Teenage Full Frontal Lobotomy

Started off this week a bit different. Synchronicity had been revealing some truths for me, so I finally took notice, leading me to conclude it may not always be beneficial to go around kicking a bunch of wounded mind-control victims (mankind).

The question is: why can’t we team up to protect ourselves from predation, when a few “simple-minded” birdies can manage? Oh, perhaps it’s because a lot of our flock is madly in love with our victimizers. Hence, I felt compelled to call out a few of our useless brethren, among many other things:


As discussed last show (see for discussed clips), we will uncritically accept all manner of perversion as “innocent” because we are told to [such as below].

Thus we ignore the predators as they “do what they wilt” with our own young, while refocusing our mental energies and opinions on whatever arbitrary morality they define for us. Forget that conspindustry bullshit about Nazis, this is “mind-control.”

“In memory of Walt Disney, who passed away on this day in 1966. Thank you Walt, for giving me and my family many hours of quality entertainment, and for being the visionary that you were.”

The above mindless hand-job of a deviant fucker named Walt is but one example of those among us who adore our predator-class, yet claim to being one of “us.” Is this example any different, or in any way less-intelligent than the pretentious stroke-fests I read during the show? Yes, I expect some will be having a bitchfit.

I’ve spoken my piece. The sin-corn-mystiques are free to do whatever they want, except hopefully continue this charade of pretending to be one of us. Hopefully, a few more will see through the delirium that is unpaid predator promotion.

How can we claim to be “awake” while not seeing the proverbial mountain of pederasty, ass-rape and shite before our very eyes? Hot BUTT’red Poop Corn. Nothing to see here, just walk away. Never mind the sacrifices of the corn and the ass-immolation of innocents and innocence (our inner sense). Are our olfactory senses no longer working. Are our eyes wide shut, blind fanboys lead the way?

I’ve talked about Shitty Shitty Bang Bang before, and other than reMind some of “smelly” pits and that a “C” is most frequently pronounced as “K,” feel the above images should be fairly self-evident (and sickening to any human). Some will still dismiss the “stinks,” but the Supremes were fairly blatant back in 1961.

My baby likes (Buttered popcorn)
Uh-huh … Oh-hoh … Oh, yeah
He likes it greasy and sticky and gooey and salty
I said what do you like
He says you know what I like
I like (buttered popcorn)

He took me to a show (buttered popcorn)
He said he wanted some more (buttered popcorn)
I said kiss me please (buttered popcorn)
He said after I eat (buttered popcorn)
I said what do you like
He says you know what I like
I like (buttered popcorn)

For breakfast, lunch, and dinner too
He eats (buttered popcorn)
Well, it worries me so
I don’t know what to do

When I asked him what was happenin’ in the world today,
He said more butter, more butter, more butter, more

It’s long past time for us to continue to shit out the same fables we were force fed. Let’s do ourselves a favor and forget about Nazi scientists and MK-Ultra folklore. The only remaining explanation for our inability to see the obvious, is because we are the victims of a lifetime of brainwashing. Deprogramming step one: admission.

They’ve gotten too good at the “slight of hand,” manipulating the gullible public [us] into looking away from their own crimes and nefarious predilections, while conveniently rePointing our ire and arbitrary wrath towards our own; most particularly, those who haven’t fallen for the gender confusion agenda.

On one hand, I have to respect the genius of their long-term tactical planning, but on the other, how truly crafty does one have to be to mislead the ignorant? Even a blubbering fool should see through the blatant reshaping of their thought processes, but that [cognizance] will only happen if he knows/admits he’s a blubbering fool.

And even when they openly flaunt their their most deviant crimes in front of our faces [e.g., above], we will turn away from the reality of their confessions, and accept their fiction as “art” or um, random creative individual expression. 🙄

Perhaps there’s good reason why Dorothy’s face is recalled while confronting The Lost Boy of the Oz-Arks, it’s likely a neuro-linguistic imprint. Undoubtedly, there was far more to sculptures of naked boys appearing on the beaches of yet another Oz (Australia) and them being granted odd titles such as “The Lost Boy.”

By “far more,” I mean not synchronicity or coincidence. Let us not forget, that Judy Garland played a young boy seeking asstral expansion [warning: graphic image].

