Wading in the Drowning Pool [1]

Alex was back on Sunday and we got deep into the tub this time [metaphorically]:

Water, breath and the denial thereof were the focus of this new (for us) topic. It felt the time was right to broach, but it is not one for the meek or traumatized.

The show had a few minor hitches and glitches early on (which, I’ll take part of the blame for), but went commercial-free for the last three hours [unavailable]:


It took a few (days), but the archive is finally aavailable, and I even added a few extra songs to fill up the spaces in between (what Alex would refer to as “ma”).

The topic was, as I suspected, too big for one show, hence there will be a Part II next week.

Note: There was no show last week, but I did rebroacast a prior show that many found worth a relisten: More Rebel More Music (12-12-10).

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  1. Just wanted to say it looks like an interesting topic, and something ive been looking into myself recently, “Celebrity…floaters”. In the Dark Occult, the “waters” are a term for “space”, past the earthly grid and the “prison planet”, and the waters can only be reached through the journey of ascension, of royal arch unification , the joining of the feminine and masculine principle, unifying the right and left brain hemispheres., and a sacrifice of the Ego.

    The Waters are manifest of true freedom of the Human Trinity, mind, body and spirit. And like a baptism, one must become of the Waters. In our earthly realm the Water is the life. Dark Occultists and Masons also incorporate “Reflecting pools” into their architecture, you will find a lot of examples of this in Washington DC, and this is to make a physical representation of the notion that this physical reality is just a reflection of higher spiritual existence.

    …and its evident that there are the ritual sacrifices that go along with that concept. Being found dead face down in the pool: staring through the “looking Glass” of reality of the reflecting pool has to be a significant feature of a dark ritual. “Only in death shall you see it, and only through us”. Here are some reflecting pool deaths, or simply, mysterious drownings.

    The most recent of note in England was Michael Barrymore, a once closeted gay celebrity who picked up a young man from a club, plied with drugs by he and his cronies, then the young man was found face down in the pool with anal injuries next morning. Nothing ever came of the resulting sham investigation, of course. And guess how the murdered man in question was referred to? “A meat factory worker”, naturally.

  2. What happened to tha downloadable show i need my fix seriously cant wait till it gets posted you have a good week alex
    sorry about my email i know need a new one

  3. In a more serious note I was watching TLC Strange Sex Addictions… I don’t know if it’s real or fake but…. But sex addictions are real and they start at a young age… I don’t know how to say this but my niece is 6 and she has learned that it feels good to stand in front of the jet along the wall of the swimming pool… I learned at a young age too not at 6 years… The question I ask is why do they have the jets at such a level… I mean they could have these jets higher up… I know if I ever design a pool I wont have any jets at hip level… What do I do… I have not told the parents because I feel weird and won’t dare take to her about it because she is only 6…

    Thinking about Lucy I was surfing the channels and happen to see I LOVE LUCY… “it was Lucille Ball 100th birthday this weekend” and the episode the star Upstairs

    watch the last few minutes… 🙂 I feel like I have graduated the celtic rebel school of holy wood… I can see the hidden massages its so obvious to me now…

    as a small kid I remember watching I Love Lucy… I did not know Lucy was a red head and also a communist… check out her wiki page… the programming was huge even then… in this episode she sneaks into the hotel room of a famous star and hides under the table while he eats… This is a married women… Then at the end she has white tape on her face and mysteriously holds a ball in one hand… “If you listen to the words you will understand the meaning of the white tape…The hollywood machine was at work in the 50’s but much more hidden… Now they are doing it in the open… And people have no clue… back then people would have protested the gay agenda today people enjoy it…

    Again their comes a point where one must boycott hollywood 100% I dont have kids but I do know this I don’t want my kids growing up watching this filth… Even though I have been affected it does mean my kids should be…

    PS: I had a argument with my sister in law about home schooling and how hollywood is evil… She said that if I try to protect your kids your kids will become socially scared they won’t be happy and they will have a disadvantage in life… Justin Beber and lady gaga are great role models… They just don’t see the evilness behind them… how do you explain it to those who don’t get it…

  4. got my wine….. kids in bed…… a glorious day off of work…… ready to listen to the “alex and alex show”, and super excited about it. but where’s the show’s archive?!?! funny how i look forward toan honest chat in a….. blog/ radio show?! despite being bogged down by my own hypocrasis, and slave- like work, i somehow always look forward to these shows, knowing they will provide humor and thoughtful-ness that will provide insight/human-ness.(?) if you can provide insight that can make me laugh after a 16 hour shift of non-caring/cash-cow health care that i’m obligated to abide to while personally fighting it all the way….. welll that’s just a touch of brilliance. this is not “the shit”….. this is “the food”…. and i didn’t even get to listen to it, hahahaha!!!

