Real Men can Smoke and Swim

We picked up this show where the last one left off, asking what is a real man. Joe Jackson apparently, once asked the same question, arriving at similar conclusions.

If my prior definitions had been exclusive to some humans, I sincerely hope this show clarified it. “Somebody” definitely needs to try and improve the world around us! Perhaps, that “somebody” should be you?


Looking at the above chart, someone might infer that “real men can’t swim.” But, don’t expect too many of our brethren to derive anything insightful form it. They have trained us properly, and rely on our attacking those who raise questions.

But, some know there is much more to the story. The same group of men deviants who are responsible for the above/below societal training films, are very likely the same who are responsible for the otherwise inexplicable spikes on the above chart.

They repeat deviant memes over and over again, not right under our nose, but right in front our face. They rely on two factors: our ignorance and our stupidity.

And it doesn’t do anyone any good that they have a virtual army of unpaid uncritical sycophants [¿syncrophants?] there cheering them along every step of the way.

Perhaps I’ve been wrong the entire time, criticizing pederasty as something evil. At least now I understand, there’s a small but dedicated segment of people out there seeking to imbue our children with the gift of “cosmic consciousness.” 🙄

Needed I say much more than quote the miscreants in relation to the image above?

Thanks to a post-show comment from Ross, I learned there was much more to foundation of the entire movement [more specifically, “trap” or “web” the spiders or vampires have spun]. This is their standard operation procedure. I may have to talk more about this, Robert Baden-Powell is kicking the gaydar off the scale.

Coincidentally, I’ve also since learned that the National Boy Scout Museum is located in Dallas [referenced in Tuesday show], and that the area code of said place is CITY / SHITTY / KIDDY is 214 [the pederast code for BAD; referenced in Thursday show].

This has been going on for far too long. The [discussed] documentary, Boys for Sale, is only one of what should have been thousands made on the subject. Fret not too long about such “problems,” the media can easily divert our attention at whim.

As discussed in greater detail on a prior show, the societal planners are quite adept at training us to believe the tastes and preferences they put into us, are our own choice. Don’t bother arguing with a victim however, it will only bring you grief.

Arguably, I may have been a wee bit harsh on the hypnotized gurus who parade around as disemenators of wisdom, while dispensing feel-good [yet useless] circular logic. Perhaps even they can have some useful role to play before this is all over?

Beyond the victimized, is redemption still within reach even for the wicked? Only Lucy, the redheaded girl with kaleidescope eyes, knows. As for me, I have no idea what will even happen next week yet.

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Note A: On Tuesday night, October 4th, I was a guest on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers. The controversial commercial-free show [alternately, molotov cocktail] will no doubt, offend many in the truth movement and inspire many who want out [not available].

Note B: On Thursday afternoon, October 6th, I was a guest on The Fat Drunk Coward and Dave Show. The topic was the Death of Punk and the Dionysian Pederast consolidation of the music business [not available]. For those unfamiliar, Gregory’s prior rant about Rock & Roll Genocide would be a good primer/partum.

~ by celticrebel on October 3, 2011.

20 Responses to “Real Men can Smoke and Swim”

  1. Thank you so very much for the segments on gays and masculinity in this week’s show, Rebel. The story about Marvin tugged heavily on my soul and I found myself coming completely undone for a few minutes, after you mentioned the world being far too harsh for his gentleness. It has been a very cruel place and, had I not had the love of a few people, I would be gone as well. How grateful I am to still be here, though- to have the ability to hear messages from people that truly care about humanity. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  2. Well the boy scout movement was founded by Lord Baden-Powell, and was launched with the publication of his book “Scouting for Boys”. Not much doubt there I’d say. I suspect the scouts is only a minor contributor to the cause though. The real numbers, and these numbers are horrific in their scale, come from government ‘child protection’ agencies. They can legally abduct children at will and do so relentlessly. If you have a strong stomach this article shows how deep into the dark heart of the British establishment it goes.

