Unbearable Light of Not Being [5]

Sometimes, very weird things happen, very weird bad things and there’s not fuck all we can do about them. The show, whether or not it truly must,” goes on…

accidents will happen

We picked up where the last show left off, expanding ideas on the programs, the programmed, and the programmers:


At times like these that Tanerlorn beckons me, and as I gather my belongings, I’m reminded that if the collectivist push continues, there will be no more Tanerlorns.

jesus exiting asshole xp-shitlittle boy money shot microphone

Would that be “Lord” as in Lord of the manor, or “Lord” as in the old gay Brittanic pederastocratic variety? It would likely be a safe bet to presume that “the new Michael Jackson” had the lyrics written for him:

“probe me and know me lord, turn me, fill me with you, to see all of you on me, use me oh lord, use me, like an arrow that hits the target, i want to be used in that way if it pleases you oh lord, anytime, anywhere, probe me and know me oh lord, break my heart, come and fill me, to see all of you all over me, probe me, break me, turn me, fill me, probe me, break me, turn me, fill me, here is my life, oh lord use me”

The above production, in all likelihood, is intimately connected to the below um, “products.” Obviously, there could never be a possibility of inbreeding involved, when it leads to the production of such fine specimens as the studs below. 🙄

repulsive jewish lead actors

Just as inexplicable (for the idiot mind at least) as the resultant fame of the above “stars” is, when evaluating factors such as alleged talent, skills, ability or even just looks, we see pretty much the exact same results repeated on the female side.

inbreeding leads to predictable results

For those unfmailiar with the last face, that would be the infamous mass-murderess and Isnotraeli prime-minister Golda Meir. This um, “heroine” reminds me of one of those old Monty Python cross-dressing skits. Perhaps, I should have included her in the first image instead? Technically, she looks about as female as other incestual spawn like Lady Gaga and Lana Warchowski [a heroine for the conspiradolts].

simpsons incestsemenT garden incest

The Simpsons have a long history of subliminally promoting incest (along with a lot of other degenerative tangents), so the latest season pushing a little mother-daughter lesbian action shouldn’t really shock anyone. For the incredulous, listening to Marge coo and groan as the above fondling takes place may help.

I have also commented on vile Serge Gainsbourg [¿sounds so much less Jewish than Ginsburg doesn’t it?] and his daughter Charlotte before (incidentally, not the first Charlotte to be traumatized by her overly attentive tribal father). Hell, old Serge was quite happy to boast about his molestations from virtual rooftops [video].

ufc blood mayhem programmingkill everything fuck everything

Ugh, it is becoming quite the challenge just to stomach the world growing around us. Men being turned into girls. Women being turned into boys. mASS insanity.

The timeframe for whatever is being shown on the programming box, becoming the reality we witness around is bypassing all natural filtration mechanisms and is now almost instant. The Logan’s Run futuristic vision is already our present de facto reality; the sentiments of anyone over 30 are quickly dismissed as outdated, while all internal regulation has given way to external (and we see the good that results):

idiocracy bridges thx pepper spray

And as painful as it is for some to hear, regulation of womanhood, the basis of life, and centerpiece of familial bonds, is meant to be regulated from within; not by the old Pederast Pulpit, nor the present whore-enabling box preaching that one’s vagina should be on public display and open 24/7 to all convenient bystanders. The symbols are all around us, but as discussed during this series, the only people left who seem capable of interpreting them are (a) Stupid Whores and (b) the Celtic Rebel:

one brown eye zionstupid whores know the vee

One significant difference, however, the former group, while grasping the meanings intuitively (yet, only subconsciously), cannot connect that knowing to the reasoning center, hence they cannot see the immediate future that is coming. Yea, this show is harsh, and my points will embitter delicate ears, but I do not want to find myself living in, or being reborn into, such a pathetically soulless passionless collective:

THX 1138 Androgyny

The above image, not only captures the passive effeminization of men, the gender neutralization, but also how bland and meaningless an existence of similarities will be. It is the only possible ultimatation of all this do-gooder kumbayah kollektivism I so rail against. Everything’s turning to white. Fuck it, I should just move to [what’s left of] Tanerlorn before it vanishes over the horizon [¿whore-zion?].