  5. I know exactly how you feel Anna : ) Living in Australia, we get Rebel on Monday and I always love coming home after work and listening to his show. It feels strange when it isn’t on. Technical difficulties I believe? Oh well. It will be extra good when it is archived. It sounds like it is going to be a very interesting show indeed : )

  6. please explain white tape & ball mentioned by nicholas. Thanks

  7. London calling, Mongoose here.

    Amidst the flames and nihilism of a country lurching towards martial law & waiting for my fix of Celticrebel to get loaded I think it is time to present THE GODS OF THE PEDERASTS: – ORPHEUS.

    In ancient times there was a King of Thrace by the name of Oeagrus, he fell in love with the Muse Calliope and of their union was born a boy – Orpheus. Calliope had the divine gift of song, and she taught her son well. So beautiful was the boy’s singing that Apollo himself was charmed (am sure he was!), and made him a gift of a lyre that played so sweetly it made even the stones weep.

    Despite the interest from Apollo (gaydar ringing) and being heroic with the Argonaut sailors (gaydar ringing hard) Orpheus married a pretty girl called Eurydice. Fate was fickle however and right after they were married Eurydice stepped on a viper*, was bitten, and died.

    Orpheus was inconsolable. His harp in hand, he took the path of the spirits of the dead, he charmed his way past all the guardians, all the way to the abode of the god Hades, Lord of the Underworld. He begged Hades for his Eurydice and, their hard hearts softened by his singing, the gods relented. They told him to go back up to the Upper World, and his wife would follow him, but not to look back or else he would lose her forever. Just as he reached the surface he turned to make sure she had not gotten lost in the thick fog (as you would). She was right behind him, but had not yet stepped into the open air. Hermes the messenger (gaydar ringing), who had been sent to follow them unseen, reached out to pull her back into the realm of the dead.

    So what did Orpheus the harp playing widower with difficulty in following instructions do then?

    Orpheus could not bear to look at another woman, and for the next three years he served as priest in Apollo’s temple (that must have hurt). Girls still chased after him, but he turned them all away; his passion was the love of male youths. He taught the men of Thrace the art of loving boys, and revealed to them that this love was the way to feel young again, to touch the innocence of youth, to smell the flowers of spring. Lovers he had many. It is said he loved young Calais the best. Winged Calais had been his friend and companion on the Argos.

    *Snake symbol of secret knowledge, cunning and transformation – transformation came from the shedding of its skin. Physical evidence of leaving its form behind (casting off the old self), and emerging a sleeker, newer version made the snake a powerful symbol of rebirth and renewal. Rebirth is also symbolised in the mysteries and freemasonry.

    So vote for Orpheus! He got his wife double killed so he could be the pin up for Apollo, groomer of children, good entertainment for sailors and beloved teacher of generations of pederasts.

    London burning, Mongoose out.

  8. Hi Alex!

    Your show is finally archived on the Oracle Broadcasting Network site. I’m an hour in and it was worth the wait!! 🙂 Everything you were saying about David Icke was spot on. I was a very big advocate of his for years, until I started seeing through a lot of his work. I think David’s intent may be good, but it’s obvious that there’s something ominous going on (programming people for future scripts, etc) when it comes to everything connected to him. He did work for the BBC after all 😉

    PS: Mercury Retrograde strikes again! I’m sure the show will turn up, but I’m getting a little antsy. Anyway, looking forward to the show, whenever it shows up. 🙂

    Anyway, thought I’d provide this clip which explains in 4 mins how “Stacking Realities” or “Nested Loops” works to alter the state of conscious of the listener:

    VID: http://youtu.be/hLBPULrRgME

  9. I have officially bugged Oracle about it.

    PS: @ Wes Tilson – too right mate! I heard Freeman discussing Mercury a few weeks ago, found a Mercury retrograde calendar, saw it started Aug 3, then forgot about it. Sure enough, August 3, the logistical shit hit the fan (I work in the audio visual side of the events industry). Poor communication all around me, logistical and technical stuff all going wrong, email systems down at various companies all around Oz. I even have a technician working for me who is autism spectrum (ie MERCURY poisoned), and his performance and attitude dropped sharply from Aug 3. And all this while my personal life started blooming in a massive way for the first time in a year, as Mercury Retrograde does not affect one’s love life! Very interested in astrology all of a sudden.

