Kamikaze Sherman Gnatses

Took last weekend off, but did two shows midweek [posted and codified]. Came back this week looking back at some of the gigantic historical lies we swallowed:

sherman flaming death trapkamikaze pilot

One thing I neglected to mention during the show, was that with a Kamikaze Zero, you suicide one man/plane, but could end up taking out an entire ship (even an aircraft carrier). The best things your typical Sherman Tank Crew could hope for (other than that there were no more Panzers left on the battlefield), was a direct hit which might kill them outright, else they would slowly but surely burn to death.

On the positive side, their families might get some ridiculously homoerotic trophy [yes, the above examples are both real] … but that seems small compensation, even for fools who volunteered to kill men who were not their enemies. Fact: the tanks functioned as designed. One question left to ask is, “Burning for whom?”


That’s the show (above), and as usual, also [downloadable]. The difference in the public perception of Shermans tankers versus that of Kamikaze pilots is so grossly inaccurate, it just proves what humongous fallacies [¿phalluses?] we swallow without question. Aside from blaming repeated mental abuse by Priests of Cock [Wood], we can also fault our edjewcation system, which not only fed us a slew of rancid sausages, but also distracted us from seeing/smelling the largest omissions:

black irish slavesslavery is color blind

Look into white slavery for yourself, and I’m talking about the Colonial history of the Americas (not the modern underground variety). You’ll easily find countless examples and proofs. The notion that slavery was somehow a “black” experience is not only patently false, but extremely divisive and inhumane. We can only reason, considering how few historians dare speak of it [much less even know about it], the intentional erasure serves some agenda. Perhaps Steven Spielberg will make a movie about it? Um, I’d be willing to bet not. I doubt NAMBLA would ever allow it.

God Bless the USA

The foolishness of celebrating a completely superficial holy day aside, I’m also willing to bet few Americans (even those I spared this weekend) 😉 … will ever bother to look within [at themselves] while looking for someone to blame for their present condition. I don’t want to be a hypocrite, so I looked at the mirror:

They Live 1988

The date on the above image is [sort of] right, it is the year I created my They Live, We Sleep (Deeply) Mini-documentary, which garnished me much attention. As said, I know you’re not supposed to tear apart your prior work, but I had to:

Alvin Boyd Kuhn: “Hypnotism need not be induced by overt manipulation or by an operative; one can hypnotize oneself. And the agency can be a suggestion, a philosophy, a persuasion, a conviction, a belief, an infatuation, a book, a sermon, a piece of music, a personality, an addiction of any kind. Hold a conviction long enough and it ends by holding you.”

The mirror, can be, our friend. For those unfamiliar with my prior videos: one day, I may go ahead and replenish the web with all of them, but that day is not today.

louis cocksucker likes the anuscolbert stewart carell

As usual, took the time to honor a couple of Temple Dogs, and in this case it was Louis CK, and Jon Stewart. One thing they both have in common, other than being completely full of shit, is that they are portrayed as trying to bring about a positive change, which is obviously (to anyone not completely brainwashed), another lie. Oh, and they have one more thing in common, some kind of ethnicity thing, I forget.

top of the totstop of the tots

The above discovery shows how absolutely twisted the minds of those we allow to entertrain our children are. Of course, the associated band is called The Wiggles:

The Wiggles’ “strong connection” with the US was “forged in the shell-shocked weeks after the terrorist attacks on New York City in 2001,” when the group performed there, even other acts cancelled their tours. Paul Field reported that “New York has really embraced them. It was a kind of watershed.”

The group was named UNICEF goodwill ambassadors in early 2008. In 2010, the four original members of The Wiggles were appointed Members in The Order of Australia for their service to the arts in Australia, especially children’s entertainment.

They have been won the ARIA’s Best Children’s Album award nine times: They won in 1995 for Big Red Car, in 1996 for Wake Up Jeff!, in 1998 for Toot Toot!, in 2005 for Live Hot Potatoes, in 2006 for Racing to the Rainbow, in 2007 for Pop Go The Wiggles, in 2008 for You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, in 2009 for Go Bananas!, in 2010 for Lets Eat.

