, I was implying more the “alternative media illuminati nwo” crap programming, but an interesting example nonetheless.

    R. Olausen, perhaps, when you’re engaged in such open debauchery as film is now, it helps to have as many “family members” as possible involved in the production. And, thanks!

    Accidental Alchemist, nice to hear from you. Not that familiar with anime, but I think that guy was involved with Ponyo featuring the youngest Cyrus. Yea, and things are harder to unsee, once our eyes are consciously aware of what it is we are actually seeing.

    Brian, that was the Pretenders doing “The Wait.” Yea, good points about the effeminzation agenda. The “anti-bullying” promos along with nonstop stories (most out of movies) about legions of oppressed victims combined with all the prior nlp, are encouraging parents to accept the results of how the tv is dictating that boys behave as “natural.”

    Matt, well, at the end of the day, every angle of 9/11 leads to huge profits for the state of IsNotReal, and in EVERY case which leads to a name, you coincidentally find that person is Jewish. Uncanny.

  7. Interesting point about the Aaron Russo and Nick Rockefeller photo, but I don’t think they’re laughing at us because they’re gay. I think they are laughing at us because it’s the same face for both characters, i.e., the actor that plays Aaron Russo is the same actor that plays Nick Rockefeller. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I fell for it. They are always laughing at us because we can’t perceive what we see.

  8. re bleach: White flour? That’s right folks, gobble down that chlorine soaked denatured crap. And for those of you that think that using a piece of paper to smear faecal matter round your anus is cleaning it, you might want to consider how that paper is so pristine white to start with, and whether shoving chlorine molecules into the micro-abrasions caused by said rubbing is such a good idea.

    @Matt: Not just the Titanic, but Bhopal, Lockerbie, Waco and just about anything that is covered by Catastrophe Insurance. I recommend this site, Abel Danger, as a revelatory source. It is run by two slightly eccentric guys in their 60s who have diligently uncovered an Ć¼ber-conspiracy stretching back to the mid 19th century. It involves a paedophile entrapment strategy snaring powerful figures thus taking control of governments and law agencies etc. From (present UK Prime Minister) David Cameron’s great-grandfather making a fortune from the Chicago fire of 1871, through the disasters listed above and others including the September 11th attacks. They also disclose the method (taking control of the Public Key Infrastructure network) used that day, and the connection with the establishment of LBGT group within the US DoJ as the base from which this control was established. Yes folks, there is a gay conspiracy. They also highlight something Alex intuited, namely Illinois, and particularly Chicago, as being the epicentre of some very dark and evil shit indeed. Oh, and incidentally, the lawyer who handled the intellectual property of ‘Barney the Dinosaur’? Michelle Obama. Makes sense.

  9. The work of Anatoly Fomenko, Russian Mathematician, comes to mind. He believes history is a pattern overlaying previous patterns. The overlay is done by controllers who segment history to cover real history, ie genocides, war, colonization, etc.. Your title “wash, bleach, rinse, repeat” would be an apt Fomenkoism.

    One claim to me is most interesting “Official Russian history is a blatant forgery concocted by a host of German scholars brought to Russia to legitimize the usurping Romanov dynasty.” The English Crown is also apparently not English but has been infiltrated by the same German strain. I would tend to think its Judaism masquerading as “white” aka Ashkenazi.

    Another is “Fomenko also merges Jerusalem, Rome and Troy, contrary to the conventional history that places them in different locations of the Ancient World separated by hundreds of years, and identifies them as: “New Rome” = Gospel Jerusalem (in the period 12-13th centuries) = Troy = Yoros Castle.”

    This confirms my thoughts on Kybele/Korybantes .. “Troy to Rome” and the sub-rosa on this would be Temple Banking cloaking itself in its own alchemical death as “Babylon in Hiding”. See latest Ustream for Simple Simon history, very similar to Fomenko.

    Note here since were washing clothes .. one man in pants, the other in dress, both wearing “phrygian caps” or “liberty caps”. Kybele in chariot drawn by lions .. she roams where she wishes .. and has for seemingly a long, long time. Shaping fashion or meat packaging while plying her worthless trinkets for real lives.

    The drum of Gehenna called “tophet” or meat tempo is her tympanum. Feeding the machine of her machinations with the lovable suckers. She’s got the whole world in her hands ….

  10. Thanks for the added bonus concerning the doc on the Titanic . Bill Hicks died 18 years ago. For those who are not familiar with him he was one guy who was filled with fire and ayer. This clip (17:13) is called Bill Hicks – Voice of Reason in a Mad World. http://is.gd/1BBCpu

  11. Funny you should mention Henry Winkler. Here’s an old PSA from Winkler, ostensibly about protecting kids from child molesters. In reality, it’s just creepy.


