Hardwiring Future Generations [2]

Picking up where last’s week’s show left off, the question to ponder is how far along are we in the programming, and is too late already to do anything about it? If you have a vague grasp of how NLP operates, you’ll know that it may bee too late for Generation Z [in retrospect, the rather appropriately named END generation].

hollywood venn diagramalternative media venn

One factor in their hopelessness, is as pointed out in great detail in prior shows, the composition of the most-pervasive mind-shaping force they/we have grown up under. The other, is the far from organic alternative media, which leads people in all sorts of rabbit-holes, while ignoring or misdirecting away from the obvious.


I do apologize for the slew of technical problems last night, some of which were my fault, some due to “the pussy,” some due to a slew on Gomer’s end, and one rather inexplicable lost connection to the network. I hope that, despite all that, I manged to got the point across on this fairly important topic [downloadable as usual].

judy moody prostitutejudy moody scat picnicjudy moody bummer

Holy Wood [the rectum of america], the big trap the spiders (anal vampires) have set up to lure prey to a fate of abuse and far far worse. Must instill the [al]lure early: “They go deep underground to discover all sorts of weird, wonderful, and far-out facts about making and being in movies.” Their words, as are these:

“Judy is desperately trying to earn thrill points, so she plans a trip to the Cemetery Creep n Crawl. Meanwhile, Stink has been collecting all the samples and evidence he can in his efforts to catch Bigfoot. Add in Aunt Opal’s crazy driving (and bad sense of direction), and somehow they all end up at an abandoned amusement park, eating scat sandwiches. That’s gotta be worth some thrill points.”

Normal healthy entertainment for young girls who have a not-so-bright future as self-deprecating uncreative externally-focused victims of sexual and physical abuse. But, fret not ye parental units, they’ll be conditioned to think it’s perfectly normal.

shel pervertsteinass to mouth

Is there anyone who would let Sheldon Silverstein babysit their children? Sadly the answer is yes. Noncritical brainwashed dissociative mAssess will accept all manner of depravity, because they believe “someone” is looking out for them and wouldn’t allow this to happen. Hence, Uncle Shelby is free to instruct the Runny Rabbits to [bend over and] Grab Their Socks. At least he was honest the title of his third book: “Now Here’s My Plan.” Revelation of the Method? I wonder if he’s Jewish?

tentacle porn for kidsthumb up your asstwistable turnable man

Dav Pilkey [i.e., Pill Key], born in 1966, may or may not be a conspirator, but his fascination for feces sure does seem to fit the plan. I doubt it coincidental that Sasha Grey (the Jew Queen of Ass-Eating) chose his book to read for the media event [consent test]. It would stand to reason that ingesting Pilkey’s material as a child makes the mind far more receptive to today’s genre of anal-centric porn.

captain underpants poopdav pilkey deviantfecalfeliac training

Andy Griffiths, not to be confused with The Andy Griffith Show, “loves reading his books to young fans.” Now that might sound fine to the naive, until you realize what Andy’s books are all about. Despite angry caller’s insistence that young Ron Howard survived the show unmolested, I doubt Holy Wood would leave any future stars exit gate untouched. You can bet your bottom dollar on that [prior show]!

andy loves kidsandy loves opie

Hm, stynkromysticism would seem to indicate that we are also being told what type of activities our Senators are engaging in. Someone ask Barney Frank about that.

bum went psychozombie butts uranusbumageddon perverstion

As to the other Andy, what kind of nit-wit, would promote the above books to kids? Apparently, quite a few. From butt one parenting site: “Introduce your young readers to these books and return to this blog to share your child’s experiences with the books. I am confident the books will elicit many laughs. Happy reading!”

butt wars lightningjust shocking analanal treasure fever

Those who’ve actually been listening will now find ample evidence as to just how dedicated Griffiths is to certain concepts I’ve been explaining for some time now.

pineal eye analcrocodile naked boy

But, I have to say, even I was a bit shocked, er surprised, to see the above two, which in roundabout ways, say the exact same thing [a true story]. Need I explain?

