Red Shoes and Memorial Clues

Alex Robinson was back yet again last night to look further back into our past, and deal with the shady area of false and implanted memories. Sometimes, even those of us fighting dearly to rise above the lies, may be clinging stubbornly to recollections of falsehoods having labelled them as the honest truth.

naughty playersmindless oz propagation

We started off with a helpful hint or two for women [ 😉 ] and then moved into The Wizard of Oz, asking once again the troubling questions as to why this particular program is ever so omnipresent, and why does it run so deep:


We also spoke of relationships, women’s programs, “daddy issues” and a number of other things. One key point, however, was the significance of The Red Shoes.

red shoesmonster nailsjesus feet

I’m sure, as has happened with roses, apples, and other rediscoveries, the rest of you will start finding countless other synchronicities and disturbing questions.

Oh, I know that she’s disgusted (oh, why’s that?)
Cause she’s feeling so abused (oh, that’s too bad)
She gets tired of the lust (oh, I’m so sad)
But it’s so hard to refuse
How can you say that I’m too old
When the angels have stolen my red shoes

Oh, I said “I’m so happy, I could die”
She said “Drop dead,” then left with another guy
That’s what you get if you go chasing after vengeance
Ever since you got me punctured this has been my sentence

Oh I used to be disgusted
And now I try to be amused
Since their wings have gotten rusted
You know, the angels wanna wear my red shoes

But when they told me ’bout their side of the bargain
That’s when I knew that I could not refuse
And I won’t get any older, now the angels wanna wear my red shoes
Oh, I won’t get any older, now the angels wanna wear my red shoes

I’m trying to get out of the business of providing anyone answers. As Alex and I discussed during the show, that doesn’t help anyone. The above lines are by Elvis Costello, as [incidentally] sung by me at karaoke only a few days ago, and they should raise questions for anyone, beyond the few I’ve already had to ask myself.

red shoe diariesred slippers of blood

Another truth that came up while exploring our false recollections of our Holy Wooden History, was that there very likely never was a period of “innocence.”

temple story

Looking at the above images, I’d have to think that even a somewhat normal person might have a difficult time not seeing the fellatial implications. One more obtuse, should at least wonder why “the shaft” of the giant, um, lollipop is so evidently placed between her legs. However, even the brainwashed won’t be able to refute [to themselves] that the below video is anything short of depraved:

Many a complete idiot will externally refute the obvious [as looking at the youtube comments demonstrates]. Modern morons aside, looking at this miniature temple whore reveals to me one undeniable truth: that not only is mankind utterly stupid, but has been so for a very long time. It is way overdue, but for us to progress, we all need to admit what a bunch of ignorant cunts we’ve been.

How did we not see this? See prior statement. If you’re willing to look with your eyes open and finally see what has been there all along, I’d also recommend the following Temple videos: Our Little Girl, and War Babies and of course, Baby Take a Bow [sadly, filmed during the year of the great fabric shortage and obviously, the studio couldn’t afford to get her a slightly longer skirt]. Prepare to feel either angry, mortified or pathetic, but unless you’re ready to feel ignorant, don’t even bother.

daddy warbuksgo west not eastpenis pez dispenser

Part of “healing,” is to be able to go back and fix/right our past. Acknowledging the old lies we once told ourselves is a big part of the process. Honestly, it seems to me now that Little Orphan Annie was intentionally made to look like a penis.

Seeing the hint [above center] about which route the rich elite abusers of children should go, I would probably go so far as to surmise that it’s also not coincidental that Daddy Warbucks [above left], looks remarkably like the daughter-molesting deviant from Sex and the City (played by Even “Handler,” the extra creepy one).

lollipop wishesannie the penishanging ronald

The hanging clown with the red shoes, happens to be Ronald McDonald, the happy face our masters put on the tortured mass-market shit and flesh that became a staple of the American DIE-T. If the vandals who framed the [above] picture were only synchromystically inclined, they’d have known better and crucified him.

Regardless, it’s still funny. Note: For those who are unaware, the Happy Clown of Animal Suffering was brought to life by one Jeff Giuliani, who later in life, found morality and became a vegetarian. Maybe I spoke to soon, did they frame the Judas parable, suggesting that even for a merchant of death, redemption is within reach?

daddy self esteemone red anus

I get the feeling you guys will be hearing more about the false history of old holy wooden men, and also about their little “temple.” But, we shifted gears during the show and tried to contemplate healthy and positive father/daughter interaction, a critical element to move females from the path of girlhood to womanhood.