  10. Another film with Donald “Homer” Sutherland, contains Paedophilia, AssAssIns, Death by Drowning and Assphyxiation , even has a song in the soundtrack called “Drowning”.
    Is this man typecast or what… The Mechanic

    Good show, great to have the right hemisphere back, i.e Alex #2

    Ps, nd Mongoose, the UK riots issue: it seems the favourited Hegelian dialectic in operation again, police stand back for 3 days and let the cities be burned and looted, then the people themselves are the ones calling for Martial law….so predictable
    …..and Orpheus, or Morpheus!!

    Drowning fetish From the movie Deadline: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BX91rzHyMv0

    [now if you click the link and look at the menu on the right you will see the drowning in holywood movies is multitude, and its always very dark]

  11. No way, Alex. Your ego is definitely not too enormous. 😉

    The masses definitely get programmed in a way that they get dumbed down so much that it isn’t possible for them to efficiently use their permitted freedom in way they would become a threat to the master deceivers.

    For example, if homeschooling or unschooling would hit the mainstream, I realy doubt that it would matter to the gaylites and their masters because most parents would be too blind to protect their children from media with manipulative content.
    As you once said, Alex, the wannabe PTB are always at least a few steps forward.

  12. Rebellious Celt, Some thoughts on the Casey Anthony debacle in light of the recent poll that she is the “most hated person in America” – 94% of those polled had a “strong dislike” for her.

    1. Showing Casey Anthony’s face on TV achieves the “two minutes hate” function from 1984. She is a bin Laden from another dimension.
    2. The physical details that have unlocked and come back into focus strongly suggest this was a Michael Hoffman II-style mass-mind “alchemical processing” event. For example, her attorney Jose Baez (“Jo Boaz”) was in naval intelligence with NATO in the 1980s with “cosmic-level top-secret clearance” in his own words.
    3. The achievements of this alchemical event were (a) the implication of all Americans as accomplices-after-the-fact in child murder, through their representatives on the jury who let Casey Anthony go; (b) “revelation of the method” regarding the dual nature of the legal system, which allowed Casey to slip through linguistic cracks and trapdoors, such as “elements of the crime” and “beyond a reasonable doubt,” and (c) the introduction to the TV-watching masses of a “psychopath” (and possibly trauma-induced DPD victim) who flagrantly does not operate by the Golden rule and still wins.
    4. Plus massive demoralization achieved by the perceived failure of the system to impart “justice”.
    5. Accessing the limbic system of male programmees with Casey Anthony’s party pictures and rumors of a future career in porn, for deeper implantation.

    Like you say, any time you turn on the TV you consent to the magic that proceeds. Casey Anthony was another TV event.

  13. Hey Alex, this may not be related but a memory of a movie scene containing children and water was triggered in my memory during the show. Funnily enough, this movie also had Kiefer Sutherland in it playing the role of a sadistic, twisted bastard. I haven’t seen this movie for years but I’ll do my best to recount it. The movie was Stand By Me, a movie about four boys going on an adventure to find a dead body (the movie was based on a Stephen King book). There is one scene where the kids have to cross a murky river. I seem to remember them stripping down to their underwear and crossing the river but when they emerge, they are covered in leeches. They all get them off but the camera pans to the main character (the effeminate, wimpy kid if I recall correctly) and he has a look of horror on his face. The next shot shows him putting his hand down the front of his underwear and slowly pulling out a bloody leech. He then passes out. I saw this movie as a kid and I still remember the horrible feeling this scene gave me while watching it. Does anyone remember this at all? It has been years since I watched it. No doubt there is probably a lot of hidden shit in that movie I never picked up on. Very interesting show by the way. Thanks : )

    PS: I found the clip from stand by me. Holy shit. It’s even worse than I remember.

    VID: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OP4cZM-Y54

    Thoughts anyone?

  14. The simpsons has a crossover 24 episode and bart basicaly plays the part of jack bower/sutherland as a rebel agent for the school trying to stop a plot to a school event.

    matt damon film, jehovas guiding adjustment bureau agents cannot discern peoples life path when they are surrounded by water.