In Andy’s very own words: “In this book there are stories about the simple pleasures of playing with friends, riding motorbikes, picking berries and hunting for emu eggs and wild pigs sitting alongside tales of terrifying turkeys, angry mamus, farcical football matches and crocodiles with an unfortunate – but completely understandable – preference for eating naked people.” Subtly, the truth is spoken.

spin martybrokebrack gay pornhomoerotic literature

Victims of abuse, be it sexual, physical or mental, prefer to look back on their trauma with not “false memories of abuse” as many a paid psychologist has been suggesting on Prostitute Airwaves, but with fabricated memories of innocence.

This was pre-brokeback mountain supplantation of the cowboy myth, exchanging rugged individualism, with masturbatory bitch-boy fantasies. One of the characters was Marty Markham, yet another MM/26 nod to the pederast cult of Jehovah/Set.

jehovah loves his boysdavid stollery victor moore

It’s enough to make your spine-ache. For what it’s worth, the writer of the series (Lawrence Edward Watkin) was also responsible for a few other interesting titles: Gentleman from England, The Sword and the Rose (When Knighthood Was in Flower) and finally, The Biscuit Eater. Biscuit? Hm, I wonder what that means!

priest getting headlost apple pedo pan

Important note: Peter Pan was written by a pederast. My best guess, considering our hopeless immersion in and propagation of Pop Culture [more accurately “Pederast Culture”] memes, is that the creators of Operation Pedro Pan chose the name quite methodically, and the victim/writer of The Lost Apple, did not.

From December 1960 to October 1962, more than fourteen thousand Cuban youths arrived alone in the United States. What is now known as Operation Pedro Pan was the largest recorded exodus of unaccompanied minors in the Western Hemisphere.

In 2009, Castro was still fuming, calling Pedro Pan “a cynical publicity maneuver that would have been the envy of Goebbels himself, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda.” For two 13-year-old kids, it was like “The Wizard of Oz” in reverse.

Operation Pedro Pan ultimately involved the Catholic church, the CIA, the State Department and multiple civic groups. Some of these powerless children were abused by the very people responsible for their welfare.

The last part should come as no surprise to anyone with an inkling as to what purpose a bonanza of unprotected children may serve. No doubt, some were rubbing their hands together, hoping “the one” might come under their care and tutelage.

key anus rose lipslarry david pussy

Beyond automated yet mindless meme propagation, there is little coincidence in the world of major media. When you put the words “blowjob” and “baby bop” next to a giant erect penis, the subconscious connections can be predictably calculated.

Why would it “hurt” when a child poops? Perhaps because some Morpheus-wannabe drugged them and then violated their key/anus while they lost track of time. Their own movie Ha!penis pretty much documents this [if you can bear the assault].

barney bj baby bophurts when i poop

As for Louis Sachar, we could assume some causality to him looking like Larry David’s twin brother and being located in the Austin end of the Dallas / Houston / Austin boy-prostitution triangle. However, his best known work about young boys spending all day digging holes takes us from causality to probable cause. Next, let us present his resume of Johnny’s in the Basement, Sixth Grade Secrets and Kidnapped at Birth. We now have a preponderance of evidence. Verdict: guilty!

androgyny promotionlouis sachar daviddogs give blowjobs

It may be far darker and far worse than even I may have managed to convey. There are two ways to deal with it. One, is the easy route, disassociate and deny; willingly accept a life of blindness while the world around you turns into shit.

Two, disconnect, disinfect, purge and stand firm against those who are leading us into the abyss. One cannot support the destruction of mankind and continue to claim to be part of the human race.

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Note: I’d like to thank all of you in the chatroom, from which I gleamed some of these images from. I thought I had enough, but just prior to publication, Kathy sent me an image, which pretty much confirms exactly how strong an influence these unscreened nannies can have on the mind, long after they mind-rape your children: proof!

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  1. As shared before .. wihen you see the “Mc” name … pay attention.

    Also “Aunt Opal” falls right into my alchemical mantra “opel lope pole”.

    Opal as stone was by the Romans called “cupid paederos” or “love child”.

