The Godspell of Saint Jesse van True

Tonight’s show could be broken up into tree parts. The first part was a mockery of the Religion of Truth and got into how few of those who believe, can actually see.

gospel truth churchwhore mother day

Seeing that the show was also broadcast on Mother’s Day, felt it important that we remind ourselves that however an utter failure our programmed mothers were at the task of parenting, we forgive them. Whether we were vaccinated, circumcised, fed us a diet of tortured flesh and petrochemical waste, indoctrinated with Disney brainwashing, or encouraged to study hard and take school seriously … it is now up to us to fix ourselves. If we can’t see the mistakes and forgive, we can’t begin to.

osama family portraitilluminati denied by zues

Moving on into a postconspriatorial mindset, past the new lies we were told, after we were woken up and had the old lies [methodically] revealed to us, we now have to ask some questions that once seemed insane. How many uncanny strikes of lighting is it gonna take before we see through the myths? Why are we so ready to accept divine intervention, while so quick to rule out human manipulation?


You can, as usual, listen via the above player [or download]. The Obama/Osama Mind-Fuck came up last show, so we picked up from there; asking questions. The answers, are probably a lot weirder than contemplatable at this juncture.

who is who or what

Why are we so relucatant to ask certain questions, even when uncanny yet obvious patterns present themselves, in our face, so to speak? Again, I’m not arriving at solid conclusions here, just raising some issues I could not raise before. Whatever the case with Hicks and Jones is, their untidy connection through Kevin Booth [Sacred Cow Productions], is too inconvenient to brush aside.

eddie temple dogeminem sucks cock

There are many ideas on the process of be it doppelgänging, cloning, possession, shape-shifting or as some call it, “replacement.” While the similarities between some public personalities are hard to deny and could be put down to a very thin selective bloodline, sometimes the dissimilarities between the alleged same person are even more striking. I have to wonder if this is just some kind of joke they like to pull once in a while? Another toss of gravy on our stupid faces [“gravitas“]?

There are many Doppelgänger Trackers who believe both of the above celebrities [Eddie Murphy and Eminem] have been replaced at some point in their careers. Their points regarding changes in facial structure and features are hard to argue. Less debatable, is that both of those boys/doggies have had both ends of their stargate violated repeatedly [as above images confess]. Why the rose [old] Eddie?

south park trutherjesse pyramid gate

The second part of the show was a guest appearance by Jua Perez, an associate producer of Conspiracy Theory [starring Jesse Ventura]. While the above images [discussed in detail during an old podcast] tell me everything I need to know, I’d like to thank Jua for fielding calls, particularly one from Kevin from Minnesota raising valid concerns about The Ayatolla of Truth n Holla [our favourite chauffeur]. For those curious, Jua survived her guest spot and is recovering nicely. 😉

FYI: In case anyone missed the reason for Van True … it’s an anagram. Van = from [or “of”]; common to the mysteriously overnamed area from where we got the Zionist Dutch East India company, merchants of historical lies and human suffering.

bar television coincidence

The last third of the show, would fall under the heading of “old business:” the rapid degeneration of our society, which [remarkably] so many still refuse to see. But, as I’ve discussed at length already [the NLP show], it doesn’t matter whether you can observe it consciously, orientation-changing mockeries [such as example discussed and pictured above] prefer you digest/absorb them via the unconscious mind.

Personality changes, and those of “taste,” can be triggered and synced later, while of course, the idiots thus affected will assume they are exercising their free will.

suicide girls promo

What happens when we look at the [discussed] societal trends regarding violence, self-mutilation, and the further blurring of the lines between sexuality and abuse? And that, my friends, is when even I, who fears little, have to take a step back and I shudder. Whatever the outcome of such going unchecked is, at best, it will be nothing short of horrendous. This closing topic, will indubitably come up again.

FYI: The first two below images are not “real,” just programmed dolts trying to be artsy/bold, or inferably “on the cutting edge of fashion” [per their implanted instruction set]. The last however, is a very real consequence of exposure.

tub bleederdeath porncutting thighs

May have spoken to soon, while writing this article up, the topic already came up again. Found an obscene site that is [allegedly] promoting a virtual clothing line for/in the online game Second Life. Per the “creative” young authoress:

“Of COURSE the name is a double entendre LOL but you know with Sn@tch that’s the only way I could go with it. I don’t normally do kids clothes but my great friend Jemmie talked me into it and I really had a lot of fun doing them.”