I guess that’s what makes me such a horrible person. Bitterly determined to clog up whatever plans might lead to such and nonapocalyptic catastrophe. Am I “bad?”

celtic rebel's rules for tanerlornsweet brazilian bottom

Hm, BAD is 214, which aside from the Jehova/Britton/Pederast interpolations [the same sect responsible for the slave commandments; my more practical stab above], is also Vagina Day, this bittersweet anniversary. Sometimes, bad things happen.

A few more of us need to start taking this crap personally. After all, from the individual can come the most wondrous and inspired of in-sane in-genious and un-expected moments. It is the only remaining threat left to eternal blindness.

Tune in this/next Sunday for Part VI, which I can promise, will be extremely politically incorrect (and not the manipulated palatable bitch-boy version thereof), and highly caustic to the ears of those hanging on dearly to the implanted subroutines running through their heads.

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Note A: I was a guest on Live Free or Die this past Tuesday @ 10::00 PM [Eastern]. The show is alas, available [or not]

Note B: I just finished updating the last show/post with some awesome images and additional thoughts (today). Be sure to check it out.

~ by celticrebel on February 21, 2012.

26 Responses to “Unbearable Light of Not Being [5]”

  1. According to Dr. Yaffa Bey (and the New Heritage dictionary I have), “bad” is derived from “Badde,” Middle English, and “Baeddel,” Old English, meaning, “an effeminate person.” This seems to fit with the pederast interpolations. On a personal note: I’m very sorry for your loss. And I agree, it’s ALL personal.

  2. Alex I thought you did a marvellous job of holding it together during the show. The emotion in your voice at times made my heart go out to you. Katherine obviously meant the world to you and no one would have blamed you for not doing a show on Sunday in such tragic circumstances. I think she would have been proud of you for soldiering on though and appreciated the musical tributes you dedicated to her. I know it’s a cliche that people say at times like this but, she will always be with you in your heart.

  3. Hello Alex. Another good show. Although I missed the first couple of hours on Sunday because I attempted to wake up early to catch it live, but failed, I think you have linked the wrong show here?

    The biggest change your shows have caused me is to see the truth behind the movie business and the films that I’ve enjoyed over the years. I’ve always been into movies, reviewing, acting in friends work, writing scripts and editing TV scripts etc. But I simply can’t do it anymore. Now, when ever I watch a movie, any movie (old and new) I look for the XXX and inevitably find them, I look for all the references and they are there…To me this means that, what ever other crap that comes up, THIS means something…and you’re the only blogger to have shown it…THAT means something…right?

    Be easy on yourself, coping with the death of a loved one is the most difficult thing to deal with in life, I know because I lost my younger brother. It was left to me to do all the stuff surrounding that event, including choosing the coffin etc. I was in a daze for months…seriously…it took a long time to come to terms with things even though I was going through my day to day life as per normal. Its going to take a while to feel ‘normal’ again after her loss, but you will, she’ll always be there in your memories. You may think this is a load of shite, but anyway I believe in events happening for specific reasons…you may think that’s crap…maybe it is…but it was meant to happen. I don’t mean to upset you but I found solace in my faith… perhaps you will find that the things you believe in will get you through this time.

    Best wishes

  4. Today is Tuesday the day before the start of Lent. Know as Fat Tuesday down in New Orleans. It is also in other cultures know as Pancake Day.
    Dr Tongues Evil House of Pancakes (http://is.gd/YZyqcW)

  5. Hello Celtic Rebel

    I am so thankful and grateful to you and your words of wisdom you share, they do me the world of good and get me to question so much of my self. I will be donating once I’m back in England. I’m in sunny Lamu Kenya, trying to connect with the locals. Being a Muslim country it’s difficult to do so with the women as they tend to stay mainly at home and some of the men tend to see me as a walking ATM. I will persevere.

    lots of love and many thanks Kimmi K

    PS – I am really enjoying your latest 4-5 part series, your deep, I love it man.