    Opal ties directly to Saturn or “the end limit” and also to Kybele and Korybantes. Meaning to sow the earth or the mud. Bottoms up! Dance, dance, dance.

    The path as you have pointed out is to … destroy cultures, the races, the peoples. Its not necessarily a white thing or a black thing, etc. Its about eradication at all levels. The elite play no favorites as they are suicidally mad and inbred and willing to take risks that others wont. Why? Most of us dont have so much too lose when your measuring my the commercialized mind. So the super rich elites have no choice but to act as they do. Its a program .. as you know.

  2. It was my favorite Church song [LINK REMOVED]

    PS: 😯 That wasn’t the link. Philip K Dick and George must have joined to cursed me 😛 The link and the song was The Church : Constant in opal which features among other things the opal-lope-pole

  3. They like the smell of (sh)it in holey wood …

    “Now here’s my plan.” (his most famous cartoon) “A lot of people said it was a very pessimistic cartoon, which I don’t think it is at all,” he (Silverstein) said. “There’s a lot of hope even in a hopeless situation. They analyze it and question it. I did this cartoon because I had an idea about a funny situation about two guys.”[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shel_Silverstein]

    Silverstein’s editor at Harper & Row, Ursula Nordstrom, encouraged Silverstein to write children’s poetry. Ursula Nordstrom began at Harper & Row in 1936 and was promoted to editor in chief of the Department of Books for Boys and Girls in 1940. Nordstrom died in 1988, aged 78, from ovarian cancer. With her at the time of death was her longtime companion, Mary Griffith.

    Great! a female homo in charge of books for boys! This has (as you’ve said) been goin on for a while.

  4. Thanks for delving into children’s books, Alex. If only because it served as a timely reminder of how widespread the programming is. After walking the rebel path for the last year, i still hadn’t even thought about kids books – and I worked in a bookstore for 18 months. Those Dav(e) Pilkey books are right up there – I remember looking at them back when they came out and thinking “really? Professor Poopypants?” But of course, never gave it a second thought. Perhaps it should have been called “Professor Poopypants Prepares Pre-teens for Pederasty.” Hey, at least it’s honest…

  5. Hmm. Eugene said: “when you see the “Mc” name … pay attention.”
    On the show the Rebel said: “MM is 26, the number of Jehovah”
    For anyone who has been following the high theatre of the Madeleine (Magdelene) McCann ‘abduction’ (sacrifice?) at Praia de Luz (Beach of Light) on or around Beltane in 2007, those two comments make sense.

  6. eugene, yea I thought of that. Wonder if young Opie, recipient of the Griffith Pole also connects.

    effel, it’s a good one (the song). Wasn’t sure how that link related, thanks for fixing…

    Bruce, nice addition. Hm, I can’t help but wonder about the stynkronicity of yet another Griffith in terms of child-rearing.

    James B, I think many of us, myself included, don’t realize there’s a pattern until we step back and see they are all the same. Something there where we dismiss them individually as an aberration.

    Ross, I was unfamiliar with the case, but yes, good points. Hm, she was three at the time, so that says even more. Odd/eery pic jewkepedia chose for it, no?

  7. London calling, Mongoose here. Brilliant to note we are all against the manipulation, coercion and control of the young especially, but women and men too via NLP. Where would our humanity be otherwise?

    Have been waiting for the festive relevance of Barney for more than a year! Pirates, Steven Spielberg – the influences on Mark S Bernthal, writer of “Barney’s Christmas Surprise”. Does he look dodgy?

    Barney’s Christmas Surprise: Barney is using a hammer on page 3, BJ decorates sock puppet [fake persona] on page 4, Baby Bop is holding crayon provocatively (page 4), page 5 “Oh boy! This box has my name on it!” BJ shouted.

    Now page 11, BJ actually looks like he is ejaculating from a yellow penis while Barney chuckles “Oh, this will be such a special Christmas surprise!” Then they hang carrots on the Christmas tree, carroting being a common gay term. Book advertised thus, “A story in which Barney, Baby Bop and BJ make special Christmas gifts for each other and discover that giving is as rewarding as receiving.”

