Our Reality Lies Behind Us

Why rush forward to meet our death? Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream. A fable or wisdom?

That was but one idea put forth in the show this weekend [downloadable], and it may be the most practical of advice [should you, per chance, desire to live longer].


It’s a fairly safe bet now, the future is fucked, so why focus on it longer? Perhaps, by looking back at the past we can go back to a time of innocence and hope?

I’m sure were most of our brethren to look back on the wake behind their arse, they wouldn’t really like what they see. Better to focus on the illusion versus the real?

Then again, what most of us morons perceive as “sound wisdom” does not come from inside us, but from somewhere else. And, that other place is a vile world of nothing but psychological warfare upon ourselves and our kind, humankind.

I’d like to thank London’s Mongoose for alerting us to the festering pile of dung above. The war on our children is quite “real,” though I’m sure the fanboys would be quite happy to spend hours telling you otherwise. The programming, despite the occasional nuggets (undigested peanuts and corn) some may derive from it, is by no means for our benefit, but to make us less humane than the amazing dog below:

I’ll probably expand further on some ideas about an exit plan next week, because the more I see the programs, the more cruelty and indifference I see coming our way. Some recommended reading: Octopi Phalli Cubes of Life, The Shapes of Things to Come, plus Lucy’s Burning Rings of Fire. I wonder, salvation over salivation?

Dali ChristJim Henson's Cube

Fookin English! I know it was created to keep us in a box. Law, forever and ever.

“Putting something into the past – does it create a vacuum in the present that draws that thing into existence”

I close with above quote sent to me by Alex Robinson sometime after the show. I’ll try to write up properly some time this week. Unfortunately, it’s gonna still be in Endlick/English, the language/languish of the brave new world….

~ by celticrebel on October 19, 2011.

17 Responses to “Our Reality Lies Behind Us”

  1. Alex, just when i think you couldnt out do yourself, you prove me wrong. This was by far the best show in my honest humble opinion. The looking into the past instead of the future, that is the key my friend. Awesome. Thankyou

  2. The solution to escaping your spiritual prison…to change the vibrational output/frequency of your spiritual being? And this can be done by a change in thoughts, leading to a change in action…

    With this radio show, even with the personality quirks and antics involved, we get closer to the truth of our past, present, and future. We should be more grateful for your work and considerable contribution to mankind. Alas, it is a testament to our time that this must be so. As Christians and Muslims grow more aware of what the threat of the Messianic State entails, there will be increased conflict and dissatisfaction. For now, preparation against all eventualities is prudent, but for some, unfeasible…and i guess, this is where your Arc/Ark comes in. This understanding of the world may one day be the glue that binds people together in an effort to create the solution against the predators, if they show their hand visibly enough during the technocratic End Game, or the Apocalypse script.

    My understanding of the world and how it works has also grown with your radio shows, and if i may say so without seeming fanboyish, the ancient philosophers would have enjoyed learning and discoursing with you these astute insights of yours. I used to worship martial heroes, but teachers who seek to preserve and uplift humanity are far fewer, and more valuable.

    Ακόμη και το μεγαλύτερο διάστημα του σκότους, υπάρχει πάντα ελπίδα.

  3. After seeing the dog video above I was left in an even a darker place while remembering this video:


    Fundamentally I know that dogs can be trained, but I wasn’t aware that they looked out for each others well being. (aside from nursing the young)

    Dog conversation

    “Come on Rex ole boy, Dusty is here to get you out of this pickle, you really misjudged the speed of that truck huh?!?!”

    Human training

    “That’s a little girl, squished in the road, what do I do?” “Just keep going, this is all a really bad dream, I had nothing to do with this.” Never looking back……..

    Wouldn’t be such a horrific story if the number of “nuhams” that passed this child up wasn’t in the dozens. But it was.

    Ironic part of the whole story is that the CHILD was ultimately diagnosed “Brain Dead”, perhaps revealing the disability of the mASSes.