One thing is certain. The Priests of Holy Wood hate women. These pederastic patriarchs, rather than gloat over their phenomenal list of accomplishments, are now intent on vilifying the few remaining men in our society who don’t fear or loathe women, while turning women into creatures worthy of fearing and loathing:

And they are very good at what they do. Turning women inside-out, and getting all of us (well, most of us) to go along with whatever program they put out. Voilà:

Why even bother hunting your prey anymore when you can get the stupid nuhams to serve themselves up willingly? No doubt, we’ll be talking more about many of these topics in the shows to come.

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Note: As said at then end of last show, there was likely not going to be a show on July 3rd, and there wasn’t. However, I guest-hosted for Lee Rogers on the following Tuesday and Wednesday. Also, I have of late, updated the Week of Counterdevolution post.

~ by celticrebel on June 27, 2011.

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  1. Can’t believe I just noticed this one – the fastest rising star from OZ (bridesmaids poster, far right) is named Rose Byrne? Gotta hand it to these sickos, they had that Burning Rose ready and waiting for us. How far ahead do they plan? It boggles the mind.

    PS: this is the same Rose Byrne who wanted us to dance around her ‘dirty little posie’ in Get Him to the Greek. Sometimes roses really smell like poo poo poo…

  2. Loved the show, the uncommon common sense & the bird tales & their translations.

    Thanks for letting me call out the whoremaids – I felt cleaner after that. The images you’ve chosen this week are most educational.

    Now I’m gonna turn into long commenter 🙂 – I felt inclined to check out this site & I think it is justified – I’ve called you a ‘sacred clown’ before & I maintain that. I don’t know of anyone else who has the guts or ability to do what you do – we in the Western world have to ‘borrow’ from other traditions because we have no wise parents or grandparents to teach us – this is for you & I believe ‘about you’;

    “The Heyókȟa symbolize and portray many aspects of the sacred … Their satire presents important questions by fooling around. They ask difficult questions, and say things others are too afraid to say. By reading between the lines, the audience is able to think about things not usually thought about, or to look at things in a different way.

    Principally, the Heyókȟa functions both as a mirror and a teacher, using extreme behaviors to mirror others, thereby forcing them to examine their own doubts, fears, hatreds, and weaknesses. Heyókȟas also have the power to heal emotional pain; such power comes from the experience of shame—they sing of shameful events in their lives, beg for food, and live as clowns. They provoke laughter in distressing situations of despair and provoke fear and chaos when people feel complacent and overly secure, to keep them from taking themselves too seriously or believing they are more powerful than they are.

    In addition, sacred clowns serve an important role in shaping tribal codes. Heyókȟa’s don’t seem to care about taboos, rules, regulations, social norms, or boundaries. Paradoxically, however, it is by violating these norms and taboos that they help to define the accepted boundaries, rules, and societal guidelines for ethical and moral behavior. This is because they are the only ones who can ask “Why?” about sensitive topics and employ satire to question the specialists and carriers of sacred knowledge or those in positions of power and authority. In doing so, they demonstrate concretely the theories of balance and imbalance. Their role is to penetrate deception, turn over rocks, and create a deeper awareness

    … It is believed among the Lakota that if you had a dream or vision of birds you were destined to be a medicine man,[citation needed] but if you had a vision of the Wakíŋyaŋ Thunderbird, it was your destiny to become a Heyókȟa, or sacred clown”

    Thanks mr rebel

  3. Hey hey we’re the monkeys
    People say we monkey around
    But we’re too busy giving glowing reviews to movies which are mind controlling us and there’s no rhyme or reason to this….

    How can someone research all this crap [or even hear your show just ONCE] and still RECOMMEND movies to people for entertainment?! But then again, it requires looking over at your DVD/CD collection and saying “I am such an idiot tool.” I guess people would rather have money than liberate their own consciousness.

    I got a gift card for a free movie for Christmas. I still haven’t found anything I want to see. With “Super 8” out in theaters, I thought “Oh, it’s got UFOs, aliens, Spielberg, Abrams… it’s what I blog about and maybe I should check out the propaganda crap they’re putting out lately. Then I thought, “Why don’t I just mail twenty bucks to NAMBLA and watch War of the Worlds again…. I’ll achieve pretty much the same result.”