    On back cover Barney the purple headed holds up a yellow star, with “Barney” in it – “R” in the middle – 18th letter, 6+6+6, and the obvious mark of pederast shit eating scumbags waste of DNA eg. Crowley. IMPORTANT LINK: the illustrations in the Barney book are by Bill Alger who also illustrated “SuperJews” (see at 2:10).

    I wish the Celtic Rebel and all those in this great community a merry festive period and a healthy & happy 2012 for them and, more importantly, their families. Mongoose out.

  8. Excellent perspective and ire the past couple of shows.

    I was reminded of the actor Roberts Blossom while reviewing the movie Close Encounters, who always seems to have the old man/young boy role connection – he was the farmer who winked at young Barry and saw bigfoot in “CE3K”, told stories to young Lukas Haas in “Amazing Stories” (another Spielberg production), and was the old neighbor to MacCauley Culkin in “Home Alone.” He was also the star of “Deranged: Confessions of a Necrophile” which was based upon the serial killer Ed Gein. Strange stuff.

    You mentioned a children’s author named Amanda Mire, which kept sounding like “a man to admire”.

    There was a caller (Eddie?) who stated that some UFOs are real and his son had been in one. I would concur since I came to that same conclusion in my own blog, but would advise him to be wary of what “people on the inside” (like his son) are telling him is “truth”: When you are taken for a joyride in a UFO 200 miles above the Earth, you could be told that Smurfs control the universe and you would believe it. There is disinformation stuffed in BS and wrapped in more disinfo.

    Keep it up, Rebel… you are inspiring. Wish I could donate. Soon, hopefully.

  9. Oh my god! I haven’t listened to the show yet but was compelled to respond to the blog as soon as I read it. I second the post above by James B:

    “Thanks for delving into children’s books, Alex … i still hadn’t even thought about kids books – and I worked in a bookstore for 18 months.”

    I am a school teacher, I know of Andy Griffiths books and how many children love his work, have had several of the children in my class reading his books and yet, it has never dawned upon me until this moment exactly how perverse they are. The programming is indeed strong. I feel like I have just been punched in the face, how could I have never picked up on it before!

    Your last few shows that have focused on the programming of children have been some of your best in my opinion, especially the segment from last weeks show with Kyle and you really are exposing some important stuff. The children are indeed our future and they are the most vulnerable to the shit being fed into them through the media. I see the horrible effects of this every day. Your work has opened my eyes so much in the last 9 or so months and as a result, has helped me to become a better teacher. Thanks.

  10. Hi Alex. I haven’t finished listening to your show yet, but just reading this makes me feel compelled to comment though I never have before!!!

    In a funny little “coincidence” I was clearing out the bookshelf in my Year 6 classroom yesterday and what dd I come across? That delightful childhood book by Andy Griffiths…”Zombie Bums from Uranus”. Hmm. I stared at it for a while, seeing it for exactly what it was. Gross. I used to think that it didn’t matter that there was a giant baby’s bum splashed across the cover and a “clever” play on words…hey, at least the kids are reading. But hang on? It’s not ok!!!

    I totally agree with Aaron’s post (and not just because I’m his wife…) Both being teachers we are CONSTANTLY bewildered by the ridiculous things kids are being subjected to by their parents (and even schools…) but the kids know something is a bit wrong, they just need to be nudged in the right direction…

    Just last week I had a big conversation with my class about poop music and whether or not they thought the “entertainers” of the music industry were good role models. By the end of the chat, I had managed to convince them that those “idols” were not sweet and innocent (“but what about Katy Perry?” one protested), they were all just a bit shit. They were even telling me that they didn’t even know what they were singing about but the songs were “just so catchy!!!”. Homework that week? To really listen and look at what they were being shown by these “super stars”.

    I think they listened to me.

    Unfortunately, at the end of the day they go home to their stupid parents who put them in front of the latest reality TV show and everything we talked about was probably forgotten…Oh well. I will continue to persevere!!!

    Looking forward to listening to the rest of the show and thanks!