Surely, one reason why so many fathers fail in their roles, is what the media has done to them (as the emasculated image of tommy hanks suggests). What can’t be underestimated, is that people who grow up lacking a strong role model, will grow up dysfunctional. So, how are such collectividuals then to grasp what a romantic relationship should entail? Plus, we then compound the problem, but turning to our media-infected peers for guidance. And, in turn, they give us: useless solutions.

penis vagina play joysad girl watching me leave

I touched back on circumcision, but kept the positive theme going, focusing instead on specifically how the biological interaction between a penis and a vagina is supposed to be fun/playful, and how this is yet another “human wonder” the priests seek to deprive us of. All you potential future moms need to hear it.

I hope you also enjoyed the story and the moral about looking back as someone looking back at ourselves. Sometimes, the best thing to do is, in fact, turn back. Wonderful things can happen if you do … and as our shows have been suggesting, it may be the only way to change the future.

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Note: If you missed it, The Celtic Rebel, yea me, actually did four live shows last week. I updated the last post with all the proper links as of late: check it out.

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  1. Really great show Alex(es), definitely up there with the Elvis Costello one. This red shoe/ 36 / 72 / ZION / INOZ / 2012 has my head spinning. One thing that may have been overlooked – the significance of Australia in all this (IN OZ). I know that awful film about Australia was discussed, but it seems that if there’s a 72 year program nearing completion in 2012 / ZION / INOZ, then it seems to follow that Australia must be somehow involved (ever looked into the massive amount of gold (Au) that comes out of this country? Yellow brick road, gold, Au, Oz, blah blah.) Conspiracy researcher Ian M Crane says he’s been told that Perth, Australia (my home town) will be the Ark of the world when the shit really hits the fan. He could be full of it, but food for thought…

  2. If I recall correctly, in the story of Julius Caesar, He wore red shoes and he also plotted to have himself assassinated.

  3. Interesting sync post. Watching the Shirley Temple clip made my stomach hurt. Literally. Wow. It’s hard to admit we’ve been inadvertantly exposed to sh*t like this for so long.

  4. Interesting. The more you embrace “Lucy”, the more it seems you lose your way. Are you next going to embrace the Xbox as a means of protecting us from ourselves?

    PS: Ah, so I’m the nemesis now. So be it.

  5. The Pope wears red shoes 😀.

  6. Soviet Communism 1917 – 89 = 72 years. In 1989, oddly , Shirley Temple was appointed US Ambassador to Czechoslovakia.

    Little Orphan Annie – LOA – voodoo priest.

    The cover of one of Korn’s albums – looming manbeest , solo girl, shadow looks like a hanging child. I was reminded by the hanging Ronald McDonald.

    Perhaps ‘folksy’ Sarah Palin is an updated political Dorothy ‘cept she wouldn’t know which state she was in.


  7. James, the endless syncs connecting Au to Oz, which may well be the center of the new hell on Earth has come up before in old shows and writings. Check out the linked show on Australia and The Burning Ring series, among others.

    mat, ah yes, good catch. “Caesar began to wear the red shoes that were worn by the kings of Alba, hundreds of years before”

    libyansibyl44, yes, beyond the suggestion to the idiot-mind it was because of “too much candy” … we have to grimace about what the joke was suggesting would happen between motherless Surely and all those men to make her “ache.”

    Mat , really? 🙄 Again?

    ViolatoR, he sure does. Hehe.

    aferrismoon, nice to hear from you. Korn is one of those shitty bands that tries way too hard to please the priests … they’re like the prostitutes that other prostitutes look down on. The little girl who is about to get abused also looks a bit like a Shirley/Anney. Quite disgusting.

    Hm, odd, while I was trying to find the source of your broken link for Korn, google served me a story about the Arches of Death (McD’s) expanding in Oztralia. 😯

  8. Whoever invented high heals hated their mother

  9. The red shopes symbolize the “inner spark”, the Holy Spirit. The song is sung from God’s perspective (he’s actually … a fun guy/girl … whatever gender serves you). The musician is only the “tool” used to send out the message. And as every other song around it is about the fall of man and how to get back.