“Come check out my booth at the UnWanted Kids Carnival. Sn@tch Kids…fun punky and retro kids clothing, shoes, skins and accessories including Kids kitty sets.”

“Available now only at the UnWanted Kids Carnival and Bazaar with lots of other fab kids clothing and accessories from some great designers.”

I may have taken some liberty with the virtual storefront, but did I really need to? How uncanny is that almost every image [below are but two samples], has a reference to ritual sacrifice and child-abuse? “Snatch Kids?” “Cornfield” dress? “Sorrow Dollie?” “Solctice Skins?” “Purr Kittie [Kiddie]?” A Paw/Bear Print between the breasts of the Lolli[ta] dress? Are you fucking kidding me? Please say “Yes!”

child skinsabused girl

Is the odd-monicker Ivey Deschanel a coded persona of an insider [“I Shelve Candy” is but one odd anagram], or is this just the result of some poor girl’s over-exposure to the programs discussed herein? Whether it’s the disjointed ramblings/stylings of a duped proponent of nefarious agendas, or a masster, propagation occurs.

There may or may not be a show this coming Sunday [May 18]. I am awaiting a new head-set, and the old one is presently causing me some irritation. Also, I still have a lot of catching up to do on tasks related and unrelated to the show. Additionally, I was a guest for an upcoming podcast at Illuminatus Observor this weekend, so that should be available soon.

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Note 1: I found the video’s analyzing Obamasama’s palm-prints at a site called Atlantean Times. It is also the same place where I found this amazing video, which begs the question, can we even trust own eyes anymore? Perhaps not.

Note 2: One can’t speak of The Religion of Truth without mentioning The Matrix: one stupefying Ultrarelgious piece of Godspell, which many a [“smart” and “nonreligious”] sheep flocked to [an irresistible mind-rape special in/up aisle two]. I have as of today, written up a prior show [Good Year for the Apples: II], with a few new thoughts and oodles of revelant pictures on the topic. Do your mind and ass a favor: don’t miss it!

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  1. Hey Alex AKA The Celtic Rebel,…I don’t know anyone out here turning out Blog matter that has not dumped the whole illuminati horseshit, long ago, perhaps you should get around more, there is only one tribe guilty of ALL the shit going down now and since the beginning, they have propagated slavery, SEX slavery, war for profit and political expedience, usury, you name it; there is only one false bringer of light and one gang of pathological liars and thieves, the rest are amateurs on the pay-roll.

    I think(my opinion) you should also think beyond the sphincter, it is not the centre of our universe, it is a waste valve brother. Also, you could probably do yourself and your listeners a favour if you cut the dead-air and fluff out of your schedule, I’d say you could produce something concise and interesting inside 20 minutes, your Post used to be sublime…

    a fan…natik for quirky quality alter-native gnus;


  2. If you ever make a part 3 to “Don’t Go West”, you need to include this clip from the 25th anniversary edition of Les Miserables Of course, the lyrics make no sense in light of the story, but anyone who’s read this blog long enough can figure them out. According to the guy who posted the video: “This is said to be Cameron Mackintosh’s favrote part of the entire show. :)”
    Yeah, I bet.

  3. A very thought provoking show. Please consider getting a p.o. box for snail mail donations.

  4. Word up G!!

    for anyone not versed with the Hoax “three world wars letter” apparently penned by albert Pike, and taken into custody after the Illuminati courier was ahem, struck by Lightning from Jehova/Zeus. Yes, on reading the content its clearly ridiculous. Here is the alleged Letter content. Also, a good conversation on the whole matter that is the only real illumination to be had on this subject, here.

    Peace out, word up homeboy;)

    PS: That was a great catch on the visual connection between Ventura Conspiracy show and the south park 9/11 episode. Having never seen any of Jesse’s televisual offerings, i obviously didnt see the connection. Great Catch. I think its a stretch to think Ventura wasnt aware of the implications of that shot? considering everything.

    Anyway, the first interview was a bit disjointed, but enlightening. and, does the Gate number on the Ventura pic say 33 or 3C? it looks like 3c to me. Not that it would make a great difference if the numerology aspect wasnt incorporated.

  5. veritas6464, I’m not sure what cyber-planet you blog on, but I can’t seem to make it through a show/article on the conspiracultnet with references to the illumiati. That said, while I don’t agree with your focus on specifically “who” is at the top of this shitpile, I think you are doing a good thing regardless and wouldn’t come to your site and suggest you need to write about something different.

