A Week of Counterdevolution

Started off this week asking the troubling, yet relevant question as to why the outrage over my revelation of child abuse in The Wizard of Oz. Out of all the outrageous topics I’ve covered, this one getting so many rile up makes little sense, hence we have a bit of a mystery. No doubt, the topic will resurface and reveal.

dorothy pig anal

It [the reaction] just seems so arbitrary, and hence therein lies our answer. Our arbitrary morality (as previously discussed) is subjective, and not innate. It has been subjugated by the Priests of Wood, who’s greatest trick, is convincing us nu hams they don’t exist, all the while blaming some imaginary omnipotent satan.


Such questions, as well as many other subjectively outrageous areas were covered this week, along with my long-lost co-pilot, Jeremy (The Stygian Port) who recently surfaced from the documentary dungeon. As usual, the show is also [downloadable].

south park love

The uncreative “bois” (aka temple doggies) from South Park obviously felt an immense need to respond to me this week. Hence, I decided to send them an inspirational creative message during the show. They’ve had many a song crafted for their shit-show, thus they should be inclined to appreciate mine. Speaking of ass-pirates, we were once again hacked by Truther Bob’s pirate broadcast.

Are we getting old, or are we the dead? These questions seem to connect together all too well, when we so willingly sacrifice ourselves on the cross daily, through our DIE-T. If we give up control of our intake, physical and mental, then we have no control over how short or how miserable our lives are (detailed in an old podcast).

hangover iix-men first class

Metro Bob also made a reappearance to look at the latest gay programming mind-fucks de’jour [X-Men IV & Hangover II]. While Bob may grate the ears of many, I doubt you’ll find a more honest review of those two crapfests anywhere.

live free or die

On the Tuesday that followed, and Wednesday night as well, I guest hosted Live Free or Die. Yes, a great many trolls and wankers were literally “up in arms” over my doing so. Then again, wankers are always doing something with their arms.

  • Download of Tuesday, June 14, 2011 [temporarily unavailable]
  • Download of Wednesday, June 15, 2011 [temporarily unavailable]

Those shows are geared more towards a “current events” type format, and though there may be some redundancy of material for regular listeners, you may enjoy.

batman touched robinlois lane anal

The above cartoons are but two of the images I pasted in the chat room during one of the above shows. But, did we really need anything other than common sense to figure out the sexual inclinations of our super heroes? Wherever you find men in tights, or men in spandex, you can be assured of one thing: they are gay.

The topic of circumcision came up yet again, in both the main show and the guest spots. The media is of course, working overtime to frame the issue on their terms. Morons must be fed their [arbitrary and subjective] “opinions,” and above all, the derelict [highly profitable, trauma-inducing] foreskin industry must be protected.

foreskin manterry richardson scumbag

Note: Looking at the initial cover, it would appear that the mothers are portrayed in a coerced/protective mode (as opposed to whorish ignorance), leading me to wonder if I misguessed the author’s intents, or if they’ve been listening? 😮 As I stated during the show, one day I may stop talking about the subject, but that day won’t come until brainwashed idiots stop mutilating and victimizing their children.

The Gay Agenda was also topical this week, the media again trying to subversively manipulate the opinions of the receptive dead. Tracy Morgan (who is gay) was given a script, and like a good little doggie, he played the “homophobe.” Question: what moron would swallow such fiction/crap? Answer: have you left your house lately?


In case you hadn’t yet overdosed on the Celtic Rebel this week, my least favourite form of khunt, the Gomer Kyle kind, and I did an impromptu show this Thursday, June 16th:


Closed out the show flirting with Lucy again (throwing her a proverbial “carrot”). Maybe I shouldn’t, but if we are the damned, then like it or not, she is our queen.

lucifer emeral eyespraying mantis

Yes, she may be dangerous, but she does have a vagina (for those who have either forgotten or been “rewired,” that is a positive trait). Speaking of women, the female Alex will be back and we will be talking about trauma, memories, relationships and creativity. If you have a vagina, or are a man who appreciates them, this will truly be a show you do not want to miss.

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Note: Jeremy has put out a new film, now available on his site. It picks up where our old podcasts and my work on x-boxes and the ethereal diamond grid left off.