  3. I was walking around London one day looking for a net cafe. I had a map, and must have looked a bit lost.

    A little girl came up to me. She was blonde I think, and about 10 years old. She asked me something. I thought at first she was offering directions. I said “I’m sorry what was that again?”. I leaned toward her.

    She said it again in a very quiet voice. “Do you want sex?”

    Hmmmm, what is going on here? My first thought was why is she doing this? The poor thing, is someone making her do this? I pondered with the idea of taking her to a police station or hospital and getting someone to look after her.

    My second thought was there’s probably 20 cops with cameras all over this street waiting for me to lead her away. Get out of here.

    That’s what I did. I asked her “Shouldn’t you be at school or something?”. I walked away. What else can you do?

    Maybe it was a legitimate police operation, and she was an actor. I certainly wasn’t going to stick around there to find out. Actually I was more scared of police than some pimp. You’ve really got no chance if it’s the police.

    I’ll never forget that horrible encounter.

    BTW the suburb was King’s Cross.

  4. How on earth does the gay community, the right minded, sort this issue out? So lets be clear, The predators, adopting a very clever system, hide behind gay culture,well they influence it from their positions in society, but then you have this subversive level of closet gay pederasts who act out their depravity with impunity on children which they have/gain access to, that in those cases of Hollywood sans larry david, and of institutions like scouts etc, parents are giving their children over willingly, and for pay!! … then the acts are rubbed in our faces through their media TV programmes , which we willingly partake of again, laughing along, albeit in nescience or ignorance, it doesnt matter to them.

    I think it would be a step too far to go to school and say to my sons male gay teacher, if i knew that, i dont want you teaching him, incase i thought he may be a predator. This is the issue, how do you know? If we say, gays shouldnt be in charge of children, thats just wrong, isnt it? Although i agree, giving your kids over to scouts or larry david should bring you up on charges of negligence.

    I dont understand the gay culture anyway, if youre going to be gay, so be it, live your life with pride and dignity like a human man, like anyone else also, why does there have to be the interaction or acceptance without question of this subversive level of hanky codes and whatever degeneracy,, that acceptance of degeneracy is the breeding ground for the predator class (isnt that a craft from Star trek? the predator class? haha klingon alien i think)
    I understand that gays used to have to be “underground” in the past and hide their actions out of sight, and maybe its that kind of secrecy that left the wider gay culture open to this “infiltration”. I explain to my teenage daughter, and her long time boyfriend, look, all this anal sex being pushed by the media is abnormal, the ass is not designed to be a pleasure organ, it is self destructive. They understand how the media works, but not the bigger picture, yet.

    So, we will make jokes like “hotdog between buns=pink windsock”, and that seems to stick in the minds, despite what the media whores are telling them.

  5. London calling, Mongoose here.

    Fight the fairies!
    I present to you a motherload contrived situation worth many CelticRebelPoints (what, you not heard about those?); [please feel free to use Metro Bob accent]
    anyway, by accident the hero grabs a short guy from behind wrestling him & grunting homoerotically, then the short man’s daughter shouts out for her daddy – she just happens to be in red, real, I swear – all under a sign for “Summer Sausages” and the hero says he was “Just kid[ding]”. You must fight the fairies, but how? Don’t believe me? Suck the video man.

    The mental battering continues in the UK – I give you a Jedi wearing lipstick homoerotic ritual on prime time tv. Voyage of discovery, I’m sure.

    Mongoose out.

  6. Had a friend of mine point out an interview with Marion Knox by Elana Freeland ( and on about page 8, I came across this gem……..

    “Well, some people would like to say that multiple personalities are not spirits. I would like to say that the whole multiple mindset is a demonic mindset, basically a Legion-style mindset of many, the same as the man in Mark 5 said: “My name is Legion, for we are many,” and Jesus released them all at once. FOR THE BENEFIT OF ANYBODY WHO WAS LOOKING ON, TWO THOUSAND PIGS WENT CRAZY AND DROWNED while the man was again clothed and in his right mind. So basically all of his legion of spirits, multiple personalities, or anything you want to call them, all were gone and his mind was right. The whole multiple mindset is a wrong mindset. It’s a fantasy world mindset.”