  11. The Mongoose, nice addition. He looks beyond dodgy, and at this point we can assume the venn diagram for those behind children’s programs looks a lot like the one for Holy Wood. Ashkenazi name, shocker! 🙄

    the living tiki, perhaps not so strange. Once we dismiss sinchromyshitty, we see a clear pattern of selection. Good point, also I’m sure many an “abduction survivor” will far more eagerly/dissociatively accept it was an Alien that came into his bedroom to probe him at night, rather than a trusted relative.

    Aaron, thank you and appreciate you sharing that comment. Again, highlighting what I said to James above, I wonder if our pattern recognition is something that television/ejewcation have dulled.

    Donna, I enjoyed reading your follow-up comment to your husbands. It’s good to know that you guys are listening, and doing your small (yet huge) part inside the system to turn things around.

  12. Russia is the start of Jewish World Domination


  13. Mr. Rebel, The world continues to prove you right.

    Teen Trio Admits Smearing Cake with Feces in Prank

    I have to question whether or not these stories are put out these days as a direct response to your work (i.e., made up) or whether or not this is just showing how deranged people become when growing up in such a shitty culture. In one of our discussions I had actually mentioned that movies are like a cake that has been made with feces. They make it look good so we will eat it, but that doesn’t change the fact that the main ingredient is absolute SHIT. Thanks for what you do.


  14. Programming in action: Thanks a lot, Dav Pilkey (Our Tribe & Joy)

    And Kyle, interesting to note that in that story (fake or otherwise) that the perpetrators are girls. As soon as I read the headline I ASSumed it was the work of males. Oh, I’m such an old prude.

  15. Alex can I ask a favor? Never got to finish talking to you – sometime in the future can you and I have a few minutes to pick that up where we left off? Because I’m really curious to hear what you’d have to say in regards to how we can keep relating to people who are not (yet) willing to accept all this. I just… I think there must be some way of communicating it without getting into the whole “don’t shoot the messenger” mode. It always gets the messenger shot, you know?

    Oh and hey, really enjoyed the last show too, been heavy on my mind. Important stuff – I recommend everyone watch that video that Mick shared at Lady Alex’s site, in response to her adversive piece, thought that was very insightful and elaborated a lot of your work… here’s the link: Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood [Full Film]

  16. WhatsItAllAboutAlphie, and there you have it. And despite that, symbols associated with German Nationalism are considered evil, while those of Bolshevism are trendy … obviously Catholic Reptiles control the world. 🙄

    Ferdinand, ugh! eek Good point about whether or not it’s real, but that would seem trivial. You’ll see more and more of today’s blossoming lost generation list Pilkey and Griffith as favs on their facebooks. They’re already prone to such, and perhaps this story’s just pushing them along.

    James B, ah the powerlessness of parents in this system. Perhaps, said blogger will set aside what I’d assume would be revulsion to rebellious content and see the picture is much bigger?

    Joanne, not a bad documentary, considering it is aimed at the mainstream. It misses the present emasculation trend, and leans too far towards a corporate power rudderless system out of control angle versus methodic scientific step by step calculation by a few. It could definitely have used an appearance by this irie one! 😈

  17. “Mc” means “son of” and is equivalent to “ben” in Hebrew.

    The riddle is solved when you see the power of Gehenna as the eating of children in sacrifice to “love” (aroma of roma amor) service of one’s God. Once you take your creative power and make the service external to falsity, ie the idol in whatever form, you will eat your children or fruit. Bar none. Gehenna has two marking features found in one word: Tophet.

    “Tophet” means drum beat and morsel. The dance of the beat dictates the meal that is served. When the drum is outside yourself, “you” are formed from logos fed through ones ear which inseminates one’s mind. See MC Escher’s “Hell” which is an homage to the third panel of Bosch’s “Garden of Earthly Delights”. In “Hell” the reveal is the pair of ears are held together by the arrow (power of air), the knife bearing “b” is the cutting power of Belief (the circumcision of the mind). A close intuitive study of the remainder of the clues in “Hell” fleshes out the meat on and off the bones of the hellish skeleton.