    Your friend


  6. Funny about Gainsbourg, he made his way into your bumper music. After all these years, I still don’t know what to make of him, it could be a role, but almost nothing he did can be taken 1st degree. He never got much mainstream recognition and is mostly remembered to be a chain smoker and always drunk on TV. His famous encounter with Whitney Houston 😛

    PS: Not always courteous

  7. yo Alex, if you like Paul Kelly you might like Regurgitator also.. they’re a band from where I live (Brisbane) & they didn’t bend over. Here’s a good song from them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVFIGnugWBc, it would make a great bumper for your show.

    P.S. oh yeah, they did sign to Warner music though and you probably can’t watch the vid outside australia, that’s their compromise (lack of global audience)

  8. dear alex, when i saw your entry from the 19th i was totally shocked and it made me sad. i am so sorry for your loss and i hope you and your family can cope with it and focus on the lovely memories, but i know you’re a strong guy and you will find out at the right moment what this all means in your life. maybe i should write you this per e-mail but others can read it i guess, it doesn’t matter, everyone who has ever lost someone (including me) knows there is nothing another person can say or do, but it’s a good thing to see that someone cares, at least.

    for some strange reason i care about you. i wish i could meet you some time in person, really. from all of these thousands of bloggers i have ever come across you are the one with the most valuable information that ties it all together. and in your shows you seem like someone i would like to hang out with. i don’t know, just wanted to let you (and anyone reading it as well) know this. you’re a very special person.

    death is not what whe think it is. nothing is over, ever.

  9. Someone besides you talks about this topic for a change: “Sexual deviance and tyranny” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmQySTiKev4

  10. Is Jesus being birthed from an anus on that picture in this article? Kinky gospel there..

    Googling ‘being birthed’ to see if it’s even an English term makes me doubt to use that phrase.

  11. I just realised a bit of real world (well… world) synchronicity. As a magician, I have for the longest time now been exploring the nature of breaking down systems. The tone of white has corrosponded to properties equating to ‘absence and not being’. Harsh white blinding light within which only the vacume and detracting things can remain. Combined with the idea that the color purple is concealed directly behind it (corrosponding to ignorance and overstimulation to the point of dispondence) explains alot as to why “love and light” groupies are so airy fairy.

    Bleech sends everything it touches white and sterile. Is “love and light” bleech for the Mind and Spirit perhaps? Bleech usually comes in a white bottle too… toilet cleaning chemicals certainly do.

    This was a beneficial show and again Alex, you have my condolences. It’s never easy when these things happen.

  12. Great show, can’t wait for part six.

    Sorry for your loss.

  13. “Your total individuality is your soul. It abides in the indeterminate plurality of universes.
    Because it is alive, it is evolving.
    Because it is outside of time, its evolution is only the time that you need to permit it to find you.
    Because it is multidimensional, it contributes to the composition of an Ecclesia.
    It is one and innumerable.”

    –Carlo Suares’

    The essence of ISO is inward and creative.
    The essence of EXO is outward and conforming.
    The former is real, outside of time, and cannot die, it is Atman.
    The latter is illusion, inside time, is time, never lives, It is Maya.
    Atman descends and becomes Maya .. forgetting.
    Maya ascends when rain drops catch fire and pigs fly.
    A possible impossible making itself real, and its the only thing .. there is.
    Beyond all appearance, all faces, there is only Atman.

    Here is the fat of Baphometis. Here, here, here. If I said ‘here’ one more time .. would it be any truer? It speaks for itself. Profound is an understatement.