    It’s interesting is this some type of daigon vs jehova? vying for the prize of ass-immolating the populous? the adjustment bureau.

    Baptismal pederast fetish? It would seem your dragging out atrocities that devalue the quality of the current things we are meant to be horrified about, essentially being a lightning thief, as if you were into this stealing of thunder.

  15. Donald Sutherland appears as a ‘fascist’ farm-foreman in Bernardo Bertolucci’s ‘1900’. In one scene ……. well , best to watch for yourself.

    Basically about the relationships between ruling and working classes and the changes that come with fascism and communism via the relationship between the characters played by DeNiro and Depardieu.

    Very long, but worth it


  16. Great show, well worth waiting for and truly a fascinating line of thinking Alexes, more depths to fathom indeed. Let us not forget the Medes devilment aimed at the more discerning (pretentious) punter, called ‘art’, specifically painting. You may have heard of David Hockney, who is a very successful artist which is a bit odd because his work is rubbish. From a bio: [i]”He is considered by many to be one of the most influential British artists of the twentieth century.”[/i] and [i]”He spent much of his time in the United States and California swimming pools and homoerotic scenes became a well known themes in his work.” [/i]
    Now if your twelve year old brought home this bit of tat from their school art class you would probably say ‘very good dear’ then try to steer them away from a career in art. Really, is this an important and influential piece of art? Or is it something any half-decent graphic artist could knock out in an afternoon? Perhaps to be a successful artist it helps if you are interested in the right areas. Oh, and what was that about red coats and drowning?

  17. No ego means no eating. On Heaven 17, they still seem active, just off the charts (and the psychos) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heaven_17 You might find funny looking at their last charted album, Teddy Bear, Duke & Psycho with the single “The Ballad of Go Go Brown” (Duran Duran too is still active)

    http://www.examiner.com/music-news-in-san-francisco/former-warrant-singer-jani-lane-found-dead-woodland-hills-hotel And yes, the hotel has a huge swimming pool.

  18. London Calling, Mongoose here.

    Dear Mr. Gigantic Smarmy Ego (GISMEGO) I hope you will give me the opportunity to re-post now that I have heard the programme (very good one you too – GISMEGO grow!).

    At the risk of being branded a “wanker”, having dislikes registered against me and being classified as a shill and/or troll (a wanking shill troll disliked by all – new toy out for Christmas?) I would like to clarify my position re the David Icke clip I posted with Russell Brand: – Icke has actually been warning Brand about the anal sex predators.

    I would hazard a guess that this aspect of the Celtic Rebel work will feature highly in Icke’s next book if his interview with Project Avalon is anything to go by (search “anal” in text).

    My take on Icke himself is based on a) 8 of his books + b) seeing him live at the Brixton Academy three times + c) using my own brain & feelings & research (aka masturbation?). I do not agree with everything he says, for example ultimate love and forgiveness for the pederasts (no), we are all one (no thanks = reminds me of drowning) and his use of drugs to channel with “spirits” in the 90’s (not a good idea). Having said that I feel he is more of a positive influence than a negative one. If you could clarify which specific aspect of his work, admittedly derivative in many aspects, are to be avoided or indicates shillism/disinfo it would be much appreciated.

    I was recently asked to help a lady whose daughter it turned out had been “brainwashed” by using NLP and hypnotism and seriously evil thoughts implanted. What would you do? The woman was distraught at what her daughter was dealing with. It was only because I read Icke that I had come across Brian Gerrish’s work http://cpexposed.com/ . He was able to put the lady on the right track for help.

    If you want to glimpse the depths of humanity look into the Hollie Greig case and the work of Robert Green, supported by Icke, http://holliedemandsjustice-robertgreensblog.blogspot.com/. There is a market for Down syndrome porn; they are not deemed credible witnesses.

    Antinous – a very good book for this is “Beloved and God” by Royston Lambert. Lambert explains that Hadrian was anxious to prolong his life and that the magicians proposed an old remedy, “The belief that the deliberate, voluntary death of one person could save or restore the life of another, or remove lethal dangers, had firm roots in the mind and practice of antiquity. It grew from a belief in the regenerative power of love, freely given….known as anti-psyche (soul for soul)..The long and active tradition of sacrificing a young person…to the Nile around 22 October [commemorating death of Osiris] was well known.”

