Boobs Make the World Go Round

As I’ve been promising the female listeners, I would make-up for a lot of the “man talk” as of late, by devoting a show to the feminine. Tonight’s topic was BOOB[S].

Alex Robinson joined me, picking up where our last show left off, and I feel we delivered on my promises to give the women not just something they would like, but something they need. Give us a listen and judge for yourself:


Breasts are not only the source of life, but also the source of female sexuality. Of course, you’ve likely heard far different notions from the whores put forth as “feminists” by The Medes. But, those of you who have been listening to my show should know well by now, these guys do not like women. They fear and loathe you.

Psychology 101: We only seek to destroy that which we fear. Hence, this long running campaign to stigmatize, remove and replace breasts should tell us plenty, about how much power these [per science] “simple glands” may hold.

Forget their propaganda! Breasts (BOOBS) are, in fact, what, should make a any man feel like a boy, all the while reminding him, of why he needs to become a man.

But, it can be hard to to that, despite the obvious challenges which make it hard enough. In the meantime, the media is convincing the females that their breasts are out to get them. Per the media, BOOBS are now a perpetual and omnipresent lethal threat to the self.

Never mind that the same persons putting out such propaganda are actually disgusted by [female] breasts. As anyone who’s been listening to my show for a while should know well by now, (a) these guys are terrified of vaginas, (b) these guys have been in charge of all forms of media for quite some time, and (c) these guys are enchanted by something that is quite womanlike, yet far from manlike:

I’d like to thank Shannon in the chatroom for digging up yet another example [above] of how pederasts have been thumbing their practices in front of our idiot nose forever. The reason we couldn’t see above is the same we can’t see below:

The above images, which relate to a point Alex made on the show, are also meant to serve as a hint to the subject matter. For now, I’ll leave deciphering the true meanings of said images to you, but only those willing to take off own double-blinders will see. For those who need help, there’s:

  1. Gomer Kyle [second hour]: during the second hour, I come on to talk about about the real meaning behind the holy wood cinematic codes.
  2. The Fat Drunk Coward Show: got into the Joe “Paterno” passion-play and the origins of the term “CHRIST” as dictated to fools by his enemies.

I’m sure many a self-styled “synchromyst” would describe the above sets of images as “cosmic consciousness” [or something to that effect], but the above shows speak from a far from rational viewpoint. They can be so close, yet so so far away.

Speaking of rational, is there still any idiot out there who thinks the lovely above women and their lovely breasts were so impossible to find for National Geographic’s “legions” of photographers back in its “hey” day?

Though not expanded on during the show, I’m no forced to wonder in retrospect, if beyond being used as a marketing tool of bras to white women, the demonization of African Breasts was no also intentionally done to lay the seeds of the programs used to sway American black men away from their own kind in the future? Perhaps?

That’s [really] about all for now. There will be more celtic rebel soon, and of course, more tidbits for you to feast your eyes on. 😀

~ by celticrebel on November 8, 2011.

30 Responses to “Boobs Make the World Go Round”

  1. Have you heard of the Movember campaign?

    “During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.”

    I find it ironic that a moustache, often associated with gay men and gay culture, is the centre piece of campaign whose aim ultimately is for men to go and get their prostate checked.

    Consequently November is a very instructive month as I get to see the programmed dumb kuntz as I walk around London. There are lots of them.

    PS: Alex, sorry, I couldn’t wait for the write up of yesterday’s excellent episode with Alex.

  2. One of the best shows, humor, breast feeding, and a wonderfull dinamic between both 🙂

  3. Much anticipated and appreciated.

  4. Ah, the word association: BOOBY PRIZE. You know, ive never thought of Breasts as the hub[s] of femininity. The Eyes to the eyes, very astute observations. Great show both of you.