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37 Responses to “A Week of Counterdevolution”

  1. love your comments on Lucy the Goddess. I find it wonderful that you have put her forth that reflects the Gnosistic story of Sophia the Fallen Goddess. The goddess has fallen into the earth as a life force all around us. At the moment she is a quasi prisoner seeking away our called ‘the correction of Sophia’ to change course making a reconnection to the galactic center. This wonderful story has been brought back by the research done by John lamb lash at Metahistory.com, he would make an awesome guest!. As I listen to your show I am blown away at the revelation Lucy/Sophia is revealing to you. she is totally sensual, erotic a true diamond dakini of the shakti cluster. My experience with her has been the most wonderful and ‘tricky fuck I have ever had! good luck my man.

  2. die-t … problem in english with the letter d – divide (and KonQuer ?)
    d-oor, d-ie is only used en nordic languages
    p-orta, m-ori en mediterranean languages (p are feet, m the sea)
    the root of diet is more day-t (diaeta in latin), daily cross, not “dying” one

  3. Man your show is wild. I listened cause Kyle told me I was mentioned. I skipped and found it, I think most sycromystics know me as Mercury’s Messenger now, but I digress. I don’t always agree with you, but you know how that goes, but that interview with Michael Tsarion was great and someone re-upped your They Live videos, thanks Goddess.

    I know we haven’t chatted in a while, but thought you might enjoy this pic I got last year

    PS I don’t think everything with the whole gay Hollywood thing is always that cut and dry, I try my best to sniff through the BS with the knowledge I have cause of my own acting experiences. But I have been more focused on Magick then anything these days.

    Here is a post that I worked into the Tracy Morgan post you may find interesting.

  4. Rebel,

    Necrophilia IS starting to be pushed. Watch this Kanye West video where they sexuallize scantily clad dead white women. Disturbing stuff .


  5. radian2, great comment. Once we get past all the vilification of Lucy that has been put out by a vagina-fearing boy-loving priest class … we see her more for what she is … a woman … lovely, sensual, sometimes infernally hot, unpredictable, and occasionally, dangerous. Is that suddenly “evil” ?

    François Lefebvre, I’ve been seeing a pattern from you as of late, not sure why, where you go to “official sources” in order to counter items from the show. Hence, you go to a potentially (and likely) flawed source to begin a line of reasoning [the reason why I purged the rest of your lengthy diatribe this time].

    “Men dig their graves with their own teeth and die by those fated instruments more than the weapons of their enemies. ”
    — Thomas Moffett

    At the end of the day, die-T, in this artificially constructed language, is what it is. Our regiment is to DIE on the cross, and to do so willingly (self/soul-sacrifice).

    Mercury’s Messenger, nothing is cut and dry. But, it would be hard to argue that the entire cult[ure] of Holy Wood was founded on deviancy, since its inception (a show about the hidden history of long overdue). You may find it of interest that “amygdala” in Greek is tonsils, yet another part of ourselves the priests have conspired to have removed.

    Rolf Eder, I had to turn that down. Were I to give the three squirrels outside my patio a set of mini pots & pans, they’d produce something far more creative and pleasant to the ear. Wow, that vid is twisted, but the magicians absolve themselves by asking those stupid ignorant enough to ingest this up-front “Are you willing to sacrifice your life?”

  6. Great show – welcome back Jeremy! I’m still getting caught up on your material so I haven’t ran across the cannibal show you referenced this week. Could you tell me specifiallcy which one it is? I should have phrased my comment differently, I didn’t mean instead of no meat, I meant in addition to. But, as the week progressed and before I let anything enter my mouth, I looked at and thought about what I was eating/drinking, that question was more or less answered. Amazing how much better I feel when I eat naturally vs when I don’t. Honestly as I work to eliminate my DIE T, when I fail to eat well for whatever reason, my body knows it. It’s as if, now that I know what I may be eating and realize the pain I am essentially approving when I do eat meat, my body knows it and feels terrible. Our brains and bodies are amazing.

    Just a personal note, your work and all your guests are really inspiring me to be accountable for myself and my choices. I draw back to childhood before we were taught not to question things, I was already on to the huge charade that this life has become. Those that didn’t scold my questioning, just let me know that no amount of effort will change it. It is how it is and there is no point in trying. Well we can’t change everything, but we can change ourselves. Thank you for helping me gain the empowerment to not feel helpless to change myself. Circumcision, I never would have thought not to do this to my boys, but now that has been added to my list of battles for when I make my babies. No vaccines, no cutting, no goo in their eyes, I don’t have VD you assholes. You are right that people don’t want to hear alot of what you say, but your words haunt me enough to look and come to alot of the same conclusions. I work to haunt others now, perhaps their curiosity will guide them as it has me. Thank you for your work.