  12. moira, hm, interesting point. Looking for images of this “Nick Rockefeller” person[a], the only photos of him readily available seem to be of him with this [scrpited] little-man fighting the system (Aaron). Hm!

    Ross, good point about bleached toilet paper. I guess many have been applying bleach to their root unawares. Was unaware of Michelle handling Barney, that says a lot. Then again, I’m sure she handled many a purple “dinosaur” in her lifetime, or at least said so to many a fool to stroke a few egos and advance her carear.

    eugene, I had mentioned Fomenko once before, but I find it very interesting how you connect him to this theme, and another theory I’ve been expounding, and now it seems to connect to the Koryobantes [Āæthe original bitch-boys?]. Look forward to having you on soon to discuss this.

    WhatsItAllAboutAlphie, for me, the problem with Hicks material, is I’ve had to hear it rehashed over and over by every unoriginal wanker host in the alternative media for too long now. Which begs the question of why, leading one to wonder.

    Mat, that by far is the most disturbing video I have seen in I don’t know how long. That Ukelele song will haunt me. šŸ˜® For some strange reason, there were a bunch of Jews involved in that production. How odd!

  13. You shouldn’t be so hard on Jason BermasĀ© He and Alex JonesĀ© are shtill working hard so people can wake upĀ®

    9/11Ā® has become reverse psychology, reversed.

    “You’re all scared to face the truthĀ©” Says the truther who sits awake all night looking at Youtube vids having some sort of NeoĀ© delusion in his underpants. (just like i did once)

    Now everybody chant with me: Molten steelĀ© WTC7Ā® IlluminatiĀ® RothschildĀ© Bohemian GroveĀ® Luciferian ConspiracyĀ® Karl RoveĀ© Yes we canĀ®

    But… Do. Not. Chant. Jew.

    It’s like, you know, bad and stuff. They have been through so much and they would never convert their vast wealth into power and do such a horrible thing to make more money. While the media that they own tells us Goyim that we to can live the dream of being a rockstar or playboy millionaire pimp gangster.

    Just be docile and a receiver/repeater, and all is well.

  14. Hi Alex,

    You finally got me to give up and drop ALL of this b.s. constipitorial movement crap. Thank you. You don’t know how much you’ve helped me, really profound stuff. Now, it looks like poor Henry Makow’s finally starting to see some aspects of truth when it comes to the “truth movement”. First Rense, now David Icke. Check it out:


    Now he just needs to let go of the freemasonry, illuminati crap. Henry Makow’s site led me to your site, and for that I thank him greatly.

    Alex, you’re doing excellent work. Period. Whether you know it or not, you’ve taken the “meta-model” from NLP and used it to great effect. The meta model is ALL about breaking down beliefs by using well placed questions. That’s what you do so well. Awesome!!

  15. Friend of mine who is no longer with us had this to say about how “some folks” šŸ˜‰ operate successfully on this level:

    Lerne zu klagen ohne zu leiden!

  16. Geez, thank you Rebel, now you have me trooping through the web comparing Whitney and Gayle…… Honestly, these “people”!

    Not that I think you need an ego boost, but, you are good Alex.

    I’m working on dropping the whole, “no, it’s really the aliens behind everything, the aliens!” You know, seeings how I’ve been “fooled” by, is it, “the Jews”, their…. “ADVANCED technology”….. into SEEING “aliens”.

  17. Aszeran, well said mate! And, well-written.

    Wes Tilson, thank you very much for sharing those sentiments. As for the spat you linked, it just seems weird to me that personal e-mails would be published.

    IAmLonefrog, hm, that expression sounds like something scripted for observation by “goyim” only. šŸ™„

    Deedee, the Gayle tangent makes you wonder, a front-row seat at her own funeral alongside Queen Oprah. Do not feed the “gigantic smarmy ego!” šŸ˜ˆ

    maasanova, wow, talk about REAL syncronicity … so a museum dedicated to a huge pile of shit written by a bunch of people obsessed with shit, somehow ended up covered in shit. šŸ˜† Now, THAT you can’t make up. šŸ˜‰

  18. I’m not sure that I can add much to this discussion, but when you mentioned the HolocaustĀ® and feces I did a search and came up with this:

    Flood Ruins Holocaust Museum “Six weeks after celebrating its grand reopening the El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center was flooded with sewage and shut down again on March 14 (2008).

    There’s water all over the place. And there’s filth, there’s human waste in the water and everything. It’s a very serious health hazard right now.”