    I noticed after your lost show with alex, discussing breast cancer and unnecessary treatments, that a very few days after the Zion media said the same thing, that “over-diagnosis” was leading to women becoming ill from having treatments and surgery they just dont need. And look at the numbers of women suffering: 1 in 3

    I will be sure to pass this new information on the SUSPICIOUS element to womens Bras [braziers?] to my daughter. But her mum is ok, she is ‘au natural’, ive always said she should carry hers around in a shopping trolley , or she would simply have to make her own as she cannot buy them big enough. But thats another story.

  5. I can see Tiki right now……Fu#% Yeah!!!!

  6. Wonderful show you two, really just wonderful. Although not the main topic, a subject you touched on synced with something I’ve been talking about recently (strange how often that seems to happen with this show!) and as ever, it’s right there in the words. A potter takes a formless piece of clay and fashions it into a cup, a plate, a figure, whatever he chooses. So we have a clothing industry which provides clothing, and we have a ‘fashion industry’ which fashions. Fashions what? Our minds and our perceptions, particularly our self-perception. We are all too fat, too thin, too flat, too round, too short, too tall, too imperfect. Too human in fact.
    If you consider the human perception of beauty and take it to its most minimalist form, it becomes an elongated ‘S’ shape, an elegant double curve. This represents the female form – breast, waist, hip. This is a biological necessity, as it draws the male to the female thus ensuring our species survival, but it also provides our higher self with a template for beauty: to appreciate, to cherish and to inspire our own creativity. Every woman (pre bowling ball-itis) is by definition beautiful, a unique expression of the feminine manifestation of the Goddess. A Divine form. Perfection. Each and every woman. So the anti-life death cult attacks them from every angle, fashioning beauty into anti-beauty.
    On Rubens et al. Why are a handful of painters from his-story lauded and eulogised, while most are ignored? Particularly as we know that most of the work was done by quasi-factories of poorly paid hirelings while the superstar took the credit. Presumably because the same process that gives us ‘stars’ today applied throughout history. Those familiar with the Rebel’s work will understand the famous anecdote about Giotto, the ‘father’ of the so-called Renaissance better than most, particularly the last paragraph of the linked article.
    Many thanks to you both.

  7. London calling, Mongoose here.

    I am so glad that the cock, poo and butt talk has taken a back seat (so to speak). The breasts, boobs, love globes talk is wonderful as it celebrates womanhood to its fullest, bursting, fertile best.

    The two puppies the lady is taking for a walk are the first thing I look at, why?, if you don’t know I can’t help you.

    Yes you have touched upon (so to speak – again) my favourite topic and just like my friends I like them natural, any shape, any colour just not fake.

    Ps. Stephen Digital Sickness – you are spot on! The Mo Bros, as they call themselves, could be in for a shock if they allow the YMCA biker to fulfil his red hanky on left pocket preference – it sounds like twisting & is done with a fist………see YMCA video 10 seconds in (don’t blink, no, literally…..). YMCA

    Give me the breast talk any time – Good, Wholesome, Fun

    Mongoose out.

  8. Breasts are not the source of female sexuality .. hips are. By source I mean “mark” or “width”. Breasts are the buds that awake from stirring below the event horizon, ie hips. Each time the hips are stirred the breasts will re-bud with milk. Hips are the foundation mark, tits are the fluctuating mark, of womb man. Static width and kinetic width path B.

    Same with men, yet inverted. Men have their mark as shoulders or width above the event horizon. When the hips to waist ratio of the female invites the eyes and arms of a man .. his bud engages, ie below the event horizon, and his milk comes forth. Shoulders are the foundation mark, penis is the fluctuating mark, or womb-less man. Static width and kinetic width path A.


    This is Baphometis or “fat wisdom”. The open clues of this are anointing of men on their heads as “mlk” or “king” and the Magadalene anointing Jesus feet (the gate keeper of the lower brain) with her hands and hair (the gate keeper and upper brain). Baphometis is immersion in wisdom or knowledge of fat or gnosis of quadrature.

    The goddess figurines show arms as skinny and heads adorned with corn rows, no faces, as 7 x 7. The arms are skinny because it is showing the lack of the “mark”.

    Milk and honey these breasts you speak of. Since there are two .. may we share? Have you seen the Playboy spread with the 3 breasted lady?

