Lucy in the Sky sans Diamonds

Yes, I took a show off last week. Excuses aside, perhaps I needed some inspiration:

naked redhead lucy fur

Part of this week’s show was about remembering the reasons why we are here.


Another part will be about looking at our life experiences (which sadly, the intake of media is a massive one) with new eyes and asking ourselves how we could have been so blind to the obvious, even when methodically detailed for us:

I’ll talk about this superliminal clip more on the show, but for now ask, how many of “us” got it, and chose not to tell their fellow human beings what was actually transpiring before their lying eyes [yet another aware buffoon]. Looking at below images, one should be able to infer there are many who take pride in knowing the codes, and even so confident in the unawareness of those who consume their shit, they boldly and flippantly dance on the edge of exposing themselves to the ignorant:

anal stargate keyadam carolla

I’ll see you all tonight. In the interim Dennis Fetcho has released last week’s interview over at The Illuminatus Observor. Those who haven’t been following The Celtic Rebel since its inception will find particular value in it.

~ by celticrebel on May 22, 2011.

32 Responses to “Lucy in the Sky sans Diamonds”

  1. That Star Trek clip reminds me of that old Navy joke. A New Naval recruit is finding it hard to go out to sea so long without an opportunity for sex, so he asks a fellow seaman how he copes with it. “Well, there’s a barrel down below. We use that.” The recruit is puzzled so he’s taken down below to the barrel where many of the crew are standing in line for the barrel. Finally it’s his turn. “What do I do?” “Just put your dick in the hole” So he does, and it feels great; he gets his release. He says, “I wish I knew about this sooner!” “Well,” says the other seaman, “You can use it 364 days a year, if you want.” “364? What about the other day?” asks the recruit. “That’s your day in the barrel.”

  2. In Asgard, be careful not to rape the wrong entity. God(in) is not Jove/Thor, but Set-ur-N(us). And it seems Mars/Osiris already went there. Is it why he lost his Phallus ?

  3. Nice work. When I saw the bit about the star trek clip, I had to put together some of the stupid stuff I’d seen around.



    Who’d have thunk it.

  5. I might have to watch this show on Adult Swim

    Lucy: Daughter of the Devil

  6. ViolatoR, hehe, the brotherhoods of the high seas seem rife with such jokes. Hell, where else would the term “poop deck” come from?

    effel, there is much debate about who’s who when we’ve reduced the old pantheons into dualistic nonsense. Perhaps I should just fuck them all to be sure?

    Jestergyallyeah, truly inspired work there mate. You’ve outdone yourself with this one. Great find for the closing.

    Steven UK, well, I guess the show answered the question as to “who” would have thunk it? 😉

    Greg Tramel, I pondered that show a long time ago, before I even comprehended most of what I discuss now. I definitely missed the NLP aspects which tied directly into force-fed conspiracy culture of the day.

    The astrological sign of uranus is said to be an aerial that is suggestive of the type of “progressive” things happening at the time of it’s discovery. It’s also the symbol of thors hammer. And if your looking from top down youve got yourself a star ship enterprise “The emergence of Uranus in the consciousness of man simultaneously coincided with the earlier discovery of electricity”

  8. Hey Alex I was just wondering, what do you think about the whole “Astrology” thing? By the way Carolla and Silverman’s signs make for a great match indeed!

  9. Awesome show Alex. Good to hear the ladies call in 🙂
    An article i think you would be interested in reading

  10. Another grand show laced with a fine dose of humanity.

    Its funny, you think when you start to grasp this stuff that somehow all your memories will be updated at the same time, but that just isn’t so – it seems each memory has to be dusted off & examined separately – I get Satyr/Star Trek now but in the sci-fi arena alone there’ll be a load of other programmes that have yet to be decoded. Each memory seems to be kept in it’s own safety deposit box.

    I hope you add in some of the Wesley stuff to your write up – that will flesh out his character quite a bit.

  11. Man, you embarrassed me!!! Seriously Alex, the’re are a LOT BIGGER problems in this world than Vagina and Penis (Moochoo inspired that)

    I know you’re getting to the core there, and just wanna let ya know, got sum :)(i)BUT HOWEVER(/i) it’s not going to fix every little thing. (in this world)

    Was in my local store, the kind that sells Tattoo shirts, to bongs, to political magazines, to sex books, to spiritual books… you get the point.
    I love the store, but now with eyes that have been inspired by your work, the picture is so much more clear. Like the video posted above, it’s so damn obvious!! Now that I’m looking… well it’s easy.