    Strange coincidence: Last Friday I came home from work to find a sparrow (?) – I don’t know birds that well – circling above my apartment screeching at something. Then I noticed a hawk on top of the telephone pole right in front pecking away at the sparrow’s companion (feathers flying off in the breeze). It was too late for me to do anything to save the bird (I could tell it was dead from my front [upstairs] window), but it’s companion kept swooping at the hawk and screeching for another 15 minutes or so. I opened the window and chided the hawk for leaving a mess of his dinner in front of my place. The look the hawk gave me back made me think of the looks and behavior that many animals (birds, cats, squirrels, skunks) have been giving me lately – almost like they know what I’m saying, or they are trying to communicate in some way. A week earlier, a squirrel kept scampering down that same telephone pole, approach me, and then back up again to the point where I said “Squirrel, what the hell is your problem?”

    I’m wondering if anybody else is getting funny behavior from (non-pet) animals.

    The Lost Boys song reminded me of Billy Idol’s “White Wedding”: “Hey little sister, what have you done?” Those lyrics always made me picture a demented serial killer saying them to his tied up victim.

    In reference to Alex’s “Bridesmaids” review, I would say the most hateful and insulting things I have heard said about women didn’t come from men, they came from OTHER WOMEN (typically overheard in a nightclub). Wow, women can be merciless! Men are being programmed to hate women, and women are being programmed to hate each other (and themselves).

    “Hey little sister…. shotgun!”

  4. This from MIchael Hoffman – [also in that is a short bit on ‘hupigs’]

    ‘It is one thing for the media, the police, the judiciary and the killers themselves to commit terrible acts without our knowledge or consent. It is quite another matter, with grave repercussions in the realm of the psychodrama, public ritual and advanced mind control, when these crimes are committed with our consent.

    Mr Dwyer decided that a population so jaded would need a spectacular sacrificial victim to shake it awake from its apathy and therefore he shot himself in fron tof the cameras at a news conference.But his televised suicide did no such thing. Instead it became , like virtually everything else that appears on television, atrivialized part of the entertainment videodrome. It merely raised the stakes for the next human life to exceed in terms of violence and horror and brutalization, as public fare.”

    Re: Hollywood hating women . There’s al ot of power in the ‘Feminist Industry’ to get women to degrade themselves and then blame it on men while men can be appealed upon to degrade themselves via various ‘Jackassery’ and ‘group rituals’. Its the US Victim culture bandwagon movement – woman ‘act’ as ‘men’ want and with it we get ‘Men create a world where women are degraded’ – victim and victimizer in one packet – best get those prison doors open even wider.

    A Hollywood history of glorifying male killers isn’t something that elevates men at all. It serves to remind us that men oppress and they can’t stop themselves doing it [Please repeat that mantra until the Matriarchy’Matrix/BeeHive deems u programmed] No-one makes Lady Gaga et al dress and perform as they do. [By the way she went to a very good school – see the other alumni who passed through those hallowed halls].

    Take the case of all the ‘rapes’ that viagra-toting Libyan soldiers [dirty arabs with their downpressed women in awful veils, get your tits out for democracy] have been accused via the laughable Eman Al-Obeidy psy-op. The underlying psy-op being that men are , in times of stress, default rapists. And HIlderbeest is shaping US Foreign Policy around that and the ‘great, oppressed woman’ lie.

    I read one Yahoo article on this and of 600 comments a half dozen went along with it, while male and female commenters in the rest were amazed that anyone could write or believe that story – yet no MSM news report dared write ‘ The general population thinks we’re writing unsubstantiated rape-stories to legitimize war’.

    I blogged a few of the comments – which make me think there’s not quite so many ‘sheeple’ as we might expect.

    Men and women of various ilk have taken great pleasure in tearing each other and themselves down. Hollywood obviously hates God, Life , humanity , familiies, and absolutely anything that is not made in its image. Hollywood men and women seem unable to relate to the non-celebrants.

    Living Tiki makes a valid point . Women are extremely adept at taking out other female competition.

    Most of what comes out of Hollywood is billed as ‘entertainment’ which is something ‘nice’ for relaxing, kicking back, switching off. Except ‘relaxing’ is what the hypnotist asks of the patient, and the enetrtainment is million dollar programming.

    Perhaps curbing our screen-based ‘incoming’ will help us from being ‘predated’ upon. Watch no TV or Hollywood films – in fact watch films in a foreign language [or a Hollywood movie with dubbing]. Watch perhaps home-mades that are non-professional and not well produced [because they cost a normal amount of money and not $79m]. Read MSM only for research not for ‘news’. LIstening to radio allows one to walk around the room and thus change perspectives.