  7. the toilet goes deep :


  8. Celty, well stated, if at turns over stated, but hey, I’d never hold that against you, since I find my(s)elf constantly reiterating & extrapolating upon the subjects that’re important to me, too. Brainwashing by the (cough, cough) honourable institution of learning. Mindfucks by the multi-media monster-making machine that leave a pliable populace in their wake. The life-long ruination on men’s psyches & bodies via the wholly needless mutilation of circumcision. How we are capable of achieving miracles by sheer force of will alone. And that there are Invisible Allies living alongside us in a parallel dimension.

    Other ‘an ‘at, it’s good to start with Holly (sporting) Wood’s rendition of the L. Frank Baum American fairy tale, The Wizard of Oz, as a perfect e.g. of how TPTB work to mesmerise us from an early age to become mindless shills for a doomed economic system. Funnily enough, though, I was surprised to learn that the film had bombed at the box office when it 1st debuted at THIS temple to the mind controlling apparatus in ’39 … Mayhaps ’30s America was better aware of Holy Hoax’s attempts to meddle with our nervous systems than we are nowadays? Look at how many wealthy yuppies have to have their own in-home entertainment centers today. And for all non-vegetarian doubters, send them to this site. Still lovin’ my T-Rex leggéd & tailed, elephant-trunked, cross-eyed, bat-wingéd, & snaky-haired avatar Wordress gave me here. Always makes me laugh, despite how angry I inherently am. Later, man. Keep fighting the Good Fight. I sure am.

  9. I have loved the last 4 shows…amazing stuff. Also your NLP has worked on me! I stopped eating meat in March….3 months later and I feel 100% better as a human being…anything is possible now!

  10. B, thank you . That was a beautiful comment and reminds me of why I am doing this. Thank you for listening, thank you for looking within and thank you for evolving.

    paulo, good find. I may have to talk about this further proof there is little independece in “independent” cinema: “slapping the no good crook Jimmy Fish Eye’s in the slammer for life.” 😮

    Anadae Quenyan Effro, always glad to have you chime in mate. That link, despite some issues I might have with some suppositions, is voluminous and contains lots of interesting tidbits. I will explore this “Master Program” further on the next show. “Who needs TV when you got T-Rex?” 😉

    Brian, thank you for the uplifting comment. Thank you for evolving also!

  11. “Next Generation” entertainment….
    the commentary is a classic example of it as well :
    Duke Nukem Forever Commentary: Throwing Shit…Literally

  12. Hey Rebel you familiar with 5 Monkey Syndrome?

    Was watching MSNBC for a second the other day. Their slogan is Lean Foward. Too funny. Good Show.

  13. “You gonna EAT that?” “Just as soon as it stops running & comes to me willingly.”

    Take note a lot of the food & products that hurt us the most we’ve literally fought for in the past, sugar, coffee, bananas, bubbles in your soap & detergent…

    If you believe we don’t belong here & should die & go elsewhere, the one inside embracing that idea is not your human soul. Who is inside of us? (and not in a good way) Someone wants us to go somewhere and get out of their way, not only must we go willingly but we must fight for the right to go & encourage others to join us! This exodus would be powered by our own energy that we willingly gave away (once again) Pull back a few more curtains & get some light into the corners, there’s a lot more to see.

    Oh thanks Alex, now I’m going to dream about dolphin penis!

  14. It was a really good show again this week, guests and all. I found it a weird experience listening live and being in the chat room. That room sure does attract a mixed bunch. Very entertaining and informative stuff.

    This is a ‘funny coincidence’, I am a big fan of Agatha Christie murder-mysteries, and I’ve noticed something. The TV shows always seem to have some ‘brazen flame haired’ female (Agatha’s words) as a bitch or murderess…I haven’t counted how many characters are actually called ‘Lucy’ though. It was just something that I noticed.

    So the red-head female seems to have a ‘bad’ reputation. Don’t really know where I am going with this but there is a sync with red hair and bad females!

