Are You Receiving this Transmission?

Wasn’t gonna do a show this week, change my mind, hence there was a show. The topic was “infinite love” and how it relates to the pederast’s coming out party.

Sometimes I wonder just how many human beings are even left on this planet, and the message I got back is that there are at least a few of you remaining.


Are you receiving me? I’ll try to post more images and thoughts soon[ish].

~ by celticrebel on November 15, 2011.

17 Responses to “Are You Receiving this Transmission?”

  1. The outdoors. I wondered when i would hear popular gay singer George Michaels song “lets go outside” what it was about. [lyrics:]

    ‘Let’s go outside
    In the sunshine
    I know you want to, but you can’t say yes
    Let’s go outside
    In the moonshine
    Take me to the places that i love best’

    Also, on the subject of music, i always liked REM’s early stuff, and michael stipe is another gay man. Being quite naive (!) i didnt realise that the song ‘Nightswimming’ was about outdoors …um…adventure until a couple of years ago. As with GM’s song, something about the ‘outside’ and the ‘moon’….[lyrics]

    ‘Nightswimming deserves a quiet night
    I’m not sure all these people understand
    It’s not like years ago,
    The fear of getting caught,
    Of recklessness and water
    They cannot see me naked
    These things, they go away,
    Replaced by everyday’

    Anyway, good show, i listened in with a few beers, had a laugh at a few things with you, had a few “oh yeah!”‘s at the KEY revelations, and also had a thought for alex the Celtic Rebel himself- here we all are ,gathered at the esoteric font , and come to you in our quests for understanding, knowledge or solace, whatever it is, but who does the rebel seek when he feels hopeless, and weary from the journey? [apart from the frequent to infrequent Brasileiras]. Enough said, So with this in mind the only way to ensure the rebel keeps up the sermon on the mount is to ensure the flow of holy wine flows! Apart from warming the cockles, it provides ethereal shield against weariness and evil cyber-enhanced monkeys. I dont have a lot of money, but what i give i give freely (did you use NLP on me?!!) and with thanks. “The Spice Must Flow”!!

  2. Recieving loud and clear Boston Celtic Rebel

  3. We are outnumbered by the zombies…but still here friend…
    Keep it the good work:).. don´t despair.
    Greetings from spanish pyrenees

  4. Great Show.
    Talking points radio strikes again!
    I can relate to the intrusion the zombie minds make, into every corner of the day, yeah man, it does get irksome.
    A few of my colleagues actually have the spark of life, they hide it well, but its there. Maybe we aren’t surrounded by the undead so much, maybe we’re in the company of the camouflaged living, that’s my hope at least.
    So what will it take, to make it safe enough, for the Living to reclaim the Land?
    If you ever decide to roll out of the You-Essay, head south brother, NZ is not so bad. (Comical politicians: Check, WhoreMedia: Check, Demented Youth:Check, whats not to like?)

    Cheers that man!

  5. … the resistance is always the other side of the coin … John connor and the terminator are the same … metal man and man metal …

  6. London calling, Mongoose here.
    I am listening but definitely not receiving…..!

    It is getting bad. Bad getting worse. Where will worse lead? Eventually the zombie generation will rise, created by the interminable psyops, the non-stop machinations of Metatron and his pitiless cube.

    Here is a shit link with Christ – no really it links the two, its not that bad….The Zombie Messiah:

    Eat Shit and Die: GG Allin’s First Name Was Jesus Christ

    “I believe I am the highest power, absolutely. I am in control at all times. Jesus Christ, God, and Satan all in one.”

    Covered in jagged scars and needle tracks, smeared with puke and his own shit, GG Allin proclaimed himself to be the King of the Underground, the Savior of Rock n’ Roll, beyond Good and Evil.

    The craziest part is that multitudes of kids followed him faithfully. At his peak, the self-described scumfuc rocker bragged that his fanbase was a million strong. Jaded, alienated youth at its finest, throw away kids living out gutter punk fantasies, drunks and junkies, the maladjusted and the mentally deranged, the abused, the morbid, the lost, a sub-society of the anti-social—they needed a hero so badly, some let their superstar pee on their faces.

    Some of his “songs”…
    •“Expose Yourself to Kids”
    •“Young Little Meat”
    •“Last in Line for the Gangbang”
    •“Castration Crucifixion”
    •“Suck My Ass It Smells”

    Albert Pike’s letter to Mazzini, dated August 15, 1871
    “We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.”

    Know who you are.

    Mongoose out.

    ps. Digital, remember warm cockles are easily seen by their infra-red sensors….

  7. … news from the Boreal front… severe drone attacks this past month… holding on… keep up the good work… good for the morals of the troop… 10-4

  8. Thank you so very, very much. I wish I had known you before I paid all that money to become a social worker. I have been listening to you now in short moons and I have learn more than all the years I have been in uni. You are definitely in a class by yourself C R. Peace Amina.

    Great show!