    OR – spend all week immersed in films/trauma rituals and a week with no screenformation and compare thoughts, relations with others, shopping choices etc.

    ” Wouldn’t you, shouldn’t you, love to be like them in the interstices of the alchemical nigredo phase of transmutation, in the Silentium Post Clamores [The silence after the noise] of their operating room and dissection chamber where dead matter becomes the focus of humanity’s quest} – M. Hoffman.

    The ‘silence after the noise’ is that moment when the film ends and u r once more thrown in to the unpredictability of real life -” wouncha jus’ like to be in a movie instead, jus’ fer a little while ….Toto, are u even listening?”

    The operating room in UK is called ‘Theatre’.


  5. James B, yea, it’s the same Rose. Rose Burns. Ass Immolation. At the end of the day, and all the um, “hot action,” her Rose Hole still smells like shit.

    alex robinson, thank you for bringing this destruction of all that is beautiful about femininity into the mix. Kiwi Bob was a welcome addition. 😉

    the living tiki, there’s so much to be gained from the synchronicty of life, and so little from the stinkronishity of NAMBLA Inc. Love the point you raise about funding the latter.

    aferrismoon, good points. Into the “theater” to receive our anesthesia, so they can lobotomize (cut off pesky critical parts of the brain) and dehumanize (cut us off from nature and each other).

  6. aferrismoon always provides food for thought. As a vigillant mommy, I was always shocked at how much Hollywood hates families. For the past 15 years or so, it has been almost impossible to find a tv show or movie depiction of a 2 parent household. It’s either a divorced mom, or the kids are being raised by an uncle, or any combination of unlikely scenarios. My Two Dads, Full House, Kate and Allie..(all old shows as I don’t watch much now). I’ve even been told by “educators” that the 2 parent household was a myth that never existed. As for Disney and the violent death of various character’s mothers, I don’t even need to go there.

  7. Thanks for taking my call Alex, that issue has been bothering me for a while and I’m glad you touched upon it. On a music forum I browse I saw the topic of the actor marrying the “16 year old” come up and was surprised to see most of them didn’t buy it. They’d say things like she looks like a MILF or she’s a few years a way from menopause, but just when i foolishly started having hope in humans, someone said she’s hot and then the pedobear/Chris Hansen images started getting posted in response. Directly after the acknowledged she looks middle-aged and fully grown, but when you say she is attractive, well you must be a pervert for noticing that then eh? Dumb cunts.

    I think you found a good middleground between positivity and ball kicking this week.

  8. London calling, Mongoose here.

    I promise to adhere to the new comments rules so help me God.

    Firstly, it takes courage to self-analyse, honestly, and be open to necessary change and doubt. And humanity, as robots or zombies will not have this doubt which we must all cultivate.

    Secondly, something of interest on the bluebird – Caesar records the phenomenon of Breton women stripping themselves naked and painting themselves blue for certain ceremonies. Did your lady friend have any blue or irish heritage? (please note I did not replace heritage with “in her” as I am a gentleman). An Irish mythical ancestor called Goidal the Blue was the inventor of the Gaelic language, you are speaking a new language for many.

    Thirdly, the crow – you have various choices. In Ireland the war goddess took the name of “Bobd” or carrion-crow and often appeared in this shape. The crow is the nocturnal of the raven, sacred to Athena (raven was Apollo’s bird and companions to Odin). Often guides and conductors of souls – their keen eyes pierce the darkness.

    Lastly, linking the politics and the perversion, I wish to show you someone who is evil and defended by people that call themselves “religious” – a piece of no good detritus called Eric Gill (1882-1940) was born in Brighton, England.

    Gill a Fabian and founder of the Distributist movement – an economic and social theory based on Catholic social teaching, regarded as a ‘third way’ between Capitalism and Socialism – was also known for his erotic art. He also became known for sexual intercourse with his two sisters and sexually abusing two of his three daughters, including sodomy. I kid you not, this is recorded by the the biographer (Eric Gill, London: Faber and Faber Ltd.: 1990, Fiona MacCarthy). On page 239 MacCarthy also records how Gill also experimented sexually with his dog. Yes, you saw right.

    Ok, so we agree, the guy is scum.