    The water sacrifice is just one part of the larger, macabre, picture. Earth (sacrifice by burial – Kill Bill springs to mind), Water (covered), Air (asphyxiation), Fire (Immolation – Moloch/9/11?) and Aether (spiritual -on the other side?).

    Stephen aka digital sickness – Icke predict a riot……..keep safe mate & keep up the good stuff.

    P Shelley = Romantics & Duran Duran = New Romantics… Ouroboros

    Mongoose out.GISMEGO!

  19. I think it’s time to start selling “Celtic Rebel Was Right” t-shirts.


    Some other quick points.. I think another big, big thing the media and the establishment does that is going gravely unnoticed is “gaslighting.” “A common form of brainwashing in which an abuser tries to falsely convince the victim that the victim is defective, for any purpose whatsoever, such as making the victim more pliable and easily controlled, or making the victim more emotional and therefore more needy and dependent. ” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaslighting

    Just ran across the term here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvOWX_5b1JA (check out Thomas Sheridan’s other work too, he’s an artist from Dublin who does research on psychopathy and tackles the “NWO” from an angle similar to yours and does some great work which is just starting to make the rounds..)

    Also this: http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=fundament

    And this: the SD tank.. could have something to do with the drowning trip and the fact that it could have something to do with my theory of the connection between water and rebirth and it’s ties to possible dark esoteric rites or in the case of the temple critters perversion of such http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeqmKwsvM58

  20. @ Aaron: Speaking of Corey Feldman, have you seen this clip? First I’ll explain then link it below, I believe it’s from ABC’s 20/20 where an interview featuring Corey Feldman and his frank comments on how Hollywood is truly run is presented. Pedophilia comes up. Very interesting. A good female friend of mine who knows about this stuff but has grand kids and feels conflicted, well she saw this interview on TV and it really “brought it home” for her. Wonder why they want us to know what they do? So we’ll accept it?

    Check it out: http://youtu.be/-WsnUiAE3Dw

  21. Hi Alex and Alex,
    You are a great team and the topics you talk about are so interesting.
    “Arbeit macht frei” (“work makes free or work liberates”) that sign is mockery in its highest.
    Now it’s the truth shall set you free what an interesting combination, very clever.
    A few blocks from where I live there is a building where they have the props for the local theater. One day when I was walking by the door was open and I was glancing in I saw above an inside door the sign “BIER MACHT FREI” (“beer makes free”). I got a big kick out of that. A toast to that.

  22. Lugh, that Corey Feldman interview ties right back into my above post of the scene from Stand By Me as he was also in that movie. Same as River Phoenix who died at an early age (although not from drowning). In the interview Feldman states “Corey Haim’s suicide could be traced back to abuse at the hands of a “Hollywood mogul.” Would it be too much of a stretch to speculate that River may have suffered from a similar childhood experience and this somehow contributed to his drug abuse and eventual death? How many hollywood stars do you think take drugs to avoid facing deep emotional traumas inflicted upon them in their rise to the top, especially child actors? In any case, it is a deeply disturbing confession from Feldman. I wonder what price he may pay for speaking out on this? I wouldn’t be suprised if I picked up the paper and read in the entertainment section ” Corey Feldman found dead in his bathtub “. Where can I get one of those “Celtic Rebel Was Right” t-shirts? : )
    Thanks for the post Lugh.

  23. Great show as always. Music is perfect.

    Michael Caine and Duran Duran made me think of a recent connection I made between the two: Rio = river – water. Blame it on water?

    Michael Caine creeps me out. If you want to see a bizarre film which has a lot of your subject matter, see “The Island” – a novel by watery author (Jaws – Spielberg) Peter Benchley. (Peter = wood / Bench = wood)

    A quick jaunt to IMDB creeped me out even more – Just looking at (some) of his movie titles (and oddly his character names) says it all Rebel style:

    Children of Men (Jasper)
    The Weather Man (Robert Spritzel)
    Around The Bend (Henry Lair)
    Shiner (Billy ‘Shiner’ Simpson)
    It All Came True (Max Gale)
    Blue Ice (Harry Anders)
    Bullseye! (Sidney Lipton/Doctor Hicklar)
    A Shock To The System (Graham Marshall)
    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Lawrence Jamieson)
    Half Moon Street (Lord Sam Bulbek)
    California Suite (Sydney Cochran)
    The Italian Job (Charlie Croker)