Louis CK is probably loving that “Toot Toot” album name, of course. Oh, and in case you think I was reaching with my insinuation their name was chosen, because it represents a means of getting large objects into tight places: Are You Wigglin?

puddle of muddgravy train

Turning our children over to this machine is not only ignorant, but sinful; not from the abrahamic perspective, but in the spirit-crushing destruction of their creative potential, thus ultimately, their souls [written of previously]:

“Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven men. Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come.” (Matthew 12:31-32)

Let’s now try an exercise in perception. Look at the below images with your own eyes, and tell me what you “see.” Two thumbs way up? Way up where, prey tell?

two thumbs up your assfudge brownie

For the naive: I am not pulling these codes out of my ass. There are far too many correlations to dismiss them as a product of programmatical devolution. Once you open your eyes and start seeing, you will will find their codes are everywhere:

parking closedparking closed

I touched on P-ark’ing [alternately π-arc’ing] long ago. For the record: that’s Judy Law making an otherwise inexplicable appearance above. Judy’s quite familiar with the spineal arching process (it’s always worse the first time). Well, he is“a star.”

facial water spoutpark aye butt boyjennifer aniston anal face

Above we have a trio of Temple Whores being properly degraded. The woman getting a facial is Maria Schneidder, the star[let] of the “watershed” anal-agenda movie, Last Tango in Paris. Whatever your thoughts on the back orifice, Jennifer Aniston is telling us come recognition time, her first ass-rape didn’t feel so good.

what if

I close this by asking the same very relevant question that I asked during the show, and one many a speculative historian has asked before (albeit, with less common sense). What if Germany had won World War II? How could the world be any worse off, in any way shape or form than it already is? Anyone who suggests it possibly could have, might risk exposing themselves for the ignorant fool they are.

anal rape tango

I think the above image pretty much sums up our situation. But, rather than dwell on that end of the human stargate, I’d recommend focusing on what we stuff into the other end. Our Letter From Hiro came too late. Our Letter from NAMBLA came far too early. But, at least my Letter From Lucy came! 😈

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Note A: I have been busy updating posts as of late [in order of last update]: The Dreaded Truther Twofer, Teenage Full Frontal Lobotomy, and Week of Counterdevolution.

Note B: I’d like to thank those of you who contributed images/ideas to this: Lee I, Vicky, Alex R, and the guy who sent me the Irish Slavery clip. Anyone else who should get a mention I’ve either neglected, forgotten, or misfiled, please do write in an remind me.

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  1. Hi Alex,
    Thank you for the explanation about Germany, Nazis, WW2.
    You are very smart. Finally someone who gives answers that make a lot more sense than that stuff I learned in school or no one really wanted to talk when I asked about the Germans in WW2. Or it was like ‘hush, don’t talk about it’.
    Growing up in a divided Germany with the fences and minefields ‘almost in my backyard’ about 300meters away we got a lot of programming. I grew up on the west side and in the 70’s I travelled quite frequently to the east
    side to visit my Grandparents because my Mother ran away in 1954 to West Germany. Going through the border control was an ordeal to visit East Germany. Reminds now when we go through custom here in the States. Then the fences came down, Berlin had a wall and some villages who were so close to the border, so you could not wave to the people living there, everything else was tripled fenced with self shooting weapons when you touched the fence installed in the early 80’s between East and West Germany. To keep the bad guys out of East Germany, no I mean, to keep the East Germans from running away, only the retired people could leave easily, so they don’t have to take care of them anymore.
    We could not imagine that East and West would be ‘one’ again, maybe after 2000 or so, that was our thoughts and than we might become Socialists or Communists, which is very much present.

  2. Seriously what’s going on in New Zealand? This is just plain gross.

    Stallion Semen Served Up in New Zealand as New Energy Drink

  3. I’ve written a little about Π (quick read 😉)
    The replacement of the symbol was made by the Romans. The latin alphabet was step 1, the english language step 2. Some time and a lot of blood over the alphabet, no one wanted it. And it took their temple doggie Hitler to put the final nail in the coffin of gotic.
    Π represents your feet, rho (R or P is the same) represents a human head, hence so many occupations ending with -er.
    Now about parking or p-arking, it’s sense would be arking feet. And I only see one instance where you ark feet. 😦 They’re so sick.