    In a nutshell, Marion states that the “original sodomizer” of a victim is what he calls the “Strongman”. He is housed in the core of the mind of his victim. All ensuing sodomites of this victim leave their spirit in the house of the Strongman. Hence……My name is Legion.

    All of the Jesus talk aside, Is it possible, Rebel, that all of these homosexuals have a mindset that is wrong because of the Legion inside of them? Because with each sodomy it only alludes to the House of the Strongman getting stronger and stronger.

  7. It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that time is relative. It also doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out the world would be better off if we switched to a vegetarian diet.

    Men have balls. That’s what separates us from boys. Anyone can talk a big game, but it takes balls to act.

    Fantastic show, one of your best ever, I think.

  8. Thanks for the mention!

    And thanks for clarifying the Harold and Kumar dialog. Up until now I kept thinking that Katie Holmes breasts were symbolic of cosmic consciousness coming from the stars in heaven, and their nakedness was a metaphor for self realization. I like your insight better.

    The retarded man-pederast/child combination in movies made me think of two weird examples: Chunk and Sloth from Goonies, and Mater/Lightning McQueen from Cars.

    Fantastic show! Touching story about Marvin, great music from Joe Jackson, Lord of the Rings insights…. worth repeated listening (and repeated donations).

    Hmm…. and what was the only thing that could destroy the ring?



    “I knew the homosexual lobby would not be stopped because most of the campaigners against homosexuality believe that birth control is permissible. Contraception is the root of sodomy. That’s crazy, you say? Then you don’t know your Christian history. As Charles D. Provan demonstrated in his book The Bible and Birth Control, not just the pope, but all the reformers, including Luther and Calvin, regarded birth control as sodomy. Why? The answer is found in first principles. Sodomy and contraception share the same toxic root: the destruction of the seed of the male. Once you have one, the other will inevitably follow.”


  10. Damn Reb, I think it’s long past time you put the whiskey/wine down and do a show while partaking in the herbal fruit…it would do you well

    I’m just trying to protect your sanity : )
    (though I’m sure your ‘ire’ gets some people wet… : )

    not to mention, not all of the ‘new age mumbo jumbo’ or eastern philosophy is bs, as with everything, there lies a gem of truth within all, we just need to take what’s good and leave the rest… then focus on that goodness, and keep it glowing bright…you realize that the next logical step of our evolution is to become aware of the fact of our ability of compassion

    that’s it … compassion for all

    Goddess knows there’s enough sick and twisted shite out there to keep everyone distracted and down in the mire 24 / 7,
    time to focus on the beauty brother…

    be well

  11. Another Joe Jackson song for your friend with lyrics 😀

    I don’t know if it’s this show, but recently you were saying you have only one word for love in english. In fact, you have 2, like or love and love comes from life (bios where b is pronounced as a v). In french and latin languages, we only have one : Roma 😦

    And a last detail, neither pederast or pedophile would be accurate wording. Reading in greek, a pedophile was basically a voyeur and a pederast someone who took a younger man under his wing (molesting him would have led him to troubles, the eromen could charge his pederast if his conduct was not proper). A more accurate word would simply be pedorapist.

    Now looking at Socrates, don’t think he was a child molester. Was too poor to get to them. Diverted me from Plutarch to Plato for a while and confirms every day the inadequacies of our languages. Just by the title of the book apology meaning a(without)po(grounded)logos…

    PS: Hey Brett Michaels ain’t dead yet it seems, got into the doggie agenda

  12. London calling, Mongoose here.

    A few things.

    Scouting – Baden Powell

    I attach two sources of information which show how the British Establishment, war and freemasonry intertwine in a sick embrace.