    Our choices and our trajectories have meaning in where we wind up. We is not you or I, but the branches upstream and downstream of the nodule called “you”. The tree bears thorns and thistles or fruit. The cosmic gardener, who eats all regardless, is still a discriminate eater. How can we know this? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (being driven by hips to waist ratio for a males and width of shoulders for females = baphometis or “fat wisdom”) and the worthless ground is burned to make it brand new. Once its brand new the cosmic eater tries again. It afterall loses none. Therefore nothing is lost, nothing is broken.

    We, being a nested set of aur-ifices, must control our gates. Uncontrolled gates always lead the limitless light to become mal-kuthed. Such is the path. The depth and gravity of the fall is iterated by the stage of the path. Wintertime consciousness is the most dense of all light states. Summertime consciousness is the state of light bodies. Trees and flowers admit the truth of beauty when they fall upward in love with the “tower of water in the air”; but they also tell the horror of wrestling as a seed against the shell/womb of their mother .. down down down below. All paths are quadrated. There are no straight lines. This is the lesson of the ouboros.

    This serpent has one question “Hey Mac, who is your Daddy?”

  18. Further examination of my now questionable “children’s literature” collection revealed this little story: “The Story of the Little Mole who Knew it was None of his Business” by Werner Holzworth & Wolf Erlbruch…all about a little mole who “pops his head out of his hole” to find an unidentifiable poo on his head. Nice. Have a look.

    I especially like the way some of the animals’ droppings are likened to food. My favourite was this: “And plippety plop – a pile of toffee coloured little balls tumbled onto the grass. The little mole found them almost appealing”.


  19. Winnie the Pooh is most insidious. You have brought this up many shows ago Rebel, but i think it deserves a re-peat on this post. This is the actual photo you used previously.

    A “Poo[h] Bear”: An older, hirsute (hairy) man is commonly referred to in sections of the Gay community as a “Bear” .. “Bears” often like to get together with young “Cubs”., or younger Males. These terms are well known in the Gay community.

    -“A Drum”, or specifically the term “tight as a drum”, is known to be an Anal reference, sometimes in reference to a Virgin in that sense.

    -In a lot of these “Stories”, as in pooh bear, Shrek and Pinnochio, a donkey will often feature prominently, or should we use its other name in this context- an Ass[ In Pinnochio, the young boy is turned into an Ass. He is also being ‘reared’ by an old man who is not his father]

    Also, prominent feature of said stories: Young Boys., or “Cubs”. In this case, its Peter, usually featuring heavily in the boys life is an old man. Coincidentally Peter is pictured with a Drum prominently attached to his backside, and also coincidentally in this picture he is helping the “poo bear” with that Tight hole he seems to have got stuck in…tight as a drum…..

    More about Poo-h [h-oop] – TIGGA, is AGGIT = F/6 =Faggit

    AA Milne quotes:
    “Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. “Pooh?” he whispered.
    “Yes, Piglet?”
    “Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s hand. “I just wanted to be sure of you.”

    Great show alex, i wish everybody here a peaceful winter solstice.

  20. Last summer I was at the movies and saw tons of inappropriately skimpily dressed 12 year old girls with blankets and teddy bears. The theatre had sponsored a Judy Moody pajama party so we were treated to breast buds in tank tops and young asses covered with the word PINK. I’d say, “What were they thinking?” but we know exactly what they were thinking.

  21. I was at a pub and saw Justin Beaver doing a rendition of the little drummer boy with some sports stars. Besides the militaristic gayness of it, the implications are even more awful when considering the banging of a tight drum as a code. A rump a pump pump. David Bowie and Bong Crosby come to mind. Gross.

  22. Eugene, we’ll have to reschedule you at some point sooner than later for a discussion. Afterthought: hm, perhaps this persistent media promotion of “ass-to-mouth” is based on where we are in the Ouroburos cycle.