  4. Great show Alex, lots to think about and plenty of laughs. I was wondering if you could elaborate on the P-arking thing a bit more. I got the pi part, but was just a bit unsure what the definitive link between arking and gay sex was. I listened to that bit a couple of times and couldn’t quite work it out. I will certainly be keeping an eye out for those parking signs though either way!

    PS: thanks effel, i think i understand now. I guess us regular dudes aren’t used to arking our feet for pleasure! Well spotted.

  5. get mutilated… it’s good for you

  6. Biggi, and thank you for getting me started thinking along the lines of “why” they spent so much time and money racial profiling the entire German populace. Logically, it would go far beyond looking a little “jew” blood. Had some thoughts on the later division, and may touch on them again.

    Chris, people seem to drink and eat all manner of absurd things, perhaps this and red bull, are just a joke to remind us plebians how dumb we are.

    effel, nice addition there, and thanks for reMinding the Roman forefathers of the Britions beat them to the swap. I think Pi refers more to the other “bottom” part of our system, though .you make a good case (visually too) of how it refers to the feet. There is the soul/sole connection too. It seems inter-related.

    James B, arcing is what an electrical spark does when it can’t make a direct connection (e.g., two pos charged ends of a magnet). The patsy priests seem to be of the impression when a male penis enters another male, a spark of electricity (lightning) goes up the spinal column from the anus to stimulated the pineal gland directly (33 degrees).

    raffi, ugh, HPV, yet another made up, entirely nonexistent disease, but does that matter, the proles worry and talk about it. 🙄

  7. What was the trophey for 1st place? A full facial?

  8. I’m helping to look after my sister’s kids while she’s away – yesterday my 10 year old nephew wanted help with homework on inventions – a famous one that affected the world & one that should never have been invented. He told me that his teacher mentioned the atomic bomb as a useless one, that reminded me of Sherman tanks – so that’s what he did. They were also called ‘Tommy cookers’.

    Great show, great points.

  9. Hey Alex. Great show. I just wanted to agree with your point that children these days are having their imaginations destroyed by television and holy-wood. I am a primary school teacher in Australia and have taught several grade 3 classes and currently teach Music, Art and Grade 1.

    I find so many aspects of the kids creativity and imagination stunted in all areas of education. One example is creative writing. Students struggle to create individual characters and plots. Instead, they regurgitate what has been fed to them via television and movies. If I had a penny for every time a student included Bart Simpson as an original character, I would be a rich man.

    As an educator, it seems to be getting harder and harder to inspire and motivate children who are over stimulated by all of the techno gadgetry surrounding them 24/7. A majority of parents are indeed, handing their children over to the television with dire consequences, that are becoming alarmingly more apparent to me everyday.

    I could go on with many more examples of how children are being permanently damaged by the media but I will save it for another time : )

    Thanks for the great work.


  10. London calling, Mongoose here. Great show, got me thinking free-style.

    Donkeys, butter and Eddie Murphy. In England we put a “knob” of butter in when we cook – there are loads of links there. In Italian butter is called “burro”, which means……small donkey in Spanish. A donkey is a “domesticated ass” while a male ass is called a “jackass”. (Programme made by idiots, for idiots)

    The Democrat Party has the symbol of the donkey, first drawn by Thomas Nast who was well known for two other things of relevance. First, the drawing of the modern depiction of Santa Claus, really a depiction of Satan “that bearded old goat”. [Nast also depicted Uncle Sam with a goatee – yes, a synchro home run in your vernacular]. According to Richard Cavendish in “The Black Arts”, “The Devil frequently appears as a goat..and the goat and ass are both symbols of lust.” There is also a chance Santa Claus is linked to Odin but will post GODS OF THE PEDERASTS another time.

    Secondly Nast was known for “revealing” how the Catholic Church was a danger to young children, which links and echoes 19th century spin and focus to the what the Celtic Rebel is pointing out in 2011 – the same thing is happening. They are,of course, ALL PEDO SCUM! (that was me shouting from London).