    You know what they did? They displayed his art inside Westminster Cathedral! In fact, a demonstration took place outside the Cathedral to protest the Church authorities’ refusal to remove the Stations of the Cross carving. Cardinal Basil Hume and the Cathedral authorities did not deny Gill’s perverse lifestyle, but simply suggested that a distinction should be made between his artistic skills and his private life.

    Now if the pederast class can get away with that in modern times, they can easily spin their way to manipulating our minds regarding much older artists (and their agenda).

    Current status? British Museum’s exhibition, 10 February – 7 August 2011 – Room 69a – Free (of course). Described, “The objects in the exhibition highlight key areas of Gill’s life as an artist and attempt to explain his unique and complex political and religious ideals”. Unique, please.

    And so it goes on. It can only end with doubt and the attitude of questioning. Keep going.

    Mongoose out.

  9. Nice uplifting show, just after I finally made my cloudbuster (was either that or spending 3 days watching rain fall and have no pay). The rain stopped 5 minutes after I poured the resin. And you mention Tesla at the end of the show 😀 I’d tell you to build one, but it seems Orlando already has the radar signature of a cloudbuster 😉

    Bottom line is if you want to see how one can make a difference, how powerful you can be, how you can help your fellows, build a cloudbuster. It is fairly easy to do and the results are simply mind-boggling, especially if you’re the first in an heavily chem-sprayed area to build one (I could say for sure Cleveland and Ottawa have none :D).

    And there are so many more things to do…

    PS: Wilhelm Reich is one of the reasons I am here 😀 More on the cloudbuster on my blog (link). Comments welcomed there.

  10. the most over used line in every movie “you just dont get it, do you” featured in hundreds, literally hundreds of movies. this has got to be an NLP or some kind of programming. seriously watch this compilation it is featured in dozens and dozens of movies, probably more than this contains.

    waht are your thoughts on this?

  11. Vigilant Mommy, sadly I’m sure over time, edjewcation will convince us the idea of a nurturing mother and father pair was a figment of a primitive man’s imagination, a superfluous mythos.

    Immortallywounded, I’m glad you called. The example you gave of emasculated young men fearing to even glance at fully-developed feminity was a powerful example of how noncritically accepting we’ve become of whatever morality boy-lovers dictate via the media.

    The Mongoose, good points. I’m sure that now, as we grown in our understanding of the world we live in, we can understand that Gil’s perversions were the specific reason his art is displayed in The Abbey, and why he will be hailed as a “great man” to students the world over.

    effel, not really something I can comment much on.

  12. Alex that was a beautiful show man, and the music choice was not just relevant…it was like an accompanying orchestra to the words.

    Part of us healing is healing others, sometimes its adverse , sometimes its inadvertent. We have to realise that like the “Magnate” aka “Magnet” (magneto?) , people are attracted to a strong, vibrant, Healthy person/ality. Sometimes there are those who try to prey on that essence, but there are also those who are attracted to this “source” because of its transformational power. Im sure the difference between the “parasite” who feeds off you and the parasite who feeds off you while also giving back to the source incrementally is soon apparent. That is growth as opposed to psychic vamparism. I guess we are all parasites when we need guidance…..and this is where you can go wrong, by feeding off, and in turn being Leached by, the wrong source.

    Just wanted to leave you with this, shirley the Temple in the “Blue Bird”.

    “Four-year old Caryll Ann Ekelund (credited as Caryll N. Ekelund), appears as an unborn child in The Blue Bird. She was the girl who tried to sneak on the boat[1]. On Halloween 1939, Caryll Ann’s costume caught fire from a lit jack-o-lantern. She died from her burns several days later and was buried in her costume from the film. Caryll Ann came from a show business family, and her older sister became the actress Jana Lund.

    Twentieth Century-Fox reportedly made the film intending to give Temple her own fantasy vehicle after she lost the role of Dorothy to Judy Garland. Shirley had been considered for the role of Dorothy Gale in MGM’s The Wizard of Oz a year earlier, but her modest singing talent and contractual obligations to Fox Studios prevented her from getting the part.

    The Blue Bird was Shirley Temple’s first box-office flop in her 6 years as a child star. Audiences disliked the idea of Shirley as a nasty character needing to learn a lesson. While many of Temple’s films show her character misbehaving in various ways, this is the only one to show her being truly punished.”

    ARE you reading this? Death of a 4yr old girl (buried in her costume??) and the first time 6yr old Shirley had a movie flop….Shirley the Temple (Temple Dog? oh my..that must be too blatant?) originally supposed to play Dorothy in WizARDoz!