    As to your last postulation, on that you are very wrong. Those who try to move forward without understanding this aspect of the control system (and ourselves) are doomed to paddle about in circles endlessly.

    Mat, nice find. The sickest part of the boy’s advertisement, are the rubes in the audience, laughing along at the “inside joke,” even though they haven’t the slightest clue as to why.

    deer1234, yea, that’s coming up more regularly now, so I probably should.

    stephen, Wigga Bob says “Hi.” 🙄 Nice to see [per links] others looking at the myths critically. More couriers struck by lighting? Well, that just proves God is trying to save us from the illuminati. 😆 Yes, it’s the same numerolgoically.

  6. I think a clone (or clown :D) is not missing a soul (or then, define soul), but they would definitely miss a loving mother. Since you cannot give what you haven’t received, they would have less love to give.

    If I were you, I would start to reflect on the words ass and butt in a multilangage way. As far as I can tell, these words only have the anal connotation in english. In french, ass relates to “on top” and butt to a goal.

  7. This quick good summary of what you try to tell people Alex.

    VIDEO: The Stargate and Solomon’s Key (GrownupsThinkUrDumb)

  8. Hi Alex,

    Just a few comments on some of the topics you were touching on during the show. The Bill Hicks and Alex Jones similarities are very interesting I have to say, also there’s a few more dots that I could possibly connect for you. Sacred Cow Productions is the name of that company that was run by both Alex Jones and Bill Hicks “childhood friend” (yes that is fishy, especially the 10 year difference). I think Sacred Cow is still up and running, and Alex Jones could still be a part of it. He did show up at Bill Hicks’ 10th anniversary of his death somewhere in Texas back 2004.(it was filmed, it’s on Google Video somewhere) Anyway, I personally wouldn’t go as far to say that Alex and Bill are the same guy. Number one, Alex Jones is a short little fellow with a much smaller nose. Back in 1999 he was much slimmer (not thin) and he resembled Bill Hicks a touch, but I doubt it’s the same guy. (Maybe cousins?) They’re both from Texas. Now where I think you’re really on to something is that perhaps Alex Jones was brought into the mix (around the time Bill died) or after (to work for Sacred Cow Prod.) and he took some of Bill’s good work and basically re-packaged it (with help from Dennis Leary who virtually stole Bill’s smoking act, as well as his dark poet bit.) Dennis Leary is a first Cousin of Conan O’Brien, just to mention it off hand.

    So thinking back, if you look at Bill during his last year, he was getting much thinner, especially in the face. Perhaps they were poisoning him? Maybe he faked his death? Who knows. There was definitely something strange with the whole scenario, that’s for certain. I think Bill was just another human being used by the system, and then spit out just like all the others who wouldn’t bend over. That’s just my opinion. Then they took his image and turned him into a hero. No one knew about him when he was alive. It was the Internet that allowed people access to him, as well as other great “heroes”. Same old story I guess, with lots of encoded messages nestled in between all the crevices, just waiting to be discovered and utilized by those in the know and in control.

    Of course I could be completely wrong and I just don’t want to admit it. I do feel it in my guts that Bill and Alex are not the same guy, one was genuine, the other a rip off artist waiting for his day in the sun. Thanks for making me think critically, and it is something I’ve often thought about considering the Sacred Cow Productions connection.

    Anyway, thanks for the show, great as always!

    Take it easy,

  9. I was at the gift shop/bookstore today, getting my mom a gift. I was looking at the cards, and there was the usual birthday, special event cards, and then there’s the tongue in cheek/provocative cards with are usually tasteless.

    Some of the cards were, picture of woman, pink thong around her legs while she’s holding her open cell phone while she’s going to the bathroom (classy) Another card with a clear shot of a male strippers ass, while some woman (or should we call them girls?) faun all over him in a spedo…
    and last but not least, a card with a Woman biting a man’s ass, close up.

    I wish I had taken my camera….

  10. effel, I think the clowns we are presented with are meant to be a diversion from the concept of the Sacred Clown, of which Alex Robinson has written, and suggests I may be one; similar to the manner Whores are put forth by the media, to masque the sacred feminine.

    kris, great video link! I was unaware someone else had arrived at the same conclusion as I in regards to Solomon’s Key, while using a completely different methodology.

    Wes Tilson, same guy, clones, relatives, whatever … the point is there are some uncanny syncs and stinks that cannot be discounted.