    And then we come to Shrek, obviously, a bromance with a talking donkey (our dress wearing funny man Eddie Murphy). Dave Chappelle talked about this dressing up the black guy ritual, and luckily didn’t take it any further when asked!”What is this? Brokeback Mountain in here?” Good on you Dave, “You gotta take a stand” – each one of us will have our own battles.

    Obviously links with the slavery aspect – if the idol (Eye dolls/mannequins?) have to wear dresses & do well, strong, black men, then who am I, the viewer, to say otherwise? That is the mind bend on a subconscious level. We are all slaves and free at the same time.

    Speak soon, Mongoose out.

  11. Steven UK, these are soldiers, man! Boys, who sacrificed themselves for their cunt(re:) and you read homosexuality into it? 😈 Shame! 😉

    alex robinson, thanks for sharing that, as you can see, it made it into the post-show imagery.

    Aaron, yes, it is a shame. Sometimes, I wonder just how many kids are left that can play/create games that don’t involve tv characters.

    The Mongoose, some nice linguistic additions there to the cock and butt[er] meme which they so seem to love. Hm, I like the eye-doll take too, hadn’t thought of that accurate descriptions for these temple doggies which so enrapture the mAsses. Anus Dolls. Hm, accurate.

  12. Two things Alex. About Adolf Hitler, he was son of Alois Hitler an illegitimate son of Salomon Mayer Rothschild and his servant girl Marie Anne Schicklgruber. On 1918 he was blinded in mustard gas attack in the trenches. He was taken to the Pasewalk military hospital in northern Germany where he was diagnosed as suffering from “psychopathic hysteria.”

    Hitler was consequently placed under the care of a psychiatrist, Dr. Edmund Forster. What exactly was done to Hitler while under Dr. Forster’s care is uncertain because years later, in 1933, the Gestapo rounded up all psychiatric records related to Hitler’s treatment and destroyed them. Dr. Forster “committed suicide” in that same year.

    There is strong evidence, that the ‘hate and pain’ which characterized Hitler’s speeches in 1919 and afterward, as well as his fanatical purpose, were not in evidence prior to his psychiatric treatment.

    So in 1918 real Hitler was replaced by many impostors. One of them was Aleister Crowley. Ironically, in 1918 the New Hitler will abruptly lose his artistic talent. Out of awkwardness, he must abandon the art of applying paint to canvas, even as a pastime. The illustrator who once made a living by selling landscape paintings in Vienna will now be all thumbs: he can’t draw a straight line. His artist’s signature will not be the same. The World was Lied to about Hitler’s Death

    Second. I agree with you that transhumanism is suspiciously promoted in conspiracy movement, nevertheless there is an issue that people seem to be oblivious to. And that is how during all wars from last century much more people got wounded than got killed. I think that shows (if the statistics are accurate and not manipulated) how war can creates opportunities in the advancement of prosthetics and robotics. In other words, how it gives the mad scientists, an excuse to use humans as guinea pigs.

  13. Great show. Love that you are really focusing on how not to ruin children. I am really taking that to heart and also figuring out things on my own. It seems that the things you touch upon apply to my life journey very much. I think I have discovered this wonderful site just in time to do less damage to myself and others. Thanks as always.

  14. I just got back from a dinner with friends. A young mom told us that she was being threatened by his son’s teachers that if his alleged ADHD is not cured by ritalin they would kick him out. I haven’t listened to the show yet; most likely this subject is not related to it directly but I just wanted to share.

    The mom talked to the school principal, asked him how was he like when he was six, and he told her that he would jump off the desk and kick the blackboard to make a shoe print as high as possible…. Kids and especially smart kids are hyper, they focus better on things that they enjoy and skip the rest. Right? Isn’t this a description of a healthy child?

    PS: they have a special kind of problem with the “black man”.

    I will figure it out soon. Not fair.

  15. Whew!

    For a second there I thought you were going to tell me that I was looking to Louis as someone who is revealing the truth to us. More like rubbing “it” in our faces. Anyway, your point on They live and re-evaluating our beliefs and ourselves was very poingant along with the quote from Alvin Boyd Kuhn. Seeing how you are consistently evolving along this path strewn with feces and not becoming mired in it is amazing in an of itself. I can understand taking breaks, I’m just surprised you do not take more of them.