  4. Very inspiring show (as in breathing) 😀
    1) I wouldn’t advocate facebook, but for me, it is a much more interesting news feed than anything else I know. I know when Lenon does a radio show, receive and post videos (like the dog one) and even managed to promote the cloudbuster enough to now have 12-15 where there were none 4 months ago. For video, this one is funny and telling, from a greek game buddy 😛 (it says that the man of the future will work and get no pay)
    2) Here is a tree of life I drawed removing all their stupid Hs. All the letters are there alongside Lucy and Sophie (with Zeus in the middle :D). Easy to read on it that the greek theos (θεός) has little to do with its translated Dieu or God or Jehovah (none of which would be Zeus either). Also, Saturn’s psyche has been translated to ame (without ego) or soul (having to do with the sun or the ground) and Neptune/Sophia’s pneuma to spirit, which constitutes an inversion (animation/breathing is pneuma, spirit/intellect is psyche) removing any sense from the greek texts.
    3) There’s always something disturbing about those cartoony characters as Herbert Moon. How would someone hating everyone would have managed to live that long ? Same as the newest campain were are getting here for the “extremists”, we never get a clue as to who feeds them.

  5. I recommend this book to one and all ,from : Kurt Vonnegut “Slaughterhouse 5”

    “Through Billy and the Tralfamadorians Vonnegut introduces us to his ideas on the nature of time and physical existence. When Billy travels to Tralfamadore for the first time — after having been unstuck in time for many years — he is taught by the tralfmadorians the nature of time. They tell him that the human perception of time as linear and flowing with the possibility of only one moment existing at ‘once’ is erroneous. The Tralfamadorians exist in 4 dimensions and so have perspective on time. They tell Billy that time does not flow, that all moments exist concurrently and it is only an illusion if they appear to have any linearity. This makes sense to Billy for he has been traveling to odd places in time ever since his experiences in the war. The Tralfamadorians also have a philosophy of life based on their ability to have perspective on time. They tell Billy that it is pointless to be concerned with the bad things always happen to us in our lives. They say that it is wiser to only focus one’s attention on the good moments, for no moments are capable of being changed — they just are. Billy to some extent is capable of applying this philosophy to his life for he is blessed enough to be loose in time — and know it. But Vonnegut may be saying that we are all loose in time, for if the Tralfamadorians are correct, all the moments in our lives exist ‘simultaneously.’ And so whether or not we are aware of these other moments in other moments is irrelevant to the fact that the moments all function at the same ‘time’. The universe, with all its moments, is the same as when we ‘were’ babies as it ‘is’ now. By the end of Billy’s life we find him preaching this knowledge to various adoring masses”.


  6. dear rebel!

    your posts are always very thought-provoking.

    i just had a thought:

    when people kiss the ring on their religious figure’s hand. ….ring(->anus)?! ….are they kissing his ass?

    with respect to your work

  7. Hey Rebel, I just finished last weeks show and heard you talking about the Norwegians role in World War 2 with concern to the Nazis and The British … [REDACTED] …. was involved in some pretty heavy espionage in Norway and as you can see was recruited by the OSS. Shortly after the war he took to drinking and sadly died not so long after of cirrhosis of the liver. I wonder what they did to him and why his codename was Vaudeville. Its kind of sad that a genuinely peaceful man lost his life fighting for The Brits in defense of Norway his native country, and in the end it was all completely unnecessary. Needless to say my father lost his father and as a result was a pretty poor father to me and it all started with The OSS. Any thoughts about what my grandfather may have been exposed to?

  8. how do you see these things? and whats with this Lucy talk, i hope no one takes my comments the wrong way, celtic rebel is like some sort of 20th century prophet i would really like to know his thoughts about Dr Judy Woods work her views on 911 put the whole truth movement to shame please please can you do a show that reviews her work your insight would help me and others to closed that chapter and move on cause i still dont know what happened that day all i know is it was not a demolition the technology that was used that day was unearthly or futuristic/the buildings (and the people inside i think) totally turnt to dust in less than 7-10 seconds plus there was no rubble WTF.