  9. This ties into Courtney Stoddard getting an ultrasound on Dr. Drew’s show to prove that her breasts are real. I’m more concerned about a 17 year old who looks like a middle aged truck stop hooker who married a man who played Tooms on the X-Files and is older than her own father. But hey, by all means, lets check out her breast situation.


    Hey, what do you think of this?

  11. Hey Alex & Alex I love you guys… I have a much more respect for Women’s Breast… Natural of course… 🙂

    Hey Celtic Rebel here is something new that’s not at all in the truther movement but should be… the truth movement needs to get out of the 911 box and see all the lies from Health more importantly the Universe… This is a great subject for a future Show… ALEX please watch these 2 videos… and tell me what you think… this information is more important then 911… Conspiracy of Science – Earth is in fact growing

    Halton Arp is called the modern Galileo Galilei because of his discoveries about the Universe which will turn the scientific community upside down… Universe – The Cosmology Quest Pt 1

    Please watch at the 32 minute if you don’t want to watch the whole thing…

    PS: this is a great subject to get your mind off of women… I find it just as fascinating as the female body… 🙂

  12. Lone Frog was accurate: Alex + Alex + boobs = Fu#% Yeah!

    I became an unabashed boobaholic the moment I realized there was a group of people who loved breasts more than I: Women. I discovered this when I was more active with my art. Not only would I meet female artists who loved painting breasts [one made plaster casts of real ones], but I once had a show (with more than it’s share of drawn naked boobs) which evoked a lot of responses from women. One woman actually thanked me for drawing a mermaid with small boobs [I told her I had “streamlined” in mind]. But the most popular one was a “Mona Lisa” type picture where I drew the girl naked, but gave her a pair of curling ram’s horns to surrealistically draw the attention away from the fact that this picture was just an excuse for me to draw an spectacularly awesome pair of boobs. Women loved that picture. I couldn’t understand why until I realized all the boobs I drew were REAL. Big or small, I always added a slight “flaw” to each to make them more real – but for my own, um, “artistic integrity”. Little did I know this would lead to a the greatest art reception ever, with many lovely women sharing their thoughts about breasts with me.

    Want to know how the anti-breast programming is working?

    Once recently, while researching breasts (honestly!), I happened across a Google image of a southeast Asian girl with uniquely exotic but very beautiful and erotic breasts. Naturally, I wanted a closer look and saw that the image had a comment section. I thought I would read comments in agreement that these were indeed a pair of super hot boobs, but instead most of them were surprisingly negative. Unbelievably, guys were repulsed by her breasts. One even called them “monkey boobs”. Sad. This girl was stunning. Oh well, thanks Illuminati – more boobs for me!:)


  13. You mentioned my favorite crazy subject, gays and fashion.

    Men proudly buy these premium priced underwear to have some queer guy’s name in their crotch area, amazing… Jean-paul Gaultier, Versace, Armani, keep scratching your itchy underwear. That’s not gay, that’s being fashionable.

    Homosexuals that design clothes for normal men is just wrong. I don’t know what happened the last 10/15 years but I’m having a hard time buying a normal pair of jeans. All jeans have these horrible bleached stripes on them, weird tight fit and all kinds of gay crap stitched to them.

    Women watch the fashion tv-shows with the homosexual hosts giving advice and now they desire semi-fag men. Dressed like a fag but still normal enough to get a hard penis from a women. I’m really getting tired of homosexuals manipulating the normal world, they just can’t leave us alone.

  14. Great show guys! It is always great to hear you two on air together : )

  15. Hi Alex!

    Awesome show, as well as all the shows you’ve been on over the past week or so. Alex from down under was excellent as always, thank you for having her on again. The topic was something that really opened my eyes, so to speak 😉 Anyway, below I’ve posted something that kind of seems like it has nothing to do with the subject, but it does. I just found this clip from a B-Movie from 1989 where the climax features a bunch of “bad kids” being executed in various horrible ways. So here it is. Beware: Children at Play (1989) So here’s one of the most violent scenes ever filmed:

    Crazy eh? Thanks again! 🙂

  16. Why is it that whenever I am feeling really DE-Pressed and DIS-Illusioned I visit your site while thinking to myself….’You feel bad now, want to feel even worse, let’s find out what The Celtic Rebel has to say this week!’