    And let’s not forget the aqua:

    20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Captain Nemo)
    Jaws: The Revenge (Hoagie Newcombe)
    Water (Gov. Baxter Thwaites)
    Blame It On Rio (Matthew Hollis)
    The Island (Blair Maynard)
    Beyond The Poseidon Adventure (Capt. Mike Turner)

    News media “meme topic” tie in: If you remember, In 1994 the government of Singapore really, really wanted to [Michael] Cane an 18 year old male’s bare butt (Michael Fay). President Clinton even got involved. Fortunately, Clinton really, really cares about young men’s butts and got the sentence reduced from 6 strikes to 4.

  24. a bit off topic, but i couldn’t resist….

  25. Straight from the horses mouth
    vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg5J12rUrTM&feature=related

    and more-
    vid: http://www.lukeford.net/essays/contents/homo_mafia.htm

  26. Want to see a creepy Donald Sutherland stomp a little girl to death? (this is seriously about the only thing I remember from that movie, even though I saw it only a few years ago):

  27. Dion, went to the site you listed lukeford.net. Looks like another “truth movement”.
    Here’s a quote:
    “Gay mafia” is not a term used publicly or within polite company. It’s not something we’re supposed to talk about it. To do so, according to conventional wisdom, is to engage in homophobia or paranoia. It is the moral equivalent of anti-Semitism.”
    Gays are the new Jews…..hmmm, I think some rebel guy mentioned that before.

    Here’s an interesting guy who went from a leader in the gay rights movement to Jesus (Oh well you gotta go somewhere). He is actually very interesting.

    Also, wasn’t Christopher Walken (walk-in?!) with Natalie Wood when she died? He’s about 100 times creepier than D. Sutherland. Always reminded me of the devil incarnate.

    Rebel I may have missed a show where you discussed this, but always wondered why “concentration camps” were called that. Are they places where a lot of concentration goes on?

  28. @ The Mongoose: yeah, I still think Icke is on the level too, if somewhat misguided in some areas. He is certainly on to the energy theft aspect of anal vampirism:
    “You’ve got the human level, the hybrid, and they’re having sex with a child – invariably, it’s anal sex, even if it’s a girl. Again a common theme. And what is that doing? They’re connecting with the child in the area of the base chakra, the base vortex point of the human energy field. While having sex with the child, the possessing entity – just outside of human sight – is drawing that energy out from the child. And there is something for these reptilians about energy before puberty, a child’s energy before puberty.”

  29. @Kitty, Im not sure what you are getting at there, the reason i posted the article is because it has a lot to do with the rebs work, and a few other tidbits here and there that i found interesting. You might want to go back and read the entire thing, since it is just an article and not a “truth movement”.

  30. Celty Celt, this new HP ad featuring Michele Lea of “glee” fame, check out “Tv Face”, Pyramid of illumination, wizard of Oz..etc etc, its got it all!!

    VID: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_kjnLdJnMw

    The connection also being that she is voicing door-of-thee, sorry, dorothy in the new Wizard of Oz animated sequel , other cast members of this venture into poop-dom is the recently discussed Homosexual space predator Jean L Picard aka Patrick Stewart, and the Tin man? Why, the homosexual bottom Kelsey grammer of course. Zardoz Programming for the next generation

  31. I listened to this show yesterday and I had this train of thought about the Sutherland’s, red hoodies, and pedophiles. Basically, when y’all were talking about Don’t Look Now, I remembered seeing a scene with some killer-midget-troll lady in a red hoodie. Then you go on to discuss Kiefer, mentioning Flatliners. The little boy ghost who torments Kiefer’s character also wears a red hoodie. Then there is that movie, Hard Candy. It stars a prepubescent/boy/girl, Ellen Paige, about a red hoodie wearing teen getting revenge on a pedophile. I suppose this is inspired by Little Red Riding Hood. Oh, Adam Sandler also did the song about the Red Hoodie:

    vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qi_m_-5M2tw

    Could there be some significance to red hoods?

    P.S. I don’t know if it’s already been mentioned but Kiefer is the one who gets buried alive in the Vanishing remake; Jeff Bridges plays the psycho. Sutherland is way creepier in my opinion.

  32. @kitty the people there are suggested often studied as test subjects for all manner of aviation and medical science advancements.