    “Now the question may arise: if everything is alive, what about death? We have a bad habit of opposing life and death, whereas the beginning and the end of the journey are birth and death. We must consider death in its relationship to birth, and when we do so, we cannot but realize that birth is death: as it is obviously true that one is born to die, death is included in birth. So, if along the journey one knows how to live one’s permanent death, one knows how to live. It is that simple.” – Carlo

    “Cain, Jacob, Jonah, Jesus, Judas. . . The carriers of Aleph alive are always alone.” – Carlo

    A flower from a friend

  14. i felt it in your voice…. my condolences.

  15. @Dystopeon… i’ve thought about Regurgitator lately too. Hard to say if they bent over or not, but their sporadic success would suggest not. I always thought they were pretty cool, especially their live show. Quan always struck me as a man of integrity, and their song “I Sucked a Lot of Cock to get Where I Am” would suggest they’re aware of how it all works.

  16. Hi Celt,

    Some like it bot:

    “Every day, like probably three times a day, I jerked my dick off so much that the prisoners was actually sayin’ ‘Yo, Dirty, chill the fuck out!’, know’m’sayin’, because I couldn’t help it—every bitch I saw on TV, her ass looked as funny to me…I’m into all asshole. I like it ’cause it’s tinier than the pussyhole, you know, it’s so tiny it’s like tiny as a clitoris, so when I…get the feeling of licking a York Peppermint Patty, it’s a sensation…”

    – Ol’ Dirty Bastard

  17. Yes, Men should be men.

    ~~ I’m so very sorry for your loss ~~


  18. Sorry for your loss. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  19. @ James
    Heres some great poetry from the genius known as ODB, from the wonderful song aptly titled “Dog Shit”

    You’re the type of bitch don’t appreciate sheeeit
    Never had sheeeit, so you won’t be sheeeeit
    That pussy there, couldn’t satisfy a hair
    on my body, treat me like a lolli and slob me down
    (SLURP, SLURP) I’m Doo Doo Brown! Hehahahaha
    Tossed salad, oh you in some shit now
    Callin me a dog, well leave a dog alone
    Cause nothin can stop me from buryin my bones
    in the backyard, of someone else’s house
    Ol Dirt Dog, but I’m not dog out
    Here comes Rover, sniffin at your ass
    But pardon me bitch, as I shit on your grass
    That means hoe, you been shit-ted on!
    I’m not the first dog that’s shitted on your lawn

    …………..hmmmm some powerful stuff

  20. HEY CELTIC GREAT SHOW… I would be honored to by you a beer and light your cigerrete… Even though I don’t smoke or drink…

    Dear Alex, I was able to catch your tuesday show with Live Free or Die…
    You spoke of some Women who is Muslim hater and exposed her as a Mossad agent and Whore… You never mentioned her by name… I thought that it might be Ann Barnhardt http://barnhardt.biz/ She is a muslim hater on steroids No Joke… She also looks like Rick Santorum’s younger sister and both happend to be christian religious freaks or fakes… just check out this video… Mossad Agent?
    If you want a great laugh watch the last 5 minutes…
    She is a Mossad Agent who’s purpose is to make christians hate all muslims… While supporting Israel and its wars…
    Can you crack this Mossad Agent…
    Celtic Rebel vs the Queen of Hate

    Ps: Sorry about your friend… I saw the pictures you posted on monday… She was very young and beatiuful… Why did she die so young… Accident?

  21. hi alex, great write up and pictures. my boyfriend (what the hell, my MAN, he is 25 and in german, if we were married, i would say mein mann, but that would mean husband in english. hus-band, house band, someone how binds me to the house or whatever, i don’t know, any boyfriend means freund [friend] but anyways) my MAN came across a link from the german quality-medium (that was sarcasm) süddeutsche, a newspaper, and i only read the first paragraphs.

    because honestly, i’m starting to think i can’t take it anymore. we don’t have a tv and try to avoid stupid internet shit, but sometimes, it happens:


    Homosexualität in Israel
    Mit Regenbogen-Flagge und Davidstern
    >> Homosexuality in israel
    with rainbow flag and star of david

    27.02.2012, 10:46
    Von Peter Münch, Jerusalem
    > by this guy

    Gläubiger Jude und bekennender Schwuler? Das galt in Israel bislang als unvereinbar. Doch verschiedene Organisationen werben dafür, dass Israelis beides leben können: ihren Glauben und ihre sexuelle Orientierung. Dabei stoßen sie auf großes Interesse und viele Widerstände.