    I don’t know how to post a picture, but I did take one with my phone, there was this book on the shelves, “Bear with Pink Underwear”.. hmmm, BEAR with PINK UNDERwear. ( he was in a game playing soccer, his underwear were originally white, then washed them in the wrong load and they turned PINK :O)
    You’re smarter than me, figure that out.

    you know, I love your shows, love everyone one else who calls in or listens ( unless they’re a wanker, I still love em on some level but I just ignore them) Love the other woman calling in and realizing the more we reach out, the more the universe reaches back at as in return.
    I consent to living in love and happiness and hope! xoxo

  12. josh, eek! Sounds like a bunch of coded gobblity-gook for people into rear mystery. “Discoverd electricity.” What a joke!

    Ed, I think that’s a broad question. 😀

    Dion Duffield, yea, we’ll get a lot more of these stories along with prominent prostitutes like Jolie pushing the notion as trendy and progressive. It’ll get much worse soon.

    alex robinson, how about you come on the following week and talk about it? 😉 That was easy … done! 😀

    Shattered Butterfly, actually gender confusion and the gauranteed unhappiness that comes using our peni/vagi as directed are probably a root problem. Oh, and congrats! 😆

  13. Once your perception has altered you become aware of what was there all along. The links below show some good examples of this:

    I agree with you that giftedness is a myth. Anyone can develop any ability they wish with focus and determination.

    Everyone learns in their own unique way and at their own pace. If you don’t fit into the standardised mold you’re considered stupid.

    How many people are limiting themselves due to false beliefs?

    Is innate intelligence highly over-rated in our society?

    Regarding Truth and Beauty –

    ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty, —that is all
    Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.’

    John Keats

  14. Casanova said “When a man makes love to a woman, eighty per cent of his pleasure is the pleasure of the woman.” Getting pleasure from giving pleasure, a wondrous beautiful exchange, and at the heart of it is empathy. The capacity to enjoy the enjoyment of another. On more than one occasion in “Anus Trek” Pi-card was whisked away by the not-gay-at-all-no-siree character “Q” to some wilderness where he had to justify the existence of humanity. If you or I had to do that, what could we say?
    I would say that within us all is a spark of Divinity which is manifested by empathy and its expression compassion. So to destroy humanity, to snuff out, or at least bury, the Divine justification for our existence the attack vector is our ability to feel what another is feeling, and hence our connectedness.
    About twenty-five years ago there was a study showing that by the age of sixteen the average American male had watched 21,000 ‘killings’ on television. A systematic process of desensitisation. Skip forward two generations and you would probably find that by the age of sixteen the average American male had ‘killed’ 21,000 in computer ‘games’. How big a jump is it from someone ‘playing’ a first person shooter ‘game’ to someone sitting in a helicopter gunship targeting pixels on a screen then hitting the red button? ‘Awesome headshot dude’ crackles over the headset while on the ground a husband, a father, a friend lies writhing in terminal agony. The death of empathy, the inability to feel the suffering of another. The disconnect is complete.
    Alex, you are saying that the answer is not ‘out there’, but inside. Actually it is both because it is how the inside relates to the outside that matters. Compassion for each other, compassion for life, our life existing as an expression of the Divine.

  15. Hello again,
    Thought you might be interested in the description of the approved method of ritual Talmudic circumcision:One sucks the membrum?

    “One excises the foreskin, the entire skin covering the glans, so that the corona is laid bare. Afterwards, one tears with the finger-nail the soft membrane underneath the skin, turning it to the sides until the flesh of the glans appears. Thereafter one sucks the membrum until the blood is extracted [from the infant]…any circumciser who does not carry out the sucking procedure is to be removed [from his office].”
    Geoff Simons in Time to be Rational

  16. Glad to hear Kathy is (forgive me Alex)Waking up! Recognizing & ?ing the privelages her gay friends are taking. Kathy, (forgive me again, I’ve lost friends with this one) Write it down! Put pieces together & you’ll be amazed & at times horrified at what you learn. Keep it up Alex… Are we almost there?