  10. Celt, Graham Greene was somewhat lambasted and had trouble getting getting films made in Hollywood in the fifties, because his reviews of Shirley Temple in the thirties hinted at the obvious paedophilic – yes, that’s how we Brits spell it – under(age)lay.

    regards J.

  11. James, you might have a point there. My uncle, who happens to be a big conspiracy buff, swears up and down that Australia is ‘leading the way in this one world order”. It seems there is more hidden here in Australia than I originally thought.

    Another fantastic show from the Alexes, i love you guys.

  12. London calling, Mongoose here.

    Hope everyone is well. I just wanted to share a few thoughts (5). Firstly, women are being corrupted to such an extent that the term “feminine” is becoming obsolete. Now they seem to be in the final phase, doing harm to each other.

    Secondly, is modernisation the bringer of deviancy? Sodomy on rise (Zimbabwe).

    “Childline said sodomy cases turn into a vicious circle because a young person who is sodomised has the tendency to repeat the experience on another person.”

    Dr Ruparanganda said sodomy was associated with witchcraft and some traditional healers also prescribe sodomy for ritual purposes. “Some traditional healers advise their clients to engage in sodomy as a way of treating curses or to exorcise some demonic spirits,” he said. “Such beliefs are very common in occult sects. Other people commit sodomy as a way of rebelling against their own personalities. In other instances, acts of sodomy are associated with Satanism and witchcraft.”

    Thirdly, and talking of Satanism, the pederast class and their adoration of the penis and where it will go have been in open sight for many years in the form of obelisks. The Finger of Satan is reproduced for our delight wherever our politicians congregate because yes, they are screwing us!

    Fourthly, dear Celticrebel, In the Kübler-Ross Grief Cycle, the stages are: Shock, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Testing, Acceptance. In the Rebel Path Cycle (is it a Cycle?) you will get anger for sure. I don’t really care about that one. The truly truly worrying unleashing of the nihilists will come when you have acceptance. Once we get to that stage we will have no humanity left.

    Fifthly, I wish to present the box within a circle, a ringpiece which when used without fear gives amazing powers (illuminated from a lantern) and a superhero with sperm on him – got milk?

  13. GladGal, that is highly probable.

    Deckard666, that interpretation sounds quite authoritative, somewhat definitive, likely supportable, but ultimately …. way off the mark.

    James, yeah, turns out the was one of the few with the balls to question the overt sexuality of their Little Temple. Per Alex, he was also sued by the studios for it to warn others off stating the obvious.

    Dion Duffield, yea, lots of weird yet syncpropriate stuff going on “down under.” As I’ve stated before, whorification was pushed on the Sheilas before the American and British women were turned inside-out. We love you too! 😀

    The Mongoose, I trimmed down your quote for length. The violence we see coming from women which Holy Wood is seriously pushing the glamorization of, is further evidence of the destruction of the sacred feminine. Ugh, still remarkable to me how so many still don’t see the semen mustache for what it is, but the comments do suggest “a few” get it, and have known.

  14. hello Alex and Alex, yet another great show

    i had to laugh at the soul mate part of the show , i,ve been in the same relationship for the last 20 years, even thou we were constantly being told by so called friends and family , that it wouldn,t last because we had nothing in common. starting to win that one, and our relationship is beter than ever.

    After listening to your show on my mp3 player , i shuffled to the next one, that was really strange. “Tryptamine Consciousness” by Terrance Mckenna , from the Psychedelic Salon podcast … right at the start he,s explaining dmt trips, and the only way can put it in English is to use the wizard of Oz as reference, specificly the munkins, right down to the voices and the reading of the scroll, i,m not as yet sure what it all means , but it got my mind firing allsorts

    DMT the spirit molecule by Rick Strassman M.D came to mind and PIHKAL a chemical love story by Alexander Shulgin . I wonder what happened to Strassman, i,ve got 2 seperate pocasts 3 to 4 years between them, in the first he speaks fine, no problem, in the second one he,s stuttering none stop, I,ve seen that once before , that being an old speech by Bush jr , speaking rubbish , but well spoken non the less, He became a stuttering idiot as well,

    ach , thats maybe just me seeing spooks, Us Scots are well known for that

    you also touched on older holy wood films, that reminded me of a whitewash propaganda show on bbc a couple of weeks ago, Cleaning up the name of Roscoe fatty Arbuckle, I sat and watched it, but with Kenneth Angers – Hollywood Babylon in hand, the stories basically about the murder of Virginia Rappe by hideously unnatural rape with a broken champagne bottle, during a mega drink and drugs binge .1921

    Wonder what the use is for that propaganda piece ,after all those years?