    Faithful jew or confessing gay man? that was deemed to be inconsistent up to now in israel .

    UP TO NOW sorry, i will go on:

    but different organizations are advertising that israelis can live both: their faith and their sexual orientation. doing so they come across great interest and a lot of resistance.

    maybe this gave you a little laugh. it did to me!! greetings from evil nazi female german alex

  22. White men have lost their ballsack.

    We give them away, our ballsacks, give them away to absolute total fuckers every single day. The average ballsack has become stretched so thin you can see right through its veiny membrane.

    We give our ballsack away because we’re taught, told and programmed to. We hand it over because that’s what everyone else does, because we don’t know any better, and because the scary man asked for it without blinking.

    It’s a triggered action, an automatic response, it’s fucking *physics*.

    See, the physics of a tiny amount of tiny things is all fucked up and chaotic and fuzzy – take a cluster of atoms, a puff of smoke, or even a single electron – completely full of probability and uncertainty, a right pain in the arse to predict what’s going to happen, and even more difficult to in-fluence.

    But scale it up to larger and larger numbers of spinning, whizzing particles and blow your puff of smoke up into a huge cloud, and all of a sudden you have a single big system, a Collective, to which you can apply all the equations and laws and big numbers you want. That was easy, wasn’t it? Wind’s blowing south, guess which way the cloud’s gonna go Jimbob, well done, a million points.

    The Individual is *supposed* to be unpredictable, chaotic, a different thing from one minute to the next – there is no other way for a higher Natural order to exist.

    Somewhere on the horizon line an Individual stands, he still has his ballsack, it’s right out there, and he ain’t afraid to use it.

    Thank you Alex. This was your best show.


  23. London calling, Mongoose here.

    Very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, although there are no words my thoughts are with you.Tanta forza con amore nel cuore.

    Some considerations for this wonderful community of individuals;

    1. “Why Do So Many Jews Hate Black People?”
    Thought this article tied in well with previous slave trade posts.


    2. The new Paul McCartney album called “Kisses on the bottom”… ‘This album is very tender, very intimate.’This is what he really kisses of course…..have a look at start and positioning of hands…..http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-16977072


    3. Latin praedator, pillager, from praedar, to plunder – predators do not create, be it a small one be it a T-Rex. Don’t be a predator, create.

    I think there is mileage in this T-Rex symbol in terms of perversion….

    4. Boys who are girls and girls who are boys – this is the future, but not in my house.


    Mongoose out.

  24. Not entirely related to this show but, I thought it was worth sharing:

    You seriously cannot make this shit up. A girl at work came in this morning (she knows nothing of the anal agenda) and started talking about how her son likes to draw butts, farts and poo….he’s 10 – the program is working well in England it seems…

  25. In context of those Jews whom were “lodged” at the [resettlement] camps in germany during the war actually learning physical trades instead of propagating the usury money systems and generally being parasitical of their fellow humans and non jews,, then the motto of “Arbeit Macht Frei” makes sense. Good honest work will set you free, renounce your Judaic doctrines and join the human race as equals instead of these ‘elevated chosen ones’.
    This is what auschwitz would have been named if the truth be known:

  26. I recommend a site, called http://www.imranhosein.org, that shows a teacher in Islam that discusses the overall placement of the superstructure and the relationship that this oh so very particular group of people have to it. I am an Orthodox Christian, but I believe there is legitimacy in the founding of Islam, and what this teacher has to say. Please review his work and see if this adds any further benefit or insight into what is going on around us.

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