    I guess your work can be seen along the same lines as trying to interpret the Aghori practices ……. stomach churning.

  16. Alex, here’s an interesting connection, if you didn’t know it already. I was listening to a podcast from a fellow Oracalist, Mark Palios yesterday. He’s well versed in the ritual and symbolism of the occult, and this particular show was on the symbolic construct of the September 11th mega-ritual. He was talking about the sun setting between two towers on the death tarot card, and in passing mentioned that the ancient Egyptians called dying ‘Westing’, i.e. going to the land of the setting sun. Same priests, same rituals, same symbolism. Go West young man!

    PS Alex R and Aaron (above): Kids are young goats. Young humans are called children.

  17. Max, very interesting points you make about Hitler’s mysterious past, some of which were new to me. I’m not dismissing the concept of transhumanism entirely (the prosthetics issue you raise is a salient point), I’m just tired of the reinforced and ballyhooed constipatorial focus which misses the ongoing death of the human spirit.

    B, thank you for sharing that here.

    defne, yes, it’s sick. They’re also cutting back on recess, which of course makes more kids agitated and restless.

    iamlonefrog, no mate, you were one of quite a few who’s linked or pointed to that guy of late. Interesting parallel you draw there, which reminds me, I probably do need to take more breaks. The stench sometimes, can be quite depressing.

    Ross, yes, when I had Dennis on (link), he made a god case that my research into the Western ideology (preversion), is connected to the cult of Set (the egyptian god of the underworld, and as you suggest, where the sun “sets”), which may be the same as Jehovah, Typhon, DIs and Pluto.

  18. Jesuits trying to get a foothold in Afghanistan schools: http://www.catholicculture.org/news/headlines/index.cfm?storyid=10994

  19. Hey Alex,

    Great show, very thought provoking! Anyway, just found this “news piece” on Yahoo. Turns out some Orthodox Jewish guy killed and dismembered an 8 year old boy. Thought it may be of interest:


    Also, I just had to attend a funeral today, one of my Aunt’s just passed away. I couldn’t help but think of the connections between the red rose and death itself. Now it makes sense why they place roses on the coffin, doesn’t it? I miss her, but she was suffering and not really here anymore (conscious mind disabled thanks to years of being drugged in a nursing home)

    Anyway, thanks for the good work,


  20. @Ross

    Also if interest is that both the towers were hit when Sirius was higher on the equatorial grid than the Sun and that the towers fell about one minute after the sun rose higher than Sirius. The second tower collapsed just before Sirius descended below the horizon. So the act is witnessed by the higher standing Sirius, the collapse by the higher standing Sun.

    Sirius is part of the Canis Major constellation which resembles a dog. Canine = K9 = 11 9.

    It is also the brightest star, second to the Sun. Which nicely fits the mythology of Osiris.

  21. My WW2 education began in 1974 when a veteran of Pearl Harbor told me the official story is “all bullshit.” Privately, all of my friends and relatives who served in Europe and the Pacific have said the same thing, both the Germans and Americans. All these years later we still can’t discuss it rationally. BTW, your “They Live We Sleep” trilogy is still up on this site:


  22. I think your “they live” glasses are working too well, mate. They’re freakin’ me out:

    How do you POP an EYE? Some OLIVE OYL will help. But it will be done by a big hairy BLUeTO who will put a SPIN on snAtCH.

    Sounds like I’m “reaching” doesn’t it?

    What was Bluto’s nickname for Popeye? “One-eyed runt”
    What was Popeye’s father’s name? “Poopdeck Pappy”
    What type is Popeye’s pipe? A corncob (boy, he sure can suck on it!)
    Where was Popeye born? In a typhoon off Santa Monica, CA. [As Rebel insightfully pointed out – the anus of the U.S.]
    What is Popeye’s foster daughter’s name? “Swee’ Pea” [P]
    What are Popeye’s identical nephews’ names? “Pip-eye, Pup-eye, Peep-eye, and Poop-eye.”

    And, in 1941, Popeye joined the Navy to fight those evil Germans and Japanese, starring in such films as “You’re a Sap, Mr. Jap.”