  15. Really sorry if this is off topic. Too much to do and have’nt had the time to listen yet, but this is too funny to miss

    Seee the review called “Everyone must see this!”.

  16. well reb you were rite
    they want us to consume our own fecal matter now
    here is Japan’s “PoopBurger”

  17. trivial, that was ridiculous. I’d say what a bunch of idiots the next generation’s gonna be, except that generation is already here (as the narrator proves).

    Chris, you mean the Five Nuham Syndrome? Yea, I’m familiar with it. Ha, “lean forward.” 😆 How blatant!

    Nancy, if the bulk of humanity has consented to being eternally trapped in a hell on earth, and is diligently working towards that end, then the only options for those who don’t want such a fate is to leave.

    Marty aka Marie, well, when you start to consider that the industry is controlled by men who despise women and are terrified by everything Lucy and her fiery vagina represent … it makes some sense.

    christ, thanks for the link. Wasn’t sure if you caught it, but I called out the ADL Whore Authoress during the second Live Free or Die show this week.

    roger ailes, no surprise there. People have been eating animal feces for quite some time now, so why not eat their own?

  18. great show celtic, really enjoyed it, interesting and fun to listen in the same time! keep it up!

    there is bad news from japan, disgusting, but not really unusual for us -degenerated nu ham kind of 21st century! short video, no comment btw is the word “toylet” where you go and drop you feces another priest class joke? you go and let *toys* out? hmmm, our feces their toys? everything is possible these days

    effel said it well, its not just the meat or diary products that makes you fat or builds toxins in your body, there are other important factors as well, refined sugar and salt are on the blacklist also, but in general health and nutrition got so complicated bcs of all sorts of sick standards such as codex alimentarius and other like food irradiation, raw foods almost forbidden…

    don’t eat a lot/at all in early morning and late evening/night bcs your metabolism is not in the mode for proper digestion then… most important imho, go and forage wild grown plants, that is even more natural than bio-certified foods from local stores or big market-chains .. and when you buy stuff try as much as you can to go to farmers and buy from them directly, or from people than you know or know smth about them and their ways of growing foods .. there you go folks, some more specific health tips from me, I hope it helps, cheers everyone

    p.s. that Thomas Campbell guy is very interesting, he seems like a real non shill scientist, I thank that person for dropping links and info on him!

    p.s.2 the issue i see very little people talking about is problem of bees/wildbees/bumblebees disappearing! i’m in southeast europe(croatia) and i see it as well its not just USA or UK, I have been pollinating few veggies in my garden myself lately, its terrible news.. it is huge problem 85% of crops in europe wild non wild are being pollinated by this little insects…now they are slowly gone, its not some hoax like co2 bullcrap, i think its real issue whether i is engineered or some natural cosmic events, please celtic cover that info on your next show, thanks

  19. Hi Alex,

    Loved both of the shows you did for Lee this week. Here is the original video link that I sent you for “Go the fuck to sleep”: http://youtu.be/bI6RrDveqm8

    The author is Adam Mansbach and I think the article you pointed out last night, about Samuel L. Jackson, was just referring to him doing his own audio version of the same story:http://youtu.be/CFuyE_VBeO8

    Regardless, I just wanted to point out one line in the story that pretty much sums it up for any parent who might actually read this to their child:

    “My life is a failure, I’m a shitty ass parent.
    Stop fucking with me, please, and go the fuck to sleep”

  20. Regarding the show on Tuesday:

    KMFDM – Der Mussolini
    KMFDM – Not In My Name

    Nice surprise that Lee Rogers seems to like KMFDM as I do. Bad news that this band may had included at least one person, named Raymond Watts, whom I am suspecting of being a pederast and being totaly into “it”.

    KMFDM – Cuntboy (vocals by Raymond Watts)

    Just check out the lyrics and you will definitely know what I am talking about. This was in 1984, at the very beginning of this band’s career.

    To add further incriminating material: PIG – A poke in the eye (PIG is a project by Raymond Watts)

    I think everyone who is listening regularly to “The Rebel Path” should know that the song title can be translated to “A f**k in the butt”. Notice how one eye is covered by a shadow and how Watts almost bends over.

    Although KMFDM never really hit the mainstream that much, one can assume they had a very big influence on youth culture. I think the main target audience were and are definitely people who like claiming to have an individual taste in music or are social misfits.