    The Trivium is the lost ( stolen ) tool for critical thinkinking and argumentation

  15. Eeeyikes! Yet another humdinger of a podcast. Gosh darn it, Mr Rebel, I soooo wish you had a TV show on the interwebs. Seriously. Then there’s also this piece in the puzzle. Got a half an hour? And a very happy Tarnin Austa to all my fellow Eldalië out there, which means the Opening of the Gates of Summer, our name for the Summer Solstice. Careful aboot goin’ barefoot, y’all. Statistics indicate that most hospital ER visits during the summertime are due to people getting their feets torn up. I speak from firsthand experience. Keep up the at turns highly informative & gut-wrenching work, Alex.

  16. 1. Better Living Through Containment – Experience The Possibilities ! Talking about OZ – a box within a box within a box… this clip just reflects it so perfectly I think, it may seem so innocent at first glance, yet it contains so many aspects of programming and manipulation. what a flawless entery into the zombie ass-embly line repertoire – Even the song…Disterbia by Rihanna “Bum bum be-dumb bum bum be-dumb bum ” (just to make it clear, the kid is mimicking the computer character)

    2. First time I hear you mentioning Shirley Temple, been waiting for it so I can bring this stuff up (surprised you haven`t?) Few years ago I came upon the following early Shirley Temple films and was very disturbed. Right away I thought : this is entertainment created for who exactly ? how can any healthy being enjoy or be comfortable watching it? really, have you seen anything more disgustingly blatant ? So, the below video “war babies” is from a series of (apparently rather famous) 8 short films under the series title “Baby Burlesks” made in 1932 . (Just to compare, “The wizard of OZ” movie was released in 1939) Recently, someone at `the studios` found it necessary and important to invest and produce a colorized version of the original black & white films. (guess they craved for flesh tones)

    Again, this is just one of eight, which are all of similar `qualities`… each one more horrific then the other – I highly suggest you check them out 😉 they can really make for excellent instant evidence for aforementioned agendas from holy wood

    quote: ” whats wrong with some people. disturbing my ass, Its just innocent. If you want to sexualise this you are sick perverted pedophile!! These days people? are always wingeing about something “

    then again… judging from the youtube comments, people can deny anything! and not only that, -YOU- are the pervert for even suggesting somethings wrong with it!!! example comment from pelicanus11 (who i think has too much “sweet milk” in his diet)

  17. Enjoyed the discussion “Red Shoes and Memorial Clues” During the broadcast some fella put up a link for a synch titled The Dark Side of Oz. So much information is passed during the broadcast either by you or your guest but also by comments in the chat room. Luckily I saved the Wizard of Oz synched to Pink Floyds Dark Side of the Moon. Very revealing.
    Peace, love and understanding.

  18. This one may go way back in time. Another way to look at the monster logo is a nail in the πόδια (feet, π). Until the romans came along, the symbol for our sound p was a foot or a set of feet (π are feet under a tunic). P (rho) represents the human head.
    Romans confused the head and feet, then came the english to confuse the head and anus. :S (à suivre…)

  19. Great catch with saving that post from the chat room WhatsItAllAboutalphie, Dark side of Oz, the Tornado scene at 16.00 mins synchs up too perfectly with the music, its veritably phenomenal!! and another great purpose it serves is only VIEWING the Film itself, without the dialogue you can view the story more objectively, it takes on a whole new tone and hue to Pink Floyd, i can tell you that! ….almost creepy.