    It’s a poopalooza out there, man. Thanks for the weekly truth-slap to remind us they’re targeting our children. P arking? I think you’re the only human being on this planet who could’ve seen that.

    And I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

  23. RE: John Stewart – I noted he took great and long , juvenile, giggling interest in his alleged ‘friend’ Anthony Wiener’s penis pictures.

    “Giggle giggle penis joke, giggle, cock, wee-wee-weener’ etc

    Anyhow Wiener’s wife is apparently Hillary Clinton’s lesbian partner.

    Funny that , the man admits infidelity , the gals go right on with it.


  24. Hmm, for some weird reason, “Sherman” sounds a lot like “German”… 🙂

    So why are/were we so stupid?

    I think a lot of it has to do with conservation of energy. Many individuals take the easy and fast way and listen to “experts” or look at the majority for guidance, thus saving effort, time and energy. Apparently these short cuts are being taken way too often by way too many people. (This shortcutting was beautifully addressed in the show about goalhangers, by the way.) Or, “If everyone does it, it must be right, right?”

    So I encourage everyone to go the hard way once in a while (or most of the time)!

    Alex, thanks for bringing so much sanity our way!

  25. You gotta love how (sh)it gets delivered. As you said “prepackaged” aka an easy swallow, convenient, salvation for free.

    “Cartoon” phonetically means “vehicle song” or “siren song”. On the Joker card, the king looks elsewhere as he rides his bike around the 808 stone. He is under a geis, a spell. Compare the Joker Card and the center of the Meat Show. The 808 stone in the latter is the “beehive”. This means the structuring of all in the “pool of possibility” aka 8, 88, 888, 808. This is why “King Kong” adds to 88.

    Donald Duck (44=8) gets a lesson in why you pay Uncle Sam. The clincher here is “death = taxes”. One is an uncontested supreme law. The other is a foisted faux law. Both have come to have the same power. The joke is on us that such a falsity has come to have such gravitas as something so supreme as death. Since death is equal to Saturn, the LOTR, the tie to taxes is obvious. The singer on top of the 808 stone, ie the beehive is ass-robin.

    How does faith come?

    Disney phonetically means “divide or make apart knee” Dis or “divide or make apart a females origin name, ie “ney”. She is made to nipple from one Pap to another. A complete inversion of supreme order … just like death and taxes.

    And we know what happens when you get dissed between the knees.

    Sex below the event horizon is where an orifice gets unioned be being divided at the knees/feet. In the OT its called uncovering one’s feet.

    Sex above the event horizon is where a mind gets its ears divided.

    “Faith comes by hearing” = the semen that forms the idea in your mind comes from outside yourself. The “B” on the knife is “beelief”. The song is a bag of wind. The arrow in his ass is the power of the air. The one who accompanies him is the shaper of his mind, ie how his mother made him. She says son be a good little doughboy be like Pater.

    The one who rules the world is the one who forms the mind of the hand rocking the cradle. As you have stated before the guys will follow the pussy. Shape the pussy and you automatically get the meat and muscle. Put women in combat boots who can also run a jill hammer and you will fill hell faster. This is the meaning of Gehenna.

    It’s a tune or song that leads you … the car down OPEL LOPE POLE.

    The whole world is pregnant with what?

    That’s right .. the 2nd coming of the bastard child. The first time led to two millenia of bloodshed followed by the 20th century where more were murdered than ever ever before. What happens when you think the first coming and its disappearance was bad enough? It returns with devils seven times stronger than before.

    This is the secret of idol building .. its 7 x 7, just like Cain’s curse in founding cities. Cars and cities go together like butter and jam.

    The single key to undoing the cartoon is to hear the inner voice and follow it no matter who says different, including your own outer tongue. One must be true to the Queen of Spades and not the imp pater poster who is only a beast of six spades.

    Ewe knew this already.