    Now this is synchronism- the bluebird, a film i recall from childhood and Dorothy Wizard of Oz Via shirley Temple. surely its all in my (our?) mind/s?

  13. 1. One of the first “The Three Stooges” short films shot in 1934 was called “Woman Haters” in which the stooges join “The Woman Haters Club” A little later, the “Little Rascals” – did their take on the theme in a few episodes

    There’s also a more contemporary Little Rascals feature film made in 1994 … The plot centers around the little boys in their club – which is again called the “He-Man Woman Haters Club”. One of their `members` is (to their horror) in love with a girl and so they spent the entire movie trying to pry them apart. Contains all sorts of heavily directed suggestive gags (just like in the temple shorts) including the boys dressed as girls of course….

    Quote from their oath: “I…Do solemnly swear to be a He-man and hate woman and not play with them or touch them unless I have to, and especially NEVER fall in love!” – How’s that for a cute and innocent message for young male children ?

    2. You played with the words ringo star, that’s interesting! 2 films I saw recently relate to that, each disturbing in their own way, but in common they both attack individuality in a very sophisticated manner, designed to confuse and lead astray in my opinion. (in the interest of keeping it short I wont elaborate much) One movie is Rango (2011), staring voice of Johnny Depp (featuring many references to his other movies). Though beautifully animated, the movie is, in a sentence: faggotized communist propaganda.

    They keep talking about “the spirit of the west” in an ambiguous manner, and the main message is : “sacrificing yourself for the greater good”… “its not about you its about them”… near the ending the hassidic-looking-child-ferret or whatever says: “In order to satisfy the needs of the collective, The hero must abandon the self and solidify his image as an icon” and the film ends as the protagonist declares: “My fellow comrades….within all of us resides the true spirit of the west”

    Second movie is “Circle of iron” (1978) aka – “Silent Flute” The original script is supposedly from Bruce Lee and is rife with symbolism and such, The final point or message of the film is – only YOU, yourself are the path to enlightenment, – sounds true and wise right? YET, sadly everything in the film points to other agendas with weird and ignorant themes, including the crucifixion of a beautiful woman just to make a supposed point, and heighten the atmosphere of covert gayness. from the film (0:33:09) : “Now tell me the way to Zitan” (Oz like master of `the book`) – “Embrace the west wind, until you come to a wilderness, look for a rose there”

    3. Last thing for now, 🙂 I thought you’d find this of interest, It’s not free of commercialization, still at least… it’s Vaginal!

  14. A much shorter comment from me today Alex :] Sorry for being long-winded previously. Although I have to say these longer ones have been very interesting. Please don’t start a forum, they are rife with trolls.

    Just wanted to share this link to an article about Temple’s upbringing… Stephen’s mentioning of Blue Bird hit much closer to HOME (there’s no place like it?) for me than the other films… Shirley Temple: the superstar who had her childhood destroyed by Hollywood

  15. Hey hey hey effel, be careful with the cloudbusters! They are very powerful as I am sure you have noticed, but there is very little information on their correct use. A current orgone researcher, James DeMeo has some stories on their incorrect use: these include droughts and powerful storms that killed people.

    Read some Wilhelm Reich if you are interested in orgone, very enlightening and very up the Rebel’s alley. If you understand it well enough you can learn how to bust clouds and chemtrails with your mind.

    But please don’t build cloudbusters indiscriminately! They mess with the ether field and can cause damage to yourself and others.
    I study orgone at my job, but we call it something else. (It does have many names)

  16. Alex Jones won’t stop with the double 666′ hand signs

  17. digital sickness, thanks for the music response, some thought went into the selection process. True synchronistic (ss opposed to stink-corn-mystic) find there. Buried in her costume equals ritual. We can thank the birdies for this one.helping us navigate this one.

    trivial, some nice additions there. The modern Rascals clip, where the boy show us his lizard in lieu of his cock is quite telling. Yeah, Rango was loaded with anal references, even more so than today’s average kids film.. The Spirit of the West may have been hinted at in the following Hangover II, where the groom travelled west, got ass-fucked and woke up with a “demon” in him.

    Joanne, Telling article for those with eyes:

    Temple made eight films in 1934, including Bright Eyes, which marked her passage from stardom to superstardom. At the year’s end she had entered the list of the world’s top ten money-making stars at number eight.