    And i wanted to address James too: Re Australia. Interesting about the periodic AU symbol for Gold. Of course, its origins are in the Latin “Aurum”. Oz is historically a huge mining country, [In 2007 Australia produced 280 tonnes of gold or 9 million troy ounces worth about 12 billion Australian dollars], and it has vast natural resources, Uranium, minerals, silver, copper, all of it. So to me that says its a rich vein [the heart?] of the planet. Once all the richness and vitality is mined from her living body she will be a depleted shell. I would like to bring your attention to this Track from the GORILLAZ , “Fire coming out of the monkeys head” which i think addresses that which im referring to:

    Lastly, I was really into LOST when it was on, and Australia played a significant “mystery” role in that too. Oz was the place where events all synced up , conspired you may say, to get these certain strangers on the particular plane flight that left from Sydney and crashes on route to L.A on a weird island out in the Pacific. While in a Sydney bar one character by the name of “Shephard” tells another that “Australia is the closest you can get to hell without being burned”.

    One of the producers said of Lost “Broken people land on broken island, mend selves then mend island”.

    anyways, going to actually listen to the new show now Rebel! I have the fridge stocked with beers, got pink floyd and the Wizard of Oz in my mind and im ready for it! (not a tornado, oh no, the show, i mean)

  20. What a delightful show! I so enjoy the added female perspective. Upon the revelation about Shirly Temple, my childhood was ripped apart. That was one of the only characters I really liked while young, but clearly she was not a safe bet, and what do you know, usually no parents.

    I absolutely loved the bits about the roles of a father. He must be there, he must be an example, he must not ignore his daughter/s. I was so lucky, my dad worked so much and when he was off we were out side playing or inside being made to do additional school work. He treated my mom so well and loved us all fiercely, while still being a stoic man. Myself and all my siblings were always made fun of for our “overprotective” parents and lack of knowledge of alot of popular movies and tv. We did get some Disney programming, but my mom in her natual wonderfulness would always laugh at us when we would begin to think of emulating that. She made it clear to us that the crap on tv was just that. Now, I am the happiest person I know aside from the rest of my family. Happy alone, happy with someone, happy on my worst day. I don’t know exactly what they did or how they did it, but my hatred for them in adolecence blossomed into the most amazing love and respect for them. I hope to be as good as they were and better. Parenting is so important, the kids are the new world order. You are so right.

    Bringing me to my next thought. I think kids are the glue that holds relationships together. I think that when someone sees someone esle rise to the occasion when raising a child it strengthens said relationship. Not to mention that I think a woman through out pregnancy gets more and more amazing, beautiful, and strong as the pregnancy goes; a real man has no choice but to fall so much more in love with that woman who is carrying his child. I also think in the past, we were less self serving, so to have a partner was great and then to produce a family was great and then life for the most part was rewarding and amazing, therefor the relationship was. I would love to hear Lennon Honor’s thoughts on longterm relationships/children. People under pressure or with great responsibility often suprise and impress. I just think kids are meant to bring out the best in us. And i also think you are right, two people must be different. That allows each person to grow as a person and also expand their horizions. Plus you get to do two sets of things! Things you like and things they like. It’s alot of fun and creates so much more to bond over.

    Great show Alex and Alex, thank you both! Looking forward to next Sunday as always.

  21. Great show Alex & Alex,

    Loved the show as usual. They just get better and better as far as

    Thanks again for all the great work. Always love it when Alex from NZ drops by. One last thing, another show by Derren Brown entitled “The Heist”. Worth a look:



  22. “happy landing on a chocolate bar…”

    that vid was stom-ache-turning…

  23. amazing duet again 🙂 yes alex 3 hours just fly by when you are teaming up with celtic !!!
    Great insights on the power of creation totally subscribe to that. Hugs to both of you.

  24. Just finished the show and I have to say, you Alexi can flow with the best of them. As I wrapping up my internet experience I came across this:

    At first it was the word “apple” that caught my eye and then realised that this is probably the same noumenon associated with red shoes.

  25. “Lets dance!
    Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.
    Under the moonlight, the Sirius moonlight…..”

    The strangest thing about watching “The Wizard of Oz” for me is that I typically forget most of the film until I see it again (I do remember the Lollipop Guild, though!) I’m not sure why this happens, because I must have seen it a dozen times or so. It’s the same for me as Disney’s “The Black Hole” – what a satanic mind rape that movie is! BTW, that Shirley Temple video has to be the creepiest – a bunch of men repeatedly groping a little girl. I wonder if people felt creepy watching it when it first premiered.