    I am wondering how deep the Scheissters’ tentacles are reaching into the underground or independent scenes. Looks like KMFDM really sucks. (Note: “KMFDM SUCKS!” is the band’s commonly used slogan)

    At the end of the day it is just another layer of programming I have to strip away.

  21. I checked out the final scene of the odd wizard myself & felt ill – another slap in the face by something right under my nose & yet ‘magically’ invisible – I am very grateful for that info.

    Wonderful to hear the dulcet tones of Jeremy once again 🙂

  22. the latest in blatant nlp: the miller lite “MAN UP” commercials shown relentlessly during sports, propagating gender and sexual confusion… from beginning to end.

  23. almost human, someone just beat you to the poop story. But yes, your interpretation of “toy let” is interesting and possibly, quite telling. Looking back at trivial’s video, one might think surely. The Bees may be an enemy to Monsanto’s plans for total food supply control, so ask “who stands to benefit.”

    Katherine, well summed up. I guess most useless parents can get a little tired of raising someone else’s [the state’s] children at times. 😥

    Max, good for you mate. The Rebel Path is about recognizing the shit we were fed for what it is, instead of what most people do, defend it vigorously to the end. Honestly, I think the whole industrial scene was a priest class effort to replace the creative melodies that rebellious underground club kids were listening to with the machine beats and mantras of their little sodomized bitch-boys [NIN, KMFDM, et al].

    alex robinson, feeling ill is the proper response, it shows us that you’re still human. 🙂 Note to ark ticket-master: we have a test!

    raffi, it seems really odd to me now that they’ve succeeded in engineering so many boys to be gay curious that beer commercials would turn from boobs and babes to the homoerotic. 🙄 Was that too thick? 😈

  24. Nice job on the past two sessions Alex. Thanks for having Stygian on too, I was reminded that I have been meaning to familiarize myself more with his work. Went to his site and saw that he made a movie too, so that’s sweet, be watching that promptly. Oh yeah, and Metro Bob struck me as funnier than usual this week too… but you left me wanting more of this Asian/Oriental Bob :]

  25. The first I heard about recycled meat was through the Yes Men DVD released a while back. They would set up different scenarios to shock the hell out of people, to the point where those being duped would get riled up and speak their minds, well, most times anyway. At the time I was a full on idiot and unawares of the Rebel Path. So, I saw it as these guys trying to have a little fun and not as I now realise it truly to be…….MK Mega. EAT SHIT AND LIVE

    Now it’s for real, and no one is laughing. More than likely when this thing gets wheels, the FDA will make it illegal to label “real” meat poop free.

  26. London calling, Mongoose here.

    It is fathers day here in the UK.

    I wanted to share a few things re the past, present and future – which are all the same really – in relation to fathers.

    First the pedofile past – Lewis Carroll – real name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Writer of Alice in Wonderland and a manipulative piece of crap who was both a clergyman and mathematician at Oxford University.

    Richard Zacks in his book “History Laid Bare” outlines Carroll’s obsession with photographing young girls and presents letters from the pedo to his colleague and friend Anthony Mayhew who had 3 daughters (Janet – 6, Ethel – 11, Ruth – 13) he wished to photograph naked. Mrs Mayhew was against this and caused Carroll to eventually lose his cool: “I hope Mrs Mayhew won’t mind my suggesting that I never photograph well when a large party come…there is really no need for her to come as well – that is if you can trust me…”

    Carroll was 47 at the time of these letters in which he actually described Ethel to her father as “beautiful, both in face and form; and is also a perfectly simple-minded child of Nature”. He was 53 when he pushed himself upon Isa Bowman 10, who only reported the incident years later. In the meantime he did the same with Atty Owen thinking she was 14 when she was actually 17.

    Mayhew broke off relations with Carroll. I think he should have broken off his limbs and fed them to him but at least we can be aware of the sick mind behind the veil.

    In the present there are a range of predators for fathers to defend their family from, this is also an example of a rapper [Keny Arcana] talking about something important, about fathers.

    Keny Arkana, Victoria (with english subtitles)

    In the future fathers will have to think what is going to be the best way to defend their families. Build an ark and sail away? Join up with others? Be afraid? Be hopeful? Be smash angry? Spread the knowledge & love?

    I want to know what people are prepared to do, talk is cheap, but the people who follow the Celtic Rebel could be the future. I will be in touch.