    Coincidence, shirley! Passage? Worth noting: a child might describe the general post-rape soreness as a “tummy ache” (see good ship video).

    monster of thought, k.

    Chris, those damn clockwork elves.

  18. Article promoting a vegan diet: But notice the headline:

    ‘The cyclist planning to take on the Tour de France on a VEGAN diet (…maybe he’s hoping for some extra windpower)’

    So something negative has to added in there just to make you sub-conscience dismiss it, and the guy has to eat Salmon just to add to the doubt in your mind. But some nice little insights into how giving up meat can be a lot better for you:

    ‘However, six foot tall Zabriskie claims his performance has improved since he took up the new diet and even claimed his eye-sight had sharpened.

    In addition, he told the newspaper his canker sores and saddle rash had cleared up.’

  19. Some of the mind control taking place is through holy wood presenting fact as fiction, then the public go around thinking anyone who believes what is in a movie is crazy because it must be fiction because it was in a movie.

    Perfect Example: Antimatter is science fiction right? Wrong it is science fact.

    Holy wood has A LOT of alien propaganda, preparing the public for war with aliens? Think people, war on terrorism+ movies related to terrorism in the past couple decades preparing the public for terrorism, now theres more alien movies they are the bad guys, preparing the public for aliens to replace terrorism. Only those who are blind can not see what is in plain sight.

    Anyone who thinks life is rare has not have a single clue about the nature of existence. Water is abundant in the universe.

  20. Rebel,
    Love your shows. (For me) you have taken up where Dave McGowan left off.
    One note on the bird picture posted above. It is a Blue Jay, not a Blue Bird. Very different birds. The Blue Jay is associated with higher knowledge, personal power and awareness. They are fighters.
    The Blue Bird is associated with happiness and paradise.

    On an unrelated note, have you ever seen the movie “His Girl Friday”, 1940. Starring Cary Grant as Walter Burns (of course) and Rosalind Russell as Hildy Johnson. It was originally a Broadway hit and a movie in 1931, but in 1931 Hildy Johnson was a man. And in the 1974 movie remake “Johnson” was again a man.

    I watched it a few years back before I started reading The Rebel. When it was done I said, that is incredible, Cary Grant is gay in the film obviously and he hates Hildy (whom he is going to marry for the second time). Hildy does all the work and Burns gets all the credit. Hildy is dressed in an outfit that makes her look like a marionette for most of the movie. In the last scene Burns and Johnson are walking out the door, Burns walks out first and the door almost slams shut in Johnson’s face, who is toting a very heavy suitcase. The use and abuse of women was so obvious, and yet the Rosalind Russell character acted like some modern day feminist amazon. I wondered at the time what a movie like that had done to the psyche of women.

    Lastly, Cary Grants mother was institutionalized when he was a toddler. He didn’t find this out until he was an adult. It seems to be a common theme with actors of the early to mid 1900’s that their mothers were institutionalized. I now think that women who were institutionalized in mental hospitals were probably the ones who realized their husbands were pedophiles. And that was taboo (I mean talking about it was!).

  21. Celtic, you were wondering about the “stupidity” of current zombies versus Shirley Temple era zombies. Well, let’s ask Louie………

    I feel ill

    PS: We’re off to see the wizard!

    in 3D

  22. Hi Alex,

    Awesome show, really good. I completely understand and see where you’re coming from on the whole pedophilia angle the medes are pushing presently. Makes total sense. They’re basically using reframing, an NLP technique (like renaming something to the total opposite, eg: friendly fire, instead of killing your own troops, etc.) They’re also using generalization techniques (linguistically) as well as major anchoring (also submodality shifts). Complicated stuff, but it works doesn’t it? 😉 Anyway, I was thinking about the word “Film”, as in Cinema. When I think of it now, what automatically pops into my mind is actual film, or scum (soap scum), bacteria, mould, fungus, etc. Nice phonological ambiguity IMO.

    Keep up the excellent work 🙂


  23. jk147, true, nice to get an article dispelling the protein myth, but they just can’t seem to find any writers who aren’t anally fixated anymore, can they?