  9. Can i just say thanks to mongoose for that post and link. I had never heard of GG allit before. I spent the best part of the day learning what there is to know about the man. I started with the link provided, at the very end of link there is a video of him performing ‘bite it you scum’ – this was to be my first ocular transaction of the shite slinging fecalpheliac nihilist that was Jesus christ allitt. The videos available are fairly comprehensive, i saw the entourage and the sideshow that was “GG allitts last day alive” whereby GG states on the streets of NY that he “just wants out of here, i wanna go to drugland”, and then OD’s on smack. Theres the “murder junkies” …um…doing their thing at “Terror in the USA 93”. There is GG on Giraldo and some other talk shows, and the culmination i guess would be his Funeral, which is online in 6 parts!!
    Away from the poop-antics, he is on the level, at least what he had to say resonated with me. On Giraldo he states that he hates most people because of how they are, they, like robots in their ties and stiff suits and conformity., he wanted to destroy the corporation that had a stranglehold on the music ‘business’. He was angry, but he let that anger infest him and degenerate his mind.
    Was it an act? I think there was a certain amount of showmanship involved, but there is no doubt this was a man who was damaged, very possibly from childhood and his odd father [who dug graves in the cellar and oft threatened to put his kids in them], he was a man who had just lost all [hope for] humanity, he thought the nation of america was swimming in blood anyway and it was all a pile of shite so why not materialise that. There is a certain amount of liberty in nihilism and embracing death, and yes, as he said, when you strip it all away from rocknroll what youre left is with him, which makes very much sense in context. Having said that, GG Allits psychopathic tormented nature showed me the face of despair. Of dread. Of an eternal human Hell. A product of society.

    That was 1993, when he died. I think how much worse it has got, Now the degeneracy has evolved , now we cant ascertain its mass effect, because now it is peddled subversively by holywood and disney, no longer is it slinging poop in a wail of malcontent on stage, now it is reaching every mind in every home, and its a ‘drip drip’ effect of evil that most cant even recognise. So in a way we should appreciate GG for showing us the face of this thing in its truest form. It surely put a lot of things into context for me.

    Thanks again Mongoose, always appreciate your lucid posts, and i will be sure to have my warm cockles ensconced in an adapted tinfoil hat so as to avoid night vision! [Are you receiving- hilarious]

  10. I made a 10 minute video of some of my favortie parts of this broadcast. I added some “doom” music. Check it out 🙂


  11. I thought you would find this Lady Gaga quote humorous and quite telling;

    “I left my entire family, got the cheapest apartment I could find, and ate shit until somebody would listen,”


    She went from being the shit eater to being the shit spewer!

  12. Take a look at this:

    Buzz Light-rear stuck in my bot:

    This line in the article says it call: “Doctors collected the X-ray-ted pics in an attempt to take the stigma away from such incidents”

    Woody and Buzz!

  13. Alex, you should read this (unintentionally hilarious BS)!

  14. Guys are using it rectally. No seriously, believe us, we’re the media.

  15. Its lonely at the top, and you have excelled in putting the message across. Problem is what is next? Your never going to find a partner who you find attractive and grasps your ideas and thoughts. Its easier to dumb yourself down than to learn + teach like you do. The media only affects us because we have no safeguards anymore. Our parents are weak to the fact and our friends are disinterested.

    What i have learnt from CR is to be brave and find what you are great at and pursue it, where ever that path would lead. At the same time its a fkn desolate road sometimes but all you have is the inner strength to get by. Either you give in or your deal with what’s coming + to anyone who has half a brain left its not goign to be pretty.

    I appreciate all your work thus far and also hate what you have showed to me. Opening pandoras box is not for the faint hearted but it is necessary and I thank you.

  16. cant make this stuff up!!

  17. Great show, Rebel
    Phenomenal insight on the Penn State “mock-u-drama.” Much kudos to you. If I may add, Joe is also the pseudo name of the average American male, your average Joe = average papa/father. The father is the symbol of leadership in the society, so Papa Joe also represents American leadership who is too blind to see that they stood by and let this country turn into one big pig “PENN”. The “STATE” of the American culture is no more than the deviously encoded nursery rhythm “Ole McDonald’s farm. EIEIO. On the Mike and Dave show you mentioned hot dogs. I don’t know if you ever broke them down. What about hamburgers? Most people don’t have a clue and since we are so symbol illiterate we are constantly being mocked. A hot dog symbolizes exactly what it says, i.e. a hot dog as in a dog in heat. It even looks exactly like a dog’s penis. And then what do we do with it? We stick it between to buns. Don’t forget your ketchup (blood) and your brown mustard (musk turd). What about hamburgers? Why call it a ham-burger? Ever see a butcher ground that beef? What does it look like as it is coming out of the meat grinder? Looks like the grinder is having a bowel movement. What part of the pig do they cut ham from? Ham is the pig’s booty. And again we take that piece of feces and stick it in between two buns. As usual the stupid goyims/animals (people who are driven by animal drives) or gentiles/genitals (people driven by sexual passions), take your pick, are totally oblivious of this mockery. I have been telling people this for over thirty years and it amazes me how people never have made the connections. All just another play out of the ole playbook …

    Malachi 2:3- Behold, I will corrupt your seed, and spread dung upon your faces, even the dung of your solemn feasts; and one shall take you away with it.

    Clear meaning to the term shit face. faces/feces
    Thanks for your works

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