  9. Democracy = collectivism/communism

    Exactly! Any re-public can either be the best or the worst form of government, a socialist democracy or a republic with individual sovereign human beings under common law (the golden rule – “do as you would be done by”). And we always had the choice! Liberty (privileges) vs. Freedom (rights).

    All these systems/governments were created by masons, so whoever these “elites” at the top really are, they are giving us nothing but choices all the time!

    And this ties in with the whole lucifer-warden scenario…according to alleged insiders, lucifer is indeed here in this illusionary prison realm to help us evolve, acting as the bad guy(s) as a “catalyst” and giving us free will choices constantly. So we can improve ourselves until we no longer reincarnate, this is all about spiritual enlightenment aka freemasonry which is their (and the worlds) religion for a reason…

    http://www.illuminati-news.com/00363.html (I’ve linked this here before)

    So according to them you are pretty much right Alex, they even mention animals are here to show us compassion, and how they run hollywood to show us all of this in metaphors (the part the synchro-guys see) and there is also lots of disgusting propaganda/programming of course…but then again…

    “Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves” -Eric Hoffer

    It’s all free will…no evil freemasons “out there” to get us…

    Great show, thanks Alex.

  10. I loved your thoughts on looking back – I know from experience that there are ways of making things exist by ‘putting them into the past’ even tho’ they don’t currently exist – I think this is real magic – rather than trying to pull something out of the future. Surely all the 9/11s in movies prior to the big day, were doing something similar.

    Glad you went back over the cube ideas some more.

    Your show is always a pleasure.

  11. London calling, Mongoose here.

    1. I found this hand written dedication by the author in a second hand book I bought recently;
    “To Lady Cox – I heard you in Washington in 1986 and you were right on target when you warned about the coming gay curriculum. Best regards Beverly Eakman 3/23/1999”

    Eakman wrote “Cloning of the American Mind – Eradicating Morality Through Education” and is highly recommended if you want to see how education has been systematically screwed through:- group think, moral neutrality, non-judgmentalism, de-nationalization (nationalism as mental illness), the removal of commonly shared cultural knowledge, the Tavistock / Delphi / Alinsky methodologies, the Frankfurt School, anti-authoritarianism, social decomposition and the Whatever society etc, etc, etc.

    2. Il nostro buon amico, Pier Paolo Pasolini, indicated how you should have used papa smurf with that girl you were trying to chat up.

    3. When are you free? When you are not afraid to die, or live.

    Nice show. Mongoose out.

  12. I think the best way to some up this latest radio broadcast is in the film titled BACK TO THE FUTURE,
    in order to go forward, look to the past and grasp every aspect of the reality you grew up in as a innocent child before we where corrupted, what kind of person was you before we where hypnotised,
    At first I didn’t get all this Lucy talk but I am becoming comfortable with the fact that what ever the establishment teach us, is for their gain and our demise so if they say pray to a WICKED EVIL GOD then I think I would rather pray to Lucifer in the understanding that she is not satan and she has been vilified in the same way a real feminist,Lady,Woman has been vilified, demoted,tarnished, under-minded, Etc.
    As for the truth movement well! all of them have totally ignored Dr Judy Wood (please check out her videos on youtube and tell me what you think) because her intellect and perspective makes an absolute mockery of the whole 911 movement,
    over the years I’ve listen to many speakers, lectures but ever since I saw the video entitled celtic rebel vs willow smith (youtube) I thought to my self this man has some different kinda insight i then went on to find out about all these sigma secret societies attended, run and controlled by Afro Americans (Afro how disrespectful),the celebrity’s and Athletes associated with these fractions is astounding to many to mention all I know is I am an idiot and I don’t know anything, imprisoned in a metropolis before i can even think straight society got me running around like a headless chicken just to keep a roof over my head cha jah know star, man them is tired so im going bed Peace.
    PS celtic is so right, divorce your self from the truth movement its a waste of energy so much diss info we must grow out of it,where just running around in circles no body is being punished for their wrong doings OCCUPY WALL STREET MY ASS!!! cha im going bed BACK TO THE FUTURE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.