    Myles O’Howe, perhaps anti-matter is “ma.”

    kitty, for some unbeknownst reason, during the show I kept saying Bluebirds instead of Bluejays. Looking at what’s been revealed, I’d say the reason is perhaps, “knownst” now. Yes, the Woodies have been very methodic in tearing down feminity and women, which they so hate. Good point about those pesky mothers who dare tried to interfere, been meaning to bring up some examples in The Hidden History of (one day).

    iamlonefrog, sorry for ed’ing your comment until I could get around to answering, but Louis CK was on queue for discussion on next show. I guess they have to put out a 3D version, so the team behind the ass-sucking promotion vehicle Twilight is a good choice.

    Wes Tilson, now you got it mate! 😀 Based on the number of zombies who gnash their teeth at those who look at fully-developed females, versus those who would molest undeveloped children … the Mede’s use of NLP to accomplish the redirection has been phenomenal.

  24. Great show as always, Alex. @ digital sickness: Perhaps a slight synch- I was talking to a friend last night about ‘strange’ deaths that occurred during occult movies involving children. Mostly 80’s and early 90’s films. Heather “They’re Here!” O’Rourke who played Carol Anne (much like Caryll Anne Ekelund) died tragically, but at the age of 12 and from a misdiagnosis of Crohn’s disease. The real cause of her death? Septic shock from an undisclosed bowel obstruction. The hell?! You were right, Carol Anne. They are here. And apparently, they’ve been fouling shit up for quite some time. Regards, MBHalloan

  25. @MBHalloran

    Carol Anne = Anal Recon. Perfect fit.

    Reading the wiki page of The Blue Bird;

    “The dream journey makes Mytyl awake as a kinder and gentler girl who has learned to appreciate all the comforts and joys of her home and family, and the children’s father returns home safely from the war.”

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the phrase “There’s no place like home.” is uttered in that movie.

  26. YOU ARE GOOD DEAR FRIEND TO ANALYSIS …… IF YOU WANT …………………i have find this …………. ,,,http://www.hollywoodinsiders.net/holly.html …………………………………. HE IS GOOD TO..I THINK

  27. From IMDB message boards. This is the first entry I looked at for The Blue Bird. It speaks for itself.

    This child actress is listed in the full credits for The Blue Bird as “Little Girl” (from the heaven/unborn children scene). IMDB says this young actress sadly died from burns at the age of 4.5 years:
    “According to Shirley Temple, her co-star in The Blue Bird (1940), in her autobiography “Child Star,” she was killed after a lighted birthday candle at home ignited her dress and burned her to death. Her five older brothers acted as pallbearers while a graveside quartet sung her favorite song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz (1939) when she was interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery. Her burial shroud was the unborn child toga from her role in The Blue Bird (1940).”

  28. i don’t watch tv… so, i never saw that kia advert you mentioned. but, it seems the same magician was at work in another “controversial” commercial. either way, good or bad press is still press.

  29. What a drag … Iceland considers prescription-only cigarettes

  30. I just wanted to share this video with everyone : Void Camp – Dead Bodies

    All classic stuff. =)

  31. Liam Neeson just starred in another revenge film called Unknown. In the movie he loses his memory and has to regain his identity. Numerous times throughout the film he is placed in front of a graffiti tag that reads “Oz.”

    “Who am I ?”

    “You were an Assassin. My best boy.”

    After he finds out he was an “Assassin” he changes his ways. The last scene features Neeson leaving on train from a station that is loaded with xbox architecture.

    A bit of revealing perhaps? Knowledge of our own existence as assassins being the first step in breaking the grid?

    PS: On another topic I thought this trailer would be fitting in regard to the trend you and Alex discussed about the new found openness some women have in telling everyone what they’re about to do in the bathroom. Here we have another women having a bowel movement scene (with the door open and a dude watching no less) AND an anal sex reference immediately after (and probably before as well – “I’m gonna ruin her.”)

    Unfortunately. I think most would probably call me the sicko or perv for calling out the anal sex and fecalphilia overtones.

  32. Buttered = Red Butte – geographical and anatomical. There is a town [ once home of a serial killer] called Elephant Butte, AZ.

    Their going to build the new Spaceport there. Branson will fly his space fleet from it.

    Also check out the EGALIA pre-school [ indoctrination centre] in Sweden.

    A-Gender Agenda


  33. Check out this video about the married 16-year-old girl and the 51-year-old Hollywood actor. Look at her face while he’s talking on the couch, especially at the 2:05 minutes remaining mark. Very bizarre. She looks programmed to find him irresistible. Either that or she’s making a big show of it for the on-looker.


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