    Now granted I haven’t listened to the past two week’s worth of shows yet, but I will, as I am intrigued to hear your thoughts on the boob subject.

    Having previously worked in a medical clinic where beautiful women were coming in daily for boob jobs, not to mention all other body parts available at a high price, and lots and lots of pain – I know I will have more comments to make.

    I’m glad you and Alex are keeping up the ‘good’ work.

    aka Marie

  17. Haven’t listened to show yet, just wanted to share a little. I am 70 and would like to say to all you young whippersnappers..enjoy those boobs ha ha they become few and far between as you get older so grab for the gusto respectfully, treat all women graciously and you will be in high cotton. I guarantee it.

    I remember being that guy in the red jacket very well. I grew up on the lakes in Michigan, summer was nirvana. Now I would probably get slapped as a nasty old never stop looking ’til your heart stops beating and who knows what might be beyond the veil..hope is eternal.


  19. Lots of [pairs] of breasts here! It seems, Alex, that they took your idea for the Tanalorn Ark, and the women, and the party at the end of the world!

  20. 80085

    ( . )( . )

  21. It’s interesting to see the subtefuge employed in the advertising of the ‘breast cancer awareness campaign’ aimed – we assumed – at woman to get regular check-ups….I’m refering to that poster everywhere, of a woman’s hand holding and feeling her breast for lumps….what better way to put a man off a woman than to get him to associate the female body with disease and sickness’.

    From last week’s news….”A study presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) concluded annual mammography screening significantly INCREASES breast cancer risk in women with a genetic or familial predisposition to the disease”!

  22. Yeah Marty, those smear tests sound gross too and the women in the ads are always ugly.

  23. hahahaha this is right up the Rebels alley! found this when I searched Ryan Dunn on google images, lube anyone?

  24. Dude, what about the itty bitty titty committee?
    Let’s hope they’re not watching because it would certainly drive them into a breast augmentation mania.

  25. I Wish I Was Gay

    By Jessica Lowndes … Kinda sums up what you and Alex were discussing. This programming runs deep. Also, the new South Park episode was OVER the top. You have to see it. Two words: Natalie Portman and Wormholes. They’re having a good laugh and definitely ripping your shite off.

    PS: I guess that would be 4 words but the video was so dumb that it degraded by brain potential by 70%!! 🙂

  26. Victoria Secret is trying to kill women via their bras!

    Class action lawsuit – victoria secret bras

    My boobies hurt!—victoria-secret-bras/show/682633

  27. Porque você não fez o show em Português?!
    I was surprised when you started..
    anyway, awesome
    thanks a lot!

    all the best, Mia

  28. Mr. Celtic, As the holiday season went on, I went shopping Especially at Belk (for my female realtives >.> ) And they have brought Breast Cancer into their store.. This meaning that their are Breast Cancer awareness signs EVERYWHERE. . One of which showed only the torso of four women of all different rces, and, What do ay’ know? Shirtless.. Just the perfect way to make me immediatley turn around and my them a pack of chewable poison instead.

  29. Went back in the archives and listened to this show earlier today. You and Alex just keep hitting me over the head and shaking the programming out of my ed-jew-cated brain. The underlying theme that keeps manifesting throughout your work is the constant breaking of bonds and the disconnection with everything that makes us human, and this show made that clear in so many ways. I think it’s important to understand how this fits into the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam, which although misrepresented by self-chosen propagandists and apologists as “healing the world,” is actually all about destroying everything that makes us human so it can be reshaped to serve the (again, self-appointed) masters.

    By the way, the film with Michael Caine and the girl with the spectacular breasts was Blame It On Rio. I should watch it again with my ‘new’ eyes.

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