    Shattered Butterfly, hehe. Women fawning over some man’s ASS … I wonder where that will lead us 😮

  11. Why are you stupid if you believe in the Protocols of Zion but if you believe Osama & Obama are cloned brothers your not crazy… Why are walking diverting the truth movement into new weird conspiracies and at the same time insulting old ones… that have been written about before UFO’s before JFK before the Internet and all these conspiracies we have today… the oldest conspiracy could be the only true conspiracy… Just a thought…

    PSS… OMG is Alex Jones Bill Hicks… I was looking at some old videos of Bill Hicks… and OMG he looks and acts like Alex Jones… Are we that stupid… Me included… This needs to be investigated ASAP… This will bring down the 911 truth movement and free the minds of so many if… I still think zionist control the media why would then not want to control the alternative media too… Watch This...

    Alex jones released some childhood pictures recently… right when the first video came out comparing him to Bill Hicks…

    Bill Hicks has a movie showing him in his teens… But not his early childhood…

    My LAST Comment… Their is a Bill Hicks comedy clip where he makes joke about fucking a little girl… I thought of him as a Pedo ever since… So I hate that he is quoted like some super hero…

  12. OK…i saw South Park last night: it was an episode in which Priests were exposed as abusing boys. The boys were asked by a counsellor if the priests had put anything in their asses. Looking for an answer to this puzzling question (what? like loose change? A Fish?) it was concluded that putting food up your ass would result in you shitting out of your mouth. That must have been what the counsellor was on about.
    so, it was experimented upon, and indeed, inserting articles [of food here] in your ass made shit come out of your mouth.

    so, taking it back to its real meaning: if you have things inserted in your exhaust port: you are going to have shit come out of your input port. Yes, you see?

    also: one synchroshistic fact: as i have heard you espouse in your show Rebel that the Vagina has been vilified: and that you even stated once of a film where the said orifice had teeth? well, this epi had the “alien” sub section of Catholicism revealing that the femme fatales of their species had Vagina with Razor sharp teeth, hence they wanted young males instead. Walker’s Top 10 Favorite South Park Episodes, #7

    Oh and By the by: screw all the losers who cant break out of the programming sub routines who lay down negativity on this post, so what if you get sozzled [slightly] while on the job, ahem. The amount of HorseShit we all have to wade through its not surprising. Although the Sauce never cools our temper, it SubDudes it.

    so yeah, Screw you post-moaners , you dont have to listen. but you still do!!

  13. Hi Alex

    Thank you for sharing your “Maggie” experience with us.

    There were a lot of “Maggies” in my life, and it really made me reflect on how stupid and programmed I was when I was younger. I still am, but at least not to the extent that I was before when I wasn’t able to see such a beautiful person in front of me because of some pre-programmed response.

    Thank you for sharing your personal experience with us, and I think this is what truly teaches us great lessons in this life. We have no choice but to reflect on our own experiences, our own mistakes, and we learn and grow together to be better people.

  14. So the question is can anybody ‘make it’ into the temple of the Medes with their integrity intact? Are there any heroes or just a bunch of he-roses? Although difficult to accept, I fear it is the latter. I think that learning to let go of our false idols, however painful it may be, is an essential part of our journey away from the, ahem, bottom. As for Bill = Alex, well maybe but why bother? There’s not exactly a shortage of fat shouty Amerikans yearning for star-dom is there?

    The Beatles provided the soundtrack to my childhood, I loved them, they were like big brothers to me. Learning that they were a Tavistock production all along was part of the death of my innocence. Even so, when I first came across the ‘Paul is Dead’ notion I scoffed derisively. Then I looked a bit more and slowly the mist of illusion thinned and started to part. Finally, I saw a picture of Paul from 1965 juxtaposed with one of ‘Faul’ (from the Sergeant Pepper sleeve) and it was just obvious they were not the same person. Different shape head, different eyebrows, different ears – palpably different people! I just hadn’t ‘seen’ it before. It’s how our vision works, context is paramount, what we ‘see’ is the image our brain deduces it must be, we are so easily deceived.

    To illustrate this, have a go at the exercise here (video), and realise that trusting our own eyes may not be as infallible as we like to believe.

  15. Nick, as I’ve said in old shows, the only people stupider than those who think Jews are in control, are those who don’t thinkg Jews are in control. We’re all stupid, and those who think that they “woke up” and can suddenly think thanks to the conspiracy movement may be the stupidest of us all.