    Donna, yet another lovely children’s story. 😯

    digital sickness, for those curious, here’s the referenced show/post where Winnie the Pooh came up.. Yea, some of those points bear repeating. Hm, those selected Milner quotes seem like a conversation between Neo and Morpheus. 😛

    Vigilant Mommy, connecting what you’re saying to Joanne’s video, it’s clear the pederasts are sitting back and laughing as the makreteer’s spend 60 hour weeks doing their dirty work for them.

    kyle, ha, I missed that one! 😆 While Justin Bieber may look the part, he’s been in the limelight so long, he is likely far from tight as a drum at this point. I’d bet there are players in Holy Wood already whining “too old” in reference to the boy, aka TheBeaver[2.0]. 😦

  23. Looks like we’re all arriving at the same crossroads, thanks to Alex slapping us across the face and kicking us in the balls, not only are we now aware the emperor has no clothes (the media) – he’s a pappa bear, with his dick hanging out, wearing a Santa hat and handing out candy to all the good boys and girls.

    “Its all perfectly normal.” – as its ardent supporters would say. Hells, teeth, have we been played or what?

    This was always the promise of the NET, that we’d eventually aggregate widespread details and assemble the pattern that ACTUALLY exists, as opposed to consuming the Pedopriest/Temple Doggie stynchromysticism of Anchors and Triggers.
    Given that our combined attention span is becoming severely impressive, its only a matter of time before we start aggregating our diverse efforts, either by accidental association or by design.

    Knowing how individuated we are, theres no chance we’ll attempt an Occupy Internet type cult, but what will we do?

    Perhaps its enough that we’re doing this.

    Thanks Alex, you wonderfully smarmy lover of Women you, best wishes and prosperity for the new year.

    Luuuuuucccccccyyyyyy! Pour that man a wine!

  24. “Madeleine (Magdelene) McCann”. Her right eye’s iris clearly resembles a KEYHOLE, that has a myriad of connotations, esp. as, in Qaballah, a “Key” is anything that ‘opens the door to the Otherworld’. Children (usually young boys) have been traditionally used as seers/doorways to the Otherealm by older male magicians.

    On the general subject, I read today of “the four matching domes of the VLT – the world’s most advanced telescope [in 2001 anyway]”. It’s perched on a remote mountain ridge at PARANAL in Chile. This ‘paranormal anus’ has already detected planets around other stars. An interesting ‘coincidence’ as regards the Human Stargate…

  25. I wonder if A-List [ as in sell-ebrities etc] stands for AnaList.

    Those books marketed for young developing minds seem to take a perverse pleasure in attacking the avidly learning child – a sort of hatred really

    Doubtless there’s a studious response to any criticism of the books’ content – that it teaches children to feel good about their excrement , or its just a bit of fun or some such educated nonsense.

    Looked at the wiki for one of the books and it gave this description of one character:

    “Kisser – a charming bum fighter, highly skilled in the art of lip to bum combat. “

    What next? Gay Pride Marches for the under-10s.

    Its a step on from the cereal boxes and their oft poop-coloured offerings.


  26. Recent show in UK was quite something…surprisingly good…it’s called Black Mirror [Video (UK): 15 Million Merits]. Not sure if you can watch this in US but should be available to download somewhere. There are 3 episodes. They definitely fit in with hardwiring future generations topic.

    All the best Celt!

  27. Wow Brian, what a show. It is something else for sure. I watched the first episode and found a link: http://www.videoweed.es/file/64995e2d4ef8d

    One of my favorite series when I was younger involved a red-head, and it was a mystery. I remember it being well written, and sparking my imagination. I don’t recall anything sinister about it, and if I would read the book again today hopefully I wouldn’t find anything like you point out in those particular children’s books.

    Celtic, you know Shia LaBouf is in the movies “Holes”? In grade 7 that book was mandatory for the whole class to read. Now looking at the poster for the movie it seems far too obvious. Of course, the movie was done by Disney.

    I usually was good at choosing books that would expand my imagination, but when I was in middle school I seemed to get sucked into shows like The OC and read the book series, “Gossip Girl.” Talk about a massive waste of time, especially when reading about upper east side Manhattan socialites who only talk about clothes, sex and partying. A lot of books geared at Teen girls are now more or less like Gossip Girl, making girl’s imagination void of creativity and child-like fun.

    The trend now is sex & death (Twilight) Seriously, Every book aimed at pre-teens and teens are in that genre, almost exact copies of Twilight.