  17. VID: Star Trek Nine Inch Nails Closer

  18. J, some good links there. I tried to emphasize the point about how intelligence is something developed not granted in DGW. Nice Keats quote!

    Ross, what Casanova’s words could to so many a porno-trained young male and the countless females who now claim themselves lesbians after too long on the receiving end of such passionless um, “treatment.” A well thought out comment there mate.

    Mongoose, egads, it would seem that anyone who doesn’t develop a taste for little boy flesh is to be summarily relieved of his duties. 😯

    Nancy, it would seem that Kathy’s call struck a note/chord with many.

    ViolatoR, there are a ridiculous amount homoerotic star trerk music vids out there, and as we’re learning, a good reason for that. But, one by those shitty temple dogs, Nine Inch Nails, is good/bad as any.

    The part on Martin Luther is powerful… 500 years ago this rebel of the catholic chruch understood who the evil rulers of the world were… Look how israel president has more power over the congress & senate then the president… they are the so called NWO… its not some satanic orgy worshiping gay nazis… This is a 3000 year old cult that has deeper roots then the catholic church then the muslim church… What are your thoughts on this video… Please respond one Rebel to another…

  20. hello folks, I start with a link to redice interview that everyone shuold check out

    this seems interesting, this interview on redice with gentleman called Jay Weidner, I didn’t hear his talk or documentaries before, but it ties with your work on some points, btw I hope he’s not a goalhanger or any of that kind!
    (except at the end of the first hour he went in the rant about muslims, that was sad and funny, like christians or atheists or any of that stupid labels guarantees a better human being overall(no of course not), they are fooled-duped like everybody else, by the same dark forces…same wolf different clothing (like fabian socialists in uk)

    great show Celtic R as usual, lot of good-human calls, though I agree with Vicky there penis&vagina are not the perfect solution always hehe, but often they can be nice stress reduction factors 😉

    check that jay weidner guy and interview, for subscribers second hour is also available at redice, I bet they(redice) dont have balls to call you for an interview so you can expand on that pedo-anal cult that runs the world and unhollywood, coz jay touched on that topic several times…, or maybe they do, if there any subscribers(I was before) of redice and celticrebel listeners/readers theyshould put a suggestion on there site about future guests?

    thanks for your effort, have a nice joyful week alex!

  21. Hi Celtic Rebel,

    There is a new show on comedy central named Workaholics. it is about 6 or 7 episodes in and it is already adding our lexicon.

    the word they are pushing for all things good and cool is: “TIGHT BUTTHOLE” as in, “nice tie, it’s tight butthole”.

    the word they are pushing for all things bad and not cool is: “LOOSE BUTTHOLE” as in, “I have to work overtime, that’s so loose butthole”.

    in the latest episode that aired last night (5/25/11), they introduce a character who, in the episode, has an online moniker on a Justin Bieber fan site named “BieberHole69” and this character is “into little dudes” and likes to “ram boys’ butthole”, and when questioned about his sexuality he proclaims “i’m not gay” and is offended at such a notion.

    so, “they” have turned up the notch and next phase is seemingly upon us. NAMBLA rejoice!

  22. leave it to the japanese


  23. When I listened to my daughter Kathy calling in on your show I felt somehow distraught about the way her gay friends are treating her and her girlfriends. Only a few days before the show she told me about what those guys are doing. My first reaction was “What?!? You would not let me touch you or call you names. You would get offended and would chew me out.”
    I think some of her gay friends don’t have any manners and are plain rude. They probably need a human touch but this is getting way out of hand.

    About Star Trek: When the series came out in Germany it was called Raumschiff Enterprise (Starship Enterprise). When I came to the States and said ‘Oh,I wonder why they translated the title?’ and than when I said it out loud it would sound in German like star Dreck which means dirt or filth. My Ex and I had a good laugh about that but we had no idea about the gay stuff.
    Nowadays a lot of American movies titles are not translated anymore.
    Thank you for all the eyeopening information.

  24. Nico, the first thing that gives away that video as another rancid pile of dung is the tone/style and presentation manner. The second is this Pearce guy, who aside from promoting some questionable agendas of his own, was born on September 11th, of ’33. 👿 Bits of truth mixed in with bits of poison help none who ingest.

    almost human, I’ve heard that interview and also, was quite perturbed when Jay when on his anti-muslim rant. Hard to say if he’s hanging, but Accidental Alchemist presented a lot of the details about pederasty in The Shining long before. For some reason 🙄 haven’t seen an invite yet.