  26. Alex – thank you so much for talking about corn. You’re spot-on. I’ve been waiting for a LONG TIME to hear someone else say it so succinctly. And the timing couldn’t have been better.
    I’m working up the nerve to respond on that note on my own – I don’t know what good it will do, as it is very close to home, literally and figuratively – but I just wanted to say how much that meant to me. You have no idea. You’re a very rare gem, thanks as always

  27. Here’s one for the children….
    Illumination Entertainment (!) is a part of Universal. Their past and future movies include Despicable Me, Hop, the Lorax, and Where’s Waldo? Tim Burton is also working on an Illumination project.

  28. I told you you couldn’t trust Lucy. She’ll leave you heartbroken and broke. Think I haven’t been down that road?

  29. Someone here made a comment about the popular phrase Oh my God. (O) My God.

    At first I thought that might be a stretch and kind of laughed at the idea that there might be something more to the expression.

    But then I picked up the phone tonight and it hit me.


  30. The world is not ruled by the hand that rocks the cradle….

    It is run by the hand that forms the minds of the hands that rock cradles.

    In the Meat Show the tent in the background has a stage theme making women dance (ballerina) as well as the overall theme of making water (see octopi dancing as 5, its arms forming 6’s thus meaning beastly to its own nature) flow the way it is not supposed to. This is highlighted by the low wall (black and white are the law under the monkey king) holding the “pink” in place. The water is the female because the box is “40”.

    The writing on the tent is Cyrillic Russian.

  31. Okay I’m obviously going mad. Just been reading the online “Guardian” when two stories caught my eye:

    Under ‘Film & Music’ is a ‘story’ about a new android called Selena Gomez, the “New Tween Queen” that ‘Disney has groomed’. It says “blah blah blah her new album When The Sun Goes Down”

    Up near the top, in the ‘important stuff’ is the headline “NI (News International) Shunned by GB’s Olympic Athletes” sub-headed “Contract heralded by Rebekah Brooks giving News International titles exclusive access to Olympics stars is torn up “. In the story itself it says “blah blah blah But the symbolism of Britain’s Olympic athletes turning their back on the Sun could prove particularly damaging.”

    You don’t suppose they’re trying to tell us something do you?

  32. You made me think about the naming of British newspapers Ross, you make salient points . Our Media is owned by various Jews (surprise!) from Maxwell (deceased) to Murdoch (Soon to be deceased) and of course, Newscorp own the ‘Sun’ and the News of the world newspapers.. commonly referred to as NOTW…Ta Dah! a bit of wordSmithery and we have TNWO, The new world order? also, other British papers of note, The Mirror (the deep dark truthful one?)
    The Star (The Dis-Astor? Disaster,the death of a star, Astor is Greek for star, you can google Astor and Astar and see what you come up with, wealthy families, technology think tanks…and the prefix DIS has been raised before, as in a negative, a separation) , the paper previously known as the “Independent” is now renamed just “The i” (the EYE, or the “i” as in the ID) and then we have the Guardian (As in, Guardian of the Underworld)

    Aforementioned newspapers the Sun, Mirror, star, TNWO are referred to as “Red Tops” here due to the colour of the logo. Why Red? The colour of anger, of blood. Of course the newspapers have been known to win political parties elections based on which way they lean, and so we may also have the connection to the red and blue paradigm of the false political groupings. and of course, the red and blue of parties is recognised globally.

  33. Star Wars = Allegorical Tale of Coming to Terms with Homosexuality


  34. Run your “gay agenda in movies” notions through Dan Savage, the podcast sex counselor guy. He’s a very reasonable, no bull guy. Call in your question(s) to his show. The voicemail is always on receiving. It would be educative to hear you on his show !

  35. I’m going to have to second Vick’s sentiments there, Celtic. Just listened to 10 minutes of Dan Savage, you should really call this guy. I think he’d be interested. And you could really take him to school on a thing or two…

  36. I have done some research on Judy Law’s acting history, and look what I’ve found:


    The summary on IMDb is reading:
    “Max is gay and as such is sent to Dachau concentration camp under the Nazi regime. He tries to deny he is gay and gets a yellow label (the one for Jews) instead of pink (the one for gays). In camp he falls in love with his fellow prisoner Horst, who wears his pink label with pride.”

    Mr. Law acted as a Stormtrooper in this movie.
    I am finding it rather intriguing that the writer’s last name is Sherman. Stinkornicity ahoi!

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