Black Listed News (Guest Host)

I took over for Doug Owen on Blacklisted News on Monday for my one and only time doing so. As this was my first prime time broadcast, I was aware of the need to water it down somewhat and try to keep it PG-13, yet still had a lot of fun with it.

Guest Host: The Celtic Rebel

So, for those curious as to what “drive-time” Celtic Rebel may sound like, this is probably about as close to it as you will ever get. As an added bonus, you’ll get to hear some of my bumpers, the surprise of which, did sidetrack me a bit at first:

Wait. What the hell am I talking about? That was the intent, and that intent flew out the window ten minutes into the show. Get ready for some Fire and Ire.

David Dees FearmongeringBlack Preacher Lady Proselytizing

Did a bit of proselytizing against the fearmongering alternative media and delved a bit into children’s programming and how neuro-lingusitic programming is used to implant and anchor many subversive notions; most of which are meant for far later.

Patrick Semen SwallowSpongebob Anus Mouth

The conspIndustry sure gives us a ton of information to keep us busy, while embedded within a lot of that same information are accessible anchors [to those in the know]. And yes, Spongebob’s mouth is supposed to resemble a rectum.

ufc is gayHarry Potter = Hairy Asshole

The real danger is not what anyone anywhere is warning you to stand up and fight against, but gradualism; the subtle movements over long periods of time, usually resulting from a long series of minor changes. One example: there was never a day when anyone warned you, “They are coming to take our front porches away!”

Barney Fellatio TrainingJesus Tel Aviv Hollywood

The malignant narcissism, desensitization to violence, externalized persona overcompensation, lack of empathy, and gender confusion we find ourselves surrounded by, all arose around us gradually, with few [if any] warning signs.

Celtic Rebel's Nibiru Survival KitTHX 1138 Bisexuality Androgyny

Thanks for your time fighting obsolete programs of the past. Welcome to your future, where every head’s the same and everyone has a hole.



Note: My prior appearance on Blacklisted News was as Doug’s Guest, shortly after I joined Oracle [now available]. The other shows referenced during this broadcast were Hardwiring Future Generations and Would You Like Me to Pull It, Sir?

~ by celticrebel on January 18, 2012.

2 Responses to “Black Listed News (Guest Host)”

  1. Aliens are definitely huge in Hollywood… What is next???

  2. Barney, wow yep, especially listening to it without a visual, that shit is evil, def. preparing the kids to be comfortable around a penis…and his friend, “BJ” gross, we have been getting our programing by “anchors” indeed, you have been exposing this stuff for years. long before others came across it…and yes, it is sad that the worst thing to be is a real man, the destruction of the masculine…the cougar program….harry potter….children quoting rap lyrics….boy beauty contests…gospel for the programed….sad, sad, sad and as always, intriguing, interesting and oh so important!

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