    G, ugh! 😮 Quite disgusting, but I guess no surprise in a society which is becoming more and more ass-focused and hence, on the cusp of feces focused. More lunacy in order, no doubt.

    Greg Tramel, heh, at first I thought it was an admission of the behind the scenes selection process for the next American Idol.

    Biggi, well, today’s gay men are a confused lot, and undoubtedly, a good number, if not most, are just victims of a lifetime of nonstop media reprogramming. Hence, female sexuality probably simultaneously intrigues and disgusts them. Hehe, so for the Deutsch, the “star drek” served the same hint that the English “captain’s log” served. Filth, coming right up!

  25. It seems once you pass ass-guard you can control the base chakra points and also one of the brain hemispheres, especially so it seems the right brain. As it can be seen in: Reptilian News Anchor – 9/11

    and other clips by the rabbit. make your own conclusions….

  26. @ Almosthuman and others,

    Jay Weidner is one of the few “researchers” that gets close to what the Rebel does. But not as often. He has made some sweeping declarations concerning the Archons and has pretty much called them out as deviants. His best example I believe was Speilberg’s – A.I. written by Stanley Kubrik, which was originally titled “Super-Toys Last All Summer Long”

    Weidner makes the observation, “What type of person wishes to have an eternally young boy?”(Haley Joel Osment as the robot son)Well, Kubrick clued us in by giving the forever boy a BEAR as a companion.

    Definately not a goal hanger.

  27. Shake Weight News Report FULL of Sexual Ambiguities:

    The world’s going to hell in a hand basket, and it’s HILARIOUS. Thanks for another good show Alex, enjoyed it greatly 🙂


  28. I found this gem right here by “coincidence” a few weeks ago. Thought this was the appropriate podcast to share it with you. Go Lucy :]

    Nice bit about empaths, I think that needs to be touched up on more. Not sure how much you’ve read about emotional energy exchange, especially in regards to vampirism, and whatever “need” there is to be destructive(or dramatic) in those terms, but yeah… you left me wanting more there, man. Bring that up again :]

    Thank you for speaking more on the idea of human beings getting back to God beings, too. That makes more sense to me. My problem with it really lies in the abuse of such a notion, I suppose. There are people out there who just don’t deserve to be gods. And the people who DO deserve to be gods (or deserve to have power) generally don’t see themselves as qualified to run the show anyways. But yeah – I think it’s our responsibility to get ourselves – AND each other!!! – back to whatever God beings means in the ideal. Totally. I think you’re doing that here, through your work. And I don’t think we can help but get ourselves dirty in the process, due to the particular type/pervasiveness of mess being addressed. So I hope nobody gets too upset in the process of cleansing

    Which reminds me – not sure I took the time to tell you how much your show has done for me as a woman. There have been so many thoughts in my head at some point or another that your show has reverberated.

    Over the years I’ve realized that for me – as a woman in this world right now – regaining control over the domestic domain is of utmost importance. Not just as a woman, but as a potential wife and mother. I don’t think this should apply to all women – but for all women who are husband/children/family oriented, yes. These women – we really need to do some thinking on the sabotage that’s been taking place for… well, awhile now. I think it really comes down to food – where the subversion, or upheaval of the Queen from her throne takes place. In food. If you look at the history/growth of food processing, and how that coincided with the history/growth of industry/technology, you see a deliberate undermining of a woman’s grip on her own house(hold) and ultimately, her control over what she and her family puts into their mouths. Think about it – you’ve got instant everything in the ways of foodlike chemicals – and then you’ve got microwaves, dishwashers, fast food, and yeah, even house robots. These foods and gadgets were/are all about taking household tasks AWAY from women. [Leave it to Roll]

    We’re steered to grow up thinking that the domestic domain is automatically a step down. If I’m taking the time/steps to cook a meal from scratch for myself and my family, then I know exactly what we’re putting into our bodies. How is that a step DOWN, to implement a healthy eating palate on the ones you love? Especially in this world with so much false food. Or if I decide to take the time/steps to educate my children outside the construct of the academic INSTITUTION (literally, prison) – is that really a step DOWN? Or does that mean I am that much more relevant in the development of my children’s lives?