    Your repeated OMG’s make your note sound facetious, but the vid you include is relevant, because that guy looks NOTHING like Alex Jones. As per Hicks comment, he described a little girl’s vagina, not having sex with her … creepy regardless.

    stephen, hm, interesting they’d say a fish … the vescica pisces, turning the asshole into a rear vagina. Good catch on the aliens griping about the horrid man-eating vaginas on their planet … reminds me of programmed idiot um, men (for the time being), who now speak of ugly vaginas. Lastly, I got a chuckle out of your closing, those boys are so hopelessly trapped, hating the Rebel but listening religiously.

    Chris, thanks for commenting on that. As touched on in a prior show (regarding the watered-down my name is earl idea) … we have to heal ourselves by acknowledging the wrongs we’ve done to others, and thus ourselves as well. Putting this out there was healing for me, and thus maybe quite a few Maggies as well.

    Ross, great point you make. If you were able to cast aside your heroses that you were trained were a vital part of who you are, then you’ve spewed much poison out of your system. It is uncanny how we so easily see what we want to see, but can’t, even when obvious, what we don’t.

  16. jesse ventura following his script (notice how many times the word “revolution” is repeated… Nwo Agents 2 – – Jesse Ventura -Missinfo

    great show Alejandro as usual : )

  17. I love you Rebel, I hope you don’t judge the people.
    Everybody wakes up on their own time.

    I know you appeal to the intellectuals of the awakening, but please keep in mind that we circulate this blog. So it gets everywhere.

    Everybody wakes up on their own time.

  18. I guess when Jesse Bunghole starred together with Arnie the templedog of choice since the 70’s ,

    in the movie The Predator, he already lost his masculinity ,
    probably even before that in his gay-ass appereal in WWF.

    Damn , we have been Had. F. in th Ass.

    I guess everybody who gets poop-ular gets the choice.
    they cannot allow for uncontrolled minds to have influence with great M-asses.

    Even Beav(er)is ( The gayfeminine ) and Butt-head ( or head in the butt ) tried to warn us of NLP , even before Dennis Fetcho.

    on a sidenote, why do they call it a headbutt ? In dutch we call it a headpunch ( or Kopstoot) .

    Remember Beavis havin flashbacks and getting into a frenzy
    posessed by a demon-Corn-god .

    I think beavis was a victim of trauma based mindcontrol and developed that Altar-personality.

    And they smoked weed of course and ate Junkfood, and liked Sluts only. and watched TV.

    No surprise that is how the generation grew up to be.

    Thanx for your show .

  19. Now on another topic, that being NLP, I’d just like to say that there are a few simple techniques that are used constantly (by those in the know, as well as regular Joes / Janes who haven’t a clue) that work really fast to get people to do what you want them to do. One of them is Negation(s). Conjunctions, words like Do Not (Don’t) Can Not (Can’t) Could Not (Couldn’t), Should Not (Shouldn’t), Can Not Not (Can’t Not), etc, these words allow the listener’s subconscious mind to first make the picture (visual submodality) of what it is they’re not supposed to do, think of, forget, etc. Example: “Don’t forget to get milk at the store honey.” What usually happens? The person forgets because the embedded command is “Forget to get the milk.” One of the reasons this happens is because there’s a hypnotic phenomena known as Amnesia (forgetfulness), and when you use negation with a command to forget, this then produces the neuro-hypnotic chemical reaction inside of the subjects body and brain to forget or produce amnesia. Holy-wood movies want you to believe that Amnesia is something extreme, like when Harrison Ford gets in an accident in that one film and bumps his head very hard and forgets who he is. That’s an EXTREME case of Amnesia. Anyway, this is one of the many “secrets” of how yours and all of our brain’s work that certain pederasts don’t want us to know about. That would spoil all their fun I reckon’ 😉 Ya, so if you know people that are resistant to change or don’t like to be told what to do or won’t even take suggestions that could possibly enrich their lives and make things better for them, just use a negation pattern on them. “Don’t listen to me, because you won’t get it anyway!” 🙂 Ya, negation is used all the time, but usually in a negative way (surprise!). It can be used for good too of course. These words aren’t real, they’re just constructs. Very powerful symbol sets in reality, more than a verbal language, it’s a visual language, yet children are taught to phonetically spell words. How stupid is that? Good spellers make a visual copy of the word in their mind’s eye (submodality) and then copy it later on to paper during a test or say it out loud during a Spelling Bee. Yet Schools all around the World are still teaching Phonetic spelling. Why?!?
    Because it makes the kids who aren’t visual feel stupid, and that’s the point. Mind control starts at a young age.