    Love & happy fathers day
    Mongoose out.

  27. And Mr Rebel! Had you ever become a Dad, the inevitable conclusion to heterosexual exclusivity, I’m certain that one of your forward-thinking kids would’ve got you one of these emblazoned laser-crafted wine boxes to store your favourite blood of Bacchus in. They’re replete with personalised Happy Father’s Day wishes. Like the promo feed sez, “Much better than a stupid TIE” … which are just symbolic nooses anywho, those useless, over-priced scraps of fabric. Or mayhaps phallic indicators (an arrow pointing to our beclothéd manliness) reminding us that we’ve still got a package, whether we’re corporate slaves or not. Cheers & Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there within earshot of Celtic Rebel Land …

  28. Samuel 18:25 And Saul said, Thus shall ye say to David, The king desireth not any dowry, but an hundred foreskins of the Philistines, to be avenged of the king’s enemies. But Saul thought to make David fall by the hand of the Philistines.
    And when his servants told David these words, it pleased David well to be the king’s son in law: and the days were not expired.
    Wherefore David arose and went, he and his men, and slew of the Philistines two hundred men; and David brought their foreskins, and they gave them in full tale to the king, that he might be the king’s son in law.

  29. Our Key-Anew has some strangeness in his life. Of course, in “My Private Idaho” with River Phoenix, and River has been mentioned on the show recently, re his timely/untimely death. Reeves quotes him as his best Bud. Ahem.

    Also, in 1999, the left handed Keanu had a stillborn child with girlfriend Jennifer Syme, in 2001 she was killed in a crash on her own ,on highway 101, LA.

    Born in Beirut ….The son of a “Showgirl” and a “Geologist” (wtf?), a man who loves Ballroom dancing, Key-anew has Daddy issues,his dad: in prison for dealing Heroin, and he has had many step fathers, but has proven that a vulnerable young boy of 16 , even with a damaged pyche and awful home life can make it big in Hollyweird.

    “At 16, he was in a Coca-Cola commercial, and featured in the Canadian sitcom Hangin’ In. He later did a Kellogg’s Corn Flakes commercial, spent a summer studying acting at the Hedgerow Theatre in Pennsylvania. He briefly co-hosted a kids’ show in Canada, with Chris Makepeace. At 22, Reeves came to Hollywood, and slept on his former stepfather’s couch until he moved on to his own apartment. In early roles, he played hockey with Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze in Youngblood, and played a troubled teen in River’s Edge with Crispin Glover and Dennis Hopper. He danced Jack-Be-Nimble in a TV production of Babes in Toyland starring 11-year-old Drew Barrymore. In 1989, still playing a teenager at 25, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure made Reeves a star. In 1994, Speed with Sandra Bullock made him an A-list star.”

    HE DANCED JACK BE NIMBLE WITH 11 YR OLD DREW BARRYMORE IN “BABES IN TOYLAND!!….did he jump over the candle stick? i think not.

    P.s I listened to the 2 shows on “Live Free” (Drop the “or Die”, i agree), i enjoyed the second show immensely…but the first was a somewhat Rant-feast. I think you reached some more minds.

    Re second show: i laughed when the caller tried to “introduce” you to the Concept of “NLP”…hehehehe, but i think you shed some New Light on that subject for him., which is good, sharing the knowledge (not hording it like the Gods)

    Also, the other caller, who broached whether NLP even exists, very good call, of course this is the crux of the matter (the crutch) and i think you addressed it pertinently. He tried to say its conceptual and there is no scientific evidence it exists. But if you live this life by scientific affirmation then its going to be Rigid (your life)… there is no proof any of this matter exists!! But our minds experience it, others validate the experience by relating their own similar experience, and we call that Synchronism. ~They would tell you its mass delusion. This is the seed of doubt. It only exists in your mind. That this is a journey only within our own minds and those who make similar meta-connections that we do.

    Like they say, believing in Conspiracy (Cons / Piracy) is a form of psychosis!!Aargh!

    But what you know..you know. Dont be so easily assuaged otherwise.