    Poor goyim …LOL

  19. Great show! I love the idea of Rick Santorum: secret Jew. I really do. Dan Savage, creator of the Santorum-anal wordage connection, is so beloved by liberals and “sex-positive” people (uggghhhh), but he has always rubbed me the wrong way. He’s very woman-loathing, elitist, and fucking all around nasty. I always hated how he advises people to just succumb to their partner’s disgusting fetishes, because they owe that to them somehow by virtue of being in a relationship. I would NOT be surprised if Savage and Santorum were creating their own frothy mix together on the down low, conspiring to fool us all.
    And oh man, the Fonz stuff. Henry Winkler is so gross. Congruently, my Jewish ex also posed as an Italian often, replete with Italian pseudonym. He just wanted to be an All-American Boy so badly (reminds me of Tommy Wiseau of The Room fame as well). He was also so, SO obsessed with ass and poop. And other men’s dicks. I had no idea all that extrapolated further, but your work provides a wide view of things! Ha! Glad he’s my ex!

  20. MOSSAD AGENT Jason Bermas – I Hate Anti-Semites – Jews dont run Anything – Alex Jones Jr

    MOSSAD AGENT Michael Savage – War with Iran

    What does Michael Weiner aka ā€œMichael Salvageā€ & Jason Bermas aka ā€œInfowarriorā€ have in common ā€œMOSSAD AGENTS”

  21. Two-week-old baby who died of herpes ‘contracted disease through circumcision’

  22. Thanks for the Titanic stuff. I haven’t really looked at that ‘mystery’ before. I also really enjoyed the Live Free or Die podcasts. There is nothing like stating the obvious for people to stop and really think how crazy some of the theories really are!

    You only touched on it, so to speak, but I’m wondering on your take of the whole ‘alternative media implosion’ which appears to be beginning to take place, re: Rense Makow Icke and now Breitbart and Jones… what’s happening I wonder?

  23. Not the best show to listen to with a queasy stomach Rebel with your relentless anal fecal sex imagery, but a good show nonetheless. Anyone seen the promo for this new Kiefer Sutherland Show?

    No thanks, I’ll touch a female of age but thanx for the offer.

  24. Great show as always – left me with many thoughts to ponder, some of which lead me to do a lot of searching/reading/talking/thinking all good!

    I too found a website with some hearty descriptions of ‘Santorum’ which then lead me down a path of other filthy words associated with gravy variations….ugh! All this ‘ugly reading’ has added to my wrinkle bank!

    I believe some mental bleach is necessary to eliminate that which I have seen! šŸ˜‰

  25. Great show Alex, sounded like you had a lot of fun.

    Though I think the ideal male for the next generation of girls isn’t one that doesn’t stop but one that instead will let you penetrate him….

    There is no sense in them they don’t recognize a lifestyle based on class archetypal fetishes = gay and fooling around with sodomy fetishes according to program doesn’t make you homosexual sure it makes you something far more deranged and intent on spreading death and disease which is surely the intent beyond creating a culture that can be looked upon by an opposing conservative view point as something to vehemently oppose. It’s occupation of those who would given enough time recognize the mass number of straight up con artists running every aspect of civilization through violent psychological nonsense attacks.

    This Jason Bersam, puffy, effeminate, ethnically ambiguous fellow is technically correct, bureaucratically the best kind of correct. Because there are no jews, never have been not on this planet just a bunch of people trying to bring story books to life and pretend they are a part of them to be something special….
    They must love the internet it let’s them play whatever populist cooperative intelligence scam or movie plot out they want with an audience that will latch onto any discrediting distraction.
    There is simply no way certain groups would get away with the kind of scams they do if they weren’t connected by funding campaigns on the back of scam after scam after scam.
    The scammers run all sides, they aren’t going to weed out their own operatives just some used up loose change who will probably get compensated and copycat patsies whenever it suits.
    Hell these people and their look-a-likes perhaps family members are putting on costumes and posing as most wanted criminals while running MLM pyramids schemes, there is no way the FBI would let these jokers waltz about if the FBI were legitimate.
    Anything with the name federal on it is fedex-esque.

  26. @Wes Tilson yeah it’s good to see that Henry is getting cut off, maybe he’s changing paths? anyway it is true that Makow led me to Lenon Honor, who in turn put me onto Celtic Rebel. I think a LOT of early listeners found their way through both Honor & Makow, thanks to the fact they were generous with linking others on their pages.

  27. From “Tinker Belles and Evil Queens the Walt Disney Co from the Inside Out” by Sean Griffin on one helpful film “The Story of Menstruation”
    “such abstraction actually ‘bleaches’ the more unsavory parts of the lesson
    such as making the menstral flow white instead of red. ” abstract in the extreme

  28. Alex,
    Strong reprimand: “if you believe that you’re sooooo stupid”
    I hear hillary clinton say that, makes people stop thinking
    for themselves and want to follow the herd
    also you want to be #1?! wtf where’s that coming from?!

    Can’t talk now.. . have to listen to last half of the show
    Thank you Alex

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