    So learning about Representational Systems (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory, Gustatory), especially the first three, visual, aud, kino. learning about these simple concepts can help to defend yourself against their methods. That’s one of the main ways were mind controlled, it’s through our 5 senses. The 5 senses are connected to the old brain (R-Complex or 1st brain) and portions of the physical subconscious mind (Right Hemisphere or the 2nd Brain). All of these words we use on each other are just anchors, and these anchors are connected to or attached to feelings, images, sounds, tastes and smells. Colors enhance these feelings and are constantly used to manipulate us. Holywood is basically one GIANT Externalized Submodality and Representational System machine, and this machine is used to mold us and engineer us into something that’s NOT in our best interests. Not at all. It’s just the new religion, like you were saying on the show. It’s the new Church, but really in fact it’s just the old one with new and better technology. Yikes!

    P.S. One more thing about Amnesia and post hypnotic suggestion that I have to add to my post is that Amnesia, otherwise known as forgetfulness, is one of the most vital and key ingredients to this process of delivering the fragile glass package (suggestion, embedded neuro-linguistic program) to the deepest regions of the subconscious mind of the subject (you, me, and everyone else). So when this package is stored properly inside of the mind, it can be cracked open later for proper usage. That’s just the structure of how change functions anyway, it’s just in the hand’s of lunatics.

  20. Sinead, good clip you found there. Jesse, wearing a different suit/mask, yet talking the same old shit. Perhaps, it’s as stephen hints below, “Same [ho]Mo, Different Face?”

    defne, a well-written reMinder for me of the need to occasionally step back from kicking away at groins, and allow for some healing. Love ya too.

    chiller, I had put out this image long ago, and it seems more revelant now than ever. Judge, of course, seems fully aware, and rather too keen, of his role in dumbing down the dumbasses [the masses]. Hm, head-butt.

    Wes, you’d be surprised (or not) at how many semi-retarded trolls, who had likely never heard of NLP until they heard my show on it, are making amateur and ridiculously obvious efforts to use such tricks in their regular bitchy missives.

  21. Greetings, Mr Rebel.
    I just decided to check out William Cooper’s last shows before he was killed and the third and second to last shows he was working on were part of a series on the true meaning of alchemy and Fulcanelli. It talks about things like symbolism in art and cathedrals and I was reminded of your recent posting of those secrets in Renaissance art.
    I think this may be some heavy stuff so I am starting to dig deeper, and thought you, or your listeners and crew who are into synchro and numerology and so on might be interested. Very interesting stuff. Many ties with the priest class.. it even ties into the hru shemsu or the cult of aton.

    I took the liberty of uploading the two broadcasts as well as two volumes by Fulcaneli if you or anyone would like to check out.. or if you have already I’d love to hear your take on it. Here’s the upload:

    Oh, and I know you’re a big Tsarion fan so here’s a recent interview by him where he touches on some of the things you work on later on in the show.. thought you might want to check er out as well.

    PS: these were the first two of the series in many before he even got into the real stuff and may be the reason he was killed.. so it could be very cool to look into.

  22. Before the invention of computers, calculators, the internet and other such modern technologies people had no choice but to rely on their own mental abilities when remembering large amounts of information or doing arithmetic ( abacus ).

    To remember information people used Mnemonic Systems that allowed the individual to recall information with relative ease. These systems focus on the mind’s strengths. Creativity and imagination are key to using them well.

    As far as I know these systems are not taught to the general public. The systems above are fundamental to fast and efficient learning. If you want a dumbed down population then you would definitely want to hide these systems.


  24. Hey Alex AKA Celtic rebel,…Yeah, upon re-reading my comment it doesn’t say what I meant, it looks stoopit and yeah, my bad, by the time you guys are available to me here in rothschalia, it’s late and grogginess does affect the one at the wheel, so yeah, that whole illuminati thing is shyte, my point was; the sites that sell that product aren’t worth the bandwidth, as for the top of the “shitpile”, there is approx’ three thousand years of secular and non-secular evidentiary material to back my “tribe” statement; pausing to reflect, moving on…

    Regarding my crack about ‘time & content’, I was just frustrated at having to wait so long to here you get into something ‘I LIKED’, I get hacked all the time and slowing my internet speed is their favourite weapon – when I bench-test my connection and I see I’m only at 18kbs, from an 8mbs service, fucks me off! I know and they know, I can’t Post and I can’t buffer stuff like yours and other broad band-width media.