    To suppress into compliance through suggested morality, patterning, gradualism, drugging is mind control and this is readily found in the word government, the political/poly/apollo(son of zeus)/paul/plastic aka fake or guised support, campaigns of the GLBT are littered with bullshit presented as legitimate fact statistics lumped with entraining words that without critical thought seem reasonable to an accepting fashion conscious good-natured person but really are nothing but trumpeting with no basis but to be purposely divisive and distractionary.

    The camps perhaps being called labor camps would make them seem too familiar to the home nations own labor in the name of death camps.

    Not sure if you’ve ventured into this but. I gather you guys would have somewhhat
    from wiki interestingly enough not closely related to water but more previous alexs shows “Amongst the god’s custodial charges, Apollo became associated with dominion over COLONISTS, and as the patron defender of herds and flocks. As the leader of the Muses (Apollon Musegetes) and director of their choir, Apollo functioned as the patron god of music and poetry.”

    See any glaring patterns there? the son of zeus holds dominion over the colonists, the sheep with music and poetry. The betrayed abused son the new director/actor.
    Apollo is also represented as a healer who is capable of bringing disease.
    “Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of light and the sun, TRUTH and prophecy, medicine, healing, plague, music, poetry, arts and more” So basicaly a liar a plague-bearer and a mind controller aka an actor/director.
    His PR campaign is pretty good. Seeing as he seems to have taken over as the sun god at some point from Sol becoming apollo helios.
    He can be pretty much be equated to america fractionally.

    Apollo can also be apple which seems to be a very big part of the gravy cult. Perhaps this striking of the apple with the arrow is the lightning bolt spear of zeus penetrating apollo. Perhaps this is the pun here. And in this action the ritual is complete and the apollo is fit to be the tool of control.
    Taking zeus out of the picture apollo is commonly related to the bow and arrow. It seems there may be some transposition going on here.

    Of course this story interplay is in many of the gods stories but this seems more american pie so to speak.

    “In The Shakespeare Enigma, Peter Dawkins explores the meaning of the William Shakespeare name and its relationship to Apollo and Athena.”

    The references are about holding spears shaking them and william in welsh meaning apollo being a reference to apollos golden helmet……….yeah the cults all over this the golden helmet meets the golden ass of the lost library perhaps.

  33. Thoroughly enjoyed Part 1, looking forward to listening to Part 2 tomorrow as I shovel too-goddamn-many tons of dirt at my shitty job.

    My thoughts on the Corey Feldman video(sorry about the post on Part 2’s comments section moderator, I hadn’t seen that it was already being discussed here, if you want to delete that one no worries) –

    Now, if you watch the video, a few things spring to mind(at least my mind) –

    1. Feldman’s not lying. He has the matter-of-fact manner of speaking about it that quite a few victims of such crimes have. Plus, he’s not that good of an actor, I don’t believe he could pull off deception in that manner.

    2. The agent/manager they interviewed in the same video worked for the firm that managed a bunch of child stars, including Feldman. They specifically mention his firm as having managed River Phoenix(dead, overdose) and Drew Barrymore(on heroin in her early teens.) They then show him speaking about the parents of child stars, and how they spend money and think the free ride’s(or is it a gravy train?) gonna last forever. Now, the editing of this clip leads a person to believe that the interviewer asked him about child stars getting self-destructive, and that this guy is blaming the parents. But, we never actually see what question this guy is asked. This guy is also flaming gay, for what it’s worth.

    3. Feldman refuses to name names, which I would see as understandable. One would have to assume that his career and likely his life would be in danger if he did. However, wouldn’t his life be in just as much danger from him even broaching the topic? He’s shown a willingness to talk, if I was an evil muckety-muck, I would see that as a liability. If he HAD named names, the cat would already be out of the bag. Doing anything to him would only further his credibility. Surely he knows this?

    4. Why was this interview even broadcast at all? It could have been shelved easily for any number of reasons after Feldman dropped that bomb. We can only assume that this was put on the air for a reason relating to the subject matter, that it is something they wish us to know.

    Keeping those things in mind, I can draw a rough theory: Feldman is telling the truth, yet he was ordered to say what he said. Pederasty is rampant in Hollywood, and due to work such as yours, this fact is becoming more understood and known. The bugger boys must be seeking a way to head it off at the pass, to squelch most investigation into it. Feldman won’t name names, which will surely cause people to clamor for someone’s head to roll. The bugger boys will sacrifice one or a few of their own, in a highly publicized outing and punishment, to satisfy the desire for justice. People will think something’s been done about it, and interest will slowly fade away, and they get to continue doing what they do.