    Isn’t that something we should be fighting for? To rebuild that reputation of being the partner who is best-suited to protect the domestic domain? And isn’t it our responsibility to prove that can hold down this domain and still be untouchable? Because yeah, it really does need to be addressed, regardless of what side we’re on.

    Although Rebel – you’d probably get a bad rep if you came out and said women should be trying to regain control of the household – but I’ll say it, and I’d like to know what you think on that matter.
    Anyways, great calls this week, great show this week. I think your work is maturing, I’m really happy with it

    And Rebel – are you accepting thoughts/recommendations in regards to Don’t Go West version 3? If you could use the feedback, I wanted to send you some thoughts because it’s one of the most “eye opening” movies out there (haha yeah I had to say it… sorry, yeah that phrase is yish). But yeah seriously, that movie is important to a lot of us, it’s a big deal, and especially if this is the final version, you should accept thoughts – not sure if you gave the okay or not, I forget. It’s really a great piece of work though, and I just wanted to forward you my two cents if you’re accepting notes.

  29. Last week a 13 year boy in The Netehrlands got caught for stealing a barbie doll.

    damn that’s f.up. here is the translation of the article

    Further spotted a guy wearing a t-shirt with the text : ”the bitch is back ”

    Yeap it’s crazy here in amsterdam wich the citycouncil is trying to promote as Gay capital of Europe. Further the last few years there has been a trend that straight guys start wearing pink shirts. it has cuaght on even with older guys.

    ALso there has been assigned a special gay/lesbian policeunit wich puts extra time in crimes agains gays. ALso parliament has tried to enforce a law wich punishes crimes against gays and lesbians heavier then other people.

    At pre-highschool level they are now indoctrinating the children with gay propaganda. Here is the article translated.

    There are also plans to put undercover policeagents posing as gays on the street to arrest voilent gaybashers. At the same time police lets gays fuck eachother in the buts in almost all the public parks without consequence, while straight normal people are not allowed to do so. next day children find the used condoms.

    Goddaaamn !!!

    Oh yeah the indoctrination about the Holo-caust has been going strong from 6 year old at all the schools. I have been forced to participate in this crap also when i was a child. I also went to Anne Frank’s House as a school-trip.

    Long live the alternative historians locked up in prison fotr years now. One Canadian guy , i forgot his name. Thats it for now.


  30. Some more Canadian news as of late…

    There has been much controversy of this couple in Toronto who are leaving their newborn genderless for the time being.

    Hmmmm, letting the child “choose” who they want to be.

    Also a book named, “My Princess Boy”

  31. Apparently after some digging, i can tell you that show i linked ^^ of the weird guy with singing boy? Well, its a set up *of sorts*, not set up to be laughable, but to “BREAK TABOOS”. So in this case the taboo is old men and young boys, or PedoBears in Media, not sure which. But no, it wasnt meant as a simple spoof of incredibly bad taste. Anyway his name [the host] is PAUL DE LEEUW , A NETHERLANDS/dutch tV HOST [the show being from 1993],father of two and also a KNIGHT OF THE ORDER OF THE NETHERLANDS LION. In the video you may notice the chequerboard floor/steps on which they sit.

    I would also like to bring your attention to FERGIE OLIVER, a CANADIAN tv show host, in this case its the show “Just like Mom”: Creepy Game Show Host Wants to Kiss Little Girls On TV

    some info on this guy….has he been arrested yet?

    Well good show old boy, be hearing ya soon *word*

    PS: Damn Alex, apologies for the repost. This guy Paul De Leeuw? i said he is a father of 2 right? i failed to mention he is actually in a same sex relationship and they have adopted (?) 2 young boys, Kas and Toby. Also check this out: here is info on the knighthood of which he received in 2007, the crown and the cross

  32. “I do not want 16-year-old boys but younger. Fourteen-year-olds are O.K. Look for needy boys who have family issues”. Genoa Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco, who is the head of the Italian Bishops Conference, had been working with Pope Benedict to establish a tough new worldwide policy, released this week, on how bishops should handle accusations of priestly sex abuse.

    Priest Sex-Abuse Case Hits Church of Pope’s Adviser

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