  30. you need to come up with something to say so in the next South Park all the attractive women and girls climb through his bedroom window and parade around naked, that should be enough to turn any boy’s shitty attitude into OH YEAH!

    as far as Wizard of Oz all that factors in is your interpretation of the “text” and it sounds like yours is valid, i’ll have to watch the scene and read the last post/comments to say more

    PS: listening to more of Kyle’s show Folding Space and Mind in Time with Alex i realized i got some movies mixed up, it was Unknown with Liam Nelson that had Oz graffiti all over the place instead of The Town, sorry about the mistake

  31. Fit like Alex,

    only just finnished listening to your dubble bill on Live free or die, great show,s both. I,m a Scotsman living in Holland, so i have wait on the podcast,s.

    During your 2nd show , at a certain point i really thought you were about to give away the real tools of learning, i was routing for you, you pretty much outlined it, just did, nae call the beastie by its name.

    Classical education , The Seven Liberal Arts , the Trivium and the Quadrivium It,s the Pythagorean, right-angled triangle (534) 5 being your senses 3 being ,The Trivium: 4 being , The Quadrivium 1 being , Grammar (Knowing), 2 being, logic (understandng), 3 being , rhetoric (wisdom) – the art of learning AND thinking.

    even just a basic knowledge of the above helps to easily pick up the logical fallacies that all over politics , the media , advertising “The Lost Tools ofLearning” as said in Dorothy Sayers’ essay, see also Doug Wilson’s book, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, John Taylor Gatto books , Weapons of mass instruction and Dumbing us down ,

    This is the tool that,s good enough for the false retoric spewing Sophist elites, So , attempting to make the trivium method “trivial” seems to be the game , time for the super sub Aristotle , seeing as how he sorted the sophists back in day, (the book by Aristotle – Rhetoric)

    Game on then wankers.

    It was Jan Irwin over at Gnosticmedia that put me onto this gem, the podcast . The Trivium Method with Gene Odening, Gnostic Media Podcast episode #049 was the starting point, it,s linked at http://www.triviumeducation.com/ Peace Revolution’s Podcast and the http://tragedyandhope.ning.com/ site are the best sources as far as i know. hope this of some help.

    good to here alternative Ulster played in full last week

    cheers mate

  32. I should always remind myself to stick to a single point. If there was countering, it is strickly for the use of the word vegetarian, not what it conventionnally implies. I personally don’t eat much meat, especially during summertime.
    [Sorry for the ensuing confusion, the second point was about the crime that is refined sugar and table salt.]

  33. I always listen with pleasure to you’re shows alex and that’s why you don’t see me post a lot of negativity.

    Still you’re way of looking towards eating meat is short sided and a different kind of being in the box. Our body is able to proces meat and vegetables.

    I agree that the meat we get nowadays(especially snack food) is not right. Still killing a animal because you need to eat to survive isn’t so bad as you make it seem. Animals that live in nature and die to be food for someone else isn’t the baddest thing ever.

    Plants grow aswell and we don’t seem to be so caring for them ;). maybe not the best example, but I eat meat and I for now I’ll keep doing it. Offcourse I try to avoid pork and the chemical or snack food kind of meat. I also lowered my meat cosumption by a lot cause a healthy diet of vegetables, meat, fruit and nuts(not those kind of nuts offcourse) is what I prefer :D.

  34. Re: Tracy Morgan playing the homophobe – note that the Syrian Lesbian blogger who was abducted by Syrian secret police was a middle-aged man from Scotland. Still it did its job.

    ‘Brown girl in the ring, tra-la-la-la-la!’


  35. Thanks for the continuing education. I am a grand pa whose head and heart have not been turned to stone. You inspired some bad poetry on my part on my blog which I wont inflict on you but I did attribute your influence. I linked back here as well as to Dennis Fetcho.
    I don’t know about others, but personally I don’t know about what you say concerning the holocaust. I searched the web and got ADL et al, So what do I do about that. Where do I look and how do I know what is true of what I look at. I am no troll, this is for real.
    I am cognisant of the butchery of the zionists and the pall spread over the earth by their machinations. It is sick evil shiite. Also the constant reminder of the event whenever there is a hint of what they term anti semitism..playin the race card… methinks they doth protest to much..shakespeare another sore spot ha ha. Why is it we never hear of the 7 million Ukraines killed in one year by the russians-1933-1934, or the Armenians, or the Rwandans, or the starvation happening now in Somalia while fat pigs stuff their faces. Are the Indians of america reminding us day in and day out..hardly. Are the Irish talking about the genocide of their people in the 19th century. There anti semitic claim is like going to church every week to be reminded of something that you carry inside yourself. The only thing I really know is that I must not carry hate. But knowing, knowledge, is not hate. It jut informs and widens the choices of roads you choose to travel.