    That, or the whole story will fade away into the aether and everyone will forget about it. I suppose it depends on what happens to Corey Feldman in the near future that will let us know which of those two roads they will take.

  34. If the Feldman “revelation” is orchestrated, it’s more likely intended to publicize and normalize the Hollywood secret practice, if we are indeed witnessing the Externalization of the Hierarchy.

    Hollywood fans will continue consuming the products, while rationalizing and tolerating the pederasty. Celtic Rebel himself prophesied that his currently “shocking” material will shortly become common knowledge. The U.N. Rights of the Child treaty will liberate all boys to consent to sex with men. The progressive “researchers” will recommend more touching and exploration between parents and their young children. Perhaps this will all culminate in the appearance of Benjamine Creme’s Maitreya, who will initiate all remaining buttholes into the New Age.

    The worst question now must be asked. As NAMBLA and their allies continue toward their goal, and most people stand around either oblivious or loving it, the question is – what if NAMBLA is right? What if there really is a New Age coming and only Maitreya’s “love” can initiate you into it?

    If we can track all of our history and language and progress to these pederasts, then what is our complaint? Should we stop using words in protest of those who created them? What is the alternative offered by the anti-pederasts who, by this logic, have developed nothing? This is not a “back-door” endorsement of NAMBLA and I find these questions nauseating, but if we really are to brave the deep, dark truthful mirror, then all questions must be asked.

  35. “I had a great idea in 1989 [9], it was the Sticker Album” [Stick-Her-Bum] “Reality condensed into a biscuit” “A’ free for all’, Ancient Rome smashed down into cyberspace” “Natural wonders…like..Rainbows” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZW3ia7v2Ew&NR=1

    Katy Cornhole Perry on Russell The Brand: “its like an ongoing episode of ‘I love Lucy'”. Perry dressed up like a lollipop. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNl5GlnkVRc&NR=1

    Bieber on Ellen: see how he shits his pants that 2 female fans are coming into the audience..”Really?…Lookit their t shirts, arent they sooo cute”, what an F’ing girl. Also revealed, Usher and Timberlake fought over him…it was a battle of the Wang. Usher won, or see: Bieber Goatse:) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0nsCu5jxLk

    We…i should say I, already know WillIAm of black eye peas has stretched the underage effeminate white boy bieber out, but also Usher is having a go at “tapping that ass” [hence the Bieber goatse] prepare for sickening sycophancy , also bieber is offering a GOLDEN ticket to his asshole! ,now we see how easy it is to manipulate people and make a million dollars. I dont know whom i have more contempt for, Usher, Ellen and bieber, or the dumb Khunts in the audience http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0SG_BcoGVs&feature=related

    See how the homosexual entertainers adore Bieber: and bieber reveals his crass stupidity, and his love for the British aristocracy , because the real people of England dont F’ing talk like that you little piece of ass! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN-F61fQ6jg&feature=related

    Alternate reality at its most insidious.

  36. Thanks for the extensive research + knowledge rebel, It was a great ride. The amount of ass talk is now pervading my mind – to the point of saturation. Time to tune out for me.

    Keep up the good work + take care

  37. In that respect here is a quote attributed to David Spangler from “Reflections on the Christ”:

    “The true light of Lucifer cannot be seen through sorrow, through darkness, through reflection. The true light of this great being can only be recognized when one’s own eyes can see with the light of the Christ, the light of the inner sun. Lucifer works within each of us to bring us to wholeness, and as we move into the New Age, which is the age of man’s wholeness, each of us is brought to that point which I term the Luciferic Initiation, the particular doorway through which the individual must pass if he is to come fully into the presence of his light and his wholeness. Lucifer comes to give us the final gift of wholeness. If we accept it, then he is free and we are free, that is the Luciferic Initiation. It is one that many people now, and in the days ahead, will be facing, for it is an initiation into the New Age.”

    What is that “particular doorway”?

  38. While pool fencing legislation of some sort applies in most areas of Australia, isolation fencing is not always required. Other issues relating to the pool environment which arose in the Brisbane Drowning Study were the presence of attractive objects in the water and the misuse of safety features.

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