    So, many apologies, keep up the good work…

    As a special bonus for your readers, anyone from Celtic Rebel that visits my site will get a 15% discount on all non-sale items, cooooeeee!


  25. Click to access russianfoxfarmstudy.pdf

    pedomorphosis, the retention of juvenile traits by adults”

  26. Lugh, always enjoy listening to Tsarion. Will give the Cooper shows a spin as well.

    J, nice collection there. No doubt, almost every new technology we’ve integrated and now rely on, makes us stupider.

    cj, that’s a good doc. It came up in relevane during my look at H[B]O. It strongly supports my premise of the lunacy of such “tastes.”

    veritas6464, fair enough. Check out my thoughts on Gays are the New Jews, which shows the crafting of yet another fictitious “tribe” and the upcoming podcast where we discuss how Jewish scholars are admitting the connection.

    Pualo, I prefer the term “perpetual adolescence,” one affecting most Westernized peoples. Though, that is an interesting phrase there.

  27. Thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes.
    It was a very special privilege to get this greeting from you, the famous Celtic rebel, on Mother’s Day.
    I enjoy listening to your shows, reading your info etc.
    Keep up the great work and make us more aware of what is going on. It’s right in front of our eyes but sometimes we need this nudge from you to see it.

  28. It may be hard to believe but people are sick to death of lies. You masons my enjoy them, having profited so handsomely by them, but the rest of us (your victims) don’t. You act like it’s a new and powerful thing for a mason to ridicule truth. We’ve been dealing with that shit, particularly regarding 9/11, since 9/11. Masons laughing at us. Big deal.

  29. VIDEO: At first Alex seems like a horrible comedian… But towards the end he acts like a professional comedian… Bill Hicks could have had a full body alteration & add some plus add some weight and you have Alex Jones… If anyone doubts this can be down just look at Obama who is he and where did he come from… A gay/junkie was turned into the president of the USA… Obama is not the first to be transformed into someone new… 🙂 Celtic Great Work… What is in store for the future knowing how powerful the cabal is & whats up with all this 2012 end of the world stuff… its even on my local FM check it out they say we have only one week left… I am sick of all these lies…

    PS: THE SMOKING GUN;ALEX JONES WATCH WITH OPEN EYES… This comedy show was done in 89 and if you have followed alex jones in the past then you will see how much Bill looks & Acts like Alex…

    PSS: the opening and closing scenes talk about terrorist highjacking a airplane like 911… and the closing is about the death of Bill hicks for trying to expose the corruption… CELTIC REBEL I know you will see so much then I have in this video… Its funny & shocking… But the more I watched it the more I see Alex Jones… THIS IS REALLY SHOCKING TO ME… PLEASE COVER THIS MORE ON YOUR SHOW… NICO

    PSSS: I want to get away on a trip do you recommend Brazil and if so what part… Please give names of places worth visiting…

  30. Interesting to note: the link to the for ‘um that i posted up there^^ re the Illuminaughty Courier? Well, one guy, or gal, on there [light in darkness] actually claims to be a Mason, and judging by the content of info, it seems a valid assertion.

    Just watching an epi of Simpsons, called Pygmoelian [A ‘Mo’ Epi), what i found hilarious was the channel dudes (ch.4) intro about this Mo episode [who becomes a celebrity, and has a ‘Face-job]- “SAME OLD MO, DIFFERENT FACE” , with the obvious allusion to Mo=Homo, and the different faces of media celebrity types, different faces, same Homos (No offence to homosexuals-!!)

  31. I could be wrong about Alex Jones and Bill Hicks, but commons sense (is there any left these days) and my intuition says no. Ok, we could tread into the realm of MPD / DID. Maybe Alex Jones is a disassociated alter / part of Bill Hicks.. Possibly. There’s a chance of that. MPD is one hell of a hypnotic phenomena. Physical changes do happen and people can look completely different in one alter compared to another. But, when I think about it practically, it just makes more sense to co-opt what Bill was doing it and put it into someone else (that looks like Bill).. Confusion is a wonderful way to control people, is it not?

    PS: Hey Alex, I understand the syncs and stynks, trust me. I think it’s just a little less complicated than it may seem. Saying that, once again you’ve forced me critically dissect something that needed to be deconstructed. Anything is possible I suppose. I still have a feeling that Bill’s dead though, and his image (no matter how twisted and perverted he may have been) has been used to stir up revolution, via Alex Jones, truth (bowl)movement, etc. Good work.