    It’s amazing how we don’t even listen to our subconscious anymore, telling us there’s something much more going on with the movie we are watching or the song we are listening to. Everything is taken in superficially. A perfect example of your research going over my head (but not my subconscious) was when I saw “Die Hard 2” when it first came out in theaters. In the fist 5 minutes, there’s a naked guy doing tai-chi for about one minute. I said to my friend “OK, action movie rule number one: Never show a naked guy’s butt!”…. the scene continued, as did I…. “This is unbearable! I haven’t even seen any breasts or explosions yet!” ….I and my friend started laughing because the scene still continued…. “Seriously, what person thought, ‘You know what this movie needs to set the mood? A naked guy’s butt!'”….now people around us hearing our conversation started laughing because the scene was becoming ridiculous and pointless.

    But then I still watched the movie and never gave it a second thought as to why that movie began with a naked guy’s butt.

    In the movie “Time After Time” (about Jack the Ripper) Mary Steenburgen says to Malcom McDowell, “Did you see ‘Red Shoes’?” in asking if he had seen that movie, but it’s oddly placed dialogue, and you have to realize she’s taking about a movie. It just really stood out. Wish I could see that scene again.

    Amazing talk and play, the both of you! (As well as all your past shows, Rebel – Sorry I’ve been a stranger, but I’ve been catching up on them. Brilliant!)

    And let’s see Dr. Oz recommend a handjob! Huh? Huh? Didn’t think so!
    Two million Shake-Weights sold can’t be wrong!


  26. ‘Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable’- Wizard of Oz.

  27. handjobs are EXCELLENT! i do wish more women knew that

  28. Red shoes made me think of the Kate Bush album, and we know she ain’t right in the head. Speaking of Pink Floyd, wasn’t she involved with Dave Gilmour for a while, or am I getting the showbiz hookups confused? Speaking of Floyd, I agree that the Dark Side of the Rainbow sync cannot be accidental. I’m thinking that they are telling us that the parts that match are what they want us to focus on despite telling us that the parts that don’t snyc prove that it is all nonsense.

    I felt dirty watching those Shirley Temple clips and couldn’t help feeling sad for her. Imagine the abuse she suffered when the cameras were off.

  29. Hey mat and everyone,

    A friend of mine clued me in on this:

    “The Devil Wears Prada” the red Prada shoes the pope wears, and the Popes being in the line of Caesar from Lucius on.”

    (Well the vatican fired back and said No, not prada. Not really important)

    What is important is that in the catholic church, red traditionally represents blood. The shedding of blood. These shoes are worn during the pentecost season and one of three reasons for pentecost is to remember the story of the life, DEATH and resurrection of Jesus. As can be heard here:

    Also, entymologically speaking, from caesum, ‘cut out’, because the first Caesar was cut from his mother’s womb according to Pliny The Elder. I’m thinkin’ that more than likely the ceasar just like to cut shit and therefore got blood on his shoes alot.

    I’m going out on a limb here, perhaps the pope/ceasar/cutter wears these red shoes to remind “those who have eyes to see” of the grand deception I am reading about here:

    Whoa! This is one hell of a sync from the above mentioned website that was in an article just posted today! Crazy man, crazy.

    Okay, now I’m finally going to get to that Barrymore family tree. Last night I suggested a skeptical buddy pick any movie star I hadn’t already researched. He chose Jack Black. I looked up his birth year. 1969. I looked up “film 1969”, and clicked on the Wikipedia site. At the top, “Easy Rider”, with Jack Nicholson. I clicked on the Wikipedia site for “Easy Rider”. Looking through the notes on the film I noticed actress Karen Black. Lor-dy. Jack + Black? A side-by-side photo comparison makes it look pretty likely. But already knowing something of Jack, I looked up Karen. Born the year “The Wizard of Oz” was released. Could she be a mix of Dorothy and The Cowardly Lion? Kinda looks like it. That face is just not natural.

  30. a GREAT summarization of your progress on the show with Fetch, a must listen for everybody here even if you don’t agree with everything speculated but that’s what it is all about, our individual interpretations: Inside The Eye

    still listening to the show but it is a good one so far, what i would really like to listen to is a show with Alex, Alex, Jeremy, Kyle & Fetch al together, i realize the logistics might be difficult but i think people will be aware of the challenge and it wouldn’t hurt to try

    i don’t know much about art but i know what i like, aesthetically speaking

    i watched a Hollywood movie, Never Let Me go, that didn’t have anal references up the wazoo, what do i win?