  28. Fitzy, great comment! And, thank you.

    ORBE, her eyes are most definitely very bizarre. Probably some [photo]shopping going on there. Good point about par-anal, which translated literally would mean “for anal.”

    aferrismoon, I think you’re probably right. Knowing what we know about The Wood, what else would it stand for? “Lip to bum combat?” 😮 They are shameless.

    Brian, been hard for me to watch anything as of late, but I may take a look later.

    Shattered Butterfly, figures they’d choose young Shai (common Jewish name, he just flipped the last two letters) for that. Well, now it’s all about sex and shit, which is, in many ways, death.

  29. In England anyway, it’s not just children who are being targeted for this debased programming, older pupils are too. See: Accusations of Student Abuse and Child Pornography Cover-up at Oxford & Cherwell Valley College

    For more on Common Purpose, see here: http://www.cpexposed.com

  30. As long as you still experience the stars as something above you, you still lack a viewpoint of knowledge. Fredrich Nietzsche

  31. I got the DVD “Trading Places” as a Christmas gift from a coworker. Watching it again, I saw elements of what you talk about throughout the film (including “accepted” racism – hey, it’s just a fictional character saying these things… don’t take it seriously), but the most telling part was in the special features:

    There was a industry promo trailer made mid-production to sell the movie to the theater owners at a movie industry convention called “Show West”. Since they hadn’t finished the movie, the promo was mainly Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy talking about how great and funny it’s going to be. During their improv, they both switched into Jewish movie producer voices and started using Jewish terms, like “shiska” (most all of which I only learned about 4 years ago). Eddie got a laugh from the crew describing himself as an up and coming schwartzer. But the bizarre part is when Eddie starts talking about how big Denholm Elliot’s cock is. Eddie tries to play it off as just being improvisationally silly, but it sure makes you wonder why he even said that. Hmmm….

  32. More passive pederast messages.

    “French Online Retailer Features Nude Man in Kids Ad — Inadvertent or Not?”

  33. ORBE, shocker! 🙄 Interesting chance link to “World Governance: Unity in Diversity” Jewish/Communist propaganda page from it too. I seem to recall a video of the head whore from common purpose methodically putting out blatant NLP suggestions.

    T, interesting potential reinterpretation of an old famous quote are we to now consider the meaning now that we know the codes.

    the living tiki, thanks for sharing that. I love how they staged Aaron Russo as some kind of “patriot hero” prior to his death. When we look at this film, and some of his others, we can see he was never anything more than just another bitch.

    Trixie, shirley that was only an accident! 🙄

  34. 33 Comments! Quite apt then that I share this video with you:

  35. After just having heard this broadcast, it made me think of a variety show I used to watch as a kid called the Hot Fudge Show! You can find some clips of the show on YouTube.

    The show’s name alone was suspect but get this, the show’s villian was called “Mr. Nasty.”

    The names of some of the skits included “Holy Moley!” and “Name That Feeling.”

    Just though I’d pass that along in case anyone finds connections or anything strange there.

    PS: http://www.word-detective.com/2011/03/28/holy-moley/

    Something got me thinking about the origins of the term “holy moly” after posting about the kids program the “Hot Fudge Show.”

    A possible explaination for what “holy moly” is most interesting.


    “It is remotely possible that the “moly” plant played a role in the authors’ use of “Holy Moley” as Captain Marvel’s catch phrase. “Shazam,” Billy’s magic phrase, was actually the name of the sorcerer who gave him his powers to fight evil, and Shazam himself explained that his name was an acronym made from the names of ancient luminaries (S for the wisdom of Solomon, H for the strength of Hercules, A for the stamina of Atlas, Z for the power of Zeus, A for the courage of Achilles, and M for the speed of Mercury). So someone connected to the strip certainly had an eye for mythology.

    But there is solid evidence that “holy moly” was already widely in use in the late 1920s as a jocular euphemism for “Holy Moses,” an oath that, at that time, might well have been offensive to some people. The writers of Captain Marvel simply picked it up and ran with it.”

  36. Barney and Jew Lieberman

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