    PSS: I learned about Bill Hicks via David Icke btw. It makes sense now. 🙂 I just found this video of a much younger (10-12 yrs) Alex Jones, featured in his first film “America – Destroyed by Design”.

  32. Biggi, they were deserved. Thank you for being you.

    “zardoz”, who the hell are you talking to? I left this comment here, as its a good example of the lunatic fringe anger the truth movement was designed to, but deleted your second as it was a childish temper tantrum.

    Nico, that first vid is one that made me take more notice. But, as Alex’s image shows John Ritter fits right in. Whatever it is, something weird is up. Any of the cities outside of Sao Paulo or Rio (at this stage), should be rewarding.

    stephen, good point on the Simpsons. Hm, now I recall Spike Lee’s “Mo Better Blues.” Is that an inside joke suggesting gay men make for a better homosexual experience than the closet-boys?

    Wes, you leave many comments of value, and many like them. But for you and anyone else this may apply to, try to avoide leaving far too many under one article, I may (as I’ve done this time), either combine or randomly delete, whatever’s easiest.

  33. Hello Alex,

    I had to leave a comment about the Sn@tch Kids clothing line, as it has left me with a sinking feeling in my stomach, which I can’t seem to shake. I’m not too familiar with Second Life, I have heard of it before and know the general concept of the game, but it has never seemed very appealing to me….I think I am beginning to see why now.

    What worries me the most, is that while this may have been advertised in a virtual world, we are not far from seeing similar clothing lines being promoted to our children in “the real world”….after all, aren’t the dumb cunts shopping at the UnWanted Kid’s Carnival from behind their computer screens, not the very same ones who go to Wal-Mart and buy thongs for their 12 year olds?

    What I find incredibly disturbing (as if the name alone or images weren’t bad enough!!) is the comment of the author: “OF COURSE the name is a double entendre LOL but you know with Sn@tch that’s the only way I could go with it”
    Something Everything about this does not sit well with me….OF COURSE this author would be laughing about the whorification of our children? OF COURSE she would be alluding to children’s genitals, as well as, pedophiles “sn@tching” up UnWanted Kids? OF COURSE, that is the only way she could go through with it?? I’m not sure exactly what to make of her comment, and am realizing that it may not be such a bad thing that I don’t fully understand her logic here.

    Sorry to ramble, but it has been on my mind all day and I needed an outlet. As always, thank you for doing what you do…..even when, or should I say especially when, it is hard to hear and extremely uncomfortable to think about and reflect on. Please continue to go where few people are willing to venture (The Final Frontier?)

  34. No ‘second life’ is needed for/to Sn@tch kids

    Do we notice when kids are missing? Are we even told? We are Desensitized?

    Here’s an article from March of this year (2011) on a foreign news site about kids in the U.S.A. (Oh, and the foreign news site is in a country considered our enemy.)

    “Now more than ever, it is easy to buy someone, and it is easier to buy a child,” says an assistant project manager at Courtney’s House.

    “Local traffickers in the DC area are preying upon predominantly girls but also boys who are homeless, facing a lot of poverty,” says the executive director of FAIR Fund – a Washington DC-based international non-profit organization that works to prevent human trafficking and sexual violence.

    ‘Child-sex industry thriving in US’

  35. What do you think of this recent pic of Mel Gibson and symbol in foreground?

  36. Now I know never to swallow anything poisonous, but this video has a smell of apathy to it… “nobody cares about kids, screw them.”

  37. The Ronos led me to uncharted waters. The etymology of the word God says it means imposter (aside from wanting bloody sacrifices). Angel leash, after having devi leashed, has really crafted a nefarious language. You may leave Jove/Thor aside a while and concentrate on Kronos/Satan/God(in). Some on my blog and also here
    (if not posted, no problem, just that you read it and if so inclined research it)

  38. Cloned people In my opinion have been around for some time. The problem with this is, when you wake up to that fact (if ever) – you then have to wake up that maybe we are not dealing with just humans.

    Then you might discover sts all mind tricks – and that we are the nu hams

  39. On the Gifford’s shooting, I found this link with videos that show most of everyone who you saw interviewed on TV (the alleged doctor, the little girls parents) are indeed actors

  40. The dude that brought up the double negatives, spot on. You can catch many Medes speaking such tomfoolery.Forget not,this site is not key to understanding such tomfoolery. Something like that? Celtic of a rebel nature your gnosis is key but distastefull at times. I have learned much from your gnews. Dennis

  41. Alex Jones is very good friends with comedian Joe Rogan.

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