  31. The pope indeed does love his ruby red shoes. You had so many good points in this show and the point about gay men being fashion designers and in general stylists was bang on.

    So you have men who dislike women sexually + maybe even their true feminine nature. Who then proceed to apply makeup on already masculine looking 6 foot-plus women and put them on further heels and then parade them like cattle down a cat-walk. A normal woman then feels insecure as straight men proceed to put them up on a pedestal.

    I know in places like Thailand a lot of the really ”good looking women” are actually ladyboys who are post or pre op. So are they good looking because we have been conditioned to think the taller slender more masculine body type is more attractive over the womanly and more nuturing hour glass shape? Probably

  32. Every time I read something on this blog, within a couple of days or weeks, I read something similar in the news.

    “The man nodded toward the kitchen, authorities said, where blood stained the freezer door. Inside was the stuff of horror films — severed feet, wrapped in plastic. In the refrigerator, a cutting board and three bloody carving knives. A plastic garbage bag with bloody towels was nearby.”

    Why did he keep the feet?

  33. Another landmark show, thank you Parallel Alexes in Space and Time!

    Even though the app has been pulled from the App Store in the meantime, get this (quoting from arbitrarily chosen

    The usually vigilant gatekeepers at Apple have somehow allowed the notorious Pedobear to amble into the company’s App Store. iPod and iPad owners can now download a free app featuring Pedobear–who has been smartly rechristened “Cuddle Bear”…

    Cuddle Bear, the worst joke ever…

    Interestingly, here in Europe the Wizard of Oz theme seems to be not as omnipresent, though I suspect this will change with the upcoming movie. On the other hand, California is about to be graced by a rainbow sculpture right at the studio where said piece was filmed.

    Finally, by coincidence, the alleged successor of the Xbox 360 game console is named, yes, Xbox 720. Who would have guessed?
    AMD: Xbox 720 graphics will look like Avatar
    Is that actually a good thing, I have to wonder?

  34. Good show

    What do you think about foreskin restoration and foreskin regeneration?

    My initial questions are:
    Why aren’t the priest class hindering this?
    Do they need to,after all,millions of males believe circumscion is natural/okay?
    How can these scientists test and develop this technology?

    Is this a scam fooling people who want to restore what was taken?

    Man,I sure hope something like foreskin regeneration is possible.It would reverse biological damage done to many males,including me.

  35. to paraphrase your above quote from orphan annie ‘this one time he went to the east meant more to him than all the other trips, even though he didn’t make a dime’

    I’m not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but it appears to be a reference to Rosicrucianism ie Christian Rosenkreutz travelled from the west to the East in order to learn hermetic knowledge.

    This is referenced in quite a few other movies, most obviously in the Mummy :
    Ardeth Bay: If I were to say to you that, “I am a stranger traveling from the East, seeking that which is lost”…
    Rick: Then I would reply that, “I am a stranger traveling from the West, it is I whom you seek.”

    I’ve also noticed east/west references in other movies (where the reference seems out of place and unnecessary) including zombieland:
    “00:19:49 Uh… Three weeks ago. Yeah.
    00:19:51 In the back of an abandoned FedEx truck.
    00:19:53 – Shut up. – No, no, I was headed east.
    00:19:57 She, west.”

    hmm just interesting and something to look for.

    Great blog btw, just discovered it.

  36. More red shoes in this video of Kate Bush – Eat the Music


  37. I recalled this film i saw as a teenager. David Lynch’s “Wild At Heart”. It has Laura dern, Nick Cage and Willem Defoe [v creepy defoe] if you watch this trailer, particularly the Wizard/red shoe programming at 3m 29 in. Derns character is being molested by Defoes and she slips into Zardoz programming, clicking her ruby reds “theres no place like home”. Youd have to see the complete film for the full scene., but if you watch this clip youll see that its LOADED.

    And, the theatrical trailer:

    So whats your thoughts on Defoe? mine is that he is a derelict, surprise surprise., holywood veteran.

  38. Alex, long time, hope you’re well
    This band “Blood Red Shoes”, have tracks like “lost kids”., this ones ‘speech coma’.

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