    If Greg Hallett is right:
    “In 1896, Baden-Powell was returning from the Ashanti expedition on West
    Africa’s Gold Coast (later Ghana) with the Ashanti Star (1895–96) under his belt.
    He located two 16-year-old Irish soldiers,accused them of cowardice, tied their
    hands behind their backs, told everyone he was going to interrogate them, cleared the carriage, sodomised the two bound 16-year-old Irish soldiers, then shot them both in the back of the head, dead. Robert Baden-Powell was 39.”

    Also, in an eerie link to previous posts re making conditions suitable for the predators by killing fathers in war the relationship with Kitchener is explained thus;
    “Robert Baden-Powell and his buddy and co-protector Earl Kitchener had
    competitions to commit the most heinous crimes. Baden-Powell specialised in
    preparing children for paedophiles and Kitchener specialised in removing the
    protective biological fathers through war.”

    Result within Establishment?;
    “Within a year of starting Boy Scouts he was elevated to a Knight (1909).There is no faster way to promotion than by providing masses of childen for higher-ranking paedophile predation.”

    Predators – that is why the T Rex is always shown with children (see Toy Story & Peppa Pig)

    Mongoose out.

    Click to access STALIN’S%20BRITISH%20TRAINING-%20C4-%20Elevated%20Paedophiles.pdf–_example_of_mason.html

  13. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the excellent shows of recent, and I just wanted to pass along this little clip I once again stumbled on: 4 Year Olds Cover “Super Bass”

    Here’s a link to the lyrics:

    Very unfortunate 😦 Great Show once again 🙂

    P.S. Michael Buble befriends 15 Year Old Boi on Stage:

  14. Hey Rebel, wanted to commend you on the show you did with Mike and Dave – funny guys with great knowledge (and recommendations) of punk and rock. I thought the three of you produced an awesome, informative show.

    I was reminded of an interview about 8 months ago with the guitarist for The Clash who replaced Joe Strummer. He stated that the band was completely fabricated and their songs were written for them. He said that Strummer [a “punk” hero to some] was a part of this and sold out willingly.

    However, like I said before, you’ve made seeing the truth WAY too easy with your “they live” glasses. I didn’t need to read the whole interview, research the band, or read any lyrics to know if it’s true… all I needed to do was look at the album cover for “Combat Rock”:

    I always thought they were making a human pyramid, but no… that’s just Joe behind them bending over to display his “talent”.


    PS: Just remembered…

    Mick Jones from The Clash formed the band Big Audio Dynamite, commonly abbreviated as “BAD”.

    It’s just become so f’n obvious.

  15. God save our gracious Queen. Pass the sick bucket.

  16. This is depraved. I am a substitute teacher and in a pre-k classroom was a totebag with this written on the side: The recipe for emotional and social well-being is tug and hug. Inside were puppets and stories and coloring pages. I didn’t read the stories. I didn’t have to read them to know what was being taught.

  17. I’ve already filled my sick bucket watching the queen’s last xmas message.

    Maybe the Mohawks weren’t harmonious enough or something?

    Here is a very interesting interview with Vince White who replaced Mick Jones in the Clash’s final few years. His observations of the changes in his neighbourhood would be familiar to many in the west.

    I think Greg Hallett is right about their plans for us. I’ve seen zero evidence to the contrary.

  18. Some interesting comments on the band’s “creative” workings and on Bernie Rhodes’ tight control, but “britain and america are the greatest countries to have ever existed in human history…” and “…the only hope for mankind is the judeo-christian ethic” is a crock of shite!

    The psychopathic child-raping anglo-u.s.-zionist elite IS the new world order. It’s already here!

  19. Finally got to hear this – what a great show – I think the clarifications you made re gays v pederasts were essential.

    The scouting for boys image is sol wrong boy! Why do I have such a strong feeling that if I went digging into boy scout history, I would feel very unwell?
    “A nationwide investigation of child molestation in the Boy Scouts from 1971 to 1991 revealed that more than 2,000 boys reported molestations by adult Scout leaders” – I wonder how many fell by the wayside in that investigation?

  20. In other boy scout related news, this appeared today.

    They just couldn’t ignore the Rebel for long, could they?

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