  13. Hey Celtic, great show! I want to start by saying good catch by Mongoose about the programming used in video games. I grew up playing all of the Rockstar games and looking back, they are filled to the brim with this shit. I recently finished playing a game released by them called LA Noir. Here is the official synopsis of the game:

    “Amid the post-war boom of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Cole Phelps is an LAPD detective thrown headfirst into a city drowning in its own success. Corruption is rampant, the drug trade is exploding, and murder rates are at an all-time high. In his fight to climb the ranks and do what’s right, Phelps must unravel the truth behind a string of arson attacks, racketeering conspiracies and brutal murders, battling the L.A. underworld and even members of his own department to uncover a secret that could shake the city to its rotten core.”

    In one mission you investigate, two women have been drugged, put in a car and sent over the edge of a cliff. You find out that one of them is an older actress who is a ‘Star’ in holy-wood and the other girl is a young, underage run away looking for fame as a new actress in Holy-Wood. When you investigate the car, you find the young girls bag and the two clues inside are a pair of panties that have been torn off her (which is later confirmed to have semen inside, and it is also confirmed she was raped in her ass ) and a note from her Mum pleading for her to come home. Here is a section from the note

    ” The world is a very dangerous place for young girls, especially ones with stars in their eyes. Stars are nice to look at, but sometimes, they can blind you to what’s right in front of your nose.”

    We all now know what stars represent thanks to your work. The main suspect is a famous director and you find out he and a group of other directors are guilty and all the young victims wanting to be “stars” have been raped and secretly filmed on a “casting couch”. The game also opens with the camera panning past a building with the infamous eye in the pyramid and is filled with lots of “con-spindistry” memes. Talk about revealing the method and rubbing it in our faces.

    It is scary how much this game confirms a majority of the ideas you discuss about Holy-wood and its darker aspects, and even scarier, I see many young kids as young as 10 playing this game. ( I am a Primary School teacher) We are indeed facing dark times ahead.

    Thanks again for a great show.

  14. Another poignant show this week, Rebel. Bravo!

    Also, I couldn’t help but show you an alternative version of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” that I found, posted in Wikipedia:

    Row, row, row your boat,
    Gently down the stream.
    Verily, verily, verily, verily,
    Life is down the drain.


  15. A thought just stroke me : the only thing I truly (or verily ;)) own is my past 😀

    PS: I may own my past, but not my memories, they are not the same.

  16. even memories can be distorted and self manipulated.
    Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

  17. alex, on the subject of water, and vessels which sail upon it, and thence looking behind:[to the aft] i ., bear with me. So, the many maritime/Navy terms used do sound very gay orientated. I think you have pointed out on previous shows: Rear Admiral, Seamen, Poopdeck etc. I wondered where the term “port-hole” came from (!), so looking at the etymology, we can trace the term back to the English royal Navy of the mid 1800’s, the port is the left side of ship if youre facing to bow [front] of ship [left hand path] . Port is derived from the Latin word porta, which means ‘door’ or ‘gate’. Why is a porthole called a porthole when there are windows on the right of the ship too? Apparently the port-holes were opened up at sea and closed in Port, or harbour. Ah, the joys of sailing.

    As for the right of the vessel, the “Star-board” [broad-star] has a tenuous connection to its own origins, the etymology is that the word comes from Larboard, which was the old maritime term for the loading side of the ship in harbour. In older history, before Rudders, there was a Stearboard on the right of the ship, but perhaps star-board just sounded nicer?. One last seafaring article: on all ships there is a RED light on the port, and Green on the starboard. The Aft [back] carries a white light. White light to always illumine the rear and a red light for an “open” porthole:) Stars and Portholes? ..um…

    Now watch this: Family guy here demonstrates that the ‘Privateers’/Pirates were British, and the union jack flag is interchangeable with the skull n crossbones! classic

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