    The best to you
    A truther illuminatic satanist freemasonic pliedian sky pilot
    And thanks for the laughs amidst the horror.

  36. I thought I’d expand on Metro Bob’s review of “X-Men: First Class” as I just watched it for the first time a few weeks ago. First off, I thought I’d mention I’m a former comic geek so I’ve got a bit of insight that most readers probably lack. I first thought I’d put this review on my own blog, but these are topics I don’t usually write about, and I didn’t want to be too much of a CR goal-hanger. I thought your blog would be more appropriate venue ,so I you don’t mind that I post a truncated version here and give most of the credit to you.

    I’ll try keep it short and relevant as I can.

    Although Magneto appeared in the 1st issue of X-Men in 1963, Magneto’s Holocaust™ history wasn’t even introduced until 1981. So obviously this long after the Holocaust™ dogma of 6 million and gas chambers was introduced into the mainstream with the 1979 Holocaust™ TeeVee mini series.

    The gay and anti-bullying programming in the X-Men is now beyond overt in “X-Men: First Class,” so much so that gay bloggers, whether they deal in the political or pop culture, have championed the franchise for being so much more forthright in its aims. But more on that later.

    The pedophile programming is overt as well. For instance, viewers are “treated” with nearly two seconds of a full frontal nudity shot of a child version of Mystique (played by child actress Morgan Lily, at about seven years old or so), in a kitchen scene where she meets the child version of Charles Xavier as she shape-shifts from the form of his mother.


    Here, the viewers are encouraged to disassociate because Mystique’s female anatomy are obscured by the limitations (ie. where the child’s nipples would be) of her character’s costume. I know this because of some of the comments left on sites like imdb when other viewers had pointed this out. Viewers have also noted that aside from the implied child nudity, the scene makes them feel somewhat uncomfortable, but they cannot quite explain why. Perhaps it’s because of the Freudian nature of the scene…I’m not so sure myself, so you be the judge.

    About halfway through the movie, a fully matured version Mystique re-appears naked with Xavier, in kitchen again incidentally. And just in case you forgot or denied that you really did see a naked seven year old in the beginning of the movie, the dialog draws upon the earlier anchor to reminds you. After the homosexual Xavier uncomfortably complains about Mystique’s lack of clothing, she coyly replies “that’s not what you said when you first met me.”

    All of this is conveniently ignored by the Jewish bloggers who reviewed “X-Men: First Class,” including Think Progress’ TeeVee, movie and comic blogger Alyssa Rosenberg.

    Even more interesting (disturbing) than the issue of implied child nudity is the actress Lily Morgan. While I was searching for the X-Men clip on JewTube, I found that she’s also appeared in Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” in the skit involving a lemonade stand and a pair of stolen pants.

    Notice that the pant’s retail tag is located right next to Larry David’s genitalia, which is at eye-level to Morgan’s character. Morgan was also at the movie premier of Judy Moody’s “Not Bummer Summer.”

    Ok so back to the faggoty that is the X-Men.

    In the climax of the movie rather literally, Xavier is struck by a bullet that was fired by Moira Taggart (Xavier’s former love interest), aimed at and deflected by Magneto’s powers. The bullet entered the base of Xavier’s spine. As Magneto rushes to assist Xavier, Magneto tries to shift the blame of the accident to Taggart, but Xavier says “you did this.” The movie ends with Xavier paralyzed, exclaiming “I can’t feel my legs, I can’t feel my legs.” This obviously falls right in line with the theories of “Don’t Go West” implying anal sex between two men.

    It should be mentioned that the story of how Xavier is paralyzed in “X-Men: First Class” is a complete departure from how he ends up paralyzed in the comics. In the comic book version, Xavier battles an alien named Lucifer, incidentally, who drops a boulder on Xavier’s legs.

    Ok so that’s all I have for now. I’ve got some other stuff on the Wizard of Oz, but I’ll send that to you privately when I can afford a donation.

    Anyhow keep up the good work, and anxiously awaiting” Don’t Go West V.3”

  37. Morgan Lily was 10 at the shooting, not 7. And she wore a slip under the blue costume. She is now 15 and has big boobs suddenly.

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